Monday, April 30, 2012

Great to be Needed

One thing I have learned at this farm is all plans can go to the way side in a blink of an eye. Just as I was looking at the long list of work that has been waiting for me there came a knocking at the shop door. This is not strange because it was now time that the rest of the world is up and getting around. I did have to take a pose because I was in my cruddy work clothes and looked a fright. I figured they get what they get if they come unannounced.

Imagine my giggles when it was Max - yep another bottle kid who was wishing my attention however, I was thinking how in the world did you get to the shop door. Last I saw him was last night in his pasture with the other bottle kids and Chief. Max was not tapping at the glass door but rather ramming it with all his might - I worried that glass would not take much more. As I opened the door to scold him and then put him back in this pen - he ran right in and made himself right at home again... Silly Little Billy!!!

I admit I am a softy at times and so I scooped him up into my arms and gave him tons of snuggles and kisses as I walked him back to the barn. Just then as is my normal way of doing things I thought - Max you sure need to get these naps cut out of your coat. There it went - my strange way of doing things. Some will fault my ADHD, others will say it is because I answer to no one - I rather think of it as divine intervention.. Now doesn't that sound better??

So I grabbed my hoof snips, my good fiber shears, a bucket and my favorite Wayne Dwyer tapes. I got to the barn and there was my three last year bottle kids who where a mess of burrs, tiny VM and hooves sharp enough to puncture a soft fleshy farm gal... So first up was Goldie - she snuggled into my lap and fell asleep the moment I start running my fingers through her lovely fleece. Snip, Snip and brush, brush was the lullaby. In no time I trimmed her up and got rid of the worst of it. I am not willing to take it down too far because even last night we had frost and iced up buckets. These little one do not have enough meat on them to go without their fur coats. Next up was Wynonna and she is bigger in size but still loves to have me snuggle all over her. She was not too bad but it a bit more ticklish. Several times she jumped when I touched her tummy but luckily my hand is always between the scissors and the animal so the only one getting cut is me...

Last up was the one who started this all. Now Max loves attention but he is a bit too big to fit all on my lap. He slid off a couple of times so some of his trimming was done with him standing. With little boys you have more to worry about cutting and so I went very slow. Now for those in the younger crowd skip over this part - it is the rated "R " part of the story. Clipping around the private parts of a male can be a big issue of trust. Luckily most of my guys know I am never there to hurt them but there is another side to watch out for - not getting them too excited while doing this. With the little guys you do not want to teach them bad behavior and on the big billies you never want them to get confused as to my intentions either. So we walk a fine line for many reasons. On reason my guys never hurt me is there is love, respect and no confussion.

When everyone was done it was Chief's turn. Time to pluck out the winter coat, trim up the felted parts and check the body for ticks. Chief is still not over his visit to the vet from last year.. Normally he let's me clip the felting bits on his legs but after the shaving, needles and mistreatment he received (in his mind) by the vet tech he was having none of that. It took a good 45 minutes to convince him that Mommy was not that MEAN Vet Tech...

Now covered in all sorts of hair it was on to Sophie. She is a bugger to groom. You can not brush her (she has been this way since birth) but rather just sit and pluck away. Good thing I love doing that - so for an hour or so that is what I did sitting on a rock and her all over me. She is a ticklish girl but when she gets silly she places her big mouth around your arm and bites down just ever so slightly to remind you that she is reaching her point of losing patience with me.

Now I am back into the house - I finally got a shower in - really needed it because I was smelly, hairy and itchy.. So much for the plans I had but what I great day with the sweet one's I love.

Hope your Monday was as rewarding and you got as many kisses as I did.

Managers always watching

While sitting down and finally getting my breakfast I find I am as always doing more then one thing. I had been carding this batt up before I headed to bed last night and wanted to give it a once over before taking it off the carding machine. While checking it over and seeing that it was ready to come off the machine I put my breakfast down and powered up the computer in the other room.

