Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Where is the Meaning in the Flames

My Life is always showing me new things and keeping my heart a racing.  Perfect example was the other days when I really thought I could not do one more day I thought "SCREW THIS I AM MAKING POPCORN".  Yep, I think that Popcorn is my comfort food.  I have sat and on many occasions and just mindlessly nibbled through a big bowl of butter goodness when life just threw me way too many curve balls.  So on this particular night when I had been a crying puddle I thought this is a good time for Popcorn.

The act of making it is mindless - just get out the air popper, measure the corn, plug into the wall while getting the big glass bowl out.  Then melting the rich creamy butter while sprinkling some Sea Salt over the hot butter.  Yep, MINDLESS - I can do MINDLESS.

As I watched the small bowl of butter turning round and round in the microwave something just did not feel right.

I turned my head to the left and saw flames shooting in the air from the Popcorn Popper.  OH MY GOD - REALLY!!!!

Without a thought I took my left forearm and pushed the popper into the sink that still had water in it from doing the dishes.  As  I stood there watching the flames die in the water I screamed "REALLY  UNIVERSE - You are going to take my one little pleasure away".  Just then I grabbed a pot and lid and started making Popcorn the old fashioned way.  I stood there shaking that pot over the burner and could not believe how I was muttering away about the state of my life.  I was having a full on PITTY Party and huge mental breakdown.  The part I started laughing about was just two hours earlier as I wondered around my house trying to figure out what to take, what to sell and what to give away I had said "I am taking my popper because a gal has to have comfort food when life throws you nothing but problems" 

So, what does this all mean???  You can look at it as just bad luck....  You can look at it as the universe saying don't get caught in the small kernels...  Or as I look at it - When life burns your Popcorn Popper get out a pan and just keep shaking......  Don't let anything or anyone stop you from your goal... And last but not least - LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER WITH BUTTER...

Keep Popping Folks