Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dye Pot Rinsed and ready to dry

I just finished ringing out the water and now this batch will go down on the drying rack to dry. I know it is hard to see while it is still wet but there is three different purples and two blues in this batch. When all the batches are done there will be around 7 different purples, 5 different blues and three different greens. Then after they are dry I will place them on the picker to open the fleece and then I will look at the baskets and decide what other additions I will add to this before I start with the carding machine. That will be around four days from now so I promise to take pictures. Back in a while.

What is Cooking in the Kitchen Today?

I had this desire today to climb in the rafters and get a wonderful fleece from my stash and start work. In the pot is about 1/8 of a British Shetland Lamb fleece. It only required one washing and then off to be dyed. I broke the fleece into 8 sections so I could do some special dyeing process. What I love about this breed is you do not find it much in the states and a dear friend of mine sold me six fleeces from her spring lambs. They have such bounce and softness when washed. They also take dye up in various degrees so you do not get a flat wool. I love spinning this fleece and over time many of my customers have made great socks out of them. As soon as I can rinse the first pot I will post that color. Not too long now.

I have a new friend at the farm

Sorry it has been so long but life has been on roller skates around the farm. I have a new member of the Funny Farm Family - his name is Clem. He came to me about two weeks ago because his two legged Mommy is going to be moving and he can not come. He is the sweetest, well mannered boy and has made himself right at home. Clem has already celebrated my oldest sons 24th birthday and Christmas. He thinks it is one party after another - he is in for a surprise. I will be posting more about him but I do not want to appear to be head over heels in love - O.K. I am but I will spare you all my stories for now. Just wanted to share the new man in my life.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving. Here at the Funny Farm I had a peacefull yet chilly day. It was the first Thanksgiving without my sons but I had a mouth watering meal and most of the day I spent in the barn watching PINK BUTTS.... That is right - I said it! With the big change in weather I was concerned that it might threw my expecting Angora and Cashmere goats into early labor. It was tons of fun. All week I assembled the items that are required during an assisted birth along with my reading table, lamp, tea kettle and book in hand I sit in the birthing barn watching and listening. As you could guess no one likes to have people watch their butts especially when expecting so it takes a special skill to get a peak without getting them scared. Years of doing this has provided me with skill sets that you do not get in your college classroom or out of a book. Who would believe that this is one of my JOYS in life but it is - I just love being able to help if they need it. No babies right now but I will keep you posted. I can tell you this sure beats football or standing in line with the consumer crazies but that is just me. Give THANKS for all those things in life that make you happy, mine is pink butts!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Take the Pledge

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

The Weather is Frightful

It is the day after Thanksgiving and the malls are filled with shoppers - Not this gal..... Colorado is known for the changing weather - Monday it was 70 and today I have 20 with a wind chill of -4 degrees. All the weird change has got me worried about my expecting mother goats. It has been common place for animals and YES humans to go into labor early because of such weather changes. So yesturday I spent most of the day and night in the barn watching butts.... That right BUTTS! It is not as easy as one might think - they really do not like you to look there. It is a real art to catch a look without them knowing but 11 years have taught me many tricks. I did not learn any of that in college.
As the weather turns worse and the snow is falling again I have placed some handmade felt snow people ornaments on my etsy site along with my best black felt sheep too. Come and sit down, pour yourself and hot cup of something and enjoy the weather. For those of us awaiting the coming of new family members - think of us in the cold, dim lite barns watching butts. Who says I don't have an exciting life?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time To Gather Your Nuts!!

Now that Fall is here we are willing to share our nuts with you!
These are my creation and I think Mother Nature would be proud of me.
I take my smallest of silk cocoons, dye them with plant dyes to achieve this golden color, affix a real acorn cap on top and there you have it "Funny Farm Nuts" I have used these tiny creations in jewelry, felted purses, embellishments to hats, altered art projects and yes I have just placed them in a bowl on my Thanksgiving table. There is no end to what you can do with these and I assure you no one's nuts are this special. You can purchase these on my etsy site I place four (4) per packet. GO NUTS!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Destashing My Fabric

O.K. I admit it - I have WAY TOO Much FABRIC!

