Friday, January 30, 2009

What do you think of my new Hand Spun?

I had a ton of fun spinning this 100% Shetland Wool on my Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel. The fleeces came from a long time friend who has been raising Shetland and Churro shepp for the past 35 years. I so love the way this turned out - I started by washing the two fleeces - which I tell you they had a ton of grease and dirt. One fleece of gray/brown and the other a soft white. I spun the fleeces separate and the plyed the two thin singles together. I must say I love the look. I was going to dyr them when I first saw them because I never thought the colors would be this clear and crisp. I am glad I washed them three times because the natural colors are fantastic.

You can get your hands on this hand spun at my Etsy store - great for your stash, perfect for that special someone and fantastic for that project you have been waiting to try. I would also love to hear you thought on this yarn if you have the time.


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the naming contest will be ending Sunday Feb 1st at 8pm MST. I have had some great suggestions but still willing to consider more - tell all you know to enter because there is still time.

You will not believe what is happening now !

Remember my strange plant that popped out some strange pods??? Well, look at this strange thing now It has grown over 9 inches in height and is still growing. Not sure what it is doing but it is interesting to watch and wonder.... I hope I am still me but just on the off chance the pod folks are coming to get me I was nice knowing you all. I will keep you posted about the plant but if I stop you know they have me - RUN if that happens because you may be next.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Book Give away from a MJ Farmgirl

Run over to and enter in her wonderful book give away. "French General Home Sewn" is being offered along with a great apron. I have been looking at adding this bood to my collection so I hope you will not think of me poorly when I say "I REALLY hope I win" Good to all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mom you forgot something - CONTEST TIME

Llama Boy is right - We have two sets of twins without names. Esmaralda's girl and boy and Rebecca's girl and boy. Born on the same day and this tired, bruised old gal just has not had the brain cells to come up with names.....

Sound's like a contest to me Llama Boy - so here are the rules:

1. When responding you need to let me know for which set of twins you are giving the names for.

2. If you have a reason for picking the names (ie., story, favorite lost friend, or whatever)just please do not make it too hard to say. This old gal has too many kids to call in the pasture.

3. Be creative but not too weird - just becaue our name is Larkspur Funny Farm does not mean I wish to scare the little sweet one's with a horrible name.

4. You can enter as many times as you would like - the more the better chance of you winning a prize. I promise I will have great prizes.

5. When leaving your enteries please let me know how I can contact you - promise I do not sell names and such - not that computer savy.

So let's have some fun and help me name these sweet one's. Thanks and good luck!

December 17th is a busy day - another set!

Remember how I thought I was going back to the house, well I could not get this battered body off the ground so I just sat in the dirt awaiting the strenth needed to get back. Lucky that I did, because right after Esmaralda delivered Rebecca started into labor. She was stressed from all of Esmaralda's drama and was pacing back and forth for several hours. Then started the pawing and up/down they get into right before delivery. However, she did not seem to be progressing so again I watched. As I sat in the cold barn I wondered how many babies have I seen born in this barn? Enought to know we where in for a bumpy ride. Rebecca was looking at me with that panic in her eyes. Just then I got to my feet and grabbed the vet kit - out popps a baby and right after that another. Normally this means they are dead. I ran in with towels and kit and picked up the first one to wipe down. I cleared his throat and he took a breath. I gently placed him under the heat lamp and repeated the same procedure with the little girl. She was moving but no sounds. I sat her down and stepped back to let Rebecca take over. She went to work quickly and with such purpose. The whole time she was softly talking to them - slow to get a response she pawed at them - it always makes me shutter when they do that but it works. Up pops the little girl and lets out a cry. Then little boy was up and crying also, not sure on their feet but up... Down on the ground I sat again trying to catch my own breath - by the time I could it was 4:00 pm and time to start chores all over again.

Tonight I am taking a very hot, long bath and having a very stiff drink.... I earn my keep today..

