Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Moon Last Night

Every animal on the farm last night was full of excitement as the "Snow Moon" rose in the night sky.  I could not believe how bright it was in the pitch black cold sky.  I dogs were alert and the restless goats had been talking non stop. Llama Boy kept very close to me and Dot had his head wrapped around my neck when I came into the barn.  I must admit even I was unable to settle.  I wonder if you felt any thing different with this moon?  Is it only those who are wild in spirit who feel the pull?  Love to know if you had been HOWLING at the moon??

Houston We Have A Problem

SORRY!  I have been hacked or rather to say my blog has been hatcked.  For those of you who received an email from this blog it was not by me and as you might guess I have no fetish about medical procedures and sex.  Honest, I don't and I am not that clever to understand how to send an email to all who participate in my blog.

Needless to say I have had to put into place all sorts of hoops to jump thru to stop this behavior.  I regret that others have to pay for the crappy behavior of others but that seems to be the way the world runs these days and that is very very sad to say...

I hate to say it but this is  WHY I hate most of the modern technical crude.... WHY can't these folks put their talents to good use ??

Once again I am so sorry for this and if I could ever met the person who did this I guess I might try my medical skills on him or her.

Make it a good day and writing soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Day Coupon...

That is right folks I am trying to give all you weather bound and weary folks a break.  I just posted a coupon in my Etsy Shop that will give all US residents FREE SHIPPING.....  With the new increases that the Postal Services have forced on us I thought it is time to give the little guy a break.  So just type in "SnowDay" (all one word) before you check out and with the magic of computer geeks behind the curtain you will have your shipping wiped clean....  Hope that helps some - I know I just about fainted when I saw the changes... 


Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Cooking?? Drama, Storms and Vet Kits

Have I got a recipe for you??   NOT...  Here are a few things that are always in my life and in my Vet Kits in the Barns... Yes I said Kits - trust me you will understand why.  First off I always have duct tape on me at all times even in the truck and I have a small roll in my purse but this is beyond Duct Tape.

I am often asked "What do you do during a blizzard to keep yourself busy?"  Silly Question ..  For those of you who also think I over prepare and worry too much let's just say you have not lived through what I have over the years. 

It seemed that during the worst of the storm dearest Sly (Cashmere Old Gent) did something to his left front foot AGAIN...  I almost want to rename him GRACE II..  As I was doing the check on everyone at around 4 am I noticed his foot was floppy and that he was not placing any weight on it.  I could not tell in the dark and the driving snow what was exactly wrong so I knew I had to get closer... 

As I was trying to dig out the huge gate to squeeze through I could feel my foot was slipping and before I know it the snow was giving way and I was going down.  This would not have been too bad except for the fact that Llama Boy who was glued to my ass and was slipping as well.  As that heavy guy fell on top of me my right shoulder crashed into the heavy gate and we both landed upside down in the deep snow drift.  Llama Boy was acting like an upside down turtle and I was trying with all my strength to get him off my legs.  The two of us are such a graceful pair but once up and  on our feet we checked each other out and continued on with getting to Sly.

Once reaching him I could see he was in a bit of pain but was thrilled that I am such a worry wart and walk the farm every two hours during a storm.  After getting my gloves off and onto his leg I knew a splint was needed.  I grabbed the fence line and walked back to the big gate and into the barn next to it.  There is a stocked vet kit always at the ready.  I grabbed what I needed and return to Sly.  By then all the Big Goat Boys had to be helpers....  I broke the paint stir sticks to fit his need and quickly wrapped with Vet Wrap.  The Sauce is to keep everyone from eating the wrap.  As I opened the bottle and started to sprinkle the liquid fire the wind changed directions and you guessed it.  The sauce went flying right into my right eye.  The universe has such great aim because I had my face wrapped up to protect from the bitter cold and wind and the only thing exposed was my eyes.  As I screamed and grabbed snow to rub in my eye I freaked out the boys.  There I had 8 sets of huge horns whirling around me and I could not see a thing.  After everyone calmed down. I had one good eye working and I finished the work on Sly's leg.

