Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last night I watched a PBS Program about the Amish and was blown away by many parts of their lifes I did not know but what struck me most is how much I am more like them then not. Their work ethic, their desire to do good for everyone around them and their connection to the land. Now I made not believe the same way they do about the way in which we come to this planet or even what will happen to me when I leave it but I so admire their strength, purpose and will. While I was working in the carding room watching this program I had not given a thought to what to name this batt when I took it off the machine but just as my hands touched it I thought - Oh My, the Amish would think this is Sinful - so that is why it is named so...

It has some of the softest fibers around my farm - LFF Romeo a pure black Alpaca, LFF Smokey Quartz a Tri Colored Silver Gray Alpaca, Dark Silver Llama from a friend along with Pure White French Angora Bunny and Blinding White Bombyx Silk... Now doesn't that just sound sinful??

You can find this fiber batt at

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monica's Dream

I may not be able to sleep most nights when the wind is howling but I am able to create amazing dreams in this batt.. With the wonderful fiber of LFF Monica a shy little Angora girl who has amazing fleece that I had dyed it a eye popping Teal that I just Loved!!! Then I slowly added her to the carding machine with multi colored Merino and Hand Painted Silk - it is what my sleeping dreams look like - Full On Color ... What would you create with this batt??

Divine - it just doesn't get any better

I placed on what I think is the most DIVINE fiber batt that this farm produces. Pure White Cashmere and Pure Black Alpaca - this one you just have to put your hands on to appreciate...

Icebergs Ahead

With all the snow, cold and howling winds that have surrounded this farm for more weeks then I can count I found myself late at night creating two batts that remind me of the Icebergs floating in those cold places on this planet. I had the honor to see Icebergs and even touch some when I went to Iceland and I still remember the colors and the feeling of how small we all are in this world.

I made two batts that are 2.50 ounces each with the fibers from LFF Sitara an incredible Cashgora, LFF Rebel Yell a Pure White Alpaca and LFF Cinderella a Pure White Icelandic Ewe.

I dyed some and left some natural - to learn more about them please visit

The colorway may be created after those Icebergs but the feel of those batts will melt in your heart and hands... Ice Ice Baby!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crap on a Cracker Batman!!!

I swear some day's my life is worse then a bad graphic novel (comic book) from the 70's...

Who writes this crap?? The universe sure loves to put this gal through the wringer.

Here is how my life went this morning.

I got dressed to do the chores this morning after another night of horrible winds and blowing snow. I looked over the newly arranged snow drifts and planned how to get through the big gate that now has two feet of snow pushed in front of it. Got through that and on to the hen house. Opened the door to scared hens - they hate wind too. After feeding them I had to climb through a newly formed drift to get to the small barn where I put the sleds inside because I knew they would be somewhere like Fort Collins in the morning. Yep, I struggled through the thigh high snow and to the barn saying a few words that we will not type here. Just as I touched the metal latch to pull back to open the door I heard a weird sound. Not really paying attention I opened the door and a large red fox bolted out the door towards me. I gave out my Girly scream (it is a Super Power of mine) and fell back into the huge drift. As I struggled to get to my feet he made a B line for my hens. I jumped to my feet and was waving my arms while screaming at the top of my lungs. Without thinking I tried to run toward my now frantic hens as that dam fox was trying to leap through the snow to grab one in his mouth. I did my best impression of a super hero leaping by bounds in the quick sand snow. Just as he almost grab one of my littlest hens she flew in the air and right into my face. The fox leaped toward her and instead we banged bodies as I grabbed my hen like a football and tucked her under my arm and rolled face first into another drift. Just then out of thin air my crime fighting partner came to my aid. Llama Boy came charging through the deep snow screaming at the top of his lungs (His Super Power) and the fox must have jumped a good 5 feet into the sky. In a blink of an eye llama was chasing him towards the forest for all he was worth.. Meanwhile, I fought to get to an upright position while holding my hen with a death grip. I checked her all over to make sure the big bad fox had not grazed her fragile thin skin. I released her into the coop and tried to calm them all down with my magical soft voice. Not an easy task as I was still trembling from all the excitement.

Once I got the coop quite I stepped out and there was Llama Boy waiting for me. As I took a step and pain shot down my whole right side I realized I had really wrenched my right hip - Holly Crackers it Really Hurts. I thought my super hero tights would have protected me from such mundane injury. You never see Robin limping?? Wonder Women can bounce bullets off her bracelets so what happened to me?? Oh Yeah - I decided to not wear my tights and I left my cap on the back of the chair in the shop today because of the wind - thought I might become caught in a gate and strangle because of it - you never know it could happen. Memo to self always wear your cape...