Just then there came a knocking on the fiber prep room glass French Doors. I pulled back the curtains and there was my two sweet boys - Sherlock and Watson wanting to see where Mommy went and what I was doing. This is normally Llama Boys post but he was in a pasture so I guess the boys felt like it was their duty to watch over me while I worked. How kind!!

I could not get a picture of them over the boxes of fiber that stand in front of the curtains that mask the morning sunrise which can blind a person while working at the carding machine. I went on the kitchen deck and take this shot because I was in no mood to move all those boxes. As you can see Llama boy has worn the grass away from this spot with his sitting, rolling and pawing - looks like these two will add to napping spot today. Oh a Nap - that sounds so wonderful - is it too early to think of a nap? I guess so since the Managers are watching me..

Early Morning Guest

This morning I was deep in sleep FOR ONCE and I heard a knocking at the door. My heart was bounding quickly because I had told myself at 3 am go back to sleep Grace you need the rest. Who in the world would be knocking at my door at this hour. I ran down stairs and to the shop door but there was no one. I opened the door and stepped out in to the frost covered morning and no car, no person - What the heck???

As I stepped back into the house and grumbled. I went upstairs to the kitchen to start my pot of coffee and my breakfast. I admit I was pissed - Really Universe - I just wanted to catch up on my much missed sleep... As the coffee pot gurgled I went up stairs to put on socks and a sweater and there is was again. Knock, Knock, Knock..

I came downstairs and opened the front door - Nothing!! I wondered if I was being punked by a woodpecker - if so, he better fly away. As I pushed the button down on the toaster and added my eggs to the cast iron skillet there came the Knock again. This time I went to the kitchen door and opened it up real quickly and what did I see but my Sweet Sherlock smiling back at me. Yes, he can do stairs - but normally he would be off grazing in the backyard at this time of the morning.

I guess he took me at my word - you see in the middle of Sunday's sunny afternoon I noticed he had blood on his back. When I went out I found he had a cut on his side (don't ask me how) and so I went and got the first aid kit and cleaned it up and place medicine on it. All was well and he went about his afternoon. I checked on him several times and just before the sun sat I went out and repeated the care. He was sitting with Kasha and Watson and did not even get up. I told Kasha to let me know if there was a problem in the night around this injury and I told Sherlock that in the morning we would repeat the care.

I guess I forgot to give him a time for that - his time and mine where not the same today. Who knew that I would actually find the ability to sleep which so often escapses me. So I gave him his morning kisses and wound care treatment as promised. He spoke softly of his night and I explained that I sure could have used another hour to my rest but I was glad he was doing well. Just then I thought this is one of those camera moments. I ran to get the camera and only managed to capture his going down the stairs off to start the rest of his day. Crap! while all this was going on I forgot the eggs on the stove - Burnt and smelling I placed them in a bowl for Kasha and I started over again.

Welcome Monday Morning...... Looks like it is going to be one of those mornings here at the farm.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

As the Sun Goes Down

After kicking up the heels in a fast pace game of tag the Llama babies and bottle kids are watching the sun go down and settling in for a restful night. This night time habit is a marvel to behold because even the Mothers join in.. The goats love to join in but at first the llama mothers did not allow this. They would chase away the bottle kids as if to say "Your not good enough to play with my sweet one". Over time and my standing in the pasture representing my bottle kids the Llama Mothers have decided that my kids are worthy of their children's bedtime play. There is nothing that fills my heart with more joy then to watching them run so fast that they back legs get ahead of their front legs and before they can stop themselves they tumble.... No tears here, they get up shake it off and start all over again. What I also admire is that my bottle goat kids run over and touch noses with the baby llama when they fall as if to say "We got you" "You are O.K."

