Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have a new Assistant

While working to pull the weeds that have gathered their strength just outside my shop I decided to take a small break and go inside for a lite bite. When I returned I found my new garden assistant busy at work. Now mind you, I have been in need of a couple of extra hands to get the weeds under control but I had not placed an ad or even spread the word. I guess Mother Nature heard me mutter to myself and sent someone to assist. You must understand Sweet Fluffy Bunnies are never around the house because of my Great Pry's - hate to say it but they would soon make them dinner. This brave assistant must have need of room and board - it is hard times out there... So I sat in the shop just a bit longer then I had planned so my new assistant could fill it's tummy and gather it's wits. Strange enough the dogs approve, not even a bark - so a new hired hand is amongst the ranks of Funny Farm Hands.. Welcome little one - there are work, weeds and space for all....

The bounty of Peppermint that rests in my Antique Goat Cart is soon to be harvested and I can not wait... The soothing taste is what this tired gal longs for after a busy time in the birth barns during the dead of winter. Not only do I enjoy the harvest but I share it with my Goat Mothers to Be to aid in the production of milk and to assist in those tummies who are tired of being kicked by their unborn kids. The bees and hummingbirds get their pleasures met now but soon it will be our turn and what a wonderful harvest it will be....

Mint who needs Mint?

With the weather only being 54 degrees as I take this picture - my mint is just loving this day... I must admit I too love the cooler temps and it get's me in the mood to work outside. I know most folks love to see the temperatures climb but for me give me those cooler days of fall and winter. I thought I would take advantage of the cool breeze and get to work on the front bed. Over the years I have stopped planting flowers (llamas, goats and wild critters just eat them, not to mention my busy chickens stratching and pecking at anything green) and the weather never seems to want to behave, so my Mint is all there is.. Still I love the wonderful smell each morning of the Spearmint and Peppermint that I grow. During the bitter cold winter I sit and sip on a hot cup of tea from the bounty of my front garden bed. So far now, the Spearmint creeps and covers the antique chair which holds an bowl to catch rain water for the birds who sing in my Pinon Pine Tree. The bees are busy collecting what they can between the storms while I dream of those hot cups of tea that await me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

See what I do in the basement late at night

After the last of my spinning students left Friday night I ran to open the box of "Acorn Caps" that came from a new supplier. I was so excited that I just had to play. The storms where howling outside but all I could think of was creating. I went to my stash of silk cocoons that I have saved for myself, gathered all my tools and glues as I ran to the basement. I started work on my "Funny Farm Silk Acorns" which I have been making for several years now. My wonderful nuts have been sold all over the world and soon they will be back up on Etsy. Some will have beads added others maybe a bit of glitter others will just be the perfect nut just the way they are - I so love what I do!!

You better start gathering your nuts now before they will be all gone... It will be a long winter without some these colorfull nuts.

Another Wild Weather Weekend

Hate to always be talking about the weather but this weekend was wicked!!!

The storms started again on Wednesday and has not let up. Sunday was the worst here - another afternoon of me running to the basement. As I stood ironing some fabric so I could get busy cutting and sewing a clap on thunder hit and rumbled thru the house. Yes, I screamed like a little girl and dropped the iron on the concrete floor. I moved away from the windows and shut down the power and propane. As I picked up the iron another huge clap. I am REALLY getting tired of this...

As I looked out the windows you couldn't see anything - the rain was coming down so hard and thick that you could not make out even the trees. It looked like the end of days here. I ironed away trying to keep my mind on the task at hand - all the while knowing there was nothing I could do until the storm passed.

Finally, when it stopped and the clouds looked a bit kinder I ran outside to check on everyone. The sweet animals where so scared so I spent sometime hugging and kissing on them. Then ran back to the house. My tummy was turning - fear or hunger - I looked at the clock and it was way past dinner. Leftovers were on the menu and so I went about cooking. As I opened the spice cupboard out came broken glass, dried spices and bits and pieces. All the pegs that hold up the shelves where broken and then two wooden heavy shelves came crashing down and taking out everthing in it path.
I went about cleaning up the mess and what a mess it was!!

Luckly, I had some stacking shelves in the shop that would do for now and so I am back in business for now. Dinner was delayed a couple of hours and the repair list grew again. The waste was I just cleaned out the spice cabinet and purchased fresh new one's. Now I start all over again. Not to mention those pegs are no longer available. I will have to come up with something else to fix them - nothing new there - I never get just the right thing...

So another weather story - really getting tired of this!!! Trust me Colorado is known for perfect weather but I guess we are do for some bad weather but REALLY!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peppermint Icecream Anyone??

With the hot days of Summer now upon us I just had to have a special treat to cool things down. I must admit my favorite icecream is only available during Christmas time "Peppermint". It is also the only time of the year I can manage to get my icecream home without it becoming a puddle.