We all know that some of us just go wild in the fabric stores - so of us have rooms full of fabric and still we bring home more! What is wrong with that?? Now I just have to admit it is time to go thru them and find new homes for some of them. PLEASE help me clear out my stash.

I will be adding fabric to my etsy shop so please, please, please tell your friends because I will be selling them at half their purchase price. Here is the start.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What do you do in the FULL MOONS LIGHT?

Howling at the Harvest Moon last night from my back deck! You know it is fall at the farm when the animals play in the glow from the moon and love is in the air. It is breeding time for the Goat Girls around our pastures and as the saying goes "Everyone looks their best in moonlight"

This is Ebony, she is my senior Cashmere girl (15 years old) and one of my dearest friend. She came to me from a kill auction where she was slated for meat. She was a mental mess and the owner hated her. She was expecting but when she came here she threw herself against the side of the barn until she lost her baby. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Many breeders told me to send her back to the kill auction but I knew she just needed love. A year of slow steps to get her to trust me and then her first baby here (BeBe) a top of the line billy which I delivered because he was a butt first presentation. After I cleaned off the baby and handed it back to her we made a bond that has lasted all these 11 years. Each year she wants me right by her when she delivers even though she has never needed my help since. Our long looks into each others eyes while the contractions grow let her know that I am in it for the long haul. Each morning when I step on my deck she is the first to give me a shout out. It is amazing to me that my plan for this farm NEVER included goats and now they are the only animals I raise. I howl at the moon and give thanks for what life has given me and my four legged family.
Let me know what you do in the Harvest Moon!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fresh from the Dye Pots

The colors of nature are turning and my dye pots have been busy. I have posted many new items and colors on my etsy site this week. If you have the time please stop in and let me know what you think. I have been thinking of new ideas for the cocoons and one new project is Christmas ornaments. I may just have to have a contest on that subject!!!

Thanks for stopping in and have a happy fall weekend.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Was Lost But Now I Am Back On Line

I can not believe it took over a month and instead of all the computer geeks figuring out the problem it was I who stubbled on how to connect back to the internet. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positive thoughts.

Well, let me catch you up:

We have had 95 to 98 degree weather for the past three weeks. Huge thunder and lightening storms every afternoon (that is why the computer went - not a cloud in the sky and then lightening struck)

All of my hens are now laying - so that means 10 eggs a day. I would love to be baking if only the heat outside was not so high.

I have been getting the goats ready for breeding season. "Red" my Angora Billy is more then excited for breeding to start - he is already giving off his wonderful musk smell.

During the time of sweating outside pulling tons of weeds I have been working on my much needed inner work. We all get so busy that sometimes we get a small voice crying for attention. I have been working on "WHAT'S NEXT"? Now that my sons have move out and I am so thrilled for their new lives, I have to stand back and decide what should this gal do with the rest of her life? If there are those out there who have experienced this need I would love to hear what you came up for yourself. After working so hard to make my family thrive after the loss of my husband, I have not planned for this time of life and would love to hear what you all are doing. I love my farm but it sure is alot of work along with the fiber business. Suggestions anyone?

Well, that is about it for now but look for new yarns and some new goodies on the etsy site. I have just been waiting for a working computer. Glad to be back and love to hear from you all.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


My fingers are tired by late last night I put seven more books on my etsy site just for you!
I downloaded all the pictures here too but when I logged back on I have no idea where they went? So please just hit and you will see the pictures of them. I have about two hundred to go so be patient with me. Visit often because there will be some great books needing new homes. Have a GREAT Sunday everyone.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Just when I thought I could not type some more - Here are more knitting books just for you!

I have some books on etsy that you will LOVE

In an attempt to simplify the shop here at the farm I have started to clear the shelves of books. Over the next few weeks I will be placing on my etsy site a large selection of books - some well known titles and others are special topic books that you can not find anywhere. Please check back often because as I have time each day I will be listing more.