The only part of this evening routine that I wished I could show you is my three bottle kids curled all around my big pry Chief in the Barn. No matter how I try to sneak up on them I wake them and they scatter.. I think none of them want to be shown in a loving yet needy way. Chief especially does have his pride - he knows that pictures mean I will be showing the world something he only wishes to remain behind the closed doors of the barn. I must say it would melt the hardest of hearts to see what I see as the sun starts to set on the Funny Farm. Hope you kicked up your heels and are ready to relax in the peace of setting Sun.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Comfort from the Storm

After the night we had at the farm everyone needed comfort big time. The storm started about 8 pm and kept coming... The rain was coming so hard and sideways that at times I felt like we must be on the high seas. Then the lighting strikes - so many I could not even keep count. We even experienced a few moments of hail and then snow - yep, snow!! Then we had two power outages not lasting long but plunging us into pitch black darkness. Out here it is dark.. I then heard on the solar powered crank radio that tornadoes had also hit south east of us. So not much rest again at the farm.

As the sun rose up I got bundled up and went outside. Long John's and a coat were a must along with a hat. The animals where as weary and shaken as I was - poor Dottie (Llama Baby) ran to me and wrapped her neck around me humming with a high pitch - that is their frightened sound. I rubbed her all over, hugged her and kissed her. She followed glued to my butt as I went around to each barn and pasture to check on folks. Everyone wanted comfort and I gladly gave it. The hens where so frightened that they now followed me as I did the farm check. Imagine four llama's, three huge billies and 22 hens all walking on my heels and talking the whole time as if to say "You have no idea how scary it was".

As I got to the horse trailer that Kasha calls hers I found Sherlock and Watson sleeping with Kasha - They muscled their way into the trailer last night and had their protector stand watch over them. Kasha was their caretaker when they left the house and would wonder the back yard as two little bottle kids. Kasha does not have the patience she once had but she still knows "Her Kids" and like all mom's will comfort them no matter how old they get. The big boys did not leave her much today and several times I caught Kasha licking their heads and they rubbing their horns on her back - true love and comfort.

Several of the animals got "Rescue Remedy" to calm their nerves and I took several doses during the day as well.. We made it through another restless night thanks to Mother Nature and for those to the south of me who did not fair as well I send prayers and hope for a calmer night.

Oh the Smell

The house smells amazing and my ability to wait for the bread to cool down is being tested.

Today in the bread machine is Oatmeal Poppy Seed Bread. A new recipe and one that I am sure will be worth the waiting. Yes, I admit it I use a bread machine because I just do not seem to have a knack for yeast bread at my altitude and with the drafts that plague this log home. So I would rather have great bread then beat myself up.

Fast foreword a half hour and the first slice of heaven... Oh My it is wonderful - this will be a keeper recipe. As I write this I am having a second slice with Real Butter on it... Oh I wished I could share a slice or two with you all but IT'S MINE - ALL MINE!!! Sorry, don't know what came over me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bread Help Please

For those who make your own bread I need your help. I have been making bread for years now but can not seem to stop it from molding too quickly. I do not like putting it in the frig because it seems to dry it out and turn it crumbly while in a plastic bag. I have tried different plastic boxes but still it molds.

I could really use some advice how you all store your home made bread because I am sharing more of it with the hens then I really care too... A half a loaf is more then their share. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Old format YEAH !!!

Keep those fingers crossed - thank you so much for telling me how to get the old format back at least for now. You know I can handle all sorts of things but lately the changes keep me from doing my business and in turn making it impossible to make a living.. Wondering why some things can not just wait for me to catch up??

So here is the picture which really does not do the goodies justice.. I just want to make lovely things for those talented folks out there not spend hours trying to get a box to work... Thanks again ladies for helping this gal out. I promise now I will stop screaming and looking like a nutter.

Missing Picture and Rant

I swear I am going to throw this computer across the room.  It is not only bad enough that I have to deal with dial up but then this new blog format is not letting me do anything that I know how to do.  Here is one of the pictures that was suppose to be in the last posting.  It said it was there but when I posted the writings the pictures where gone.  This is really not what this gal needed today....  I need to live on the side of a mountain, watching over animals and never having to touch a computer or techno crappy thing... RANT !!

