Monday, October 22, 2012

Men At Work

 The boys are enjoying this warm weather eating in the front - nibbling on the last of the goodies that are still going.. 
 Sylvester (in the back) and Beau (in the front) are trimming up along the driveway and I hope they get to work on the middle soon.  Notice the differences in horns - Beau is intact and Sylvester came to me without his family jewels.  We don't talk about that around him.
 Jack is nibbling away while Seamus is resting under the large pine tree - Peace is achieved so easily for them.
Marvin (to the Left) and Johnny Cash ( to the Right) are working on the other side of the driveway.  My boys sure do work hard.  What I love is they are doing this all without fencing.. Yep, such good boys.  Also, when it is time to be put up I walk out the shop door and ask nicely for all to walk.  In a nice and orderly group we walk back to their pen.  This process is not done with anger, panic or demanding but rather we agree to work together.  Not the normal picture most paint about Billies.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday was full of Amazing Treats

Wow, another parcel in the mailbox - this from another sweet friend Monique (MO) who seems to know when this gal is down and in need of some kindness...  In the box are a dozen Lavender Cookies dipped in rich Chocolate....  Now I had to restrain myself because it was only 3:00 in the afternoon and I wanted to wait to taste one of these after dinner.  Boy did I have to stay away from them so I took my tired body outside and kept working. 

Finally I was inside and cleaned up.  I made dinner and cleared the table and did the dishes.  I put on the hot water for a nice cup of tea and placed a single cookie on a special little plate and waited for the water to boil.  I fluffed the pillows on my bed and got the DVD player all ready.  I poured the  water and carried the cup and plate upstairs.  Tucked under the covers and the movie playing I took a nibble and it is pure heaven...  I truly am one lucky lady...

Thank You MO for thinking of me and sending me such a great gift in the mail.  You kindness means the world to me.  Hugs

Can't Believe I Am Such A Lucky Lady

Is you mouth watering???  It should be because this lovely jam is the best I have every tasted and it comes from a talented and dear friend Sheri Chin...  The huge Blackberries grow on her property and her jam making skills are amazing.  I was lucky to receive some of her Strawberry Jam last year and have enjoyed every spoonful.  Imagine my delight when I went to the mail box and found a very heavy parcel in my mailbox...  When I carried it into the kitchen I could not wait to open the flaps and see what was inside.  OH MY GOSH - I have three jars of Blackberry and three jars of Strawberry - I am doing the Happy Dance as I grab the lid opener...  I snatched a teaspoon and dipped into the lush, glossy jam.  I slowly tasted the full flavor and could not believe my taste buds.  I called Sheri right up and gushed about how this package had put a very bad day right and how I was thinking of all the baked goods I can make to honor this wonderful gift. 

This morning I made fresh hot whole wheat biscuits with a swipe of organic butter followed by a generous layer of the dark rich Blackberry Jam.... Oh My I am one pampered lady and so very blessed to have such a dear friend who shares her hard work and talents with me. 

Thank you again Sheri for your lovely jam, great friendship and kindness..... Hugs

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goldie Update

Another long night - set up most of the night with the sweet one and she is doing better but not out of my watchful eye.  She did eat a few slices of pear which made her elimate a few things that should not have been in her system too long.  She did give me a few licks on the neck and snuggles in the lap which helped me feel like she was turning a corner.  My body is so stif from sitting on the ground but my heart is warm for knowing I gave her my best.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and good wishes please if you would keep her there for a bit long... Hugs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Watch, Worry and Walk

Stress filled Monday....  Feeling like I have been drug through the knot hole and back.  When starting my morning as usual - no holiday's here I noticed that Goldie did not come out of the barn with the other bottle kids.  I walked out onto the back deck and called her name.  Normally she would run out of the barn to see what Momma was wanting.  Nothing!  So I put on shoes and out I walked to the barn.  I found her sitting in the corner of the barn and she did not stand up when I  came in.  Not Normal.  So I went to check her out and like with all kids no matter two legged or four she did not respond the way she does to strokes on her head or kisses to her face - that means she is not feeling 100 %.  Now unlike a two legged kid she can not tell me what is going on so it requires more skills to figure it out.

