Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still Snowing

How do you like my 1930 vintage folding chair?? You know the one under all that snow. I had about 2 seconds to get this shot before the wind and snow started up again.. I was hoping I could have gotten a picture of the tiny bird foot prints next to the chair but my camera really hates the cold. I got this shot and then it shut it self down - smart camera! I think I am going to defrost some homemade bean soup and make some cornbread for lunch.. Stay warm and safe out there today - were in for a bumpy
ride today - winter in Colorado!

I dream of a morning like this!

Such a wonderful peaceful snowy morning - OH MY not today!!!
This storm that is still going is brutal - the winds were at 35 miles an hour or more all night - the drifts are up to my thighs and still growing. It was so bad I brought in the house Kasha (my oldest great pry) in the house because she was having trouble breathing in the bitter winds. She normally will not come in the house but she ran so fast I had to let go of the leash or I would have been planted in the drifts. She snuugled on the sheets and towel that I layed for her in the shop while listening to Celtic music all night. I on the other hand got to trek out to the barn every two hours making sure no goat momma had a little one which I was sure glad. It was so cold with the wind that I put the jacket back on the little guy who was born recently. He was so glad to have it on but wanted he to hold him - my body was freezing and all I wanted to do was go inside but who could resist??? Yes, I sat in the straw hugging "Monk" and thanking the universe that I have such a great life even when I am in the middle of a huge storm. Life on the Funny Farm is GRAND!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boy did I have a Thankful Thanksgiving!

Dinner went well and everyone had a good time. A spiral cut ham, spiced yams, green beans, deviled eggs, cranberry fluff salad, pumpkin bread pudding and a cranberry cake where on the menu along with cheese and crackers for nibble time. It was the first time my mother met my oldest sons fiancee so that was interesting. My youngest son took time out from his packing (moving again to a different apartment)to come to the farm. A long time friend also was able to come and share the day with the Funny Farm family.. The snow started to fly just as everyone was getting ready to go and I spent the late night doing dishes and straighting up. The next day the snow just kept coming and the wind was howling - winter is knocking on our door. Saturday it was another day of just trying to catch up. Yarn orders, products to be made and yes those leftovers.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday -what a day. I had almost 18 inchs of snow and a big surprise in the barn. I went out at 2:30 pm to start the chores - the snow was so deep that I knew it would take sometime to get it all done. I opened the barn door and there in the middle of the walk way was Eboney and her just born baby!! I know - I know! This is a month early - can we not read a calendar??? I jumped into action. I had to dig out the kidding panels that where frozen under a big drift. Then to build the pens - find the heat lamps - carry straw from the other side of the farm.... Really, why are these girls not reading the calendar??? Anyway, the baby is wonderful. I have named him "Monk" because by the time I got everything done I made it into the house just as the show started. I admit it I love "MONK". This is the first time I have seen this show and I just love all his weirdness. Now the reason why this name fits is because he acts just like him, everything is something to complan about - he even has to complain while nursing. He bitchs about the straw, the wind, the girl moving past the pen. He is so sweet even thru all the complaints..

This was a great Thanksgiving - I am so blessed......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What have I been up too???

No pictures to go with this posting of the hard working gal at the Funny Farm - for the past three days I have been a busy bee. I have moved and stacked 3 ton of hay in the barns, set up the birthing pens, moved all feeding equipemnt inside, moved and stacked wood in the forest for the campground, raked up bag fulls of scrub oak leaves to bed the chickens in - they just roll in the leaves like they are on vacation on a sunny beach, built three compost bins and then filled them with old straw, llama poop and chicken coop cleanup, scrubed all the feed and water equipment, cleaned out the tool shed and reorganized it, dig up about 3 ton of rock for the flower beds and redesign the grave of "Jaws" one of our Great Pry's who passed eight years ago. Then I finished replacing the signs in all the pastures and the last of the fencing. Meanwhile, I dyed about 100 poounds of yarn and now they wait for me to sit and place their labels on. Now that is what I call a fun time!!