Creative Collaboration

 I am trying to get this new blogspot to work for me so forgive me if this is all waked out.

I posted on Etsy a new style of product which I will be calling Creative Collaboration - the offerings will contain different types of fibers, fabrics and add ins that will make your next creative project a joy to create.  I have been thinking of ways to spread my own art wings and I found that half the battle is have supplies that make you want to think outside the box.

Not everyone has access to a variety of tempting supplies and not everyone wishes to raise their own animals, dye their own fibers, spin their own yarns,

You get 1 ounce hand painted Teeswater locks, 1/2 ounce natural 70% silk and 30% Merino roving, 6 hand painted silk rods and a hand dyed 8" x 22" silk fabric.  They are all hand dyed by me and in the same colorways so they will work well with each other.  All this for $15.00 plus shipping...

I would love to hear back if you think this is a good idea and if so, what would you wish to see in a Creative Collaboration Package??

or spend time hunting down embellishments - so I thought why not put some goodies together for you......

I am a bit lost - what's new?

What is up with the new blogspot???  Why does this change happen without warning??

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day


from all at

Larkspur Funny Farm

Do your part to celebrate and give back to Mother Earth today and Every Day! I would love to hear what you are going to do today.... Please Share because it is how we all learn, get ideas for our own lives and inspire others on their journey.

Today the Funny Farm will be doing it's normal routine but we will also be picking up any trash along the road that has been deposited by thoughtless humans or wind storms. I will also be doing dyeing and cooking by solar heat which is a favorite of mine. Since me and my truck have not left the farm for four months my carbon foot print has been very low and so has my consumerism - I found out much about myself and how little I need to live a life I enjoy. I am watching tonight a DVD that is called "Human Planet" I watched Disc one last night - AMAZING and tonight to see Disc two.. Gives me such an appreciation for our Mother Earth and how she really controls all... Be kind to her or she will smack us right off her.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watson Update

Watson is spending the day again nibbling out in the back yard. Today I let the Llama Girls and their mothers along with the bottle baby goats out with him and Sherlock. Dottie just can not seem to help herself. She had to go running up to him and sniff him all over.. Normally Watson would not mind but we all know when we are not feeling our best little things can get us mad. Before I could tell Dottie to leave him along Watson moved his head quickly and she got smacked on the nose. She came running to me so fast and wanted hugs and kisses. I gave her many but I did tell her way doesn't she run to her four legged Mother?? Happy, the Mom would have given her the care she needed but I am not complaining - I love giving her hugs and kisses.

So we might get rain today - everyone keep your fingers crossed that the weather guessers did not mess that up again - remember last time I got dumped on with snow. I told everyone to nibble quickly because the skies are turning gray, temp is dropping and we might have to make a dash to the barns.

Hope you all are having a great day - I know Watson and I thank you for taking the time to check in and keep us in your thoughts.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weathered the Storm

Both this sweet little bird and I made it through another storm and very long night - feathers ruffled, blurred eye and hoping today's sun will melt the snow and bring us something. As I made my tea this morning and the fresh homemade bread popped out of the toaster this sweet bird started to sing his song. Even thou I did not know the notes or what he was saying I could feel his joy for being here one more day and ready to make the most of it. I hope to be as strong and wise as this feathered friend...

Update on Watson

After a very long and cold night of sitting with a ill Billy - Watson decided that he would join me outside while I went about doing the morning chores. We both moved slower the cold honey and I am not sure which one of us looked worse for wear...

As the sun today starts to melt away the massive snow the farm received on Sunday, Watson perked up because he could see fresh grass. He and Sherlock had the run of the side which was housing the hay I moved last weekend. So I really did not feel like the outing would be one of eating but like all mothers I am just happy to see him up and walking - my heart was so much lighter.. I took a couple of pictures because I always want to remember this day.