A couple of bumpy days

It is no secret that Esmaralda is not my favorite goat - she has always been very hard on the other goats, rude to me but always a great mother to her kids. Monday was a very hard day with her. It all started during chore time - I always feed the mothers who are in pens with little one's first. I then move on to the mothers who are in the main part of the barn. Esmaralda knows this routine but has never agreed with it. While feeding the mothers she decided to explain to me that she was not wishing to wait - she did that by coming from behind and smashing me into the large metal panels. My ribs, shoulder and hand hit with such a force that it knocked the wind out of me and dropped me to my knees. After catching my breath I managed to grab her and take her to an empty pen. As I almost had her in it she tried to charge again and this time Mishka tried to protect me by running inbetween us - I quickly grabbed Mishka and in doing so go hit again. Now I was mad but also in alot of pain. I tied up the pen and finished my chores. I sat in the barn for about a half hour before heading back into the house. That night the two hour checks where very hard - to take a breath was like a thousand knives. I sat in the barn and listened with my stethoscope to make sure everything sounded O.K. Needless to say Esmaralda was on my S**t List.

Two days pasted and I went to the barn early that morning for chores. Same rountine of which Esmaralda was still complaining. Something about her made me decided to stay in the barn - maybe it was because I still hurt so much that staying was better then walking back. Hours passed and I could see she was in labor. Esmaralda is a quite and fast delivery in past years so when it started to drag on I began to get concerned. Then she screaming and rolling on the ground - this is not typical so I got the vet kit, towels and swallowed my pain. I could see three front feet peaking out - again not good. I put the gloves on and told her that no matter what happened a couple of days ago I was here to help and she needed to let me. I think she understood because I came into the pen, pulled her tail up and pushed gently the head and three front leggs back inside of her. I then had to slide my hand in farther to push the second baby back to let the first present. With one contraction I craddled the babies head between my hands and pulled. Out came the first kid - a pure white girl and Esmaralda started to lick the little one. Before she could even clean it's face the second one was well on it's way out. Several pushs later and out came another pure white kid. This time it is a boy. Since Esmaralda has had twins before I stepped out of the pen, tied the pen and sat down to watch. As I said she is a great Mom and those kids where up and nursing in less then twenty minutes. They are strong, playful and large. Even thou we may have our differences (black and blue ribs to prove it) Esmaralda knows that I would move heaven and earth to assist - now if I can only get myself off the ground I might go back into the house.

Sunday is never a day of rest at the Funny Farm

It is 2:15 pm and very cold today but Eva has decided this is the day. She is also a 2007 girl and very small in size. Eva was a twin but I knew she was carring a single. After a normal progression in her delivery out came a pure white kid. She was nervous during the delivery so she backed her butt into the corner of her pen so I could not see her privates - shy and private is Eva's middle names. She would not move so I could get a close look - I gave her all the space she needed. After about twenty minutes I figured enough was enough, she needed to start cleaning the little thing and get him up. I went into the pen and she leaped to her feet. There in the corner the little guy had managed to get his head caught in the pipe along the barn. I took him out and placed him back in the straw. Eva went to work on cleaning him and he kept crawling along the straw on his knees to reach the corner of the pen. Back he placed his head into the wall and pipe. Back in I went again and moved him. This happened two more times when I finally said "My God you sure aren't an Einstein are you"? Perfect name again. Einstein it is - who knows it might just help you strive for some brains??? Believe me, for the next four days I can not remember how many times I had to get him out from the wall and then be began the task of getting caught between the panels. Really - no Einstein here!!

Well I am happy to report his brain cells are all firing now and he now shows all the kids how to get out of pens, out of fences and into the feed room. I guess that name has served him well. That's my boy - Einstein

