Monday, August 29, 2011


It struck me today that Larkspur Funny Farm is known for the strange, the unusual and the "You Got To Be Kidding" phrase used almost weekly around here.. I admit this farm sure has earned that reputation and in some respects I can hold my head up high to think of all that has happened here - The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Weird - and made it through to the next event.

I want to first start by saying SUGAR is still moving around. This morning as I brought him his sliced cucumber and received tons and goat kisses (NO, not on my lips - that is just sick folks) and snuggle time I marveled at how his will to live each day is a continual reminder for my to shut my mouth, suck it up, move my ass and count my blessings. He may grumble but he still gets his boney butt moving even if it is a pace that a turtle could run circles around him. Great reminder to us all.

Next, as I am greeted by the hens with their morning chatter and running around - you got it "Like a chicken with their head cut off" which by they way they do when you cut their heads - I know - Sick - but you guys eat chicken don't you??? Just so we are clear here - NO ONE EATS MY HENS. I realised that I too spend a lot of my time running around just like my chickens but I think sometimes they do it with more brains in their tiny heads then I do. Lately I have wondered how to focus more on only the things that really matter but don't go to my hens for that advise - they just spent a good half hour fighting over a peach pit which none of them will every be able to pick up and carry let alone eat - WOW that sure is a life lesson there!!

The BIGGEST one this weekend was when I realize what I say does matter - that is at least to my goats - not so much with the two legged folks in my world.
For those who might not be up on all things Funny Farm - the story starts when we had a surprise baby girl named Agatha born 6/14/11 two months after all the babies had made their delivery. Then I told you all how Maggie (that is Agatha's grandmother) kept trying to seal her grand daughter away from her mother Miss Marple. Maggie had her twins 2/7/11 but was unable to care for them - one dyed and the other girl "Bella" was adopted by Mother Goose ( Who had lost her baby during the birthing process) but gladly excepted Bella. Maggie has never even looked at Bella as her own so I thought we had everything handled and all settled down. Not so fast - remember this is the Funny Farm.

I had pulled Miss Marple and the bottle kids into another pasture so all would be safe and I could care for them without the older kids and mothers hurting the little ones. Maggie for weeks on end kept trying to get Agatha to listen to her and not her mother. Maggie even told Agatha to nurse off grandmother Maggie even tho Maggie had dried up since late April. This was going to continue to be a problem because Agatha was confused as to who to listen to - so each day I would go out several times a day a scold Maggie for not behaving. I would scold Agatha for not sticking with her mother and I would scold Miss Marple for not being more attentive. So you get the picture a whole bunch of scolding and no listening.. Finally one day I had it with Maggie - I grabbed her head and looking straight in her eyes and yelled "What in the Hell are you do?" She gave me a shocked look. I continued, "You don't even have milk you nut job - you have nothing to offer..." I went on to tell her how she just might very well cost that baby it's life if she did not stop this nonsense... Now I know you are thinking - Grace, you are the nut job not Maggie.. I get that but honestly what was to be gained by this nursing through the fence with no milk thing???? Yes, I know you are going to say "Grace, they don't speak English or any other human language" You just don't get the frustration level I was feeling.. I know how badly this all can end when a little one get confused - they are also easy pray because they don't know who to listen too... Honestly folks this is not just Grace wanting to control the universe....

Well, in perfect fashion for this farm - Sunday when I admit my nerves were frayed - another night with only about two hours of sleep. I saw Agatha nursing through the fence line again. I yelled and they stopped. Then today I again saw them doing this nutty behavior so this time I walked out there to do another intervention with raised voices and finger wagging when I notice Maggie did in deed have a full milk bag... Yep, I was just as shocked... I gabbed up Agatha and opened her lips and yes there was milk in the mouth.. You Got To Be Kidding??????

O.K. I get it universe - I really got to watch what I say around here because it is just enough "Weird" to maybe have it happen. So after all this I have watched them sneak in more nursing sessions and I guess I can not yell - I told her she had nothing to offer and she showed me.

So there are the newest "Life Lessons" from around the Funny Farm - I guess I sure picked the right name for how my life works.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Angels and Demons

Put together another Art Yarn Bundle Series in the middle of the night - could not sleep to save my soul - hence "Angles and Demons"...

