Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nap Time for Mishka

Life goes slow around here when the heat rises and the sun starts to burn. NAP TIME is our motto and life is sweet..... Mishka has the funniest way of pushing her lips when she sleeps. She has done it from the moment she slept in my arm at only three hours old and continues to this day. She beams complete peace when she sleeps - it reminds me of what is really important in life - PEACE, CENTERNESS and REST......

Meet Rett - Daddy of this years Goat Babies

Yes, this is the same guy who crushed my hand in the gate, smashed me into the side of the barn, knocked me into the feed drums and charged at me more times then I can count. It is amazing what time and love will do. Now he greets my at the shop door in the morning, licks my hand and lets me rub his neck. We have even been gently sitting and with small hand scissors cutting lock by lock his wonderful fiber off. What folks might not understand about me is I am always willing to work things out. Over the years we have had many abused animal here and with time, love and a clear understanding of animal behavior I have been able to turn corners that most would never be willing to go down. Rett has love, compassion and joy inside of him - we just have to be willing to look. Peacefull warrior.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the Shade with Big Brother

No sooner was I done with the breakfast dishes I saw Mishka take out running and thru the fence she went. Where was this beauty going in such a hurry? I picked around and there she settled herself - Next to BIG BROTHER - Llama Boy...

I must admit those two are joined at the hip which I personally love. I never have to worry about the fox getting my little one - not with Big Brother watching her. He never would admit it but he can not wait for her to join him in the morning at their favorite spot. Right in front of the shop where is sun has not reach and the cool gravel is heaven. I join them sometimes to eat my breakfast or just soak up the peace and quite of the early morning. Birds singing and the breeze is ever so slightly moving across our faces - Pure Heaven.

Mather and Daughter

I was so excited when I looked out my kitchen window - there was Mother and Mishka waking to the day together. Up till now the two of them would not come within ten feet of each other - old wounds are hard to heal but now they are finding their way back - maybe not as mother and daughter but as companions. It is always hard to get the mothers to have anything to do with their bottle kids but this relationship really has been strained. It may my heart very joyfull to see that with time all hurt and mistrust can be mended. If only humans could work on that - what a world we would have.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am Queen for the Day!!!

Today I awoke to find that one of my ladies from Etsy had placed me on - What an honor. She goes under the name of Dragonknitter on her etsy site (which you need to check out) and she is so kind, warm and talented. This was just the boost this tired old gal needed today and what a glowing review she gave of my shop. I am so blessed to cross paths with such kind hearted folks - it renews my passion for what I do - and trust me somedays I really wonder if I am banging my head against my log home and nothing really matters. Thank you so much Dragonknitter and all you farmgals for run over to both sites and check them out - well worth the read.

Stay positive even while banging your head...........