This time I really needed the fence line to find my way back to the gate and into the barn.  Llama Boy had to check my eye out and then we both headed back to the house.  He walked next to me to guide me back to the house and then stood at the bottom of the stairs until I got into the house.  As I pulled off the layers of wet clothing and found me a wash cloth I again started giggling. It is what you will often find this gal doing after some strange, stupid or frightening event.  Over the years I have fixed many an animal in the worst of weather conditions but I do admit this is the first time I am wearing HOT SAUCE in my eye....

Sly's now has the split off and it applying a bit more pressure to it.  I still check on him and his circulation.  We all have aches, pains and old injuries that scream during this bitter cold and animals are no exception..  My right eye is mending, the skin around it is still red and puffy but we have lived through worse.  Llama Boy still comes up each time I come out the door to check on folks and places his soft gentle lips on my eye and blows softly.  That is a llama's way to showing love, concern and compassion.  You wont find that in any Vet Kit except mine. 

So what is your "GO TO" supply that you can't live without ??  You can't say Duct Tape because all of us live and die with our duct tape. 


It has been a few days since I wrote and it is because I have had my hands full of the tasks at hand here at the farm.  As you can see we received some of that white stuff.  This storm was interesting and kept this gal on her toes.  Since we have had so little of this wet stuff the farm, the animals and even I worked a bit harder and longer to get back into the swing of things. 

First off this change in weather pressure did not aid in getting any of the goat babies born.  I swear they are just playing at this... If Only!  I still have puffy butts and utters but that is as far as we have gotten...  If you think you are bored with this just think how I am feeling.  Every two hours on goes three layers, two hats, snow boots and then the snow gloves.  Then it is out to the barn, through the heavy metal doors, over the pens and off goes the gloves, check someone's privates, gently handle the utter and then give tons of hugs and kisses.  On to the next one and then give all those others who want attention their dues and then back out the doors, on to the house, off goes all the layers and then try to get either a tiny bit of sleep or other work done within the house and business... 

Second, the goat girls who are not expecting are a bit tired of hanging out in the barn.  The snow was coming sideways for most of the night and day it  was making drifts in the barns so the doors had to be shut.  If you think having your children home on a snow day is trying well try it over 90 animals who have decided they are bored... All sorts of mischief and problem arise.  Remember hearing "Mom, she is staring at me" or how about "Are we there yet, are we there yet"  and my all time favorite is "She is too close make her move, she is moving closer MOM"....  Well, that is what I get out of 90 bord animals during a snow storm and they get louder with each two hour check...  Tons of fun..

I will write more about the recent events but it is time to go through the deep snow and check butts again.  Yep, I know what a pain but it is what it is...  Back in a flash - O.K. not a flash but I will be back.  Hold that thought

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life Goes On

Not to be such a downer in my posts of late but I have spoke with several folks in the past couple of days regarding "The Passing of Loved Ones" Most of you who have read my blog know that death is no stranger to the farm but you might not have known that it was because of the passing of my husband that this farm came into being.  In fact on Feb 15th, 1996 my husband collapsed and four days later he finished his path here on earth and started a new journey where I could not go.  Over the years my sons and I have dealt with different types of mourning and remembrances of this week.  My sons are skiing this weekend celebrating their fathers love of skiing and blowing out the cobwebs of their lives.   I on the other hand sat with a dear goat friend and shared the last day with her on her way out. While having her head in my lap I spoke softly of all the lessons I have learned over the years about myself and the bumps in my journey.   I have sat with many a human family members and friends in their last hours and count my blessings that I was able to be there for them.  Through all this pain, sorrow, loss and memories I know that I am the person I was meant to be today. 

So while our journey is never without pain and sorrow please be kind to yourself and realize your are not alone in your tears.  I will be there if you need me.  Warning - I might have fine flakes of hay attached to me but I will understand your journey. I also wish to THANK all of those who send such love and kindness to me - most of which have never laid eyes on me and trust me right now that is a good thing - long work days, lack of sleep on baby watch and puffy tear filled eyes would frighten a ghost.  Good thing I don't know how to use the computers video thing...

Tonight I will give thanks for all the events that have brought me to this night - make popcorn and watch Downton Abbey while setting the alarm clock for my two hour puffy butt checks - LIFE GOES ON and I always try to make the most of the day I have because no one knows if they have tomorrow. 

