Thursday, June 30, 2011

I spy with my blurry morning eyes !

Who's butt do I spy in my mint?? It is my (I do not mean I own it but rather she came to this farm when she lost her mother and has decided this farm will be her home) grown up Orphaned Doe coming to visit. As I went to get my camera and returned to my second story office window I noticed she also had with her not too far behind her sweet little girl that she delivered here on the farm last year. The daughter was very shy but soon she joined her mother in eating some mint and then the wild clover sprouting up in my driveway. How incredible to have them here and for them to give me a wake up call of all those who find this farm a safe haven.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Meek and Tattered

As I went to let Sugar out of his barn this morning (he is grumpy today because the dogs had us up through most of the night) I could not believe what I found on his head. This lost and close to death amazing moth...
Sugar looked at me as if to say "I am too old to have to now babysit Moths"

I stood in shock and wondering how to get it off of him with hurting it.. I gently scooped my hands underneath it and gently released it from Sugars Locks. I then carefully walked it to the house because I could see it's wings had shredded edges and could not fly. As I walked slowly to the house it flopped and flipped itself in my hands with such painful movements that my heart just broke with is movement. I brought it into the house to find a pair of glasses (I lost my favorite pair Sunday - have no idea where they walked off too) to see if I could assist it..

Through the lens of the camera I could see it was not long for this world and found on the top of Sugar's head a soft place to pass on to the next world. Since I had a horrible night of no sleep, painful joints, allergies that made it hard to breath, along with my head pounding to the pulse of my heart and way too much swirling in my head of things out of my control - I felt much like that poor sweet moth - battered and wearing , needing a soft place to land...

Be gentle today for those around us are tired, tattered and looking for a soft place to land.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Standing On Her Own!!!

Every time I watch Olivia walk I am just amazed. No limp, no dragging just plain and simple walking. She even can get on her back legs and head butt anyone who is getting in her face or messing with her baby...

I am so thankful that she healed without a problem. I sat each day and questioned my decision to try and fix the leg myself - was I just not being strong enough to put her down, was I only thinking of myself and her baby and not taking into mind her quality of life - trust me I took myself to task each day as I watched her hobble around on my man made splint hoping I did everything right. That a blood infection would not set in, had there been shards of bone floating around that could cause a clot and travel to her brain. Then I thought was her milk was sound for little Opal or should I bottle feed her, would she be able to bond with Opal if she could not even feed her. Through ever day I told myself that if it did not look like it was healing or if I thought she was in too much pain that I would end it for her but each day I prayed that we could pull this off.

So today while I watch her and her sweet Opal walk the back yard nibbling as they go I know that between the two of us we made it work. I also feel she is standing strong because of all the prayers and well wishes that my readers gave to her. She still is not happy with me but her baby Opal is a sweet one who loves for me to hold her and snug her and love on her. Olivia gives me that time with Opal for all I have done and for that I also give thanks...

I am one lucky gal...

Teaching Lessons in the Early Morning

This morning while I made my breakfast Olivia, Opal and the three bottle kids went out to eat their breakfast. They where enjoying the grass. I had to sprint back to the kitchen door before the bottle kids could realize I was gone because they are glued to my bum. It is hard for them to not understand why MOMMY is not standing there the whole time they eat - because I have to get things done sweet ones....

As soon as I poured my coffee did the bottle kids realize that I was not out there.. They screamed like they had someone trying to kill them. I looked out the window and they were running in all different directions screaming. Meanwhile Olivia and Opal just kept eating, not even looking up.

Suddenly Llama Boy came running and gathered them all up into a circle and started to look around for me. I figured I better get out there before everyone had a melt down. I took the cast iron skillet off the burner and headed for the back door. As I came down the stairs the kids ran to me like I had been missing for weeks and Llama Boy gave me a look as if to say "Mother's don't leave their little one's alone"... After calming them down I put them back into the barn so I could go and eat my cold breakfast... Yeah, another cold breakfast - cold eggs are just nasty...

Later when the sun starts to go down and the heat of the day I hope cools off a bit we will try this experiment all over again. Hard to get your little one's not to be so needy - doesn't matter if they have two legs or four...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Naming Contest Winner

After the close of the contest all the name choices went into a big box with their creator's name and I closed the box and shook and shook and shook. Then without looking I reached in the box and pulled out the winner and the winner of the naming contest and the new babies name is ----- AGATHA !!!! This is her out for a morning grazing with mother and the bottle kids...

Thanks to Carol and all those wonderful ladies who entered into the contest... I loved all the names that you thoughtful folks gave in fact I was so impressed with all the effort you put in...