While all the thoughts went swirling around and around in my head I decided to do something creative - anything creative to put my thoughts away. With this type of energy I do not spin because I feel that energy would be locked into the yarn which is not what I want someone else to experience. So I went to my sewing room where I house all my extra skeins and bits of yarn in a collection of antique luggage. As I open the latches on each of the charming, hard case wonders I felt like a little kid opening up their toy chest which houses all the colors, textures and magic that I long for - I wait for them to speak up and tell me what they want to be... In a matter of minutes my hands started grabbing different yarns and before I knew it another selection of 24 yarns had been created. So once I knew I loved the combination the scissors kept snipping and the bundles grew.

As I felt the mind settling I thought to myself now you can settle back into bed. As I looked at the clock is was just turning 3 am and so the two hours of sleep that lay before me was going to have to be enough. I think a nap might just have to be in the game plan today.. Or maybe more work in the land of yarn!!!

By the way the new Art Yarn Bundles are up and for sale in my Etsy Shop

I think they would make great holiday additions to your wrapping, tree trimming and gift creating. I have kept a couple of bundles for my holiday spinning and even have a plan for adding them into some felting projects - what would you use them for??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.3 Earthquake

Well, now I know why everyone at the farm was off - they where feeling something before it came and I just was not getting it but then Colorado does not have that many earthquakes.....

So now I know that if I can not figure out what is going on I might also want to consider the earth is going to be shaking....

Mother Nature has her panties in a bunch again.. Hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Animals Gone Wild

Not sure what was going on Monday but I heard I was not the only one...

I had a rude awakening by a very naughty buck (Male Deer) taking apart my front bed. With his massive rack he was bashing my antique goat cart all around, knocking the stones around of the hand stacked edging and then he broke many of the front branches on the Pinon Pine Tree. I ran out there to scare him away - wrong!! He stood there looking at me as if to say "Who in the Hell do You think You ARE?" Just then Llama Boy came to my rescue - He charged and screamed at him and that big buck took off running. Llama Boy is my hero...

Then the coyote made several attempts through out the day trying to get into the area with the hens. The farm as lost 7 good hens to that nasty beast and I am ready to take him off the planet. The billies stood their ground and had the hens rounded up to protect them - they put their heads down with their horns touching the next guys horns and down the path they went, scaring that beast away. The hens were so loving to the billies when they got back to the shade but I keep telling the girls to not wonder far but do they listen?

The animals were all on edge but I could not figure out why?? The energy in the air was anything but calm and so I kept a close eye on everyone. Maybe a storm was coming, maybe there were more predators then I could see, who knows but even I was on edge. So, now I have to put back the front bed which means I will see all the weeds that needs to be pulled. Yuck, not in the mood for that!!!

We did get a storm but nothing to get too excited about. The coyote came back four more times - he must be getting really hungry and brave. Now, that it is time to go to bed I hope all will calm down - I will be up checking several times - you know me but I sure would rather not have to run out in my tee shirt and underwear chasing a beast of the night.

Sweet dreams all.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to their new home

"Sweet Pea" a couple skeins of hand spun yarn from my sweet one's are winging their way to a wonderful lady who will turn this yarn into something incredible - such a pair of talented hands. Many thanks for your business and support - Ruthie

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exciting Times - NOT

Got up and going real early - so I could watch a PBS Special on Monsanto - it was one I had seen before but wanted to hear it again. Got everyone on the farm settled before 5 am so I could enjoy my organic breakfast as I hear about our food source in the world being controlled by a MONSTER Corporation who has only the profit margin in mind. I wished I could get more folks to see this so they would understand how much we have lost and that we better get on the stick and stop this massive MONSTER... If I could ask one thing of each person who reads this is PLEASE STOP USING ROUND UP!!! That would be the best start ever!!! Next, take a bit of time out of your week to start educating yourself about GMO Foods and start making new choices - it is not as hard as they want to make you believe it is and what changes we could make in something as simple as our food and water... If you have no idea how to start leave me a comment and I will gladly send you some sites and ideas.

Once that was done I started painting all those places on the main level of the house that the hail storm had made a mess of - then placed the first coat on the new doors and after the sun goes down a bit I will start on the windows I hope...

