Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Dance All Night"

This is a great fiber combination that will keep your hands and feet dancing all night long! I have combined some of my top Mohair lockets that I have dyed in Midnight Blue, Passionate Purple and Deep Forest Green with hand plucked French Angorga Bunny that I have dyed Sea Foam Green and Liliac. Then for that extra flair I sprinkled Red Hot Metalic Thread thru out the batch. I have not carded this but rather pulled the fibers open to assist in creating a one-of-a-kind bumb. You can card it more if you wish but I think it would be great just taking handfulls of this fiber and spinning it right out of the hand. This lovely creation can be found at my etsy store

Life is Grand When I am Dyeing!!!

All is right with the world when I am standing at my dye pots.
Many folks can not understand why I do what I do but they will never know the pure joy of creating something with the help of one of your four legged friends. The fiber that is shown on my drying racks is Mohair. This lush fiber came from one of my weathers named "Snow". He is the kindest guy you would ever want to meet. He right now looks horrible in the pasture because of the all the mud and snow but once I sheer him that fiber is washed, dyed and turned into something that is beyond words.
I wished you could be in my studio right now and feel this fiber. He is such a sweetheart and it translate in his fiber. A dream to spin but works just as well in a glas bowl that you can see, feel and dream of the wonders of nature. I will soon be placing this fiber on my etsy account but if you can not wait contact at and we will get it to you before the rest of the world has a chance. Don't you wished you had my life?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day

Even if you are not Irish you will love this yarn. I promise you a pot of gold with this bunch of greens. No matter what the projects this 100% Larkspur Funny Farm Organic Icelandic Wool will be the perfect fit. I had it spun lace weight so it can be used in many ways and the colors flow without giving you stripes. View more information about this wonderful yarn at
This yarn is as rare as a four leaf clover - so put down that green beer and grab this up with both hands.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring is almost here!

We have small patches of green showing on the farm and it makes all of us dream of those warm spring days with the birds singing in the trees. The yarn that you see and a 50% Llama and 50% wool blend that I dyed with all the spring green colors that make our farm come alive. You can find this yarn and many more new yarns at I also will have a couple of new fiber blends for those who spin or felt. Great colors and high end fibers make for easy novelty spinning. They do the work for you!