I also finally found a way to redo the barn in which Agatha could not get out - first night without having to find her in dark - YEAH!!!! However, I started bright and early today calling her Agatha and she even looked back at me - maybe it was because every time I talk in her direction it is correct her but at least now when I am shout the others will not feel like I am talking to them....

Again, thank you all for helping get this wee one a name...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rant & a Whole Bunch of 4 Letter Words

Please forgive me but I am so mad - as the saying goes "I could spit cotton". Trust me that is not what I would really like to say but I don't want anyone to faint...

As I have shared I am still trying to get quotes for the destruction that happened to my farm. So far there is not a single roofer who can do the roof for what the Insurance company says is normal replacement/repair costs. So I called and made an appointment with the roofer that the insurance company recommend. First they are on the opposite end of Colorado. Next the guy sounded so unprofessional while making the appointment but I caulked it up to a language issue. The appointment was set for today from 2 to 4 pm.... My gut was telling me there was going to be a problem but I again caulked it up to language issues and also getting tired of this whole thing.

So today I did not do outside work so I did not greet the person smelling like a billy and covered in barn poo - That means working inside but again around noon I logged off the computer just in case the guy did not understand the directions. So no outside work, no business computer work and now it was 5:00. As each hour passed the madder I got but I understood that he was coming from a long way and still did not speak English as a first language. I called him and he answered. I asked "Are you on your way"??? He said No.. I said "WHAT"? He said he was a bit ill and was not coming. I said " Does your phone not call out? Did you not think to call because some of us have work to do?? I guess he thought I might just watch soap operas and paint my toenails...

His response was nothing that would be the least bit professional. He then stated he looked me up on the computer and figured out what he would do the job for - like that was professional. I told him that he was to come a walk the roof, take measurements, and give a written bid. He told me that it was not necessary but if I had to have it that way that he could do that.... It took all my might not to throw the phone across the room. So this is what my insurance company gets to do their work - Crap, no wonder my gut was in knots....

So, needless to say this guy will be entering the snake pit here tomorrow and I will be giving my insurance claims guy a mouth full..

I thank you guys for letting me rant and rave - trust me it took about two hours to get my typing not to include all four letter words. People think lawyers are bad but really - did you know that roofers have the worst ratings with the BBB then most other trades. I would have rather been shoveling poop all day - at least I would have been happier... also I would not be another day behind in my work...

So tomorrow this guy gets the billy smelling, poop covered farm girl with a pitch fork. Heaven help him.

Heart Stopping Morning

I need a less stress filled life. This morning before the sun even came up in the sky I went to start my bottle feeding - could not sleep so might as well get up and get going.

As I turned on the light in the barn - again NO BABY!!! I checked everywhere but Mother was not the least bit upset. So I checked again. NO BABY!! I went running out the barn and saw that all the goat girls and babies where in the far part of the pasture eating... I yelled for them to come in and all came a running... There in all those thunder hooves was the Wee One. I was scared they would run her over but she kept up and when she saw my face she knew she was in big trouble....

I again gave her a big lecture and a squeeze. Placed her in with Miss Marple who let her nurse while I got the bottle kids done. I must admit after 15 years I still can not figure out how in the world she is doing this but it is back to the drawing board...

If that was not bad enough I went to let out Sugar and he was not in the barn - Yes, this tired gal forgot to lock the barn door and so I guess when the wind blew open the door. So where was he????

After calling and calling his name this gal remembered that he is very hard of hearing so I started combing the area. Just then Kasha came out of her trailer and gave me a very crusty look. I went over to her thinking she might be ill or something - she is on the down hill side too and what did I find - Sugar was asleep in her spot - on her blanket and I guess might have drank from her water too because see looked as if there was something dead in the big bowl. Talk about Goldie Locks!!! After I woke up Sugar and checked him out I got him on his way and out of Kasha's trailer. Two slices of bacon went into Kasha's breakfast bowl of kibble for the unwanted house guest.

After doing all the chores I came in the house and again gave thanks that all turned out well but for Gosh Sakes - could I not have to start my day with my heart in my throat??? I am getting too old for these shocks to the ticker.. Hope you all had a less stress filled start to your morning.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer just a day away

Thought I would tempt you with some mouth watering Fruit Salad - O.K. maybe you can't eat it but it sure is tempting... This incredible yarn is 50% Alpaca and 50% Merino - so soft and the colors are just tasty.....

I have priced it for every one's budget so don't start the summer without this juicy treat....

