Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Tonight

The goat girls are enjoying the cool breeze tonight and I will be interested to see how they respond to this special moon tonight....  Are we all ready for CHANGES !!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Afternoon Love Fest

After dealing with the Huge Billies I went to the Goat Girl's Barn... YEAH!!!  A Love Fest..

I never ask my animals to interact with me but it is so great when they are in the mood.  It was so very hot outside that when I arrived at the barn they all came in to enjoy the cool shade.  This is the time I give a hands on check up on the girls and with all the dirt and salty sweat on me I was way too tempting to the girls.  Nothing like being a human salt lick...  It can be overwhelming with all of them pushing to get to me - you have to watch out that they don't step all over you and Yes, they have horns so it is important to watch out for that as well.  Now they don't have the same horns as the boys but with 22 girls swirling around you there can be on the wrong of some pokes, cuts and bashing.

The plan was to finish clipping Mishka and treating her little lump that she had on her side. It turned out she had a small puncture (not sure from what) but I cleaned it out, put a sauve on it and made a mental note to check on it tomorrow.   I also needed to pull a thorn out of the corner of Myrtle's eye. Myrtle is the girl (twin to Marvin) who was born blind but had a miracle happen after three months of herbal washes and tons of prayers sent to her from my kind readers - she is now perfect.  She is always seeming to do things to her eye's but luckily not too bad. She reminds me of me - not the most graceful but always seems to make it through.  I also wanted to do a body scoring on them and then just spend some "Loving and Snugging" time with them.  You know they are not friendly to strangers but they are my sweet one's.  Some are lovable, other's just free spirits and then there is Esmeralda.  What was amazing was today Esmeralda was nice to me and ate minerals out of my hand without biting or trying to take a finger off.  Is the world coming to an end???  I know I call her "Devil Goat" which truly represents her at times so I never let my guard down with her.  Maybe it was the heat?  Maybe it was her getting older?  Maybe this truly is the end of the world as we know it???  Whatever the reason I will take it and be present with what small amounts of kindness she shows me.  We have such a history together that she is my greatest lesson of forgiveness, patience and present moment being. 

So after spending almost two hours with the girls I had to move on and get other tasks done but what a glorious time. As a little girl I could be lost in the wonders of caring for a sick animal.  I never argued about picking up the dog poop in the yard.  I was over the moon when for one birthday I got a wagon of frogs to care for and enjoy. I can never put into words how this type of a day completes my heart and soul.  If today was my last day on the planet I know I have lived a GREAT Beyond Words DAY!! 

Big Billy Day

I had one of those GREAT DAYS that most would not understand.  It started early with faking out my Huge Billie Boys.  I have been constructing a catch pen in their run for the last week.  No it does not take that long but I bring in one piece at a time so they have time to forget what I am doing.  You see since it is just me you have to use your brain or I will get hurt.. Not that the boys are bad it is just if you are dealing with huge horns attached to very fast animals and if you don't watch out you could be down on the ground and bleeding before you knew what hit you.

So after feeding everyone, filling all the water containers and even moving hoses on the farm the boys where comfortable and eating.  I then walked into the run and started work on fences.  They watched and went back to their eating.  I then closed the pen.  They gave me a look like "Crap, she is smart"...

I left for a bit and came back about 15 minutes later.  By then I moved in the pen and with shears in hand took one at a time and went to work.  Now I know most folks would catch them, hold on to them or wrestle them to the ground but again since it is just me I have to do things a bit different.  I start with someone who is not as concerned with the process and once that guy remembers how great it is to feel lighter and cooler he settles down and I just clip away while he stands nicely.  The others look on and here is the part that most could not handle we are all moving... Yep, moving around with 12 Huge Billies with Huge Horns.  That sure keeps a person on their toes.

After finishing the first I stand and let them check him over and breathe.. That is another key - you must breathe with them and not be in a rush or worry.  Animals really read us better then we think and so if you are concerned about what they might do to you that is exactly what will happen to you. This is also a time I do not work with headphones on - I want to be able to hear the snorts or change in their breathing which gives me seconds before I might get hurt.