This yarn is 50% Merino Wool and 50% Cashmere for that melt in your hands feeling while the stitches glide on the needles. You will just eat it up - I know this yarn will be a summertime favorite just like my icecream...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing stressfull about my night - Right!!!

I love my Sunday Evening Routine - 9:00 pm I watch Miss Marple on PBS then I switch over to Monk and then finish the night with Lost. Well, I was just getting ready to go to bed when something keep pulling me to stay up. Maybe it was my insomnia, the fresh air running thru the house while I had all the doors open or maybe in was that special something that guides me thru life that I have learned to listen too. Anyway as I flipped thru the channels on the TV I heard a faint cry from the barn. Nothing much, just one sound. It was not a panic cry or even a sound when someone wants to nurse and Mother is having none of it but still a cry. I stepped out on the kitchen deck and with my high beam light I called the girls. Everyone came out and there did not seem to be a problem. No dogs barking, no milling around of the animals. I went back into the house and poured myself a glass of orange juice. As I sat on the couch to return to the search for a worthy show I heard another faint cry. So in my nightgown I went downstairs and put on my muck boots. As I left the shop door I received a crusty look from Llama Boy who was settling in for a night's slumber in front of the shop door. He stood quickly and followed me on the walk to the barn. All the while I was explaining to him that I just wanted to make sure everyone was O.K. before turning in. As I went thru the first gate all the girls had a paniced look on their faces. I quicken my pace and hopped the sheep panels because in the darkness I could see a faint outline of a goat hanging. I ran to it's aid - it was Boy Blue - he had some how gotten both of his feet into the metal divider which sections off the little boys from the girls. This divider has round holes just big enough to fit a hoof thru - trust me, this is the first time in 13 years this has happened. This cleaver boy managed to get one foot thru about 4 feet off the ground and the other front hoof about a foot lower. There he hung, I thought he was died. No movement, no sounds, a swallow faint breath. I lifted him up to get the weigth off his legs and to figure out how it get him out. His legs had swallon and now they where not fitting to come out without me hurting the skin. There was no time or other plan. With the force and all the kindness this task would let me do - I pulled the higher leg out and then the other. Quickly I sat on the ground and checked him over while cuddling him in my lap. I sat rocking him like the little boy he is - hoping for a sound. He then opened his eyes and took a big breath. I kissed his face and stroked his leggs. We sat for about 10 minutes calming each other. I then placed him on the ground to see if he would put weight on the legs. In pain he tried to stand. I quickly sprinted back to the house thru the tall grass that is now up to my shoulders. Ran into the house for my Rescue Remendy. Sprinted back with that and some cool packs.

Upon arriving back to the barn I had all the girls surrounding him with llama boy peaking in thru the gates. On the other side of the panel where all the little boys and Chief the great pry also wanting to know if he would be O.K. After giving the Rescue Remendy to Boy Blue and then myself (Yes, I was in need) I placed the cool packs on both legs and their I sat till the swelling went down. Those sweet eyes looking up at me said it all. "Mom, I have no idea what happen but I am sure glad your here".....

Folks wonder why I do what I do - Like I say all the time "It is like having children, you love them thru it all and wonder why you decided to have them at all"..... If it where not for my Sunday routine, the hot weather which required my doors to be open, the touch of insomnia that I have from time to time - that sweet boy would be died this morning. Thank the powers to be for my silly routine.

As I checked on him several times thru the night I give thanks for him - he is doing better this morning but still tender.

Now, the nightgown is soaking because if what I sat in while in the barn - small price to pay but it's no wonder I do not invest in fancy bed clothing - my guys do not care what I am wearing just that I show up at the right times.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunset at the Farm

Another heart stopping sunset at the farm. Even the animals are watching this one!
It is never something I take for granted - I know in our busy lives it seems silly to watch a sunset, heck there will be another one tomorrow. What if there wasn't??
What if this one is the last you might see?? Enjoy and take the time to watch each night because who knows if it will be your last !

They grow up SO Fast

Can you believe this is my little orphaned doe from last year? She is a graceful beauty now. As you can tell by the photo's she comes each morning to eat close to the house and stand to greet me with a calm, loving spirit. She also goes and greets the goat boys from her childhood. They touch noses and give loving looks to each other.

When folks ask me why would I want to live in the country, don't I miss all the important things that the city offers? I just smile and say "You have to be me to understand the blessings I receive each day". I am so, so, so blessed to have these wonderful beings in my life and I hope in some way I give something back to them of value.

What Joy and Love on four legs....