Now this is nothing new for us country gals and I would not trade it for the world. Anytime I am working outside it is a great day but if I do not get up and moving the next morning by mid-day I am stiff as a board. Soon the snow will be here and I will be enjoying the fact that everyone is snug as a bug and life will be in the routine of snow drifts and births. Oh, I forgot to say I have constructed a new addition to the birthing barn, a pen for the little one's who might need special care, weather permitting. That does not mean that if the need presents itself I would not have a little one back in the house but I am planning for any situtation. Today I am reorganizing the food pantries, making my lists and counting the candles, batteries, and extra propane canisters for emergencies. I already rearranged the freezers and updated the lists so food does not go to the back. Just another week here at the farm. Would love to here what you do to get ready?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My breakfast guests are back

My guardian was back at my driveway this morning. After having his early morning breakfast he awaited my routine of opening the chicken coop greeting my furry babies and grabbing a cup of coffee. How easliy they find themselves in my daily chores and they seem to be welcoming what quite transactions happen between me and my extended family. I feel honored that he now considers me part of his duties - such grace he shows but such power all the same.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You can be strong yet kind

At my front gate I found the herd again grazing at my front driveway. THANKS for getting those weeds I have been trying to find time to get to those. As you can see my sweet orphan is enjoying the bond she has made with her new protector. This gentle Buck has found a group of girls and has been nothing more then the missing fathers my little one really needed. He is so kind to her, patient and shows that he will protector her from the monsters in the forest. After gazing at them for close to ten minutes I had to move because that ankle was really hurting. The movement had Buck look up to see what was going on - look at those eyebrows. Really they are just markings but their sure remind me of Groucho Marks. I am truely blessed to have such four legged visitors.

Never a dull moment

Tuesday morning was another heart stopper. The farm had received some snow and I am back into my rountine of before breakfast going out and breaking the ice on all the water in the pastures and barns. I admit it is a mindless task - one I do without really much effort. With the snow I also check for prediator tracks so my head is bent down. As I approached the little boys barn and went thru the gate I found the little guys sitting outside the barn. Such brave boys. I never gave it a throught as I walked thru the open door and heard movement and could feel the movement of something coming towards me. I quickly looked up only to fall on my butt and my orphaned deer came flying past me, thru the door and ran to catch up with the little goat boys. As I pulled myself off the ground I had to laugh - "How many folks have orphaned deer sleeping in their barns? I do, I do"

I hobbled into the house, twisted my left ankle, found the camera and back out I went. There was my sweet boys - sharing their pasture and last of the season grasses with this lost soul.. I have not named her because she is not my animal but rather a traveler who is making her way in life while sharing a bit of it with me. She spent most of the day with the boys enjoying their company. They even took a nap in the field while my Great Pry Sophie watched in disbelief. Now I am back in the house with ice on my ankle - no not from the barn - from the freezer...

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Orphan has a new family

For those who have been following the story of my little orphaned doe, I have been worried becaue since the mountain lion killing spree I had not see her for about two weeks. I each morning would look in all the pastures to see if my little one was sitting and resting but each morning I was very disappointed. My heart grew heavy - but what I saw this morning had me doing the happy dance.

My little one has been excepted in a small herd of two year olds. As you can see there is a great macho bull with his rack of horns growing. Then there is four two year old does and my little girl all eating right outside my fence. She brought them to my farm because she knew I would let them be and no hunting is allowed here. My heart was flying!! She is safe and has a family. What more could this two legged mommy want for her little one?

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am in the grove

You know my life sometimes just comes together in front of the dye pots and it a feeling of just hitting your GROVE..... I wished I took better photo's because you just can not see all the complex shades in this silk. I have not placed it in roving form but rather I just teased it open with my fingers after drying. Your imagination will run wild with this batch.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Something about trees - just love them

I have always loved the Silver Birch tree - just the way their bark looks but needless to say the Funny Farm does not have them so this is my way of having their splendor. Hope you find them as interesting as I do???

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An apple a day they always say

I hope you take your doctor's advice and pick up this mouth watering Granny Smith Apple hand dyed Bombyx Silk roving. The season will soon be over and you sure don't want to face the cold season with you stash of silk...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

French Blue Boy

You will never be blue with this offering - the gentle shades of blue always give me a smile - this is one that everyone needs in their stash.

A Rose by any other Name

Most gardeners would be beside themselves if they found worms on their roses - not me! My worms help me create this vintage Damask Rose colorway - I can have roses no matter what the season. Don't you wish you had my worms??