I moved through the next four without an issue which left the more aggressive (not really but rather more fearful) boys. At this point I move out the boys who are done so they will not get slammed.  I then adjust the pen to half it's size which gives a bit of worry to the remaining but it also means those who are left can not get a run at me. It does mean also I have less room to get out of their way.  I really had to work at getting MONK done this year - he has since the barn blowing away become a very stand offish guy and I sure don't blame him.  He also has been more the protector against the coyotes so that has heightened his fight response.  It use to be that he would stand with just some head scratches but not the case this year.  Going round and round in the pen sure does make me dizzy and his still has two patches I wished to have finished but he was at his limit and that is another thing I respect is when and if someone has had enough I don't push it - I just come back some other time. 

I am down to my two biggest scared cat's and the most dangerous - that is Rasputin and Rafael. They are twins.   Rasputin has been a daddy and has some of the best fiber on this farm.  It kills me that my helper backed out months ago so I have lost this years great fleece. Tons of amazing light red fiber - worth three months of hay on this farm.  The fleece is so long 9  to 10 inches and so thick it takes a ton of work.  Rasputin was just not willing to work with me so I only got about 1/2 of the fleece off.  So I turned him out when he pushed into me several times while snorting.  Trust me if he really wanted to hurt me I would still be on the ground bleeding right now. He is also one who will wack you with his horns - that can break my arm or leg with much effort.  Sure don't want that!

Rafael has always been the worst but he grows a 10  inch long white staple length and he was a huge mess.  However, in past years I have been able to convince him if I let him have  Marvin.  Marvin was the twin that cared for temporary blind sister and has the ability to comfort others with a calmness that is a true gift.  Marvin stood still while Rafael snuggled on him.  As I snipped away this huge blanket of fiber the breeze touched Rafael's skin and you could see him relax.  I went quickly at my job and Rafael just melted into the side of Marvin.  Before anyone knew it the left side was completely done.  Now to get to the other side.  You have to do that move without touching them but rather with me walking in a slow circle and positioning my body.  With a little work I have Rafael now giving me his right side.  I finished up at lightening speed and they both stood breathing and relaxing.  I waited to see if Rafael was agreeable for me to run my hands on him.  So slowly and with love  I ran my hands over him to show him that his now has a new body to work with and that his was just fine.  He looked into my eyes and we enjoyed the moment.

I then brought in a bowl of minerals and like the gentlemen they are they took turns eating out of the bowl and I gave them thanks for working with me and not hurting me.  I still have two who are not completely done but that will happen this weekend when all willing.  As I opened the pen they walked out - not darting out in a panic. Later I came back and just stood in the pen and they all walked around me without fear. That is not how most deal with Huge Billies but that is also why I can turn my back and bend over doing work and never fear what they will do. It is also why 12 Huge Billies can live together without harming each other.

There was the first part of this Great Day!!!  I am really dirty and sweaty but thrilled with my guys.  This way of working with animals is also the reason why the Billies come to my aid when there is danger here.  The once encircled me when some strange men came to the farm that I did not know.  They kept the strangers at bay and I felt so safe and loved.  No what most folks say about their billies.

Off to the next round of work at the farm today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stop Looking At Me

The llama girls have been watching me while I work at the carder this afternoon.  They are not like Llama Boy who just watches over me but rather they give me looks that are not what I would call supportive.  They do not give me that gentle wink of an eye but rather stare at me without blinking.  Now, I have freaked folks out because I do not blink much but I sure hope I do not give that stare...

I had been working on a great Llama blend set of batts and maybe they just wanted to make sure I did everything right - trust me ladies I know what I am doing.  It is a great blend of several different dyed and natural llama with silks.  With different greens and even a turquoise in the mix I think I have created what I will call "Leaping Llama" because of the way mine leap when getting to go to the forest.  Such Joy!  Now if I can only get some great pictures of the batts. 

I asked the girls several times to go find something to do and I heard back "Mom we are doing it - Bugging You"...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pedicures All Around

Saturday sure keep me busy.   Up early and out the door to give those new hoof trimmers a breaking in.  I thought I would start with the biggest baby on the farm "Chief" - who is a Great Pry who has always had big issues with getting his toenails clipped.  Over time it has taken three of us to do the job but now it is just me so I will have to out smart him rather then strong arm him.  I went and sat in the pasture which meant the bottle kids came a running to get all the attention they could and so did Chief.  He loves being loved on and can not live with the babies getting more then him.  I first took Goldie and clipped her hooves - not much to them and then gave tons of hugs and snugs.