Twins - we have Twins

On December 12th at 3:00 pm came the first baby - a creamy white with hints of red - a little girl. She was good sized and sound. Maggie who screams the most out of all the goats had just about broken our ear drums but she went right to work on cleaning the girl. Five minutes into the cleaning she started screaming again. Another baby on the way. The girl was left in the straw to fend for herself. At 3:15 out comes the next baby - a pure black boy with a single white band around is right front foot. Maggie has never had twins before so I was very concerned that she would panic and forget to take care of one. The little girl would not be left behind - she struggled to get back to mom and get the rest of her cleaning. Around and around Maggie went trying to figure out what to do - finally I stepped in and wiped them down a bit and placed them side by side. Maggie got the idea and started in on getting them nursing. The little girl was not acting right - I watched and watched hoping Maggie would not decide to only take care of the one who looked like her - the black boy. With every hour that ticked by my insides became knotted. Then something fantastic happened, the little boy eeked his way to his sister and pushed her at Maggie. He did that again and again until she finally nursed. For the next six days I saw the little girls eyesight become an issue - she would walk around the pen with her eyes completely shut. I could not tell if she was going blind or what - I ran eye drops over each eye three time a day, put ointment in them, check them with lights, you name it. I also treated them herbally and I said prayers over them daily. When I would watch her move around the pen with assurance I hoped for the best but was aware of the worst. One morning her name came to me - Murtel because her face looked like a turtle. Those squinted eyes and that turned up smile - yep, Murtel my sweet turtle. Brothers name just followed, as he walks next to her side always making sure she nurses and sleeps - he reminded me of a cute little old man walking next to a dear family member - Marvin is his name. I am so happy to report that Murtel's eyes are all perfect now and the two of them are still next to each other round the clock - What a pair. Maggie loves both of her kids and is doing fantastic at caring for them.

Twelve days later - Kate is delivering

On December 12th at 9:20 am Kate (which is Eboney's baby from last year) gave birth to a tiny little guy. I had hoped that none of the 2007 girls had been bred because I do not believe in breeding till they are at least two years of age, but the best plans around here do not always work. Kate however was a real trooper, very little drama, hardly a peep from her during the delivery and out came this pure white little guy. She went right to work on cleaning him but I was hearing a slight rattle to his lungs. It looks horrible but very effective, you pick up the little one by the back legs and just as with a human baby you wack them on the back to get all the fluids out. I watched him for the next couple of hours and still was hearing some rattling. When the little guy cried for his mommy he sounded like a Kazoo - WOW what a great name - Kazoo!! What is also so funny about him is when he looks at you and talks he holds his left ear down and his right ear up. Such a silly little one but what a snuggler. Since I had to pick him up so many time to listen to his lungs he became very friendly to human touch. Normally I do not handle them much - I want them to bond with their mothers but when there are medical issues then all bets are off. Kazoo also has fuzzy chops and loves to have them stroked. Heck who wouldn't?? Kate's Kazoo plays all the right tunes to my heart song...

First Born in the Barn

On November 30 at 2:30 pm came our first goat baby. What a strong, fine boy he is. Born to Eboney my lead girl - he will take his place a lead goat of 2008. What a silly guy - he was jerking around just like the private investigator on TV "Monk". Since I do not have cable this is the first year I had seen the show and this little guy acted just like him. He hated the touch of the straw, made funny little squeaks and pops, every movement was over thought. So "Monk" it is!! The first time I called his name he looked up and came straight to me. I picked him up and that was not the best idea - he streamed like I had struck him with a hot poker. Down he went and it took a couple of hours for both of us to calm down. Now he loves to be picked up and snuggled. I admit his catches everyone's attention when they see him. Monk rounds up the babies and controls their movements - he is quickly taking his place a lead goat. Don't you just want to give him a big kiss?

Llama Boy

Standing guard over the farm on the highest hill is Llama Boy - and he may look kind but over the past five months he has become my most protective pal around - he is truely my shadow. I am amazed how he has determined that he will watch over us all - the chickens even get his services. The other day when a hawk was circling overhead I saw Llama Boy run full speed toward the chicken coop to gather up the hens and run them into their house. He stood in front of the door as to say to the hawk "Not on my watch". The hens at first did not welcome his presence but now they love when he takes them out for a morning stroll around the farm - as the girls peck away at the frozen ground he nibbles on the buffalo grass. Once their tummies are full you can find them all basking in the sun next to the coop. During the night you will find him like the night watchmen making his rounds which includes several circles around the coop. He even peaks thru the windows making sure they are tucked in safe and sound. Such a proud and kind protector but I warn those who come without invitation - make sure you can run FAST! His brutal kicks and his razor sharp fighting teeth are no match for two or four legged uninvited visitors.

