Sunday, February 8, 2009

And The Winner's Are...

I posted the winner's names on Mary Jane Farmgirl site but I forgot I had not done it here - O.K. I admit it those gray cells are not firing......

Here are the winners - Drum Roll Please

Rebecca's Twins
Girl = Lily the winner is Rachel (my youngest contestant - age 12)
Boy = Lucas the winner is Monica ( MJ Farmgirl and budding spinner )

Esmerelda's Twins
Girl = Sitara (Star) the winner is Allie ( A wonderful customer from ETSY )
Boy = Seamus the winner is Susan ( MY Farmgirl known as NotQuiteJuneCleaver )

Congrat's to the winners - your goodies are packaged up and going out in the Monday morning postal pick up.. I can not post the pictures of your winnings because I want you to be surprised but I sure hope you like them all !

To those who entered and did not win I want to thank you so so so much in helping me get these sweet one's named. I still have a couple of goat girls who are expecting so those names are still in the pool and if your's is picked you too will get a prize. Lily took to her name the moment I spoke it, Lucas now comes to his name every time. Esmerelda's kids are a little harder because they do not get to leave their mother's side. I keep using the names and soon she will give them a little more space and I know they will come.