Next up was Max who was so brave and just stood while I picked up each hoof and clipped what little he had.  I then rubbed through his lush ringlets and scratched between his horns.  He melts like butter and before we knew it Max was in my lap and just loving the attention.  This really got Chief going.  Chief rolled and pushed trying to get in my lap and with each attempt I pushed him away.  Now don't get too upset -  there is a plan in motion.  With me doing that he wants it even more and so by the time I removed Max from my lap Chief was primed.  He rolled into my lap spilling over each leg.  Before he knew it I had snipped two toenails and he took off running but the moment he saw me snuggling the goats again he ran right back.  So quickly I did as many as he would allow and he would run off again.  This happened several times until we were all done and then I spent a great deal of time snuggling him and letting him slobber all over me.  Did I forget to mention that another pair of earphone bit the dust thanks to Goldie.  As I was getting up off the ground she jumped on my back (BAD Goldie) and managed to with one bite take the wird and cut it in half.  I had it threaded thru my shirt and jacket were I thought no one could see but I guess I was wrong.  Thank good I now purchase them four at a time...  BAD GOLDIE....

Now I am off to do Kasha.  She has always been a gem with this process.  Her front nails never really need clipping because of her continual digging so the back legs where to be done.  She has two dewclaw's that curl - always been that way but she is great and lets me snip them without an issue  Tons of snuggles and slobbers were shared and on to the biggest kid on the farm.

Sophia is Chief's sister and has a completely different personality.  She is like a puppy and ticklish to say the least.  She runs around like a nutter and can drop you to the ground without thinking so I have to watch it around her.  I sat on the ground as she ran and ran around till she was to tired to do anything but lay next to me.  With each toenail I clipped it was like you put a firecracker under her.  She jumps, wiggles and leaps but will come right back for the next one.  It takes time but I don't force them into anything because they are big dogs and can give one a very big bite if they feel you are going to hurt them or pressure them.  So after all the childish behavior we got it done and then I spent a great deal of time rubbing her ticklish tummy and rolling all over her - she loves me to be just as silly as she is - guess we both still have it in us even thou we are both growing older.

So after all that I was covered in white dog hair, sticky with slobber and ready to call it a day but there is no rest for the wicked.  It was on to do a few of the goat girls and a couple of the goat boys.  I still have many who need their snips done but I have also learned that if I just push too hard at them I will spend the day chasing and fighting - it is better to do it in sections. 

So the new clippers are a dream, got some of the sillies done and I gave myself a great workout..  Now, it was off to move more wood, pick up more wind blown broken pieces and trash that seem to fly out of peoples cars as they tear down the dirt road in front of the farm. By the time I got back into the house I was just plain tired.  Then I started picking two Alpaca fleeces and a Cashmere fleece of mine to get ready to card into some amazing batts.  I also had a great conversation with a dear friend and then sat on the couch ready to be a potato and get thru emails and such but instead fell asleep in a big lump.  Guess I put in a good days work. 

What did you do???

Friday, August 24, 2012

What get you excited?

O.K. anyone know what these are??  Yep, they are the  Big Brother Hoof Trimmer and I am doing the "Happy Dance"..  My red handle hoof trimmer finally just fell apart and so I had to replace them.  Now I get it, most women would not be finding this an exciting purchase but I am no regular gal.  So I will have to gather my strength, put on my big girl pants and get ready for my fun filled Saturday - Clipping Goat Hooves.  First will be the bottle kids and then working my way up to the huge billies.  Who says this gal does not live a fun filled life???  The Lime Green will go so well with my overalls and 4H green head scarf - sure to be all the rage on the run way...

What gets you doing the "Happy Dance" for this weekend??

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plum Grape Cake

I have been busy at the carding machine today and I have three (3) two (2) ounce "Plum Grape Cake" batts just waiting for that special person who will see the tasty treat waiting inside these reversible batts.

One side is "LFF Smokey Quarts" Alpaca fiber and the other is Merino and Silk fiber.  There are so many tempting, tasty projects that came be created with these fibers. All the dyeing and carding have been done by me and I have taken great care to make it  luscious and lovely...