My Two Llama Girls

This morning when I walked out on my deck I was greeted by my two llama girls resting on the cool gravel driveway. What peace they experience in the little things of life. We all could learn from them. Not much in life is worth the worry that we spend in mindless battles.

Slow down and enjoy the day because that is all we have! I wish you Peace and small pleasures.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Returning Customer

Things are never dull around the Funny Farm! I was having my last bite of toast when I heard something strange downstairs at the shop door. As I opened the door and pulled back the curtains - look who was waiting to come in and look at the newest yarns available at Larkspur Funny Farm.

This eager llama is "LLB" (Little Llama Boy). He is a four year old male llama that has become very interested in viewing his reflection in the shop french doors. This week he has become a brave soul and ventured up to the house while nippling on the grass that has been growing thigh high this spring. I am presently making new curtains for the shop and put up some black plastic on one set of the french doors so the sun would not harm the fibers. As LLB was following the two goats kids on their morning snacking adventures he walked pass the french doors and he saw this fetching young male llama. He decided to get a closer look. The first day he spent the entire day with his nose pressed on the glass looking into the eyes of this new llama. When I came down to the shop the next morning he was in the same position and fixed on meeting this new addition to the farm. I finally had to place him back in his pasture so I knew he would eat, drink and rest. Each day when I let him out to feast on the tall grass around the house, you can find LLB making several trips up to the french doors to share all the gossip from the goats and see " Who is the fairest of them all?" This morning LLB also decided to pull off the note that I had posted for the delivery man. All that was left was a line of tape that he had tried several times to get but since llama's lips split open on the top he could not get it. Do not worry he did not eat the sign - rather he just stepped all over it.

I wonder who will be at my door tomorrow morning?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The First Customers of the Day!!

After crawling out of bed and getting myself ready to get to work on reorganizing the shop - I came downstairs with my cup of coffee ( Yes, I have a long commute to get to work) only to find two customers banging on the doors wanting to get in. Maybe they are hoping for a couple of skeins of my newest dyed cashmere or maybe a packet of my well known Mohair Ringlets - or maybe just some hugs and kisses. Sherlock ( a mohair billy) is on the left and Dr Watson ( a cashmere billy) is on the right. After many kugs and kisses my young customers went back outside and sat in front of the shop doors to take a morning nap.
Each morning they greet me at my door for hugs and kisses and then off they go to nibble on the grass around the house. They are cleaver about getting out and putting themselves back when it works for them. However, soon they will be too big to squeeze out and then they will be not getting such much freedom. When I have bottle kids they seem to be able to manage themselves without me standing watch. They do not eat the trees, or go wondering down the driveway but they still want to eat my roses. I think it is like chocolate to them. I still have to laugh at them -- when I call their names they look up at me, give a cry out of recognition and then run full speed towards me. I have been teaching them not to jump up when they get to me because soon they will not be such little guys. They are funny about who gets to sit in my lap first. They are like two little children pushing to get on the one swing seat on the playground. The only thing is, those little hoofs can get a little painfull when they get carried away.
I hope you enjoy seeing these guys - I love sharing them with you all. Have a great day and put a little goat in your day!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Can you believe what 24 hours can do in Colorado!! That is were the saying comes from
"Don't like the weather in Colorado - just wait 10 minutes". This is the view off my front deck and that pond is filled with run off from our upper pasture. The snow covered mountain is Pikes Peak and I get to see that everyday not matter what the weather. I have 5 wild ducks in the pond but once the weather warms up, the ponds dries up and they will be off to better watering holes.

Monday, May 7, 2007

It is SPRING in Colorado!!!!