See what comes from those Worms

I am always amazed on what those tiny worms can create and this is the silk ready for your creative hands. This is hand dyed Bombyx Silk Top created by my hands but Mother Nature and those incredible worms deserve all the credit. Hurry before they are all snapped up - you will find the new goodies at www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com

Holiday Joy - Just to get you in the mood

I just thought I would get you in the spirit of the holidays - I just love the rich tones in this colorway it reminds me of my different Christmas Cactus that grace my livingroom. Soon it will be cookie baking season too - OH BOY!

Romance - it is back

Who said Romance never happens on a farm - this is just the beginning.


I just love this colorway packet, if I do say so myself. I have all kinds of visions when looking at them but I would love to hear what you would do with them - come on folks - lets hear those creative thoughts.....

Autumn Walks

The weather has been in the 70's and I have been outside fixing fences and setting up the farm for winter cold weather. Today, I stopped to add some goodies to my Etsy shop and this is just one of the offerings. I have two packets is these incredible tones of Autumn leaves at the farm. Not sure if you are aware but Larkspur Funny Farm is giving FREE shipping on all orders over $25.00 so start getting those Christmas presents early.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Selma and Son - Tail Spun Hand Spun

Life is too short to not play with new things... I love spinning Tail Spun Yarns and it is even more thrilling when the locks come from your own animal. The long locks came from an Icelandic Ewe names Selma and the core hand spun laceweight yarn that was used is from her son. Doll makers for years have been purchasing my tail spun but I am giving other folks a chance - visit www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com to get your hands on this incredible yarn.... Selma was my gal who every year gave birth to twins and refused to take care of them - so I bottle fed them. However, she did nurse for almost two years a little llama boy who came to us at 5 months old, dumped along the highway with his mother. The mother died on the side of the road and the sheriff brought the little guy to us. Not a single one of my llama girls would nurse him and after three days of trying everything I saw from my office window Selma lifting her back leg up and the little guy nursing away. At first I thought this was a once in a life time offer but no this went on for 18 months. They had a bond that she never had with her own offspring. Strange but not strange for the Funny Farm.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Now where having some FUN

Time to step up your game and have some fun!!!!
Have you sat in envy of those incredible yarns that so true expression of the spinner - this is the begining book to learn all the techniques and trade secrets...
Live a little - go wild with designer yarns - trust me this is what you are needing!

Need to know more about Sheep??

Always wanted to know more about those wonderful sheep that you never see at the 4H shows? This book celebrates the breeds from the "Save the Sheep Project". Not only will you learn about where and why these breeds are so incredible you will also see what spinning techniques will give that wool that special something that commercial yarn can never touch. This book will give you ways of understanding wool like no other book on the market. I have it in my personal collection and only one left to sell. You will be glad you picked this book up and you will want to share the knowledge with everyone.

Knitting Anyone??

For those knitters who are tired of making the same old sweater this book is for you. Yes, it has the classic Aran Sweater, a Pullover Mohair Sweater but wait till you see the other's - a cropped Kimono, a Puzzlemaker Jacket to a Cheyenne Saddle Blanket Jacket and much, much more. This book will keep you coming back for more creative ways to express your talents and love of knitting.

Wont you help me in finding this book a new home so I can get the shop painted - it has been 11 years - really in need of a new look to match me new directions.

Visit www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com FREE SHIPPING for orders over $25.00


Check out my Esty store for the new listings of books - For the next couple of days I will be cleaning out the shelves at the farm

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mountain Lion Watch

A few of you have heard that I have been on night watch because of Mountain Lion who has been hunting and killing livestock for the past two weeks. It started the day my son Nick, his girlfriend Brooke and I walked out to start the shearing on my little goat boys. A neighbor pulled up to let us know that about 1/2 mile away a Male Llama was killed. Well, that sure set the mood for the day. Since then every night I am up listening to my dogs, checking on the animals and hoping that this creature does not decided my sweet one should be it's next dinner. One day llama boy kept circling something on the ground - this is not normal behavior for a llama. So out I went and there in the soft dirt was a footprint of this Mountain Lion. A chill came over me - this print was in the run between the pastures that house my goats and face the forest. That night I took the truck and placed it in the run, moved my head Great Pry (Kasha) to assist me and llama boy decided he would add his protection. There I sat all night in the cold truck - did I mention that was the first night we got snow here. Teeth chattering, nose dripping but I am thankfull - no lion. So the watch continues untill we have news of it being trapped, killed or has moved on. Last week there was a horse seriously injuried that had to be put down. Sunday, two dogs at another farm are missing and we just heard that the four milk goats killed last week are also because of this cat - all of these happened within a mile of my farm... We talk about prediatory banking and lending but right now I am dealing with a flesh and blood prediatory - At least I can say I honor my Lion - I would love to set some of those suites out in the forest and let them be the next pray... Wish me luck and some sleep

New Yarns on my Etsy

I only posted a few of the new yarns that I have offered on my Etsy shop - www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com. They have gone over very well - two that I was hoping to post are already sold out! I am doing that happy dance around the shop..

