Friday, December 15, 2006

Put on your glasses Grace

Leave it to me to turn around letters, I had been so proud of myself for figuring out how to set up a blog site that I did not catch my big mistake. To reach my site that has the yarns listed it is So sorry for my brain and hand mistake.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pussy Willow

When designing this yarn I wanted you to think of a bunch of pussy willows. This stlye of yarn has three different yarns painted separately the spun together to give you this unique designer yarn. The cotton tuffs have cream, reddish sable and milk chocolate browns. The Organic Alpaca is a natural soft light brown from one of our guys. The eyelash ribbon is deep reddish toffee brown. I have used this yarn in collars, cuffs, tapesty weaving, needle felting, altered books, scrapbooking and jewerly making. I am sure you can think of many more uses too.

Spring Cocoons

This is a yarn for the adventurous fiber artist. When designing this yarn I wanted "A Look" that would let everyone know that spring was just around the corner and life is hidden in all kinds of tiny places. This style of yarn has three different yarns painted separately then spun together to give this unique designer yarn. The cotton tuffs have numerous shades of green, the Icelandic wool is a deep pine and the eyelash ribbon yarn is an eye popping lime green. I have used this yarn in collars, cuffs, tapestry weaving, needle felting, altered books, scrapbooking and jewerly making. I am sure you will have some wonderful and creative ways to incorporate this yarn in your next project.

Fairies Wings

Let you mind go to the place where all things are possible - you will find the fairies there - frolicing on the leaves with unrestrained joy! While not everyone can see them I have captured the flutter of their tiny wings in this designer yarn. I have included in this yarn hand painted gold silk chenille to catch the morning sun and then cotton slub eyelash yarn to hold that magic even after the sun goes down. Touching this yarn is addictive. I found myself holding and caressing this yarn each time I passed it in my shop. Customers have purchased it just to sit and stroke like a furry friend that needs that special love. Those who wish to dance with the Fairies will find their wishes come true in this designer yarn. Again you can visit this and more at

Cuban Tango Designer Yarn

That hot and spicy night you spent dancing the Tango with that Cuban lover is all wrapped up in this yarn. The hand spun/ hand painted deep red organic Cashmere comes from one of my most handsome male goats we own. The way he courts the ladies reminds you of a romance novel that you have read with Fabio on the cover. The ladder ribbon has sizzling hot pink, red and coral tones running up and down with black side threads. Finally, the crisp yellow eyelash is the last step in this tango - WHAT A DANCE! It is soft to the touch but will make a bold statement in whatever project you add this yarn to. This is not for the meek and mild but for the bold and wild - Life is a Tango!

English Pale rose

I have finished a yarn that is something special for that someone special. I have included all the most precious fibers I raise to make this yarn (Cashmere, Angora Bunny,Lamb Merino, Silk and the top of the line eyelash). when dyeing this yarn my desire was to imitate the victorian rose buds that are hidden in my english garden of days gone by. Perfect for the strong modern women with a soft side she love to pamper. This will be the best present you ever gave yourself. For purchase at

Friday, December 8, 2006

"Rose Fairies" Mohair Yarn

I spun this mohair slub yarn from the fibers of "Sugar", one of our female Angora Goats. Her fiber is such a joy to work with and you can not believe how is takes the dyes so magically to create this one of a kind yarn. The gliding shades of deep pinks, soft peachs, spring light green and sun kissed natural creams gives me visions of magical fairies dancing in my rose garden. The sheen in this yarn is fantastic in all types of light and can take you from a country garden brunch to a candle glow romantic dinner. You can find this yarn and others at htpp://


I would like to share my farm, animals, fiber, finished products and tales from the barn to give you a peak into my life down here on the "Funny Farm". Organic and natural practices are used on this farm along with large dozes of laughter. I am new to the blog thing and feel much more comfortable delivering a lamb or spinning some of our most wonderful fiber but here I go. Please be patient if I am not up on all the high tech things - neck, my neighbors taught I was Amish for the longest time. Did they not see my 1994 Ford Pick Up Truck in the drive way and the lights turned on in the house? Well, visit often because each day here is a new adventure and soon we will have goat babies to show off. Please feel free to ask questions, give advice, and maybe you will even find that special item that just has to be at your house. Thanks for stopping in - see you soon!