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and friendship - please keep him in those prayers if you would because this does not by any way, shape or forum mean that he is well. But.. for now he is eating and walking around and that is all we can do for now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prayers for Watson

This sweet little fellow is Watson - a cashmere billy born in the middle of one of our worst snow storms that hit this farm. Along with his buddy Sherlock we barely brought them back from death with much love and round the clock care. Watson was unable to walk for almost a month and physical therapy consisted of walking around the house, climbing the stairs and finally even jumping from my leather couch to the coffee table. I would do anything to bring him through and on his way to a full life.

Fast fore ward 6 years and loads of great days of being a huge horned bad ass billy who still gives me kisses every morning as I feed him. Watson has been the second in command and is the rock in the herd of billies. On my birthday last Tuesday, which if we all remember was a sucky day of bad luck things the following events unfolded.

As I was filling the water tubs in the big billy pasture the boys where ruff housing as they do all the time. I thought nothing of it but just as I looked up Hansel and Watson where doing their stand on the hind legs and come crashing down hard to bash their horns together. You know we have seen that behavior on TV shows with the wild Mountain Goats doing this - same thing and that is just their play. But all of a sudden while Watson was mid air Seamus (a 5 year old boy) came from the side and plowed into Watson side. Watson crumbled to the ground and had the wind knocked out of him. I dropped the hose and ran to him. I got him up and walked him out of the pasture. I placed him in the small barn and checked him over. Not cuts but his side was very sore and he was wobbly on his legs. I made him a place to rest and checked on him hourly. Yep, with all the panic of the computer thing I set the timer and checked on him. He progressed through the night and seemed to be doing better by morning.

That day I let him walk around the back yard and enjoy the tender grass and sun shine. Each day he seemed to be doing better until the storm hit last night. He was not a happy camper and cold but still was eating and walking and most of all giving kisses. He was happy to have his buddy Sherlock with him in the barn and they snuggled just as they did in my kitchen all those years ago.

This morning it is a different story. My son came out to the farm to bring chicken and dog food and when we arrived at the small barn Watson was not able to stand... So it will be another cold night of barn checks and making Watson as comfortable as possible as he is passing over the Rainbow Bridge. If you would keep him in your thoughts today - he is such a dear one. Also, do not blame Hansel or Seamus - they did not do this out of anger - that is what is called an accident - they all live together sharing and caring for each other so I know it was not done to harm him. Still, it will be very hard to not have him grace this farm and to share my life.

Weathering Another Storm

Just when you feel you have weathered the big storm there might be something bigger hanging over your head !!!

As the TV is covered with recounts of the sinking of the Titanic this day and of all those lost on their way to making new lives in a far off land or having to experience the grandest marvel in technology for the day - no one ever felt that their lives would soon come to an end.

Last night the farm was hit with hail so fast and hard that I could not even see my hand in front of my face. I was out in that trying to find Sherlock (my grown bottle Billy) and to try to get Llama boy into a barn. No sooner did I get outside the lightening and thunder started. We are talking about the kind that hits the ground and rattles the windows and lights up everything. Yep, twice I hit the muddy ground laying flat and throwing my metal flashlight far from my body. After the second huge strike Sherlock found me and Llama boy ran faster to the barn then either of us could. I lost power for several hours but luckily I managed to unplug the computer and phone line to it long before we could fry it... As we got through that the hail storm which lasted about an hour it turned to snow and by morning there was at least a foot or more. It is still snowing here - so much for the weather guesser who said I might get an inch if that.

As I came down stairs this morning this sweet guy was trying to find a safe place out of the storm. All I could see was that branch over his head - I worried so for his safety. I worry so for all those who are dealing with Mother Nature this weekend. I hope you all are safe and together we will weather life's storms be they Mother Nature made or Mankind made.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Adventures

Friday I sent the Llama girls out into the back yard for fresh grass and some new adventures. They have not had time to explore with the weather grip that has been tight around the farm. They ran around and had to explore every inch and touch everything with their noses - just like human kids. They where having a grand time till they reached the part with the hens - they got too nosey - yep, they place their noses too close and got it pecked. Sometimes life lesson are not smooth and gentle - BOY, Don't I Know!!