The passing of Mother Goose

I am writing with sad news for those who do not read me on Facebook.  My oldest goat girl Mother Goose passed away in the wee hours of Friday morning.  I sat with her through the night awaiting the release that we all knew was coming.  She lived 21 years from what we can figure and at least the last 16 years she spent here  full of love and compassion.  It did not start out that way - she came from a kill barn and was not treated with much kindness for her first 5 years of her life but all that changed when she got here. 

Mother Goose was not a looker at all.  She blew out every year great Cashmere down but came to us with horrible hooves that looked more like curled slippers.  She always looked like she swallowed two basketballs even when she was not expect babies.  She would walk around grumping and talking with a deep harsh voice that was anything but lady like.  One the plus side, she was a fantastic mother, often she would take on someone baby when the mother just could not handle them, she watched out for bad beasties and would sound the alarm if the dogs happened to miss one.  Mother Goose also had the good sense to tell me quickly when I needed to slow down and smell the sweet cool air.  She was a honest goat friend to me...

I want to share how her passing was felt by the other animals on this farm.  As I sat with her in her favorite corner where she gave birth to everyone of her babies we were not alone.  Chief sat next to her and licked her eyelashes softly.  Chief has been with her since the moment he came onto the farm as a pup and he knew he was losing a family member.  Chief and Mother Goose had a working relationship but in the last 6 months they grew close and often I would find Chief curled around her keeping her warm from the cold and walking with her when she left the barn for water.  I saw him several times let her lean on him when she was not steady on her feet and many times he cleared a path for her when others got too close.  It was so bitter sweet.

Then the llama's girls came into the barn the day before and would not leave the barn.  This was so not how the are in their normal routine.  They sat next to us watching closely as the hours passed.  About two hours before her passing they started their song.  Many times I have witnessed my Llama herds sit and sing (a different type of humming) after the passing of one of their own but in the last five years they have included other members of this farm in that honor.  I broke into a puddle of tears when they started their song.  I knew they understood that they were soon to lose a fixture of the farm and in their own way a friend.  Now many a times the Llama girls and Mother Goose had words, spits and chases but in the end I could see they felt connected to another..

As the song continued I had 23 goat girls standing or sitting close to us watching and waiting.  As the hours continued and she became weaker they moved closer and closer until by the end I was covered with goats each touching her and then leaning on me as if to say "Good Bye"....  After her passing each goat touched her again and then walked to their spot in the barn.  I had already moved the sled up to the barn and so I picked her up and placed her in the sled.  As I left the barn with her the Llama girls followed to the gate all the while still singing..

As I crossed the farm I took her to each of her offspring so they could say their good byes.  Kasha said her gentle good bye and then placed her paw on the sled and held it there for a few minutes.  Llama Boy walked with us and stopped at each barn as the others said their peace.  Llama Boy stopped at the gate to the forest and then said his good byes.

Sophia was the last to see her and even thou she did not get alone much with Mother Goose she licked her eyelashes and pressed her head on her horns.  I pulled the sled out to the forest and laid my dear one to rest on the moss covered rocks deep in the quite forest. I sat with her for a bit and thought I had finished the last of my tears but not even close.  Even trying to write this it is with tears streaming down my face.  I know to some they can never understand and I do not even care if you do.  I have spent 16 years with this soul and she has a place always in my heart.  She may not had been a looker but she is perfection in my heart.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Deer Are Back

After the mugging I had Friday night I have had time to review things.  First, the clue that all 42 of my resident deer had vanished should have been a clue.  I do have to admit I have been walking around like a zombie for so long that I did not even register they had gone.

Second, I know better then to walk around with my head down and my brain in lahlah land... Again, zombie mood.

Lastly, that my animals care and watch over me and I forgot that too.  I care and work for them and they do the same for me.  I spent the weekend thanking Llama Boy and Kasha for how they put themselves on the line for me and I wanted them to know that I will do the same for them...