So I got to do the morning chores with my heart beating just too fast for my pace, limping while pulling the heavy sleds of hay and my crime fighting buddy glued to my butt through every step required to complete the chores of the day. There was several moments that Llama Boy touched his nose to my face when I stopped because my leg felt like a bolt of lightening just went through it. His concern for my well being is his other Super Power.

When I came into the house and crumbled into the chair by the door I really could not believe the morning I just had - Wait Yes I Can !!! I wished that this was a freak event but just like all cheap comic book hero's their life may appear normal on the surface but without warning the evil drops into their lives and the poorly written drama begins.

As I sit now at the carding machine trying to return to that dull normal life I work so hard at I feel the presence of my hero watching over me and waiting for our next arch enemy to raise their evil head.. How come he doesn't have to wear tight??

Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Farm Friday

It's Friday and we finished another snow storm at the Funny Farm..

The sleds are waiting for me to get out there and load them with hay for the waiting tummies. The Great Pry's are barking in the cold crisp air letting the predators know there is no meal here. The trees are telling of the freezing cold they endured while watching over us through the night. As the tea kettle starts to whistle and the eggs from my sweet hens gentle fry in the cast iron skillet that has served many before me -- I stop and breathe.

I am like so many for get busy in the monkey mind of "Things to Do", "What is Expected of Me" and worst of all forgetting there is only NOW...

There is nothing wrong with plans but when they consume your every thought they trap you into missing the only moment you have - the NOW...

So today while I pull sled after sled of hay through the deep new snow I will stay present in the Now instead of wondering how many hours this will take today. When I come in and start the dye pots up to create color patterns that will remind me of Spring I will stay in the Now of my white covered world and enjoy the crisp lines that snow creates. Then this evening while I sit in front of the carding machine listening to it's rhythmic song as I feed the fibers into it's rolling needles I will work hard at staying in the NOW of the process and remind myself that today was full on NOW moments which I was fully present for - at least that is my intention..

What where some of your NOW moments today??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colorado Weather

What a difference 5 hours can mean here at the farm!

As you can see Llama boy is sitting in front of my fiber prep room again - I have his attentions again. I almost thought that now that he is a Daddy I held no place in his heart but not true. While I was moving hay into the barns and cleaning up a bit he came up to me and gave me his soft lips on my face and blew softly. That is a Llama's loving actions.. I worked out in the high winds for a large part of the day trying to cover and move things because the weather guessers stated I might hit 90 miles a hour winds later in the day... I worked hard and got inside just as the winds started to gain full force. I decided the only way to drown out the hollowing winds was to put the earphones in, start a movie and turn on the big carding machine.... Pure Heaven

Fast foreword 5 hours and the wind was so bad that twice in the night I went to the basement and did that duck and cover behavior. Amazingly the power stayed on but I had the candles ready, water moved, extra clothing and blankets sitting in their appointed spots. Ready for the worst. I kept praying that the animals would be O.K. and that their structures would stay grounded.

As the light broke this morning I was outside checking on everyone and trying to feed.. Some how in the early morning the barn door on the north side somehow rolled open and so I had several huge drifts in the barn. After feeding I started shoveling snow out of the girls barn. Dottie (baby llama) was glad to see me and was glued to my butt while I was trying to work. I sat for a moment and rubbed her all over, listened to her hums she was sharing with me (telling a story of loud winds the winds were and how bad the snow is) and to comfort her best I could... She rubbed her head all over mine which is what they do with their mothers and then wanted me to do the same. Gladly I did and then had to get back to work. The last picture is of Llama Boy sitting behind the big drifts next to where the Llama Girls are housed. Boy guy - he refused to go into the smaller barn again but Grace did not spend the whole night chasing him - he is a big boy and will have to make his own choices...

The bare spots of ground that showed Wednesday is now covered with 6 inches of snow and still coming big time. The snow was White Out conditions and every window has snow plastered to it so looking out is almost impossible. I am hoping this will slow down some today but I will work as if it will not. I must say this gal is a bit weary of this but what you going to do - Mother Nature just is not listening to my pleas.