Sugar Update and Weather Report

Sugar made it through another night but was being a bit naughty... We had the first really good rain last night but as always we never do something half way. I thought we might be considering building an Ark half way through the night. That is not good with my less then stellar woodworking skills. Then we got snow flakes - Yes, it has snowed here this late in the season but truly I was so excited about the rain. Sugar was not because of the cold. The hard rain on the metal roof was deafening but Sugar could not hear it but I on the other hand took another round of Aspirin. This morning Sugar was not wanting to leave the barn which I could not blame him but I had to get all the other water logged animals fed.

The wee one was scared to pieces with the rain on the metal roof and the cold night. Miss Marple without her heavy fleece was not much warmth for the wee one but Chief filled in with his heavy fleece and kept the baby very warm and snug. He sure loves his babies that he is in charge of...

It has been raining on and off - more on then off here at the farm but I am thrilled. The ground was cracking and my pastures have very little left in them so I will gladly dawn my rubber boots on, put on extra layers and wear that stylish duck yellow rain jacket if it means we get some badly needed water.

Sugar is also enjoying the shredded apples and hand chopped herbs each morning which seem to make his tummy feel good and his spirits high. You know he is feeling better when he hogs the blanket on the ground and smiles while he sleeps. I am truly amazed that he is still here but I think your prayers are really helping..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Such Pretty Green Things

While not wanting to start into the long list of work waiting on me I decided to take a few quick snaps of those green things in the front bed. I am surprised about the Iris growing because years ago I had to dig them all out because they are harmful to my goats who every once and a while get loose in the front. However this year someone decided to show up where none was expected.

The chives are thriving and going to town. I have used them in many dishes and I guess today I will be giving them a hair cut...

As you can see I have MINT, MINT and MORE MINT!!! Two kinds and I love mint so some cool drinks are on the menu this week...

O.K. enough sneaking away from my work - time to take some Aspirin and give myself a good talking to - work never gets done unless I do it.. First on the list is to fix the black plastic that the chickens so nicely pulled up in the front bed. With 35 acres why do they mess with those things I spend time on trying to make it look like something??? Silly Girls they should have to fix it.

Long Johns - Sugar Update

I could not believe that I had to come into the house last night and put on Long Johns and a heavy winter coat while I sat with Sugar.. After all the barn cleaning, hay moving and chicken chasing Saturday afternoon I thought I was over dressed to stay in the barn. Boy, was I wrong. I guess a front had come in and Sugar was glad to snuggle... The wee one in the other barn did not stray from her Mother because she wanted that body heat as well. Chief was a popular guy with all the little kids snuggling and sleeping on him. He was in seventh heaven when not outside barking. The coyotes where busy and very vocal which kept us on our toes.

With enough clothes on and my great portable DVD player with me (thanks Kids) I made it through while watching "Dead Like Me". I giggled through out the night and took cat naps when I could... The barn was sick of hearing me cough - allergic to hay you know - isn't everyone who has a farm??

So now I will unfold my body, make me breakfast with lots of very HOT COFFEE to thaw out..

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my son Nick - Reese is one lucky little boy to have you..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peacock - In my Etsy Shop

A new line of yarns are getting on the shelves at my Farm Shop.

40% LFF Organic Cashmere and 60% Super wash Merino Wool. Hand painted by yours truly...

Each skein has 75 yards and is considered a finger weight yarn which works out to 14 WPI (wraps per inch) this is ideal for a sock yarn.

Hope you like this new one and would love to hear back your thoughts.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Naming Contest Starts NOW

That's Right the Wee One is needing a name..

Here is the information on the Wee One:
** Mother is Miss Marple
** Father is a mystery because all boys where pulled from barns and pastures near the girls at the time that his girl would have been made - were talking several months and on the other side of the farm with seven series of pastures and gates between them - so we are thinking it must be one of those conceptions that there is a star in the sky and three wise men are soon to be at my farm... That or aliens landed and did weird experiments in their mother ship and return Miss Marple with a cute package.
** Born June 15th 2011 around 2:30 in the afternoon. She was born two months after everyone else. Mother never looked like she was expecting and now does not look like she delivered - strange but true.
** Picture of the Wee One is listed on the posting of June 16th - my computer took too long to post a new picture and I am trying to beat the storm coming in before I have to shut down the computer....

RULES of the contest:
1. One name per comment entry but you can enter as many times as you wish - so don't be shy
2. When you place your suggestion for a name please also put what you favorite craft is so I can match the prize with your interest. Here are a few ideas - spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, beading, scrap booking etc. Trust me I have great prizes for all interests so never fear.
3. The time frame for this contest is June 17th 12:00 pm to June 24th 12:00 pm that is Mountain Standard Time.
4. The winner of this naming contest will be posted here on the blog on the same day that the contest ends no later then that evening - as long as the weather does not shut down my computer. Don't need another fried thing a gig because we got hit with lighting - it happens a lot here...