As I came inside to get to work on other projects I turned on the TV and what did I see "FRIGHT NIGHT" - a classic horror movie which is so cheesy but I remember seeing it when I was younger in the local little movie theater with my box of Snow Caps. I have the movie on VHS - but enjoying the limited scare factor while I get my computer work done is perfection....

So there it is - the exciting, wonderful Saturday world of Larkspur Funny Farm.

Friday, August 19, 2011

EGG Adventures

Bounty of green eggs I am lucky to get each day from my healthy, happy hens.

My girls lay each day in their antique nesting boxes their eggs for me to come in and collect several times during the day. Thursday was a whole other event. I took Sherlock (my sweet Cashmere Billy) out of his pasture for some backyard eating and so I could tend to a skin issue he has created while scratching his side with his massive horns. He is my guy who gives me tons of kisses, loves to sit in my lap (he is so heavy now, not the little baby he thinks he is) and is a very well behaved huge boy.

I went upstairs to get to work and as I was busy clicking away at the keyboard I heard such a racket in the chicken coop. I thought maybe a coyote or fox was trying to kill my girls. I ran downstairs and out the door (without getting something to protect me again) to the coop. The girls where running towards me with such panic, screaming, wings flapping and general fear. As I reached the doorway I could see the predator - SHERLOCK!!! Now, what in the heck is going on here.... This has never happened before, I guess Sugar must have told him that there was goodies in this house...

Now trying to get a concrete weighted billy out of a place he does not wish to leave is not an easy task. Those huge horns he planted in the screen door and braced himself with all his might. Once I got him unstuck and out the door I wagged my finger at him and gave him a talking too. He bent his head as if to say "I'm so very sorry Mommy". Then he started licking my leg (YUCK) again his way of saying he loves me. Then I walked him away from the coop and over to some tender grass. The hens followed also giving him a piece of their little minds and that was that - RIGHT???

NEVER at this farm. This scene was repeated three more times and I even brought over panels to try and keep him out but if a billy wants in some where or out of some place a set of metal panels will not stop him. So I took him up to the big barn and put him in there. I went back to the coop to straighten things up (big mess from big horns) and went to collect the eggs.

NO EGGS! What the heck, 26 hens and no eggs all day. So I wondered what was going on. Just then Cash (another goat) pointed through the fence to under the coop. I got on my hands and knees and it looked like the Easter Bunny had dropped his basket. I went to get a rake and gather up the eggs. I do not blame the girls - what is someone to do when you can't stop Mother Nature and you have a Billy in your house???

So, today I am hoping the girls will not find the need to hide their eggs - this gal loves gathering eggs but not crawling under buildings or walking 35 acres to seek and find.

Measuring Up - Be Kinder

What do you see???
***Those who raise hens for eggs might see a health issue or the declining of a hens production life.
***Those who never raised a chicken might think these are two different hens laying different sizes of eggs - you know small and jumbo.
***Those who are vegan see lost life - even when there is no rooster to add that spark of life to it.

The reality of it is these two eggs come from the same hen - my black hen who lays a normal egg which is a very large and brown. She layed her egg each morning before 8:00 am like clock work.. The smaller egg is well, let's just call it "A Bad Day" or "Falling a Bit Short" or "You try to lay a huge egg everyday and see how it turns out"

We all fall short someday's and we are judged by other's and even ourselves harshly. Think about this egg next time your child does not get the grade you think they should have gotten. Think of this example when someone at work goes off on your for something that clearly was their mistake but has the power to put their bag of dog poop on your doorstep. Most of all - think of this egg when you are beating yourself up for something that is "Only Human" and forgive yourself . Be kinder to yourself and those around you.

We all have those days when our "EGGS" just don't measure up to our standards... Today is a new day and let's see what we lay!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm am in a Great Treasury List on Etsy

"A Little Rocky and Proud of It" is the name of the Treasury List that my yarn has been included in today.... I am so very honored and thrilled. If you wish to check it out please go to

You will find some incredible folks on this treasury list and they come from the MSTTeam on Etsy. Enjoy and thanks for looking..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While checking on Sugar through out the night (He is still kicking and grumpy) I just could not resist a turn at the carding machine. Before I knew it I had created this batt. In creating this batt you will find LFF Pete Rose Alpaca fiber dyed shades of purples, also included is LFF Masquerade Mohair painted in lilacs and greens and last but not least a rich Navy Blue Merino Lamb's Wool. This is a smooth batt but I let the colors have some time on their own to give interest to what ever project you decide to use this on.