Thankful that all is still standing and we will do our best to find purpose and joy in this day. What is the weather like where you are??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winner Is!!

I want to thank those who participated in the Gratitude Giveaway. I loved reading what postings meant something to you and it was great to see some new folks commenting... Now without keeping you on pins and needles - the winner is Jaja (Teresa Burke) .....

I will send you an email to get your information. I hope you enjoy your fiber goodie - it was made with Love and Gratitude.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sangria Anyone??

I am starting to sound like a lush - far from it.... I rarely have a drink but I tell you as I was considering what was for dinner tonight and Mexican food was come to the top of the list I thought I have some Sangria in the frig... Yummy!!! So while having to keep this girl in line and working I thought why not create some fiber Sangria for others....

So read all the tasty goodies that have gone into the three batts that have just been listed in my Etsy Shop

There is plenty for what ever project you might have in mind. Bottoms Up!

Drinks All Around

Still trying to get my brain and body in a warmer place. The cold was so hard on me as I pulled the sleds Monday I just could not seem to warm up. As I sat in front of the carding machine I remembered the time I went to the Hawaiian Islands many years ago. I sat still and brought my mind back to the time I sat by myself on the warm beach with the gentle breeze moving the plants as if in a dance. I sat there with a Tropical Punch Drink in my hand that for the life of me I can not remember all that was in it but it went down easy and gave me such peace. Yep, I think that there might have been some spirits in it but all the better. So with this vision in mind I started recreating it in fiber form.

You can read all about it in the Etsy shop

It is an amazingly lush and tasty batt - Oh to be on that beach with that drink..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Day and Fiber Creations

Before Dawn had reached the farm Grace was in the carding room with a great movie "American Werewolf in London" I love the part where they are told to stay on the road and off the Moor. So what do the two young men do?? There is a part where they are standing like a deer in the head lights as the mist is creeping over the moor and they hear the Werewolf howls coming closer and closer. I love that part. So what does Grace do? I have to make a batt that will give you those same chills. The offering has natural gray Alpaca from LFF Silver Hawk, a rich deep green dyed by me from a LFF Ester a Corriedale Ewe and some dark blue and pine green Angelina. Once you get your paws on this very soft, bouncy batt you will be howling at the moon.

Next movie in the DVD player was "Jaws" For those of us who remember when it came out all those years ago, I could not even sit on the toilet for fear that shark just might show up. I know - not realistic but that movie was the best even now at hitting our fear of something that really lives on the planet would get us... Do you remember the scene in the movie when the blonde girl was naked in the sea calling the drunken boy to follow her.. As the moon flickered over the water you could see the deep blue under tones that engulfed this gal. Just then her body was jerked under the water and then she bobbed back up. "What the F**K was that"?? For me as a young girl who had never been to the ocean this was so frightening. That water holds creatures that will kill you - not like our Rainbow Trout... This Batt is darker then what the camera shows but the sparkles in it just keep making it lighter. The batt contains natural gray Alpaca from LFF Silver Hawk, natural Black from LFF Black Velvet, hints of dyed black LFF Sugar Mohair and royal blue Angelina.

I hope you give this batt a try - you will calm down your fears from those dangers lurking in the deep dark waters.

Gather Roses

Hard to keep a smile on my face with another round of snow falling here at the farm and bitter winds howling and hitting my face. Last night as I was trying to stay in the thought of Spring I just had to create my favorite flower - a Wild Rose. Once I finished the batt a warm glow came over me as I could imagine deep under the snow in the forest rests the Wild Roses. The snow will give them the needed water to give them a great start to the new season. I gave thanks for the snow that I have but I must admit I am hoping for not so much all at once.

What is your favorite Spring Flower??? Would help me find new colorways for my new rounds of batts I will start today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kick in the Butt

Like many folks sometimes this gal just does not wish to get going on the mountains of responsibilities and work that stands before me. Some may not wish to get into their cars and drive to a job that does not appreciate them. Some may not wish to have that discussion one more time with their spouse or child about what they are not doing right. Others may hear the news and figure why even bother because we are all going to hell in a hand basket no matter how many things I do right....

Well, those thoughts do not escape this gal... Saturday was such a morning and I struggled to find the get up and go to get up and get going. I need to trick this gal into a mind set that would get her out the door, into the bitter cold and get on with the work that is needed to care for 80 four legged furry family members. After much delay I had the answer - now this is going to date me so get ready.. I went to my selection of music - No it is not on an Ipod it was on CD, heck I still listen to cassette tapes too.. Back to what I was saying - I went to the bins that housed my music and let me fingers do the walking. Yes, another clue to how old I am.

