Friday, June 19, 2009

Doing the Chicken Dance


Yes, a week early but they are just wonderful. I tried to take a picture but the flash scared them so much I decided we would wait a day or two. They are Black Star's - 5 Hens that are 16 weeks old and just healthy, happy and a bit scared. For those who do not know the breed they are from Holland, a brown egg layer and a great free range chicken. They are low key, great layers and work well with other breeds. I have had this breed over the years but it has been about seven years since I had some on this farm.

The other girls - 8 White Leghorns who have been with me for three years now are trying to be on their good behavior. I sat with them in the coop for a couple of hours just to make sure they all played NICE, and then checked on them several times in the night just for good measure. O.K. I am a bit over protective but that is who I am...

I will try to get some pictures very soon. I have them in the coop with the screens doors closed so they can still get some great air but still limit their movement until I have established them and I know they know where to go for shelter, food and sleep time. Llama boy spent the night sitting in front of the coop just to make sure all was well and this morning he had to peak his head inside while I was feeding just to see and great all the girls - he really loves the hens and so do I ...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Who needs an alarm clock?

This morning at 5:00 am I awoke to what sounded like a bomb hitting the house. It was a huge clap (that sounds way too mild for what it was) of thunder. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and did my duck and cover drill again!!! Once I realized we where in the middle of another big storm I ran to the windows to make sure none of the animals where caught off guard and had taken themselves to the pastures. Just then I say my Mother's dog "Camille" peaking out from under my bed. That is a whole nother long story. I guess she is practicing duck and cover too.

The weather guessers are saying I will be in for another very bumppy ride today so I will stock up on needlework projects for the basement. Last night while sitting in the basement with my headlamp on I cut out 60 dozen bookmarks that I will stamp today. They are a token of my appreciation when folks purchase products from me. I put on the bookmarks a cute saying, stamped leaves and a flower made of my "hand made, hand dyed felt". Just a little way of getting a sheep into your hands. I am also thinking that while I am in the basement today I might cut out some aprons to sew.. Since we do without power often with these storms - I have plenty of back up power but I do not wish to waste it just in case the power is out for long periods. So anything I can do by the power of my head lamp is what I will work on today.

Hope your weather is treating you better. Practice those Duck and Cover Drills

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother Nature has reall been Pissed Off

For the past week there has been storm after storm pounding the farm. Colorado has experienced 16 Tornadoes so far. I have received hail each day for the past eight and forget about me having any tomoates - even with them covered the hail broke thru my apple baskets that where trying their best to protect my little deck garden but Mother Nature has just been on a bender. Last night we had another round - hail came so fast, so hard that I went to the basement again. I have been doing a lot of that lately. So I have put some needlwork projects down there with my head lamp so at least I can keep busy. I know NUTS but heck if I am going out I am going out doing something with my hands.

After I came up from the basement the rain was still coming down in buckets. My pond that was dry is filling up to it's edges. When I peaked out the window I saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW - I guess it is Mother Natures way of saying "SORRY"

After the storm had passed I checked the animals All where O.K. but scared. Imagine sitting in a huge metal barn with a hail storm. I have done it many times and it is deafening. After giving rounds of hugs, kisses and words of understanding I went around to see my truck - Perfectly O.K. even after beening hit day after day with hail.

Now the frogs are singing, birds singing, hens a laying and standing water everywhere. My decks have no more paint, the paint on the house eves and little bit of flat wood (I do have a log home) are almost all gone. The hen house, tool shed and small wood barn all look like you sand blasted them. I painted last year and I guess I will be doing it again this year but I think I am going to wait a while - YES, the weather guesser is saying we have two more days and then we crank up the heat to almost the 90's..... Yuck HEAT. See I always have weather to complain about!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Putting new goodies up on Etsy

I would like to introduce "Betty" a 9 month old Wenslydale ewe lamb to you all.
I was the proud gal who got to give her her first hair cut. It took awhile but I never wish to rush these little one's. I found if I go slow and give plenty of rest breaks we have a much better time and keep that baby fleece perfect. I find if I teach them that they will not be hurt during this process, next year it goes even quicker. I also give them a full body rub after the hair cut to show them how great it feels to have that wool off. Smiles from ear to ear is had by all.

Once I get the fiber back home I treat it with great care to bring out the best of each animal. I hope you like this colorway which I call "Nasturtium". I have placed this fleece in one ounce packets and have just placed all 7 ounces up on Etsy. The other half of her fleece already is spoken for so if you are the least bit interested in this wonderful fiber don't delay. Betty has a great future in the fiber arts world but she will only have this one baby fleece.

Another Bumpy Ride

After four days I now have a computer that works, phone lines that work and a pond full of frogs...

Yes, another wonderful storm hit the farm Monday. We got hit, lost power, phones, and fried the computer modem. Just another spring day at the farm. Last kick in the knee was a huge hail storm that pounded thefarm pounding the few little tomatoes that I had just planted on the deck. The up side is the pastures got water, the pond is teaming with very VERY noisey frogs and while in town to get the computer fixed I found a great lady who is wishing to purchase arm fulls of my yarns. So time to look at the silver side of life - frogs and all.

Stay safe out there and pratice your duck and cover. I was amazed how fast this old body could hit the floor and cover my eyes and neck - I guess all those years of duck and cover drills really are deep in my cells. They may have scared us silly all those years ago but I sure do remember how to protect myself. I was not as fast getting up but what do you expect??