So there it is - PLEASE tell all your friends, family, animal lovers and those who love to win free things.... Good Luck All

Wild Adventures under the Moon

The Moon was WILD last night... The animals felt the pull of those primal urges that well up inside us all as that orange color grows ever full in the pitch black sky.

The energy of this moon got the wee one wanting to do a walk about... Just as my body was wishing to lay down I heard the llama's give their alarm call. I sprang from the couch and ran to get my shoes on. Grabbing a flashlight as I head out the door I found myself darting through the tall grass in my nightgown. As I reached the pasture there stood all three of the llama's in a circle. There heads bent down to the ground. Panic hit my entire body thinking one of the Big Billies might have been injured by a predator. I placed the flash light down on the ground and what did I find???? It was our new wee one!!!! Frozen into place by the watchful llama's. I scooped her up and hugged her so tight. I quickly checked her over and made sure she was O.K.

As I walked her back to the safety of the barn I gave her that lecture that all parents give to a wee one when we have been scared to death.. Just then she gave me sweet tiny nibbles on my check as if to say she was so sorry for the stress but she just wanted to visit those in the next pasture. As I came into the barn and placed her with her mother who also gave her a real long talking to while wee one nursed - I shook my finger at all the other mother's telling the "Pay Attention Ladies" See during our winter birthing season the barn doors are all shut and so no one can do a walk about in the dark. This tiny girl can just pass through the rungs of the panels so there is nothing to stop her from wondering...

So needless to say I can not shut the barn doors because the heat would be too much for the others - Yes, not much sleep for me again because I kept going out and checking that the wee one did not leave the protection of her mother. I guess I know what is going to be one of my jobs today - finding a way to keep the wee one in place and safe because I really need a few good hours of sleep.

As for Sugar - as I checked on him through out the night and sat with him a couple of times he was enjoying the cooler night air and the crazy moon. This morning at 4 am when I let him out, we walked through the dew filled tall grass and spoke of the amazing moon and of the wee one's adventure. Life is so grand when you can share it with someone who loves and needs us !!! I also told Sugar that today is Conrad's (my youngest son) birthday - he is turning 24 years old today and I give thanks that he is with us... His start in life was nothing short of a nightmare but we pulled him through and today he is a strong, wise and kind young man. I am very proud of him. I am blessed with some special two legged and four legged souls in my life even when they give me reasons to panic and stress out.

So today give that special someone today a WILD HUG and Thank them for being in your world....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update on Sugar

Well it was a very long night but I enjoyed sitting with my sweet one during his hours of need. As I stated on other forums Wednesday Sugar had several small events that took him off his feet and unable to stand. He has been having trouble eating the drier grasses so he has been wondering around the backyard eating at will.

I sat with him through the night giving shredded apples and sweetened water... He loved that and enjoyed placing his head on my lap and napping in and out during the night. We will not talk about what that did to my hips and legs because I would never give it a thought when one of my dear ones needs me...

Sugar I am happy to report demanded that I walk with him very early this morning while he nibbled on the tall Buffalo Grass. He then walked over to Kasha's trailer and put himself with her for a long morning nap. I am so thrilled that for lunch she ate more grass and another shredded apple. As the sun is high in the sky we are all laying low but will come back out around 6 pm to do outside work and to roam the tall grass...

One more day with my beloved Old Goat - Sugar!!

Starting the Day

Start your day with a bowl full of fibery goodness !

After all the early morning playing this wee one was so tuckered out that even me flashing pictures did not interrupt her peaceful sleep.

I on the other hand have not had such rest. Spent the night with Sugar (my oldest goat boy) who I thought yesterday was on deaths door. He crumbled over several times and so I thought the end was near. I sat with him through most of the night but early this morning at 4:30 he wanted to go out and graze. So I let him and enjoyed watching him slowly and I mean slowly walk through the tall grasses nibbling on the tender blades of Buffalo Grass.

What a morning - to great gifts, joy and sweet four legged friends around me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Every time I try to take a picture of this wee one she pees!!!

Not sure if she is making a statement to me or if she is camera shy and thinks this gets her out of the snaps???

