Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did You Have a Merry Christmas?

Now that the cookies are all baked and to the rightful homes, all the left overs are wrapped and placed into the freezer, the wrapping paper is shredded and into the compost bins - I can sit down and catch you all up...

It has been more then busy around here. With several big storms, temps reaching -28 below, wind that ripped off my lighten rod cables and a furance that sent a fire ball into my face burning off my eyebrows and eyelashes not to mention my bangs. I can say I have been running around trying to just keep on top of things. It all was not bad news - I was blessed with many large yarn and fiber orders, my shop in town to off like gang busters and I managed to regain order in my house and shop. That always puts a huge smile of my face.

We did have some horrible news here shortly after I posted the story about my deer. Late in the night I heard shots ring out - I ran to the windows, turn on all the outside lights and tried to see what was going on. I quickly got dressed and went out side with the flood light but could not see anything. Next morning I had about a dozen large birds out in a group which spells trouble. I got on my work clothes and went to see what was wrong. My billies where standing in the pasture like they where frozen with fear. The closer I came the more I realized I should not have come this far without a weapon in my hand. As I walked closer the birds they took flight but I could see something laying close to the ground. The light was blinding off the snow and my morning eyes are not always clear. Suddenly up from the snow stood a huge coyote. He showed his blood covered teeth to me and gave me a look as to say "Don't take one more step"... Quickly, I raised my hands and yelled at him with all my might. He paused for just a moment and then took off running to the forest. As I walked slowly to where he had just been I noticed a hind leg of a deer laying in the snow. Inches away from that was some ribs and hide. I picked up the pieces and started to walk back to the house. As I passed the pens with my goats they lowered their heads as if to say "Prayers to our fallen friend".. Upon reaching the house I looked over the piece and found a bullet hole on the back hind leg. That was what I heard last night. I then found knife cuts to the parts which means someone shot this poor thing, cut it apart, took the pieces it wanted and left the rest. I went in the house and got some protection and tracked back the prints to see what happened. I then called the police to report the killing... My heart sunk because for the past week I have not been able to find the baby - the size of the hind leg was about the size of my newest offspring. Each day I watch to see if my family returns but with the bad storms and wind I know if they are safe they are laying low. I pray each night that they are safe and sound...

So that is all the news up to now but I will be posting more adventures very soon.
BABIES are soon to be here - I am so excited - it never gets old to me..
Start thinking of names - we are going to have contests again.. I have a great alpaca hat, glove and scarf set that is going to be in a contest very soon. I also will be having some great fiber arts books going to new homes in the New Year. So put on those thinking caps!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Look Who Is Back

My sweet little orphan doe has brought her mate back to the farm driveway. It was such a treat to see them. I had worried if they would make it thru the hunting season around here but all my prayers where answered. What I could not get a picture of is under the scrub oak bush was their little offspring. Hiding in the branches I could see those sweet eyes and big ears but I did not dare go too close. I want them to feel that this place is safe - so I tried to take some pictures but the camera just could not get that far away a good shot. Sorry. I will keep my eyes open to see if I can at some point get a picture of that sweet little one but for now it remains hidden. My Christmas present came early - I am so dearly blessed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monarch Metamorphosis Necklace

I wised I could figure out how to show you a picture of what this talented lady did with one of my silk cocoons - so you will have to go to her site and take a peak!! listing.php?listing id=35465171

The wonderful artist is Mary who is the owners of Fuzzyfunnystew - you will love her avatar too - sweet bunny with a rifle....

Please take a look it is well worth the time..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Your Momma a Llama - Mine IS !!!

The yarn above come from one of my oldest and best Llama Momma's "Rosebud". She produces creamy white fiber with a softness not found in most llama fiber. I took then some great bombyx silk and had the local mill produce a yarn to my spec's. When I got the yarn home I started the dye pots up and this is what I created "Soft Cherry"

I had twenty skeins of this yarn but now there is only one skein left. You can purchase it at my Etsy shop - perfect for that winter project. Lip Smaking Good!

Got Tofu?? How About Soy Silk

It has been abit since I have tempted you with some new yarns - here is some Soy Silk Yarn that I spun on my sweet old faithful Ashford Joy Wheel. The sheen and great handle of this yarn with the fact that it is the waste by product from making Tofu just tickles my heart. I loved spinning the skeins and I only have two left but what fun I had making them for you.

Perfect during this holiday time - just the perfect touch to any handmade project. Heck, I saved a bit for me and used it on some special holiday packages as ribbon.