So as all little kids they were so tired after their adventure that they put themselves back into their barn for a long nap... Great to wear out kids - they then are never any trouble. So go outside today and wear yourself out.

What a Turkey Week!!

Sometimes I wonder if I have a bulls eye painted on my back. Now I know the things I dealt with this week was not life stopping but really on my birthday!!!

For those who might have not known my computer lost it's Internet which went out on Tuesday in the afternoon and I had a melt down shortly after that - Oh it was not pretty. Another great reason I live alone I looked like a mad women... Yes, I admit it because I know most think I handle things well. Most of the time I do so, I am really good with the huge things but sometimes the smaller stuff especially when I have not slept, have been battling this cold and not off the farm for 4 months... well I think I was due for one of those wigged out mess. So I had my melt down and putting the pieces back together. The modem is fixed and as you see I am back trying to wade through the emails. On a bright side since my computer was not hogging the phone line I got to talk to two dear friends - I freaked them out that I answered the phone because most know it is always busy... Wow, see sometimes good things are hidden.

So I wanted to share a bright spot. I had been so worried with the mountain lion here because I had not see the wild turkeys who live here. Then when I was feeling not the best on Wednesday I saw from the kitchen window - the male and two hens. I ran with the camera and was just about ready to take a snap and Sophia had to bark so off they ran but I did get a good snap.

So - there is my TURKEY WEEK - how about you??

Monday, April 9, 2012

Trying to Spread My Creative Wings

With my birthday coming tomorrow I have been considering what might be in store for me.

I have been considering new adventures, determining what is worth my time and what is not.

While in one of these "In the Head Moods" I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and create something new. I have been designing new yarns, batts and dye pots in my brain while doing the work that this farm requires. With not much extra minutes left in a day I felt my creative side screaming to be heard. So on one of the many nights when sleep just could not be found I got up and answered the call of my lost wild side. As I sat down in the living room with only a couple of candles flickering next to me it was as if I was taken over as my fingers and feet began to move. I let the process happen with my normal critical voice silenced and tucked away. For those who know me I LOVE Coral and have many pieces that I wear and cherish. I felt the need to create that in a yarn form and this is what was appearing in the wee hours of the darkness....

It is a complex art yarn with more steps then most would undertake. It has my sweet Cashmere LFF Lilly, Mohair from LFF Sugar, Icelandic Wool from LFF Cinderella, Merino Lambs Wool from a local breeder, Silk and Hand Painted Cotton Fabric from my very large stash... I can never explain the bliss and joy I feel when I am creating but this time I also felt like there was a part of me struggling for a new path. Time flew by although I did not keep track of how long it took to create this new yarn - this was not to be tracked like my normal business spinning but rather to release the chains that I have crafted and just let it happen..

I would love to know what you think of this yarn which I call "Coral Reef Compassion" - it is not like me to go so far out of my comfort zone but I think it is about time. I have placed the two skeins up on my Etsy shop and hope it will call to some other creative spirit.

I also would be interested to know if any of you have placed your feet on a new path, stepped outside your comfort zone and if so how is it going??

Dyeing Memories

Childhood memories hit me this morning as I was taking pictures of my latest offerings to put up on Etsy. It is of me standing on a step stool with my little apron on and spending hours dyeing my dozen hard boiled eggs for the Easter table. My mother learned very early on that I was the person to dye the eggs - my over the top Control Freak way I went about dipping, re dipping and and making special holders for each egg made me the perfect person to take on the task. Each year was a different theme, a new way of combining the colors and more detailed resistance patterns painted on the tiny shells. I admit it - I was more then a little obsessed...

Now that my kids are grown and my hens lay their own amazing shades of blues, greens and browns I luckily have my fiber to play in. Yes, even when my body could not move an inch I managed to create some special hand painted Tesswater Wool locks in the spirit of the day.