You can purchase them in my Etsy shop - Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Knit Socks

An Amazing Tape!!  You will learn so many ways to create fantastic socks including using a knitting machine to create flat or even tubular socks.  Your will learn trick for turning the heel along with working in the round or using double pointed needles.  This tape is full of everything you need to learn to be able to create all sorts of socks.  Sock styles included in this tape are fair isle, thick boot socks, classic dress, cabled, intarsia, ribbed, baby, warm fuzzy angora, cotton, plain socks and even Christmas Stockings.  Perfect holiday gift for yourself or someone you love. 

I am offering this tape to you for $12.00 plus shipping.  Please include your zip code (for postal quote) and your pay pal email when inquiring or commenting.  I will put an invoice together for your quickly so this tape can be in your talented hands as fast as I can.  I will also except a money order or personal check but the tape will not ship until the check has cleared.  Many thanks for looking.

Basic Sock Video

Wishing to make your first pair of socks but don't have a clue where to start then this is the video for you..  Basic instructions for three different weights of yarn and will walk you through the very necessary steps to make a pair of socks.  This also would make a great gift with the required needles and a lovely skein of yarn or two.  Remember you can purchase also the yarn in my Etsy shop.

I am offering this tape to you for $5.00 plus shipping.  Please include your zip code (for postal quote) and your pay pal email when inquiring.  I will also take money orders, or a personal check but just remember item will not ship till personal check has cleared.  Many thanks for considering giving my tapes new homes. 

SOLD - Continental Knitting Anyone?

WOW, already found a new home for this tape.  MANY THANKS!

Wishing to speed up your knitting and have control over your tension - Continental Knitting will do the trick.  I highly recommend this tape. It is a great way to get someone started in the world of knitting.  Would make a great gift for the holidays with a pair of needles and a skein of yarn.  Great also for a Baby Shower gift as well...  Perfect to tuck into that college student bag while they wisk off to new lands.  Many ways to tempt and teach.

I am offering this tape to you for $5.00 plus shipping.  Please include your zip code (for postal quote) and your pay pal email address when inquiring so I can get an invoice out to you right away.  Many thanks for looking.

Want to be a Hooker??

Gather all the basic skills, language and design skills to get started in the craft tradition of Rug Hooking.  However, I want you to know that once you master the skills you can create many things other then rugs.  This is a wonderful tape full of great information from a teacher who has been in the craft for over 40 years.

I am offering this tape to you for $5.00 plus shipping.
Please include your zip code (for postal quote) and you pay pal email when you inquiring or commenting.  I will get a invoice to you quickly.

Blog Clean Up

THANK YOU ladies who purchased some of the Video's I placed for sale on the blog last week.  They are all on their way to their talented new owners and so I thought I would make it easier for other's to view what was left.  I sure hope they find new homes soon and I will also be adding more this week.  I am still trying to figure out the fancy Pay Pal Button thing so it will make transaction quick and easy for you all - however still not getting it to load.  OH Computers!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Off Farm Trip

Went off farm Saturday and look who I visited.  This is Hank Stanley Gerber born one week ago and is giving his family a run for their money...  Eat's, Sleep's and Poop's and in between learning the ropes of being a human...
This is big bother Reese - such a "Helper"...  He is looking so much like his Daddy (my oldest son Nickolas) - it is amazing!!  Reese is coping with the new addition but as the saying goes "It is early days".  For those of us who have raised boys we know what is coming...
So sweet and loving - don't you think??  I have a picture of Nick  and my youngest son (Conrad) like this - it just melts your heart.  Yep, glad I had that vision because when I would catch one doing unspeakable things to the other and trust me it went both ways, I could take that photo out and remember that deep down they really do love each other. Now they are closer then ever but there was some times I really wondered if one would make it out alive.

So that was my trip off farm on Saturday - now time for all of us to take a nap...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knitted Trims - Great Tape on Sale

This is an amazing VHS Tape for those who want to step up their knitting, crocheting, pieced work and felted projects.  You will learn mock cables, pie crust, picot, vertical garter stitch, two color garter, slip stitch, pointed saw-tooth, scalloped shells, picot point, looped and afghan garter stitch edgings to name just a few.  This is really caulked full but all you need is the basic knit and pearl stitch to get started. 