Babette is Monica first baby and was the one that was so difficult to deliver that I thought we were going to lose both. Born 2/27/11 five minutes after midnight. However, this girl may be quite but she takes not monkey business from the other kids. She also is very kind to Mishka which endears her to me all the more. Her fiber is like angel hair and white as the snow that was so deep the night she was born. Babette is a girly girl and spend most of her time batting her long eyelash's at all the boys. Her special boyfriend is her big white protector Chief but then all the girls love him even thou he is a dog. You will find the two of them most late afternoons taking their nap time curled up together with Babette almost melted into his big soft white fluffy body.. Ever so sweet.

So there is my sweet wee Babette - doing what she does so naturally...

Herschel and Hazel

Thought I might show you how quickly my sweet one's grow.

Herschel is the one on the metal drum. He is trying to be taller then the Big Billy Boys who are in the next pasture - one of them is his father. I find Herschel often on the drum rubbing his head on his dad's through the fence and then stomping around making all kinds of noise showing all around that his is a Big Boy!!

The shy girl is his twin sister Hazel. She is never far from Mother or Brother and does not wish to draw too much attention to herself. She does love to head but with some of the girl babies and is often found licking "Chief's" face (that is their protector Great Pry) who eats it up. She is fast as lighting and is often chasing the birds who land in the pasture.

The pair of them are full of energy and zest for life but of coarse for me my fingers always wonder to their incredible fleece. They have such soft handle and if only I was a better camera person you would be able to see the sheen in that fiber. They have cinnamon tones to their creamy vanilla fleece - makes my mouth water and finger ache to grab them up and just drink in that incredible fleece.

Soon they will be weaned and ready to find new homes. Oh the hardest part of what I do...

First Pictures of New Baby

I just am amazed everytime I see this little girl!!! She has been very busy today - EATING....

So most of the snaps I could get was of her with her face under her Mother except for that sweet shot of her rear end... Yep, she is a girl no doubt about that and I even love the coloring there. I will keep trying for more snaps but I really did not wish to get Mommy mad or baby upset..

Would love to hear what you think of her and remember the naming contest is forming.. Just have to work out a prize.

Baby Update

Another sleepless night but OH SO WORTH IT!!!

Mother and Baby had a great night. Every time I came into the barn she was up and playing. Then after a few minutes of full out joy she would run to Mom and nurse like she had not seen a meal for days. Then it was lay down for a few minutes sleeping deep and sound. Then up and the circle continued. I am renewed each time I see her and all the other sweet ones in the barn.

The other Mothers and Babies where not thrilled with all of the interruptions. I said a heartfelt "Sorry" every time I came in but I understand their sleep was not as restful as we all would have liked including my own. I keep the two hour checks through the night because the dogs spent the whole night barking... They saw or heard something that I could not but I trust their judgement. With all this coming and going the bottle kids where confused - they thought a bottle was owned them each time I walked in the door and was greatly disappointed when that was not going to happen. However, I did give them hugs and snugs each time so they loved that and so did I - except my back...

With the lack of sleep I press on because I have a roof quote at 7 am... So as I eat my breakfast, watching "Ghost busters II" on the TV, starting a dye pot and getting a cup of very hot coffee into me I reflect on a PERFECT night watch..

Put on those thinking caps because I will soon be announcing the naming contest for this new addition - keep in mind her Mother is Miss Marple so we will be thinking in those lines..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

You wont believe this one!!!

This afternoon I noticed the goat girls where standing around the pasture in a circle looking at the ground. I thought maybe they had a snake on the ground which they have done in the past. As I walked out there the girls started to part and there on the ground was a very cleaned off baby goat....

I KNOW - two months after the last baby born - RIGHT!!

It was Miss Marple with blood on her bum and letting the little one nurse... You could have knocked me over with a feather... I set about putting a pen together in the barn and then came the task of trying to get the mother and child into the pen.. Not an easy task!! After a long time of closing doors, moving round and round in the barn and getting her finally in the pen with the baby I went and got her water... I quickly picked up the baby to see if all was alright and it was perfect and A GIRL!!!

After I saw her nurse four times and poop I gave Miss Marple some hay and more water. You guessed it - tonight I will be up checking on the pair just to make sure all goes well. Honestly she showed no signs of expecting and even after she delivered her body does not look one bit difference - I guess she had her baby hidden in her mouth because I clipped her fleece a month ago and I neither felt or saw any signs of a baby..

The bottle kids where not thrilled that there was a new baby in the barn - they are so attached to being my complete love bugs. I have no idea why they think I would be loving on the new one - this would mean Mommy might decided not to take care of her if I did that and I sure do not want that - No More Bottle Kids PLEASE!!

As I always say "Never A Dull Moment at the Funny Farm" Oh, I will post a picture as soon as I know that Miss Marple will not freak out...

