Saturday, February 17, 2007


I just posted on my etsy site two skeins of this wonderful hand spun hand painted yarn. It is 90% organic wool and 10% bombyx silk. I have spun this yarn in the thick thin fashion with a multi colored silk thread to stablize the single. It has the softest feel to it and the silk gives it just enough sheen to catch your eye.
One skein has 90 yards for $12.00 and the other skein has 86 yards for $11.70. That means there is 176 yards for $23.70. But I have listed them for 50% off.
Special is two skeins totaling 176 yards for $11.85
I also have the roving that this yarn was spun from on my etsy site too - if you would rather spin your own! I have new items at

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It is amazing what you find when you are destashing

I found eight cards of vintage buttons. About six years ago I attended a button show - that right - and I walked out the door with some of the most magnificent buttons. At the time I knew that they should have been mine but now I just need to clear out some of the treasuretrove. I will be posting around eight cards that contain a dozen buttons to a card. They are all from "Latest Style" and will be priced well below what I purchased them for so that means "Great Deal for YOU"

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Now it is My Turn - MY TURN!

It is great being in the livingroom except for Mom always yelling get off the furniture. She is sitting on it - why can't I? I just LOVE all the things to do in the livingroom, there is TV, Books, Plants, Paper, Pillows and Mom's Icelandic Sweater. It feels great to snuggle in. Life has been getting dull sitting in the kitchen so I told Dr. Watson that we needed to break out. While mom was busy in the computer room I managed to jump over the baby door and onto the chair and freedom was mine. There was only one problem Watson can not jump. So I cried and he cried untill Mom let us out to play in the livingroom. There is only one rule - we have to go potty before we can come into the livingroom - no problems, we are smart and that is easy to do if it means that I can play in the livingroom. I wished that Dr Watson could play more but Mom keeps tellling me not to be so ruff with him - what is being ruff? I jump on him, bite his ears, push him over, run him down, what is ruff about that? Oh, did I tell you - I am getting my HORNS!! Yes, they really hurt too. I found that rubbing them on everything helps but I really love it when Mom sits and rubs them but she thinks that doing that for an hour is a little bit self absorbed but hey she doesn't have these things coming out of her head - what does she know about PAIN? It is hard being a goat! Well, enjoy my pictures, share them with everyone you know and we will be back with more soon. Happy Hopping.


We have been keeping Mom really busy and now we have some pictures to share. First we want to bring you up to date on what has been happening. I ( Dr Watson) have been battling a shoulder issue. They are not sure yet what is going on but I am unable to walk on it. Mom has been giving me way more attention and I am loving it but the kissing is getting out of control. I am learning to get around just fine on three leggs and is coming into the livingroom for play time because it is easier for him to walk on the carpet then hardwood floors. We have not had an accident on the carpet because we are such good boys. Wednesday we got to go out on the front deck and see what is going on outside. The sun was shining but the wind was really really scary. I admit it, I ran in and ran under Moms leggs for protection. I like best when Mom gives me a bottle and rocks my in the towel - that is living. Mom even brushed my hair the other day. I think Mom likes me best!! I am also working on hopping around on three leggs - it takes alot more talent then doing it on four like Sherlock. Well, hope you like my pictures, Mom sure can not work that camera - she keeps telling me to stand still - how long do I have to wait?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Johnny Jump Up's in Winter

I just love Johnny Jump Up's!
Now that the temp has drop to -21 last night I needed a little summer in my life. As the wind is roaring outside my studio I dug my fingers into this pile of Mohair reminding myself that spring will be around the corner. The four legged friend that contributed to this burst of smiles is "Casper", one of my Angora weathers. He came to us 10 years ago because a sweet little farm widow was being placed into a nursing home and she just was beside herself because she had no home for her goats. That is how I got into goats. As she sat in her wheel chair telling me the story of each of her goats with tears in her eyes, I knew that I could be their next Mommy. We have guessed Casper to be 16 or 18 years old but their other mother was not sure of dates or years. That day I was only planning on purchasing some kitchen ware instead I drove home with five goats in the cab of my truck. I had one straped in the seatbelt with me, one strapped into the seatbelt with my girlfriend who hates goats and the others where all milling around in the back seat screaming in our ears as I drove home. Casper is a sweetheart with loads of kisses for me each time I go into the barn. Since he is so sweet, I had to dye him the colors of the sweetest flower in my garden. You can purchase this fiber at I had pounds of this creation and now we are down to 3 ounces. So don't wait till spring to pick up some smiles.