Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Returning Customer

Things are never dull around the Funny Farm! I was having my last bite of toast when I heard something strange downstairs at the shop door. As I opened the door and pulled back the curtains - look who was waiting to come in and look at the newest yarns available at Larkspur Funny Farm.

This eager llama is "LLB" (Little Llama Boy). He is a four year old male llama that has become very interested in viewing his reflection in the shop french doors. This week he has become a brave soul and ventured up to the house while nippling on the grass that has been growing thigh high this spring. I am presently making new curtains for the shop and put up some black plastic on one set of the french doors so the sun would not harm the fibers. As LLB was following the two goats kids on their morning snacking adventures he walked pass the french doors and he saw this fetching young male llama. He decided to get a closer look. The first day he spent the entire day with his nose pressed on the glass looking into the eyes of this new llama. When I came down to the shop the next morning he was in the same position and fixed on meeting this new addition to the farm. I finally had to place him back in his pasture so I knew he would eat, drink and rest. Each day when I let him out to feast on the tall grass around the house, you can find LLB making several trips up to the french doors to share all the gossip from the goats and see " Who is the fairest of them all?" This morning LLB also decided to pull off the note that I had posted for the delivery man. All that was left was a line of tape that he had tried several times to get but since llama's lips split open on the top he could not get it. Do not worry he did not eat the sign - rather he just stepped all over it.

I wonder who will be at my door tomorrow morning?