Commenting Issues

To all those who I follow their blogs I want you to know that I have been reading your wonderful words but for some reason I can not seem to leave a comment. I hope someone can tell me why this is because I can not find a clue within the "Help" center of this site....

Just know I am keeping up and in my silence I am sending love and light to you...

Universe would you please stop pulling on this farm gal - I am getting a bit grumpy!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Slow Monday - "I Will Not Be Broken"

The mind is willing but the body is way too unwilling... I went to bed last night early but sleep could not seem to happen. I do not wish to complain because I have my body and all it's working parts but I think every working part is screaming for I am not sure what reason. So today I will push on and remind myself that I am lucky to be alive.

This weekend I treated myself to a great book on disk "I Will Not Be Broken" - and my gosh why would I in the least bit be complaining.. I highly recommend this book - it is about survivors who have lost limbs to bombs, Mothers and Fathers who have lost children, ordinary folks who have beaten the odds when doctors gave them no hope. I know it sounds depressing and I admit there will be tons of tears but within those pages you will find stories of overcoming, determination, lessons on how to get there yourself and HOPE!!! I can not say enough about how this was just what this gal needed to hear.

We all can get down in the mud and feel like we can not get up but it is all up to us. It reminds us that part of the human experience is not going through life without horrible things happening to us but it is about how those hard times is what makes us who we are and let's us really look with THANKS at those good things in our lives. Even when we feel like no one can understand our pain all we have to do is reach out because there are so many who have walked where we are now and then we can also turn and reach back to help another through this difficult journey..

So for today I ask you to focus on that which you can celebrate, reach out for help if you need to, and if you can Please reach back and help up another.

Blessings and Be Well

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cool Crisp Morning on the Farm - Prayers Asked For

This morning was just fantastic !!!

I had all the windows and doors wide open letting in the crisp, cold air through every inch of the house and myself... I sat on the back deck enjoying my breakfast with a sweater on.. A Sweater!! Oh how I love this type of weather.

There was a wet fog in the air and not a bit of smoke - I hope you can tell by the picture that it hung heavy in the air but was very welcome by myself and my sweet one's. It was a stressful night - worried about my oldest son's dog "Storm" age 13 year young who is declining in her health and spirits. My son has had Storm as a loving companion for all these years and now that she has taken a turn I know it is going to be so very hard to lose her. Reese my grandson also loves his "Stormy" - as he says "Dog, bark, bark". Nick still has his big dog Chief who lives with me and his charges the baby goats and mothers. I know it breaks his heart that Chief was left behind but a hard working huge dog does not fit into city life...

I told all the dogs Wednesday after I received the news that Storm (their long time farm friend) is heading down that path that we all must take someday - it is never easy but I know that she has had a wonderful long life and has been loved every second she came to us. It also reminds me that my own sweet Kasha is getting up there and soon will not be here so in this cool morning I took my breakfast out to her and sat and shared my bacon with her.. Tons of snugs later I went back to the house and counted my blessings that I was here for one more day with all those that I love so much.

Please if you will send out a prayer for our sweet Storm - Many Thanks

Calling All Button Lovers!!


One of my weakness is Buttons - I just can not pass up a GREAT Button!!

I am sharing with other's a few of my pretties and this one is a prized one. It is a hand casted bronze and metal Orchid shank Button.... Just listed on my Etsy shop and there are only 4 left so run on over and don't be shy - greed is sometimes a good thing..

Feeding my Sweet Tooth

As a child I still remember those incredible candies that we would eat under the "Big Top" once a year while we watched the exotic elephants dance around the ring or while a family swung by their heels and flew through the air with the greatest of ease.. It was all so magical and to add to the excitement there was the sugary goodies that we ate until we where on a sugar high that seemed to last a week. Now we know those candies with all those bright colors are not good for us so I thought I would make a healthy alternative.

Up on my Etsy site you will find "Carnival Candy" there is only one skein left - I had 1,938 yards of it to start with but I guess they were so lip smacking that now only one is left.. This yarn is as addictive as those candies but without all the calories, chemicals and sugar...

I wonder when the circus is in town?? Love those elephants.. What is your favorite circus act?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today's Life Lesson

In my so called garden bed in the so called back yard there appeared these three Poppies.. With all the other work that this farm requires I admit I have not given a second thought to the horrible garden bed that the previous owners placed just off the back stairs. They had a crappy half assed fence area that is a weird shape that makes no sense. They planted three Lilacs inside the fence that for anyone who knows Colorado weather at our altitude is a very bad idea. They also planted a Pine tree right next to one of the lilacs in which they both should be any where near each other. Last year I finally got around to digging up the railroad ties that they sunk into the ground again in no real correct pattern and they where not treated so they are crumbling into a huge mess. The fence is sinking into the ground and the ground is harder then rock. So I admit I just walk by it and say "If I every get time - like that is going to happen".