This Video normally sells for $35.00 but I am offering it to you for $12.00 plus shipping.  Just contact me with your zip code or country so we can figure out the shipping and get this amazing tape into your talented hands.  Many Thanks

Offering the Art of Fiber Dyeing

Sandy Sitzman shows how easy dyeing can be without all the math and complicated techniques.  This workshop will show you three techniques using two types of commercial dyes used on wool, silk and mohair. This tape came with a written paper but it has grown legs.  The paper was just an overview of what is covered in the tape so you are not missing anything....

This tape normally sells for $35.95 and I am offering it to you $5.00 plus shipping.  Just contact me with your zip code or country and a way to contact you we will get this tape out to your talented hands.  Many thanks

Long and Odd

One of the hens is having the same day I am VERY LONG and ODD!!!  I don't know who is the sweet one who is having the issue today but I feel her pain and struggle...  Hope it get's better for both of us..

Next in the Series up for Sale

This is next in the series from Nancy Harvey.  You will continue you schooling in tapestry weaving while learning to weave from the front and back of the tapestry, shading techniques and outlining, refinements of double weft and single weft interlock.  You will also learn how to create overlapping transparent imagery.  You will find many useful projects such as pillows, rugs, bogs, wall hangings and even clothing.

I am offering this for $5.00 plus shipping.  Just comment with your zip or country and how I can contact you with an invoice.  I am really needing to find new homes for these tapes.  Many thanks.

Offering Tapestry Weaving Level I

Another from my Lending Library at the Farm.  This VHS Video will teach you how to successfully weave horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, vertical curving and horizontal curving shapes.  It also includes finishing and mounting tips.  The teacher is Nancy Harvey and very informative.

I am offering it to you for $5.00 plus shipping.  Just contact me thru the comment section with your zip code or country and how you wish to pay and I will send invoice.  Many thanks

Introduction to Weaving Needing a Home

Introduction to Weaving with Deborah Chandler.  This is the perfect beginning VHS tape to get you started - you will learn from the ground up and is a must if you are just starting and do not know the tools, the language, differences in yarns and purposes of those yarns.  It will also give you a detailed Warp and Wefting calculating exercise to never fail you in the future.

I am offering this Tape for $5.00 plus shipping.  Please just leave me a comment with your zip code or country and a way to contact you for payment.  Many thanks for reading.  Hope it finds a loving home.

Offering from my lending Library

Clearing out my Lending Libraray of VHS teaching  video's   First up Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax.
In PERFECT working order.  I am offering it to you for $5.00 plus media shipping.

Just leave a comment with your zip code or country location and method of payment and I will get this great tape out to you....  Many thanks

Weaning Time Ain't Easy

Being a Mom is not always pleasant...  For the past three days the farm is experiences the trials of weaning with Happy and Dot.  It is time but there is never the perfect time in the eyes of the baby.  Dot has been running the fence, humming loudly and trying to figure out how to get to Mom!!Chewing on the gate and standing on hind legs all show that someone is really not happy about this process but it is time and must be done. Night time is the worst and the most heartbreaking. They sit next to each other with the fence between them - I have to then go place Happy in another pasture so Dot does not still nurse through the fence. That only goes to make the crying louder. Oh Well - Tough Love is what I keep saying...  Not the easiest time here at the farm.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Mornings View

The sun this morning was HOT PINK RED - shone so bright that no matter what I did the camera just bounced it.  If you look at the ring on the outside you can see how HOT PINK RED it was...  It was also misty or foggy or smoky outside - I really could not figure it out.

What I do know is I was up before the sunrise tracking down my sweet very old Kasha.  She broke her lead in the wee hours of the morning and took off running like I have not seen her do for years.  Something really got her going and she is still the top hard working gal she always has been....  Kasha has been on edge the whole day and has gone through three buckets of water for all that running.

As for me I wished I had her energy.  This gal is sitting at the computer listing SALE items on my Etsy shop, clearing up files and trying not to scream too loudly when things are not on the smooth path.  After a day like today I really just want to go and live in a monastery far away. Give me hard work, clean air and less worldly stress.  Let me help those who truly want my services and skills and give me peace of mind.  This type of Sun Rise gives me dreams of changes and purpose...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleepless in Larkspur

The sunrise was out of this world this morning but it did give me pause because the whole sky was RED and for a brief moment I thought there was a fire....  Not the way to start the day so I thought I would take a picture after I calmed down.  I just could not capture the deep RED that filled the eastern sky but I gave it a shot.