Now is the time to start getting those Christmas gifts lined up - I will be putting tons of knitting, crocheting and fiber art books and patterns on Etsy soon. I will also be giving free shipping on all orders of $25.00 or more starting today. Trying to do my own "BAIL OUT" for those fiber addict folks.

Enjoy - cold weather is coming!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am behind in announcing that the winner of the "COMMENT" contest is Monica T - and the crowd goes wild, the ballons are let go and everyone is green with envy...
May not, but I sure hope she will like the goodies that are coming her way.
Congrat's Monica... Enjoy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Treats for your Doggy

I am giving a shout out to those who want to give their four legged furry family member a great homemade treat. Natural buscuits from Jogifarmgirl... You will find her doggy buscuits on her brand new Etsy shop. I love that if you send back your reuseable bag you get $1.00 off your next purchase. Got to love that!!

Please visit her at www.jlogosso.etsy.com
Your dogs will give you big sloppy kisses.

To answer a few questions

I have had several questions about the boys twin sisters????
Everyone is dong FANTASTIC - the sisters are in the girl pastures with their Mom's. Breeding season has started and so all but Rett is up there and all the boys according to age are in different pastures on the complete otherside of the farm. All of the snipped (they came to me that way) are together, Watson and Sherlock are in another pasture together and this years not so little guys are all together in another pasture. This keeps everyone safe - including me.

As for getting pictures of the girls right now that will have to wait - Rett is very protective during his courting, so I try not to get me in the mix. While watering the other day in my foggy brain condition I forgot to see where Rett was - well he ran up behind me and plowed me into the metal barn. Before everyone gets mad at him, he is only doing what Mother Nature programs him to do. My lead guy at the farm for 10 years "Thor" who passed two years ago NEVER, EVER did things like that, in fact he loved spending days sitting half way in my lap and licking my neck. It is hard for me to remember that he was a one in a million billy. So it was completely my fault when I forgot to keep an eye on Rett. I have the black and blue marks to remind me.

So soon I will have pictures of the girls - no worries they are doing great.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hansel - you never need breadcrumbs

Hansel for awhile was lost without his twin sister but now he has found his way. Always ready to come and greet, first to comfort a frightened pasture mate and last to the food bowls. He enjoys hours of rubbing his neck and stroking his back. His down is soon to be released - pure white and ever so soft. Can not wait to get his fleece into the shop - another show stopper. I must admit I could spend hours just loving on him but way too many cuties who would object...

Did I forget to mention a name change??

For those who have been following my 2008 kids I forgot to tell you that "Ellery" never liked his name and decided to change it to "Avery", I guess all boys need to put their mark on things. Avery is a very vocal little guy and when he spoke I listened. Before he would never come to Ellery, so I set about asking him what his name was - after spending days with a baby book in the barn reading the names he answered to "Avery" and it has been his name ever since.

Avery had a horrible Saturday. I kept hearing Avery talking up a storm but that was nothing new - finally after the rest of the boys added their voices I decided I better go out and see what all the noise was about - well Avery had managed to get his back hips and stomach caught between two huge gates. I unclipped all the gates but he had wedged himself to tight in that no matter which way I tried to get him out he screamed in pain. Panic and fear was running wild and all I could think of was to break the huge gate off it's bolts. It is amazing what one can do when the life and safety of their little one is at stake. With all my might I pulled the gate off it's bolts and Avery ran out from between the gates. The other boys ran after him and licked him all over. I spent the next four hours sitting in the pasture making sure that there was no injury. After be pooped and ate some food I knew he had come away with only sore body parts and a terrible story to tell everyone. I on the other hand came back into the house and could barely raise my arms equal to my shoulders and boy did I pay for it by sundown. It was all worth it in the end - Avery I hope learned his lesson but you know boys - not always the quickest learners.