Still next to my compost bin there is a group of Poppies that each year just keeps spreading and growing with the goodies from the compost bin. It is a joy to see them amongst all the mess of that so called garden bed. Each year I hope to find the time to get fix that bed but life and work gets the better of me and so it sits.

So the lesson is - Great things can happen even when you have no real plan ... or how about this one - You can bloom even if the worst is all around you...

Bumble Bee's

I have three Lilac Bushes here at the farm that normally get killed each year with a late frost. This year we made it through but the winds have whipped the heck out of them.

This morning as I went to give the bottles to the goat babies I noticed that almost all of the tender clusters of flowers where hanging funny. It was just as the sun was rising and I got a bit closer - my eyes could not believe what I was seeing - TONS of HUGE Bumble Bee's just sitting on the flowers. They where not moving, flying around but rather they where just sitting as if they where drunk or sound asleep. I moved back into the house and grabbed the camera and to a couple of pictures. I just could not believe how many there where - on every cluster of flowers there was at least one bee if not more. I bet they where thrilled that they found these because our normal wild flowers have not arrived - lack of moisture and all - so this was I guess a blessing for them.


New Roving's up on my Etsy Shop

I have been busy as you can tell. I posted this morning some of my newest hand pulled hand dyed roving's.

The first two are Llama and Silk and the third is Merino and Silk. I must say I did a pretty Great job - hard to put them up for sale but I know they will find incredible, talented hands...

What do you think of them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner is a Wiener

Why can't politicians stop their lying and sexual stupid behavior??? Do they really think we are so stupid as to believe that someone had hacked his account?? Maybe we are to be as stupid as they are - NOT!!

I am hoping his new wife takes a hint - anyone who is SUCH A WEINER will ALWAYS BE A DICK!!!! (Sorry but it truly fits)

Smoke Get's in your Eye, Nose, Lungs and....

For days on end our prayers keep going out to those who are in the grip of brutal fires that just do not seem to have an end. The air at the farm is thick with smoke and for the past three days it has hung so low in the air that one would think we are in a fog bank. My animals and I are on alert because you can not tell if is drifting in from faraway places or just up the road. This farm has experienced more then once the evacuations of fires close by and the panic, fear and hard work involved. The animals remember the smell as well - it hangs all around the farm like a heavy blanket giving them not a moment of peace. They pace back and forth with their heads in the air smelling and looking for the flames. They eat quickly and drink like at any moment they are going to have to run for their lives. Even the chickens are on alert - running in and out of the coop in a panic when the wind picks up.

On the news they talk about not being outside if you can help it, limit your work outside, keep informed with weather bulletins sent to your cell phone - REALLY!! How are we to really do any of that??? Then with each breath I take I know someone is maybe having their whole world change forever. I think of all the land that will take years to recover and all those wild animals who will lose their lives, homes, food source and peace of mind as the fires grows with every minute.

Prayers are continuing for everyone who is being touch by this early fire season and please review your evacuation plans even if you are not in any of those areas - you never know what may come your way and with all that Mother Nature has been doing lately we all need to be prepared.

Miller Moth Madness

It is that time of year again when those nasty little bugs come into the house and make all sorts of mischief... Saturday night while trying to get this body to sleep I was just almost in slumber land when a Miller Moth flew into my nostril and sent me in a panic. For a split second my body had no clue what was going on but instinct kicked in and this gal wrenched herself up off the bed and to my feet so quickly swatting at my face that I gave myself a hard slap trying to rid my body of the flying Mothra. In doing so, I hit myself so hard that my nose started bleeding - this gal packs quite a swat when startled. At the same time I jerked my neck in such away that even today I can hardly turn it. All that for a stupid Miller Moth.

As I sat on the side of my bed with head tilted back and a Kleenex shoved up my nostril I began to giggle... How silly - I smacked myself over Miller Moth but to my defense I was almost asleep and with all the horror movies I have watched over my long life - nothing good comes of something going up your nose... I still remember the bug that "Con" put in the ears of the Star Trek crew - the thought of that makes me want to go and get a Qtip...