I landed on a great one, CHAKA KHAN - Yes and the track I played over and over again was "I'm Every Women"... I played it full force in my ears - yes I know that is not good for the tiny hairs in the ears but this gal really needed that KICK!!! Thank Goodness I live on the Funny Farm because here I was singing at the top of my lungs as I pulled the huge sled of hay across the mushy snow covered pastures to my awaiting friends. I even found myself dancing in the fashion that this gal dances as I carried the buckets of water back and forth more times then I can count. As I realized that I was giving myself just what this gal truly needed - JOY!!! A way out of the round and round mind set and into something of pure JOY!!!

Far too often we just get the things done in life that we are suppose to without giving a thought that maybe we can do it with JOY! Maybe even if the job does not appreciate me I can appreciate that for this moment I can find purpose in what I do even if it is tiny in other people's eyes. Maybe if we thought we needed to have the same conversation with someone who has not heard us before - what if we decided to spend that time and energy in giving to someone or something that might what to hear us. What if you give thanks to yourself for doing the things to help the planet and who knows, someone may be watching our actions and through that they change something they are doing..

My Point Is - Do Your Thing but do it with JOY!!! Who knows, you may find yourself listening to just the right music to make you Dance!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gratitude Giveaway

To Say "THANK YOU" to all my followers I would like to giveaway a lovey special Batt...

Last night I created this batt while thinking how blessed I am to have so many wonderful readers of my blog. It has hand dyed bold pink German Angora Bunny fur, hand painted multi shaded berry LFF Alpaca, kettle dyed LFF Mohair baby lockets in many shades of reds and a soft raspberry Mulberry Silk... Yummy!!!

Here is all you have to do - just write a comment under this posting of a " LFF story post" that touched you, tickled you or made you think... I know many of you read my blog who do not post comments but I would really like to know what effect my blog might have on you..

On Wednesday Feb 22nd at noon I will draw the lucky name from the hat... You can enter as many times as you wish but you must be a follower of the blog.... I know but I really want to reward those who have made the commitment.

(If you do not spin - I can spin this for you - no worries there, just tell me in your comment) This batt would also felt amazingly.

I Thank You for your stopping into my blog and I thank you for your comments... Hugs and Good Luck

Follow the Fence

"With all this WHITE I am so confused..." Wished I would have remembered my sun glasses!!

Quick - She Not Looking

While I was working at the dye pots Thursday afternoon when I got this feeling like I needed to look out the front window. Sure enough there was a sight to see...

Since the many snow storms have hit the farm - The dogs do not have their normal access to the parts of the farm that are their territory. This spot is where Sophie normally resides. I worried that the drifts had been growing too high to reach her so I brought her to the horse trailer. That was tons of fun, controlling a wild girl jumping thru waist high drifts with me on my snow shoes. Really this is an art form not to kill myself or break something. For about a week and a half no one has attempted that area of the farm. There has not been one animal track there - they are not stupid. Today the four does walked in the belly high snow to get to this spot under the big Pine tree in the front. Nibbling on the tall grass that now shows a bit and standing on hind legs to reach up to pluck some pine needles. I felt for them because the snow is still having the farm creep at a very slow pace. The goats have not even ventured out from the small area outside their barns. The Llama girls finally stopped walking in my foot prints and walked slowly into the pasture but not too far - still worried that the llama babies would get stuck.

I hope soon everyone will be back to some normal activites - at least as normal as we get here at the Funny Farm.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creating our World thru Color

What color brings joy to your spirit?? Mine is coral - something about that color just puts a smile on my face no matter what is going on in my world. I found in times of stress, distress and such I put coral in my view and I can see my thoughts change. I never really noticed this during most of my life but over life's bumpy road it seemed to be something that was so natural. It was like a small voice pushing me in the direction of coral. Last night I needed to feel the comfort of this color so the dye pots had been sitting on the counter waiting for me for several days but I just was not feeling it up until that moment. I gave into the calling and so I fired up the burners and let the universe do it's work. I watched as the dye played with the yarn. I stood still and quite while watching the shades appear like magic. When I took the skeins out they took my breath away - there hung a variegated coral which spoke such peace and love to me that my thoughts soared....