Mishka Update

Many have asked about our sweet Mishka - the house goat from last years births. Well, she is doing great but is still a mommy's girl. She was not happy with the additions to the barn and is glued to my hip, leg, butt or whatever she can get too. I can not count how many times I have tripped over her while trying to doing the feeding or just walk from point A to point B. Since she is "My Baby" in the eyes of the goat girls she is picked on when I am not there. When I do arrive in the barn Mishka is given her space because "I" head Mommy is in the barn. I guess a double edged sword. Mishka also hates all the new kids thinking she is the Aunt who should love them and in her mind they are nothing but a bunch of running nutters. She wants nothing to do with them so she spends her time with "Chief" - He is her protector, friend, nap buddy and a substitute for me when I am busy doing other things. Mishka is still small in size (bottle babies usually are) but has more love to give then anyone on the farm. I agree she is my baby still and I do not think that will ever change.

I promised pictures

O.K. sit back and grab a cup of tea and get ready to see a look into a day at the farm. I am going to break the photos into chunks so you can get to know the new babies and what a play day looks like.

First off if you want to get anywhere near the goat babies you have to get past my male Great Pryenees "Chief" who is very serious about his guarding job.

Look what popped up today

Friday at the Funny Farm is houseplant watering day, exciting right? I am not a robot but I do have a habit of lossing track of days. I could not believe my eyes when I came to the Mother of all my Aloe plants. This amazing steam of what I am guessing is their form of flower has popped up in the middle of this massive plant. In all the years I have had Aloe plants I have never had this happen. The mother plant was given to me by a friend who left Colorado in a hurry about four years ago. I never had luck with Aloe plants but I took the plant. Since that time this plant has made over fifty baby plants which is unheard of - now this!! I have been giving away the babies over the year and my home is littered in everyroom with her offspring. I am reminded of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers... Maybe this is going to be my pod?? I will let you know if anything strange happens but remember my Pod Body will be identical except I will have lost this wicked sense of humor and I will be able to scream some horrible sounds - I mean even more horrible then when I see a spider. If I stop complaining that I am tired, aches and pains or have not shared continually about my sweet goats - call the National Guard - this old farm gal is now the new and improved Pod Farm Gal....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so blessed !

As I was starting to do my dinner dishes I looked out the window above my sink and this is what I saw - it took my breath away. The MOON was incredible. Then I ran to the livingroom which faces West and the sky behind the pine trees where looking like a fire was burning but it was the sun setting. I really live in a magical place - my world is so blessed. I just had to share. ENJOY

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I thought I had PICTURES

It is been a couple of weeks since I last posted and boy have I been running on roller skates! The weather here in Colorado just has not made up it's mind. We have gone from -12 degrees to 58 degrees and Friday and now we have 28 degrees and snow. Go figure. Hard to keep everyone happy and health with these temps.

Next, my goat girls decided that December would be a great time to have babies, that's right we have BABIES! Since the cold is not a friend to my very old floppy disk camera I do not have pictures. Yes, you read that right FLOPPY DISK!!! No laughing I just finally got the hang of this monster.....

So we have nine babies so far and they are just the sweetest babies on this whole planet - really they are. We have three sets of twins - each set has a boy and a girl. Nice of them to do that. Then we have three singles all boys. There are still three mom's still cooking those little one's so still more to come. Once, I can get the camera working I promise pictures.

That brings me to the next adventure. I had my two sons (Nick and Conrad) along with Nick's fiancee Brooke over for the holidays. We had a wonderful time and they took incredible photo's of the kids. Brooke was so kind as to burn them on CD but my computer refuses to let the blog post them. I have pulled my hair out trying to get them here so we are just going to have to wait for me to bring those floppy disks into the barn and snap away.

I will be back shortly, going back out to check on the expecting girls and to put up the chickens because the temp has dropped another 10 degrees. Back soon!