Miller Moths are nothing but a pain in the rear - can't paint anything in the house until they are done pooping on my walls - Yuck. Have to cover ever piece of food or glass of cold drink unless you want to swallow one of them - trust me I have and it is not a "Good Thing" as Martha would say... I have tried the bowls of soapy water near a night light, chasing them with the shop vac hose trying to suck them up at all hours of the night - I have even added new bat boxes to assist in lowering the population of flying bugs - still they are one of those small treasuries we country folk get to live with. My son's who live in town report that the pigeons eat all of them so no worries for them... Still I would not trade the lack of Miller Moths for the noise, smell and close quarters of city life.

So I plan to look at them as a gift and try not to knock myself out next time one decides to become way too personal with me in the dead of night. Still those ear bug things give me the chills... I admit after seeing that movie I put cotton in my ears at night - I know completely not a rational thing to do but I did not loose any sleep thinking about something strange digging into my brain and controlling me. Where did I put my Cotton Balls???

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Turn a Funky Day Around

Some folks my eat a big bowl of ice cream, other pour a stiff drink, yet others may go for a run but this gal has three things that can turn my frown upside down.

Can you guess?

Yes, Hug on my sweet animals, Sit in front of my Spinning Wheel or get the Dye Pots Going!!!

After Tuesday Crappy Day and the messed up eye I was really in a funk!!! I hugged as many animals as I could but the wind was just too much. I could not see well enough to spin something amazing so out came the dye pot. Nothing like cheering myself up with a good pot of magical color and heat....

Here is "Passion" a fantastic hand dyed silk yarn that is now up for sale on my Etsy shop. Guaranteed to De Funk Any Day...

What do you think??

A Worry Filled Day Here

The farm is bracing for temp in the 90's, Red Flag Fire Dangers and High Winds to reach over 50 miles an hour. I was up at 4 am starting the hoses to water the very dry grasses around the house. I can not believe how much we are all having to deal with Mother Nature....

I believe that our thoughts create our reality and I really wonder where our heads are at??? Including Mine. I think today if I can pull weeds in my front bed I will need to work on my thoughts because I guess I have been in one whirlwind after another...

Be mindful today PLEASE!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trying not to turn off Customers

For those who really know me - guess what I wanted to call this roving????

Zombie Guts!!! Yep this horror movie lover thought that the moment it was drying strung out on my drying racks around the house. I giggled with excitement but then realized how many customers might not even consider purchasing this with that name.

So being the business person that I am I thought of another way to name this - how about "Mobile Deceased" that sounds more PC, right??? Quick what movie does that come from????

But I guess the universe did not like that name either because while I was finishing the listing on Etsy it just vanished... That is right the computer and universe was trying to tell me that folks might not like that title as well as I did so after screaming a whole bunch of nasty words in the air I went back to typing...

Final name is "Friendly Fern" Doesn't that sounds safe, nice, eco friendly and something that a women of my age should be calling her roving??? I guess I am going to have to go cut my hair, dye it purple - No I want Pink or Coral - I am not a purple person, get some piercings and tattoo's in order to be able to name my products something raw and edgy - you would think with a name like "Larkspur Funny Farm" it should be a given that I am a bit outside the box but sadly NO.

What makes an artist?? The way they look, the title of their work or is it their work? You tell me!!!

A New Recipe for the Funny Farm

As I carefully made it down the stairs this morning to start the bottles and coffee pot (eye still an issue) I turned on the oven because I was going to make a Spanish Baked Omelet for breakfast... As I warmed the formula, put on my outside duds and plugged in the coffee pot there was a strange smell. I figured - Grace I guess you need to put these clothes in the wash today.

As I ran through my brain what I might be doing today I kept smelling something nasty. Last night there was fire smoke in the air for many hours - a small pasture fire about 5 miles from me - that is a whole other story. As the bottles where ready I went out the door and to the babies in the barn. As always they are thrilled to see me as if I had been gone for a week. I SO LOVE THAT! It is wonderful to be needed and missed.

As I headed back to the house and still in my brain I opened the kitchen deck door and greeted by smoke and a really nasty nasty smell. I ran to the oven and pulled the door open - YUCK!!! What is burning in the there??? You will not believe what I found after I got the smoke to clear... MILLER MOTHS!!!

Oh My Gosh - I could not believe my eyes or nose.... I tried to take a picture but you could not make them out because they where piles of ash.. Ok there will be no Spanish Omelet for me... I let the oven cool, got out the shop vac and sucked them up and went about wiping the oven out. By that time I decided an omelet on top of the stove was on the menu or maybe even cold cereal. I must admit this is the first time this has ever happened - we get tons of Miller Moths here during this time of year and the Swallows just love but how did they get into the oven ?? NO, I did not leave the door open.. Just another mystery for the Funny Farm but I guess from now on I will check the oven before turning it on... They really smell nasty when baked...