This afternoon the deer returned to the farm and several of the does came very close to me as if to say "We Back and Life is Safe Again"...  Now, don't get me wrong I am still very watchful when I go outside in the dark.  I carry the hatchet at all times and also keep my ear open for sounds.  But it is great to see the deer back

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Finished a new Yarn Offering

I think I will name it "Owls Nest"  I started with a light cinnamon Llama fleece of mine and carded 50% silk into the batt.  Then spun a corespun yarn over a silk eyelash.  Then plied back with more eyelash trapping and coiling pure white silk hankies... This is so soft and has much interest while still making a balanced and easy to work with yarn. 

Love to hear your thoughts...

Mugged in the Dark

Not sure how to start this - last night was a frightening night for this zombie gal. I have been going back and forth - back and forth to the barn for so long that my body is just on auto pilot. I admit last night at the 1 am trek to the barn all was quite and still. Nothing happening in the barn (crap I wished those girls would pop out something) and gave Chief his hugs, snuggles and kisses. To set the mood I have been walking outside with my normal head lamp plastered to my forehead - cant see much but it does save me enough from tripping. Yes, I still have the hatchet attached to my belt loop. Yes, I admit is was walking with my head down and just being a zombie... Oh and did I mention the huge outdoor light on the north side of the girls goat barn has decided not to work in the past week. So back to the story. I left the South side of the barn after kissing Chief he went back into the barn to watch over the girls and I started back to the house. I walked along the large metal barn and to the metal gate on the north side. Opened and closed the gate behind me. Walked through another metal gate and started the mindless walking to the house. I have a porch light one but in this country darkness it is nothing more then a way to point myself in the direction of the house then really to help me see. I got half way from the barn which is like a dead zone and just in a flash Llama Boy came out of no where running at full speed. He stop right in front of me in such a panic. Just then something hit me from behind. Right to the back of my knee's. It happened so fast my brain was still on Llama Boy running at me. Just then I got clipped from the side again. This time it was Kasha at a full run and Llama Boy was now circling quickly around my body with a panic in his movement. Just as I was going to push Llama Boy to move away from me he bumped me and caught me off guard and Yes down went Grace. Lucky for me I dropped on my right knee instead of my damaged left knee. In a blink of an eye I did my duck and cover that was taught to us as a little kid. With his behavior I needed to make sure I did not get kicked in the head. While this was all going on I could hear something hit the big cattle panels (something large going under it) and then a second body hit the panels. I took that to mean whatever attacked me first was being followed after by my brave and protective Kasha. As I hit the ground and covered my head I turned slightly and the lamps light hit Kasha's butt going at a full run after something. I called her name and out of character she stopped and ran back to me. Normally when one of my dogs as something in their sights they will not stop until they run it down and take care of it. I think she saw her Mommy down and so she ran with all her might back to me. I used her back to stand me up. Hated to do that but trust me that was the only way I was going to get up. I stood for a few moments trying to process what had just happened. Meanwhile, Llama Boy was still glued to me like a cheap suit. His eyes where intense and Kasha was shaking and breathing heavy. This gal was doing all the same but needed to get Kasha back to her trailer and me to the house. After clipping Kasha's lead back on and sitting with her for about 10 minutes or so to calm her I limped back to the house and Llama Boy kept his head on my shoulder and walked me back to the house. I got inside, sat down on the chair trying to calm down and get my heavy boots off and peel off the chore clothes. I took my heart rate and I kept saying "Grace just breathe and calm down" I have no idea how long I sat there trying to gather up what had just happened. I sat like a frozen statue almost until the next time to check on the expecting girls. Yep, it took time to convince myself that I would be safe and that the needs of the goat girls out weighted the freighting thougths that were running through my brain. This time I was wide awake and present. The hatchet was out of it's holder and in my hand. I did not wear my ear flap hat so I could hear clearly and I walked with full purpose. No changes on the goat girls but a big change in this girl. I had to giggle Llama Boy is still attached to me each time I go outside. He has even taken to sitting at the base of the stairs so he has me covered. I wished I could say I knew what had hit me, since it was higher then my knee's that gives me some ideas. We did not have snow last night so there was no tracks to identify the mugger. So tonight I am fully present even when I still feel like a zombie. My hatchet will be in hand at all times and instead of the head lamp I am walking with the spotlight. Hope we will not meet again but if we do this gal is ready to RUMBLE....