Monday, March 30, 2009


That's right folks we have two little guys who will be needing names and that is where you come in. The rules are like before:

We are looking for something that has to do with "Mother Goose" (Her kids from last year I named Hansel and Gretal) - get the idea?
We are looking for names for boys

You can enter as many times as you wish
You need to tell me if the name is for the white one or black and white one.

I will close the contest on April 14th at 8:00 pm Mountain Standard Time

The winner will be announced on the 16th.
There will be a separate prize for each boy so that means two separate winners.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for helping this tired farmgal...
I promise pictures very soon. They are just so huggable.


I know you thought I was making it all up !

You thought "Mother Goose" was just fat !

Maybe I was getting a little soft in the head !

After dragging myself out to the barn several times in the night over the past two months what did I find in the pen this morning as the snow was blowing again? Two of the sweetest little one's shivering and trying to figure out how to nurse. The first is a completely pure white boy that is shy and gentle. He softly talks as I check him over. The second is also a boy but with pure white and pure black. He is wearing a black mask, black streak down half his back and black on the tummy and inside of his legs. This guy is anything but quite. I can not wait to get a picture of him up because this is a first for the farm on this color combination. The are strong and doing well but Mother Goose is very protective so no handling, kissing or hugging for now.

Let's all do the "HAPPY DANCE"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring has Sprung at the Funny Farm

Winter has come back to the farm for a while but thru my dye pots I have created a spring garden. As you can see "Heirloom Tomatoes" are growing strong at the Funny Farm. I have many more offerings coming soon and each one more mouth watering then the last. I have also been setting up a storefront on I am slow to get items on this site only because I am having to learn a new system and you know me, computers and I are not the best mix. I also have been working on new blends of fiber for those of you who have been requesting more playtime materials. This is the time I could really use about six more hands and 20 more hours in the day. Any takers???

What do you do in the Middle of a BLIZZARD ??

Yes, our rain dance went overboard and instead of rain I was sitting with a white out Blizzard on my hands. Thursday was just typical Colorado weather - we went from 70 degrees on the weekend to now drifts of 5 feet high to dig out of...

While the snow was howling I watched my favorite blizzard movies while working away in the house. I admit it, I have a silly or sick routine which has started from the first blizzard that trapped the boys and I on the farm that first year we lived here and I have continued it every year since. It goes like this:

First, Misery - a great Stephen King
Second, Storm of the Century - one of those Stephen King's stories that folks forget about but well worth the time to watch
Third, The Thing (the original and the remake) Have you eaten you vegies today? Or maybe they are coming to eat us!
Last but not least, The Shining - one of the best movies out there!! Makes you rethink becoming a writer.

Are we seeing a pattern here???

Yes, I know - SICK, SICK, SICK I am but what else can you do as the inches turn into feet and the feet turn into something that will send my back into locking up. Still all and all WE NEED THE MOISTURE - I keep saying to myself with ever shovel full I toss. Then I gaze at the shovel - dark thoughts roll over me - then I snap too and think maybe a Disney movie for a change of pace - Who am I kidding? - Horror Movies are my guilty pleasure. Great way to stay warm and keep that blood pumping

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladyundertheoaks is number 14 - THANKS

You know I have the most incredible folks cross my world - "Ladyundertheoaks" has joined our band of merry gals - WELCOME ! Not only is she incredible but she has also found that if you type in the following you will get to the article - I told you before computers and I never mix.

I guess on her MAC you needed to type the feb in caps FEB to get to the article. I am so sorry for all this - just to show off a little - I guess the universe is not liking that Pride thing....

I was just excited that my sweet one's got some face time.

Once again Welcome Ladyundertheoaks - please visit her site on Etys - she makes the most wonderful "Southern Lady Toe Rugs" - I know, what a great idea... She has many who need loving, caring toes who hate to wear shoes. Check them out!

Freak out about 13?

I am not one who is into numbers or worry about the Friday 13th mishaps but I have just one favor to ask my readers - would you mind finding someone to join the group so I am not stuck on 13 followers. I know it is silly but it is starting to freak me out a bit when I see that number in the right hand corner. PLEASE someone do me this tiny favor - join and change that number.


Who would believe that GRACE would make a typing error?????

The site for the article is:

O.K. who would think a P is so important? Sorry!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Read All About Me - Thanks Zan

That's right I had a wonderful article written about me and my farm by Zan Asha in Big Town Farmer... I was doing the Happy Dance all month long.

To read the article go to htt://

The title is "Wild and Wooly Wonders"

Zan did such a wonderful job and I so THANK her for including my in her work. I hope some day she will get to come out and spend some quality time here at the Funny Farm.


I can not believe it has been over a month since I wrote last....

Another Friday the 13th - Love those Movies - Yes, I own all of them and each Friday the 13th I watch them all. I missed the newest one but will purchase it the moment it is out.... I am a real horror freak - I even love the B ones.

Wondering what I have been doing?? I have torn apart the farm shop and redesigned it to have a flow that I felt comfortable with and I hope will work better for customers. I hate, Yes I mean hate having to waste brain cells thinking of that kind of a thing - wished I could just have someone come in and do it for me...ANY TAKERS?

Next, I had a store that carried some of my products go under, so I had inventory come back to me and what a mess!! I am having to relabel yarns because they came back in such a horrible state. There was not much fiber left but it was dribbles and drabbles of this and that, so I am going to card to bits into crazy batts so they will have a new life.

Then, I have been mulling over and over and over and over in my head about closing a booth that I have had at a retail store for years. I just can not find time to drive 95 miles each week to straighten up and find new products to put in it. Not to mention, sales in the last year do not equal rent so I hate to throw good money after bad. I know on paper it is not a good thing but I just have a hard time cutting ties with shops. I think that is called a personality weekness.

Last, I needed just a break! For those who do not know, 13 years ago on Feb 15th my husband collapsed and four days later I gave the O.K. to disconnect the machines. Over the years my sons and I have moved thru this time with each other and God's grace. For some reason this year was harder then most and I really spent sometime healing. I am also designing new adventures for this gal - life goes on..

My Goodness - time flies so fast that I really had not noticed I forgot to write - foregive me... Now sit back and hold on to your hat's we are catching up...