Would love to know what you think of it. See there are great reasons why I never get to sleep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New goodies up and wanting new homes

Just up on my Etsy and Artfire shops another round of Yarn Bundles. This one is Mindfulness!! Great way to spark your creative side - everything from scrapbooking, altered art, embellishments for needlework, increasing your art yarn spinning into something exciting and beyond the ordinary... So many uses so little time.

Don't forget the Holidays are just around the corner and what fun you could have decorating the tree, your packags and don't forget the feast table. EJOY!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Happy Tired Farm Gal

What a great work day - I sometimes amaze myself how single minded I can be when I work and how much I can get done when I just get this body moving.

With head phones on and a book on disk playing - High Ho it's off to work I go!!!

I first cleaned out the chicken coop and the ground around it. I then went to work on the smaller barn and cleaned out the side without the animals in prep for the hay. Then back and forth I went with my trolley, bale by bale walking it from the driveway to the barn. Stacking and walking, stacking and walking until the full ton was in the barn. As I brought in each bale I was greeted by Sugar having to take a nibble of each bale as I brought it inside. I would have loved to put him somewhere but if this brought him joy then I was willing to put up with his standing in the doorway interrupting the flow of my work.

Then I took the trolley and went to the large barn. I scraped the floor down, hauled out all the poop and started the back and forth of hauling each bale into the barn and stacking it nice and neat. There is something about this kind of work that is like oil to my joints. I move without a pain, without a thought all the while listening to my book. As I finished stacking the last bale I was thrilled to see my work. Then I went about scrubbing all the water containers and food containers for good measure. I hauled six wheel barrels full of dirt to fill the holes that Kasha dug around the tool shed but still have more to do there...

As I decided I had finished my work for today I walked down my long driveway to collect the mail just as he arrived to open the box. I have a great British Movie to watch tonight as I relax after getting cleaned up. A big bowl of popcorn and a tall glass of something very cold and wet.

So there you have it a day in the life of this farm gal - not exciting to most but so gratifying to me.
Oh, I forgot to mention along the way there was tons of snuggles to the bottle kids, hugs and scratches to the hard working dogs and prayers all day long that Sugar makes it through another day with love and joy.

Hope you all had a productive day - I know I sure did.


Been so busy that I have not had much time to post... So here is the short story

Sugar has been struggling - not sure how much longer he has. Last night was really scary to watch him but again this morning he is up and out the door eating his favorite nibbles in the tall grass.

Had to place the bottle kids back on a bottle a day because of the heat and they where having some tummy issues.

Windows and Door finally up on the house and now I have to find the time to paint them all - crap two will require ladder climbing and you know how I don't do that!!!

Had to purchase two ton of hay - OUCH!!! The issue is Texas is purchasing all our hay and we might not have some for our own critters. Getting sick of doing this dance. Today I have to move that hay into the barns and stack them - OH, my body already hurts this morning so wish me luck.

Manage to get fiber work done this week - made tons of Art Yarn Fiber Bundles, carded up some great batts using my best fiber that I dyed recently - got to get them up on Etsy. Had some great sales this week but will not even begin to cover the hay cost.

Looking foreword to reading a couple of books I picked up at the library about natural dyeing - hoping there will be something new in them - always on the quest to expand my skills and knowledge.

So that is the tip of the iceberg at the Funny Farm - hope all have a great weekend... Please keep Sugar in your prayers

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wild Morning - Inquiring Minds Without Coffee

As I eeked out of bed and crept down the stairs to make a pot of well earned coffee I placed all the parts together and started my coffee machine. As I listened to the drip, drip , drip of the machine I gazed out the kitchen window. As my eye's tried to focus I watch Helena walk past the window and right out the side gate. WHAT????