The day was very busy and luckily I had some nice orders but still way behind on what normally is the tally for the shop.  I am thankful for what I did receive today and hope to tempt more folks with my fiber goodies the weekend.
I made a great Hawaiian Pizza with my fresh dough, slowly simmered roasted tomato sauce and very ripe pineapple with honey roasted ham and mounds of fresh cheese...Tasty doesn't even touch it..

I also made a warm and soft Potato Bread which was very hard to wait till it cooled down a bit before cutting.  Oh My, I wish I could share this with you but  IT IS ALL MINE!!!   In fact as I sit here at 2 am Friday Morning I am having another slice of the bread with some of the fantastic Strawberry Jam that was given to me from my friend Sheri C.  Makes not being able to sleep worth staying up for - I am also watching Season One of "Northern Exposure" and giggling how well I would fit in there. 
 I finished using the shop vac to clean all the floors and carpets in the house Yes, I killed another vac, God's knows how I managed to do it but I think I just wear them out.  I really thought that might get the sand man to show but I guess I might have sucked him up in my over the top cleaning.  I also watered all the plants and even started on re potting the Aloe Plants on the back deck. I got many dirty looks from the older billies who were hanging out next to the back deck.  I promised to turn off the back deck lights and go back into the house and let them sleep..  Can't imagine why they are so grumpy??

So as Friday is here and I am still awake I will close this posting and move on to other tasks on my list - maybe paper shredding - now doesn't that sound exciting - sure to put one to sleep.  Hope you all are resting nicely and catch up to you soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh to be young again

As I am dragging myself around this morning and even the adult goats are struggling to keep their eyes open the three little bottle kids are playing Ring Around the Rosie...  They spent the night tucked into their barn with Chief watching over them so they had not care in the world and sleep with sweet dreams running in the heads.  As soon as they saw me in the kitchen window they start calling for me to come play with them.  They ran round and round chasing each other trying to show me what fun would await me if I just came outside.  I took a quick picture because the moment I am outside all hell with break loose.  They will then demand me coming and picking each one up and snuggling them while covering them in kisses...  Where do they get such notions???  Hard to be tired when such love is beckening you....  O.K. kids - Here I Come...  Ready or Not

SHhhhhh She Sleeping

It was another restless and sleepless night here at the farm.  Kasha is dead to the world after the long, loud and every running night....  This morning after I only managed about an hour of sleep I saw this sweet scene.  Kasha sleeping so soundly with a smile on her face and Seamus was guarding her.  Seamus has been healing from a correcting from two of the big boys last week.  He was hit from both sides at once and crumbled to the ground - thought he was a goner but now almost right as rain.  Anyway, back to last nights events.

I had ever intention to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour but first the computer Internet connection was all screwed up and that happened about four times but each time I managed to correct it but lost valuable time to complete emails to customers.  During this time I also made numerous trips outside to calm the dogs and check the sweet one's.  I finally got started on some spinning and before I knew it I looked up and it was 2 am.  I admit I was lost in the calming movement of my foot going up and down and the feel of the mohair between my fingers.  I also was watching YouTube episodes to a show I had not seen before "Dog Whisper" - I know everyone has seen it for years but not me.  So here it is 2 am and knowing that I should sleep but I was not a bit tired.  I laid down but the animals were restless and I could hear them twirling around in their pens and the dogs were still barking so up I sprang again to check outside. 

I finally caught some shut eye around 4 am and was back up by 5:30 am with a headache the size of Texas.  As I made my breakfast I noticed that all the sweet one's are sound asleep and catching up on their much needed rest. I wished I could say the same.  It will be another long day for this farm gal.  Nap time is going to have to happen for me today..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fairy Knots

One of the Art Yarns up in my Etsy Shop - Fairy Knots - from the magical fleece of LFF Sundance, a sweet and lovely twin Angora Twin born to Rebbecca on 2/21/2010 and shorn one year later with the softest and tightest locks around.  I proceeded with a kettle dyeing process leaving some of the natural creamy white showing while developing soft pinks, roses, and even a touch of pale lettuce green which was not even in the pot so the magical fairies must have helped out.  Once carding was done I spun a soft but even single then plied back with a Mohair thread and let the fiber do it's dance.  As the single twist and turned, bubbled and coiled I anchored it all with the Mohair thread.  The result - well you tell me what you think???