For the whole day I either had her with me or I was walking back and forth into the barn.  I could not even convince her to walk the back yard and nipple on dandelions - that is like offering your kid ice cream and they turn away.  I could not find a temp, injury or other signs of the multitude of illnesses that come upon these little ones.  This weather is not helping - 83 degrees one day and then snow and 23 with 10 hours later.  Also, they could have played to rough and she got hit and was nursing soar ribs - Oh how I can relate to that....

As the sun set here she still was not feeling good so it was the ever hour checking routine.  Yep, the put on the coat, shoes, hat, gloves and pants - grab the flashlight and walk to the barn to make sure Goldie was not taking a turn for the worse. Then to come back in the house and take it all off and sit on the couch till the timer went off an hour later. This tired gal knows this dance so well and I never mind doing it when the life of an animal is in the balance but I sure wished I had a dollar for every time I have done this.... 

I am happy to report she made it through the night and this morning followed me out of the barn.  This does not mean I will stop my watch today at all but it does mean that for another day I get to see that incredible sweet face, give her hugs and snugs and know that if for no one else I matter to Goldie.  She knows that I will do anything to make sure she is not left alone when feeling poorly.  The other goats in the barn may have lost some sleep as well but I would like to think that they too understand that it is out of love, compassion and duty that I disturb their slumber.  Also that if were them feeling poorly I would do the same.

So if you would please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today - we hope for a calmer day and night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What did you do today?

Oh I bet I had more fun then you....

I fixed fence all day - YEAH!!!  See I told you I had more fun then you...

I forgot to take pictures - Sorry but I was just so excited to get out there and get to work that I completely forgot to impress you with pictures.  It is also really hard to rewire and stretch wire while snapping pictures.  Also was not sure if I wanted to risk the camera in the pens with the billie boys who are very mouthy right now and I had to keep one eye tracking them all the time while using my other eye to make sure I did not hit my hand with the hammer. 

I admit I was a bit slow on getting out there this morning but like always with me the moment I step outside and get going I am in pure joy and loving every minute of the work.  It also helps that I have so many watchful eyes on me.  No room for slacking and always great company while the hours pass.  Today was also wonderful because Dot (the little llama boy) was out with me and his desire to learn everything I do kept me inspired to do more.  I had to put Big Llama Boy up into a pasture on the opposite side of the farm because apparently the neighbor have two llama's over at their place - not sure why, for how long or if they are going to train them but it threw this farm into a mess.  That meant Dot could be in the unfenced area with me - Yeah!!! 

It is also tons of fun to work with the bottle kids.  Each one trying to take the fence staples from the can while I am hammering, or how each one nibbles on a different section of  my pants each time I take a step and best of all the tons of kisses I get when I bend over - I told you my work is great....

After 5 hours of fence work, 2 hours of barn work it was time to head in.  I have a great home cooked dinner awaiting, the heating pad warming up and PBS tonight - I may not live a life others would think worth while but for today I had a great day doing those things that place joy into my life.

So what did you do today??

I am a Eagle - a Lone Eagle

Saturday morning this big proud bird was on my bedroom window ledge as the morning crept onto the farm. Eagle - really???  Another freaking way to start my day but I am starting to get use to this....  The snow was blowing and the temp was so very cold.. I wanted to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head but I have too many mouths waiting and they need to get warmed up.  I  got everyone feed as the majestic bird spent the day at the farm watching us closely as I kept an eye on him as well - "The Birds" movie still freaks me out as the number of birds here at the farm increases each day...  I guess that is one way to face a fear...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting you in the Holiday Spirit with GREAT Fabric

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

50% OFF Sale

Wishing to assist you in your fiber addiction I am offering 50% OFF ALL ITEMS in my Etsy shop.

I have not placed a deadline on this sale because I am not sure how long I will run it but please do not think it will last forever....  I hope you will take me up on this sale - no gimmicks - just wishing to add to your creative process.  Many Thanks in advance.  Grace