I ran upstairs to grab a pair of pants and ran downstairs and through the shop door. It would do me no good to tell her to come back because like that problem child we all have had she doesn't listen when she should. I quickly walked through the tall grass and weeds to head her off as she heads down the long driveway. Careful not to go to fast to spook her but fast enough to get ahead of her. When I did that, wet and covered in the mucky mud (Yes, we had another storm last night) I started her back towards the house. Just then the other llama girl came out of the gate followed by llama boy. Now before you ask "Why didn't you close the gate Grace"? it is because I could have never got her to stand while I fumbled with the gate. So now with three llama's out and milling in all directions dear Sophie decided to be helpful. She sprang to her feet and started barking. REALLY!!! The three Llama's scattered and started running... REALLY Sophie stop helping...

Just as I was about to start using four letter words they and I calmed down and I managed to get them to walk through the gate slowly and in order. I closed the gate behind them and then stood trying to figure out how the gate got open. The way I designed it is with big heavy panels that close off the yard to the driveway. The gate is designed that you have to open into the yard that way the animals could never push it open - Smart thinking !!! I have used this for more years then I can count here and trust me this is a first.....

Just as I was trying to wrap my brain around this I noticed a coyote was trying to enter the North West pasture that houses my four year old Billies. I gave out a loud sharp whistle and the dog's sprang to their feet and started barking. The billies ran in from the pasture to the fence line where the llama's stood giving their alarm call. Now this is nothing new - this dance goes on almost every day - never has the coyotes been able to make it into the pastures without the dogs or llama's chasing them away.

So here are my questions I think over as I try to drink my cup of coffee this morning - Did the universe let the llama's go in order to chase the coyote?? Why is this the first time that this has ever happen in well NEVER??? Why is it that Sophie is such a ding bat at times??? Lastly, WHY oh WHY can I not just have a calm Friday????

Inquiring Minds Want To Know!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Peppermint Ice Cream

I only have to wait four more months and my favorite Peppermint Ice Cream will be once again available for purchase. I admit I do not eat too many commercially made items but I figure only this one indulgence and the rest of the time I eat healthy and pure...

Four Months is a very long time in my world so I thought I better make something to tide us all over as we count the days. This sweet Art Yarn Bundle is sure to tempt your creative tastes - Best part it never melts...


Into the night I worked on new Art Yarn Bundles to place on my Etsy and Art Fire Shops. I spent some time with all those yarns that I love so much and let the creative Gods take over...

I have many combinations that soon will be available but I had to share this one. While putting this collection together I kept hearing the word "FEARLESS". With all the ways in which we frighten ourselves these days - just watch 5 minutes of the commercial force fed news and we have nothing left but fear for our country, our politics, our financial well being and the latest illness that is sure to be fall us. Then there is the lack of support for spreading your wings, trying new things or just allowing folks to be the person they where meant to be - not just another clone of the latest tabloid misfit who can not function. How many of us do not fit into the little box they wish to put us in - even if it is a nice blue Tiffany Box...

I hope with this Art Yarn Bundle you might find just a bit of that "Fearless" Nature that is within us all even when we have hidden away for so long we have forgotten all about it - I have not and wish to help you find it again.

Enjoy and be FEARLESS

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar Update

It has been a bit since I told you how my sweet Sugar is doing. Tuesday I can say he was full of piss and vinegar. I found him several times in the Hen House eating their straw - this is only to get the girls mad and he had a whole acre of great grass to eat but he was doing this just to get the hens made - he sure did that!!!

Then he stood at the gate to the driveway and just stood with his head pushing on it. Now there is no way he would be able to move it so I was not understanding the waste of energy.

As evening crept in a huge storm that was producing ground lightening strikes and sheets of rain gripped the farm he decided he was not going into the barn. There I stood try to get this fragile guy to move - at one point I was tempted to pick him up and carry him but my back was already screaming. Finally as a lightening bolt hit on the pasture across the street he decided to move, rather almost run me down to get into the barn. As he ran in he knocked me into the side of the barn door smacking my back really hard and then turned as if to give me a look like "Mom, get out of the way we are going to get struck by lightening". I soaked to the bone and nerves rattled I sprinted back to the house and peeled off my clothing, I bet by morning I will be sporting a nice bruise.

So I guess we can say Sugar is holding his own and hopefully will not be such a pain in the you know where today!! However, I am thankful for even his grumpy days...