Wild Weekend

I am trying to catch my breath and also get caught up on sharing what has been going on here. Where to start???

Well, first I was out with the little goat babies working in the back yard when a coyote came out of thin air, ran past Goldie and I and grab on of my sweet hens.  I screamed and started running after it as it dropped her while trying to get thru the fence.  The hens neck was snapped and so all this for nothing.  Luckily I kept saying that the beastie did not try to get one of the little goats or bit me but still to loose another hen. 

Next, I spent two days digging out and loading broken hay pallets off the property and trucking them to the forest and stacking them nice and neat at the camp ground area that we have create out there.  I lost count of the number of pallets but my shoulder and back as saying there was way too many... I also hauled out the lumber from the garden fence that broke apart in one of the numerous snow storms. Yeah - that is almost all done and I feel great about that once my body stops screaming.

Then I also spent the weekend trying to find the dead chipmunk in the basement wall.  Yep, you read that right.  In the usual fashion of this farm the silly thing crawled to far in and so I could not retrieve it.  Now I don't know how many of you have had a mouse dye in the house but trust me a chipmunk is worse.  So I am trying to deal with the smell because of coarse it is next to the shop where I have tons of work to do.  So it is Vick's under the nose, head phones in the ears to mask the sound of the silly thing crying for help and pressed on with that which I could do.

I did find some time when I could not sleep to sit and spin some incredible Art Yarn - I have a few of them in the Etsy shop today and more to come.  No matter how bad a day I have had it seems that spinning always puts me right.  So as I watched a crappy movie called "Catacomb" at 1 in the morning I happily spun for hours creating very textured and what I feel are lovely yarns.  I will post a few pictures of the yarn in a bit.

Lastly, for the past 6 hours I have been chasing this new little one (pictured above) around the shop trying to get it outside before it gets into a wall or lost in the house.  Silly thing ran in when I was coming in from feeding the hens and before I knew it the silly things ran everywhere.  I sat with the shop door open to the morning breeze hoping it would go out - instead I got two hens and a hummingbird in the shop. 

Never dull around here... Strange but not dull..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come Out Come Out

My normal routine is as I come down the stairs in the morning is to  check the four mousetraps that reside in the living room and kitchen/dinning room.  With all the doors and windows that I leave open it is Grand Central Station here and that means sometimes mice as well.  After I removed the three deceased mice and I could not find the forth.  So while the coffee was a brewing, eggs and bacon dish baking in the oven I went on the search.  That means turning over furniture, moving all things at ground level.  It also means doing that through the whole house because I have had them fall down the stairs with a trap caught on them and even some have managed to crawl up the stairs while only having a foot or leg caught.  Not the best of tasks to do before breakfast but it is what it is.  I did not find the silly thing but in my normal "Grace" fashion I thought why not vacuum while I am at it.

So as I looked I cleaned and soon my breakfast was ready but no forth mouse.  I sat at the table and started to enjoy my delish dish and just then out from under the china cabinet came the mouse running full speed towards me with the trap attached to his hind leg.  I got the rubber gloves and grab the trap.  I wanted to see how bad the injury was and if I could not just take it outside and let the silly thing try again.  Nope, the injury was too great so I put it out of it's suffering and washed up.  All in the typical morning of "Grace".   After returning to my luke warm meal I wondered does everyone else have these types of morning routines?  While others may be chasing a energized toddler through the house trying to get clothes of the little tike, or those women who are struggling to put on the pantie hose and spanks to start their work a day world, or even the young lad sniffing his way through the clothes on the floor to see if there is any that don't smell that bad for at least one more day of mindless work - I guess playing hide and seek with a mouse caught in a trap is just as normal as any one's morning...

Don't get caught in any traps today!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tempting Summer Treats

Working at the carding machines during some of the scary storms and decided to whip up some fruity treats.  I finally got them listed in my Etsy shop Tuesday and hope they find new homes quickly.  I am also running a coupon "HOTDAYS" in the Etsy shop for 20% off all items which will run through August 6th midnight MST.  I have many more lovely fiber offerings to get listed so stay tuned.  I will gladly also hold something for you if you are wanting to make sure you don't lose out but also waiting for more to be added...  I am here to help you and YES, tempt you!!