The ounce on the left is call "Magical Mermaid" which has Sky Blue, Soft Turquoise, Pale Teal and Sea Foam Green gently painted and then steamed. The one to the Right is called "Cloud Filled Sky" with Sky Blue and Cornflower Blue drizzled over the natural white locks.

I may have changed the methods and materials from my youth but the pure joy and excitement is always there as I reveal my latest dye bath. The same rush of delight still runs through every cell in my body. The only thing that has changed since then is I can not walk them out to the waiting folks gathered around the dinner table and hear the Gasps and kind words about my work. Now I have to wait and hope that someone thinks my latest creation is worth mention or even better yet worth purchasing. The other thing that has changed is I can create with dye any time I want and no one tells me not to make a mess - Yeah, like this gal would make a mess!
Well, that is except for my blue green finger tips that I proudly wear because I was too excited to remember to put on my gloves again... Dye On!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Boring but Necessary

Thought I would share the boring task of moving these huge bales of hay with those who read my blog - just so you know what I do with my days. As you might have read I got hay delivered just as our Spring storm really cranked up and dumped me a ton of snow. So, then when I wanted to move the hay the winds were so bad that I could not even attempt opening up the hay. So Saturday at around 1 pm the wind finally stopped and like a mad women I ran outside and started moving hay. This time the bale flakes held together and so I was able to place a flat bed cart next to the bale and peel off a flake, have it land somewhat in the middle of the cart, then try to center the huge piece and start pulling it to the barns.

I kept thinking about a movie I was going to watch that night "The 10 Commandments" and a part where Mosses what working in the mud pit and this old man had to pull one leg up with his hands and then push it back down into the mud. I felt that same way as if I was walking in mud as I pulled this heavy load across the farm round after round... It is what I do and I tried to find joy - the lack of wind (that is a miracle) the birds signing, goats talking and Llama boy following me as if he was over seeing the task. After 4 hours the wind decided to return and so I had to stop my work.

Never fear it will be waiting for me when the sun rises the next day... So see how exciting my life can be. Try to find joy even in the mud pit...

Now that is a cute tail

While everyone is fixated on the Easter Bunny today - I want you to see the cutest little fuzzy tail here at the Funny Farm. It is Dottie with her spots. Mari seems to be a shy one - every time I bring out the camera she hides behind her mother. Dottie however loves the camera and me - the hard part with her is to get her not to come right up into my camera lens. I snuck this one while she thought I was busy moving hay. When sunset hits the farm both llama baby girls give their best bunny hops around the pasture - tails in the air and smiles on their faces - Good times at the Funny Farm.

MOM - Hair Cut Time

Mishka was struggling with the wind as much as I on Saturday and part of it is the length of her locks.. She kept tilting her head trying to see out from under those sweet soft curls and the wind kept blowing them back into her eyes. She came to the fence and yelled at me with that voice that could shatter glass.. I explained to her that I had to keep going on moving this hay before the wind got too bad. I tell you - she is one spoiled bottle raised gal - who is her mother??? Oh wait it was me... After four hours of hauling hay back and forth across the farm I had to go into the house because the wind was just too much. As I got in the house and tried to climb up the stairs I remembered Miskha and her locks - by then I was stripped down to my undies and too tired to lift my arms so I guess it will be on the list for the next day... Maybe I can do to her like I do with my mess of hair - pull it back and put a clip on it... Nothing fancy but out of our eyes...

You Are Expecting the Easter Bunny?

What is with this Easter Bunny Guy?? All the fuss, all the air time - don't you know I can carry a ton more then he can - hundreds of pounds of chocolate at one time. I can run as fast as a horse so no delay on getting you what you want. I don't leave poop everywhere - I put it in a nice neat pile. I also can keep people, animals or those sticky finger kids away from your stash of sweet treats. Last but MOST Important - I give tender air kisses and rub my head on your shoulder when life is way too hard... WAY BETTER THEN A BUNNY

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies

From 80 degrees on Sunday to six inches of snow and freezing temps on Tuesday... You know just in time for my hay delivery. I had to wait to get hay because of the horrible winds but Tuesday morning and the winds brought in a Spring Snow Storm the farm animals could not wait one more day. The hay was delivered as the huge truck almost took out my fence line, missed the propane tank and is now parked in my driveway because he could not get out...