I woke up to 10 " of very wet snow this morning. The huge pine trees are bending to the ground with wet white blankets of snow. I never get upset when we get moisture but the ground is over flowing with water and now coming thru the concrete in the basement. It is too bad that this will not last and soon we will be back to fire warnings and forest fires. It is hard to believe that we are so behind in water levels and they say this will be another fire danger summer - yet the McMansions are still planting Kentucky Blue Grasses and building in the timber lines. When will people start to see what terrible things they are doing with our planet. I will enjoy it while it is here and get out the muck boots again for the mud is back. The other nice thing about all this water hanging about - I have five wild ducks living in our pond. I wish I could get close enough to them for a picture but they are too wise for that.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have new goodies on my Etsy site

I have posted a large selection of new colors for my silk rods on my etsy account today. I have been busy at the dye pots and then at the computer to list all these creative goodies for you to try. I have posted exciting new colors such as Turbo Turquoise, Hot Pink Momma, French Marigold and this Pitch Black to name just a few. There is a complete explaination as to how these marvels are made and what you can do with them. I hope you might give them a chance in your next creative project. Visit them at Thanks for taking a look and try something new today!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Dance All Night"

This is a great fiber combination that will keep your hands and feet dancing all night long! I have combined some of my top Mohair lockets that I have dyed in Midnight Blue, Passionate Purple and Deep Forest Green with hand plucked French Angorga Bunny that I have dyed Sea Foam Green and Liliac. Then for that extra flair I sprinkled Red Hot Metalic Thread thru out the batch. I have not carded this but rather pulled the fibers open to assist in creating a one-of-a-kind bumb. You can card it more if you wish but I think it would be great just taking handfulls of this fiber and spinning it right out of the hand. This lovely creation can be found at my etsy store

Life is Grand When I am Dyeing!!!

All is right with the world when I am standing at my dye pots.
Many folks can not understand why I do what I do but they will never know the pure joy of creating something with the help of one of your four legged friends. The fiber that is shown on my drying racks is Mohair. This lush fiber came from one of my weathers named "Snow". He is the kindest guy you would ever want to meet. He right now looks horrible in the pasture because of the all the mud and snow but once I sheer him that fiber is washed, dyed and turned into something that is beyond words.
I wished you could be in my studio right now and feel this fiber. He is such a sweetheart and it translate in his fiber. A dream to spin but works just as well in a glas bowl that you can see, feel and dream of the wonders of nature. I will soon be placing this fiber on my etsy account but if you can not wait contact at and we will get it to you before the rest of the world has a chance. Don't you wished you had my life?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day

Even if you are not Irish you will love this yarn. I promise you a pot of gold with this bunch of greens. No matter what the projects this 100% Larkspur Funny Farm Organic Icelandic Wool will be the perfect fit. I had it spun lace weight so it can be used in many ways and the colors flow without giving you stripes. View more information about this wonderful yarn at
This yarn is as rare as a four leaf clover - so put down that green beer and grab this up with both hands.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring is almost here!

We have small patches of green showing on the farm and it makes all of us dream of those warm spring days with the birds singing in the trees. The yarn that you see and a 50% Llama and 50% wool blend that I dyed with all the spring green colors that make our farm come alive. You can find this yarn and many more new yarns at I also will have a couple of new fiber blends for those who spin or felt. Great colors and high end fibers make for easy novelty spinning. They do the work for you!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I just posted on my etsy site two skeins of this wonderful hand spun hand painted yarn. It is 90% organic wool and 10% bombyx silk. I have spun this yarn in the thick thin fashion with a multi colored silk thread to stablize the single. It has the softest feel to it and the silk gives it just enough sheen to catch your eye.
One skein has 90 yards for $12.00 and the other skein has 86 yards for $11.70. That means there is 176 yards for $23.70. But I have listed them for 50% off.
Special is two skeins totaling 176 yards for $11.85
I also have the roving that this yarn was spun from on my etsy site too - if you would rather spin your own! I have new items at

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It is amazing what you find when you are destashing

I found eight cards of vintage buttons. About six years ago I attended a button show - that right - and I walked out the door with some of the most magnificent buttons. At the time I knew that they should have been mine but now I just need to clear out some of the treasuretrove. I will be posting around eight cards that contain a dozen buttons to a card. They are all from "Latest Style" and will be priced well below what I purchased them for so that means "Great Deal for YOU"