Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today was a warm and sunny spring day so I placed Mishka out with the other kids and went back to the house to continue where I left off on painting the decks. I was not even on the deck long enough to get the paint can open and who is behind me? That's right - Mishka! She crept up so quitely that she was right on my heels before she let out one of her ear splitting screams. I jumped a mile high and took a year off my life with that one........

I put her back with the goats and tried it all over again. This time I was not even 20 feet from the barn and she was right on my heels again. Like a little kid being placed in the naughty chair (Nanny Jo Jo would be so proud of me) I did this for almost an hour. Then she finally got the idea and so I went back to painting. As soon as I moved to the front porch that clever girl ran out of the pasture and up on the back deck and hide between some of the stuff that was moved while painting. As I came into the house Clem (the cat) was sitting in the window and telling me that someone was on the deck (What a tattle tail) and there she was...hiding.

I left her there while I worked on the front deck. I think she felt she won the battle. When I called her name from the kitchen window that is what you see when her head picks up. She could not figure where I was put she knew she was to be in the pasture. When I called her name again she bolted from the deck and ran to hide behind the compost bin. Silly Girl

Monday, April 28, 2008

How do you like the NEW Look?

While the winds are still howling outside and we had tempature dipped down to 28 degress last night I am in the mood for a fresh new outlook to life - What do you think of the face lift? Tiny bits of green are showing up at the farm but I still needed more.....

You tell me what you do to get you out of the winter blues and into the spring greens? Do you clean the closets, dig in the dirt, sit in the barns counting all your new babies ? With all the doom and gloom on the airwaves and in the papers I was wondering how do most folks keep themselves churping good news instead of thinking the sky is falling ? Lets here from you spring chickens out there or I might just have to eat a worm.......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plastic or Paper - Earth Day Questions?

I found the sack that Mommie has been saving since the earth started - What was she thinking? I tried to get rid of it for her but she told me she had a plan for them - rugs ! Now I am getting it. Mommie has been working on a rug using up all the plastic that we come in contact with - she uses all the plastic like the wrapping around the rolls of toilet paper, the bag that holds her organic puffed rice cereal, the plastic bags come at us from all angles but Mommie has a plan. First we think about everything that we purchase and how it is packaged. Next, when there is not way to avoid plastic we find new things to do with them. It just takes planning.

Mommie is even using the cans that my milk comes in to repot her herbal seedlings in - they are sitting under grow lights to get them strong enough to handle the outdoors. Mommie said that when these tiny seedlings get bigger I will get to share in some of them. I can not wait...

Here are the Funny Farm we are always looking for new ways to use things - Mommie even said my poop goes into the compost to help out - WOW - I better make more so we can grow more. Who know I was so important to this farm !

Cookbooks - they are so yummy

While Mommie is not looking I am going to find a new recipe for this milk.. Don't get me wrong but bottle after bottle get's dull after awhile. I hate that dried out grass thing Mommie is pushing - I am not going to eat it no matter what !!!!!!!!!

I Love Sleeping on Mommies Bed

Mom has been calling my name for sometime now but I am sooooooo tired. I am so behind in my sleep since that goat has come into the house. How is a cat to live on just 20 hours of sleep a day? I ask you - who in their right mine would keep a goat in the house? Cat are indoors - Goats are outside

Now Mom is even taking pictures of me trying to sleep - WHAT A WORLD - NAP TIME.