Shamed to Say

This fantastic machine has been sitting around for the past 12 years without being touched. My husband before he passed purchased this machine for me but then the s*@t hit the fan and I tended to him before his passing and then kept overwhelmed with the business of moving and starting this farm. I had taken two classes but had twenty more to go but that expired and they where not going to make an exception. Then I lost the instruction book. Well, it sat nicely at the end of my sewing table while I used my little Singer. Not anymore, I received the booklet in the mail and Thursday I sat myself down and told myself "You are not leaving this seat till you get this machine running". No easy task, I could not even get the bobbin to work correctly. I then found a piece was broken off. After useing my brains and double sided tape I fashioned a new piece and off I went to filling the bobbin. Next with glasses on face and a can do spirit I started in on the stitches. There are hundreds of stitches so the scrap fabrics by my side I placed the metal to the petal. Now I remember why I love this machine....

All my giggling and smiles where non stop for hours as I played and played. My mind went wild as I was creating in my head great new projects with all that fabric sitting awaiting me in the basement. Late last night I started taking apart the flour sacks that I purchased recently from a Colorado FarmGal - I am thinking a couple of pillows for my bench on the kitchen deck. Maybe a couple of aprons to bring out the country cook in me. Oh, I think I might have created a MONSTER - maybe life would have been calmer without the knowledge of the machine - WHO AM I KIDDING - I LIVE TO CREATE !!

Bowl Full of Berries

While others are making jams and jellies I am putting berries in my yarn. This incredible Mohair Boucle Yarn has all the summer jam colors without all the calories. I have Strawberry, Cherry, Tomato, Persimmon, Concord Grape along with a wild hot pink. I just love the mouth watering look of this yarn and soon it will be available on my Etsy Site.

I have many more wonderful handpainted yarns hanging outside just waiting to finish drying in the sun. Then I will gather them up and get them ready to those who can appreciate farm fresh yarn........... Hope that might be you..

I am doing the chicken dance

These marvels are from my new hens (Black Stars) that I added to the coop about three weeks or so ago. I was so excited to see the single egg amongst all the large white eggs I could not contain myself. So far only one of the black girls are laying but I hope soon the others will catch on. Wednesday I even received a double yolk from the sweet girl.... With that wonderful gift came heart ache. One of the sweet white hens passed. I had brought her into my shop and made her a crate with towels and hay. She seemed to be off but I could not figure out exactly what was her illness. I sat with her in my arms and played soft music. She settled down and went to sleep. I checked on her several times in the night but by 4 am she had passed. I wrapped her and then buried her in the morning. I do not eat my girls - I know that most folks would think it a waste but she along with all the others who share my farm and family members not food source.

Back to the great news - I have brown eggs.. The nest is my Mohair Boucle that I finished dyeing the other day and soon will be adding into some new art yarns I am creating. What a nest - only at the Funny Farm - Right??

It's Been SO LONG

Hello everyone - I am getting caught up and now able to sit down and write. Boy, it has been a busy couple of weeks and I thank you for waiting on me... Where to start??

First off the wedding is done and with only a few hiccups (what wedding doesn't) the day was wonderful. I do not have pictures to share yet because we are getting them from several sources. No, I did not bring my camera because I had enough things to hold, handle, straighten and well you get the picture - or at least you will soon. Yes, I even managed to get this weird hair into curlers (I am sporting a lot less strands because I had to pull some of the curlers out along with my hair) and into something that resembled a hair do... O.K. that might be stretching the truth but I dare say mine look just as good as those who went to a professional.

Anyway, I managed to get three hours of sleep in 72 hours - not bad but I gave myself two days after the wedding to just sleep, sit and just enjoy my farm. The animals where glad it is over too - not as many snuggles as we all would have liked but trust me I made up for lost time.

Now I am getting back into my work load, filling orders, doing chores and even thinking of new products for the holiday season - so get ready for daily postings and hopefully some fresh ideas - O.K. it will probably be ramblings of a over heated farmgal but heck nothing new there or here....

Glad to be back!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why is it getting Dark??

I could not believe how in a matter of a couple of minutes the sky turned black and the air became so still that I knew it was not going to be pretty....

Along with the sheets of rain came hail so fast and hard that it looked like the end was coming. O.K. here is another movie reference - in the new War of the Worlds when the clouds turned black and the lightening rolled thru them and then the lightening struck the ground. That is what is going on outside. It is so bad it is rattling my windows in the house. After quickly taking these pictures I ran down to the basement just as the rain and hail came. I again flipped the switch to close down the propane tank, I shut down the pump to the well and flipped the switch on the main breakers. Now if a strike hits we will not fry anything or blow up. I sat listening to the sounds that are becoming so common this summer and wondered if this is just the beginning of what Mother Nature has in store for us??? Honestly Mother Nature I am one of the good guys - I have been caring for the earth since I was a little girl.. I only drive twice a month and then only for food and animal supplies. I do not leave lights on, do not use a dishwasher, dryer, garbage dispossal. I limit my showers to 5 minutes and with warm water. I use only bio products, raise my animals organically and recycle everything. I really do not get it - can't you leave me out of this???