As I always say around here "You think you have a plan - Think AGAIN"

Today we are told it might reach 56 degrees so that means pulling a sled through mud to get the hay to the animals, barns and storage spaces. Oh Well, at least we have food and yes some moisture.

If the hay man thought it was hard to get out of here with the snow wait till this melts. I tried to get him to get his truck farther down the driveway but you know men - they think they know it all... Should be interesting.

So have a great day everyone and make back up plans - if nothing else it gives you something to do while trapped by the weather.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday School Funny Farm Way

Sunday School is in session and off to a good start. After spending the night learning to listen to Chief it was time to bring in another teacher - Sherlock. This sweet Cashmere Billy is the wise leader of the Goat boys and a kind soul. Once weather permits I allow him to roam the farm as he sees fit and most nights he will park himself on the welcome mat outside the shop door (main level of the house) to protect me from what ever might come our way. He greeted me as always with kisses and wrapping his horns around me as if to give me a hug. He walked with me across the farm this morning while I explained his new task for our young llama girls. I train my llama's to guard all kinds of animals (yes, even the hens) and some would asked why would a goat with such horns required a guardian. This is a two way street at our farm - the big goat guys work with the llama's to protect all here. Once they understand the ways of the big guys the llama babies will then be taught the rules of the goat Mothers and Babies. My Goat Mothers are very protective so it is very important that all rules are spelled out before putting the Llama Babies in with them..

So Dottie was game right off the bat - following Sherlock and sucking up to his ego by sniffing his eyelashes. Goat communicate compassion by licking each others eyelashes. Dottie is a quick study. Mari however was not having anything to do with this new teacher. She even went over to Chief and stood next to him as if to say - "I pick him"... Chief got up and walked over to Sherlock and sat next to him in responds to Mari by say "You will LISTEN to him as well" - It is amazing to see how they truly understand their roles here.

School is in session and this school teacher is running out of steam so I will turn it over to my two head masters. I know they will teach the Llama Babies valuable lessons - one's that will not only save their lives but others here on the farm.

Musical Pastures Again

Mari and her Mother talking about the new pasture (What pasture with this drought) and their new guest...

One of the tasks I managed to get done before another wave of Yuck hit me on Saturday was to place the llama girls into the Southwest pasture and place the goat girls into the East pastures. That required many panels moved, tied, and huge feed bunkers moved. Once all that grunt work was done it was now time to move the ladies. I use that term because I will not type what I wanted to call them - I did not have the strength for running so brain power is in order. Really that was pressing my luck but after doing this for so long I have gained some tricks. After everyone was in their pastures and relaxing I crept back into the house to just sit and regroup.

After resting I was back out there to start the new training for the little girls. First off is getting them to leave Chief alone and second to get them to listen to him - Yeah right!! The best part of the day was when sunset was coming and that is when all babies want to play. The llama babies where pronging on every new inch of the pasture. That is when they look like they have springs for legs. They tried so many times to get Chief to play but the poor guy had enough of the silly behavior. He was gathering his strength for the night patrol. I think he knew what was coming - Skunked Again!! Poor Guy...

Sunday will be more training but for now it will be resting up for us all...

Searching for Peace of Mind

Pushing through my Saturday as I battled with the numerous rebellions that my body was throwing at me and not finding the peace I searched for - the dye pot however showed me great wonders that brought me center if only for a short time. The winds were whipping up my minds madness while my hands created a world beyond this one. Escape is all I wish from this day - keeping my hands touching the things I know will settle me is my need and here is the result of my labor.

This new batch of lush fiber is no up on my Etsy shop - almost dry and ready for new creative folks to work their wonders on...