I would love to hear what you color is??? When did you know that this color had more meaning to you then just a crayon in the box??

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Troll Trekking

It soon will be here - Troll Trekking Season!!!

One of my favorite times of year. With my gear gathered up and my camera battery charging - soon the snow will start to melt in the forest and I will be off to see what those devil may care guys have been up to during the Winter months.

While waiting on that special time of year I thought I would make a batt celebrating the lush greens that I will see while sneaking around as quite as a mouse. This batt is 100% Organic Alpaca from my boys and it has over a dozen different shades of green in this smooth, bouncy, huge batt. There are countless projects that this batt would lend itself too including inviting your own group of Trolls to you little piece of heaven.

So Happy Troll Trekking - Don't wait too long to snag this batt!!

Change - I Believe

I believe Spring will be here... I believe Spring will be here... I sure do hope Spring will get here. Yep, it was so cold last night and the fog and ice so heavy I had to create something on the carding machine that would show me that Spring always comes even when we are to weary to believe it.

This batt has some of my best Alpaca dyed by these two hands along with some Merino/Silk roving that I hand painted with the same colorways. I is hope of change in a lovely fiber batt.

Up now for sale in my Etsy shop

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love in Many Ways

From all of us at Larkspur Funny Farn we send Love, Light and Llama Kisses on this Day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Carded up this batt while watching "Twilight Sage - Breaking Dawn". The batt far exceeds the movie.... This offering just went up on the Etsy shop and later on tonight I will make another because I love the way it turned out. ENDLESS possibilities with this combination. It moves and drapes so well even in batt form - just what till you make something with it.

Pour Another - SOLD

Thank you to Georgina for giving this yarn a wonderful new home. Blessings

Amazing what a glass on wine will do for this control freak. Wensleydale cross ewe raised by a local Colorado 4H girl who is trying to learn the skill of raising fiber sheep traded me for some spinning lessons. She dyed the lockets and then I took over. Core spinning the lockets made this yarn stable and secure while giving it such expression. The lockets hang on average of 5 inches long off the core. The yarn is a rich Wine and a Dark Blueberry color. Hope that it tickles someone fancy.. Up for sale at

Lollipop - Lollipop

How about something to brighten up those dull, cold and white days - "LOLLIPOP" is my answer... Just listed my Hand Spun yarn offering up on my Etsy Store

It contains 50% Merino and 50% Bamboo for the softest feel and the ability to drape. Would be a great answer for your Spring projects or even your Easter goodies.. Any Chocolate Bunny would be thrilled to have this in his Easter Basket. Tasty Treat without the Calories!

Walking Meditation

A need for calm thinking was my goal for Sunday - easier said then done but on the carding machine I always find my balance and bliss. The fibers in this batt are LFF Gambler Alpaca fiber in his own Caramel/Toffee color. Natural color Colorado raised Camel Down and then some kettle dyed Colorado raised Merino in soft rust, pale steel and soft blue. I spent the needed time at the carding machine to make this seamless batt - smooth, soft and so Zen.

I hope it will find a new home. It is my mindful work and would love to hear you thoughts about it. I feel at times that I am just typing to myself.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What to do with MORE Snow

Do you feel like I am a broken record?? SO DO I !! The wind is howling, the snow is coming sideways and we have ice in those snowflakes. Chores this morning was brisk to say the least and I had ice on my eyelashes after the first 5 minutes. Imagine how the animals feel...

So no complaining because it does not change what is. So to get to work is all I can do. Yep, pots of fiber on the burners getting washed and placing such a great smell in the house.. Only fiber folks would think that it would be O.K. to be trapped in the house on a snowy day with this smell rolling through every room. I presently have in the pots and on the drying racks Alpaca from Juno.... An amazingly soft guy who came to us from an abusive owner. For many years this guy was angry, mean and dangerous but over time, love and continual training he found his purpose - to guard his flock of lambs and then big rams. His fleece is soft as butter and is a multi colored gray. I love spinning his fiber because it reminds me of the courage he had to build a new life here on the farm and to give his heart to small lambs who came to depended on him for love, security and protection.

Soon this amazing fleece will be ready to work with - Any thoughts on what I should do with it??

Any one out there want some before I start?? Just let me know. Last offering of this on Etsy went so fast so I don't want someone to be left out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Outside Finally

What do you do when you finally get to go outside???

That's right find the only patch of dirt and roll!!!

Pure Joy in the Simple Things...