So as I sat in the basement I crocheted and spun by the light of my headlamp (rechargable batteries only) and hoped that Mother Nature is aiming for my neighbor with his three hummers, large McMansion, and huge sprinkler system that runs when it is raining. I sure hope Mother Nature throws a lighten bolts better then I do a ball.

I HATE, HATE, HATE Clothes Shopping

Yes, I am one of those strange women who would rather dig a ditch then step foot into a dressing room but I had to find something to wear for my son's wedding that is in just seven days. Now, I did not wait till the last moment. I ordered three different outfits on line and thought I was done. They arrived, I tried them on and I guess I am really shrinking..... I even measured myself but I guess I did not do a very good job of it. Anyway, put on the first skirt and it fell to the floor, then the second and the same results. The third skirt even had elastic and a drawstring - well after I pulled it tight enough to stay on it looked horrible. So I have them all to send back. That means having to go off the farm and into stores.

So, I stepped foot into the only clothing store close to me - Kohls - did not find one thing for the wedding but I tried on jeans because you guessed it mine are falling off. I could not believe it - 5 sizes smaller then the jeans I came in with!!!
Can you believe it - no wondering I was swimming in my clothes. GREAT - but now to find the right pair. I think I tried about thirty different styles and finally one that worked. So I purchased one in blue jeans and one in black jeans. I even treated myself to a couple of new cotton tops.

Wait, still no cothes for the wedding. So I drove to the outlet mall and five hours later came away with a linen bias cut ankle length skirt and a cotton camisole top with eyelet insets. I also purchased a great pair of bronze mules that are so comfortable but very trendy. So now I went home and spun some white silk and bronze linen together and I am now making me a shawl. I am also going to weaving that same spun yarn thru the eyelet lace to make it look like it all belongs together. Since it will be a hot July day in a garden - I really did not want to wear too much or I would turn into a puddle. I showed the outfit to "Brooke" the bride to be and she really liked it - or maybe she was being nice but either way I have my outfit.... Jumping up and down because I Hate, Hate, Hate clothes shopping....

I am also deconstructing a pearl necklace and redesigning it to work with the outfit. I am also making the jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids. So far the beaded Gerbera Daisies are not coming out the way I wanted but I will get it to work - Patience was low last night with all the fireworks going off and scaring the animals so I will start up again today.

The S**T hit the fan

Sorry it has been so long - GUESS WHAT???? Yes, the weather has been anything but nice around here. We have had horrible storms, hail, HUGE THUNDER and LIGHTEN and even tornadoes AGAIN!!!! I have lived in Colorado all my life and really there has never been any time in my memory that the weather has been like this. The ground is so wet the animals are having hard times getting around. The bugs seem to multiply before my eyes - it is unreal that you have to wear bug spray to sit in your livingroom or wear it to bed so you do not spend the whole night hitting bugs that will drain you of every drop of blood before morning... I look like I have measles - just what I wanted - covered in red bumps for my sons wedding.

Then there are the frogs who are enjoying the pond Mother Nature has made. Has anyone every seen the movie "THE FROGS". It is a really bad B horror movie that was made in the 70's to warn us of what Mother Nature will do to us for screwing up the planet. Well, I feel like I am in the middle of that movie. First, we had attack of the Miller Moths or better known "Mothra". Thousands and thousands of moths pooping on my walls and flying into your face while I try to sleep. Then the Alferd Hitchcock "Bird", hundreds of swallows trying to make nests in every inch of my eves and barns. I must say I am scared from the movie and have a really hate on when birds fly past me. I also really hate when they sit in a line of the electric wires just like in the movie right before they came down at the children on the playground. So, now I am in the middle of "The Frogs". I am wondering if soon I will be apart of the "Mushroom People" - another great B horror movie. If you can get below the grass which is now up to my chest, you will find hundreds of mushrooms. As in the movie - you just do not want to fall asleep in the fog (which reminds of of the great horror movie "The Fog") because you will awake well on your way to becoming a mushroom. I can't believe you do not know this movie !!!
A classic BAD HORROR MOVIE - the best.

Along with the bad weather - Yes, the computer went down. A week of no computer - Heaven and Hell all rolled into one. No it was not the weather it was three years of updates that I guess I ignored and the computer had enough. It crashed the whole thing and it took quite sometime for the computer geeks to fix it because of the sheer numbers involved. O.K. so I do not update with all those weird things that come over the internet from HP - WHO KNEW ?? YES, everyone but me....

Well, I am back so strap yourself in and get ready to get caught up....