Friday, December 28, 2012

Two Sweet Sheep Pins for Sale - Sold

I am asking $25.00 each plus shipping for these smoochie sheep pins
They will arrive in a nice box to keep them safe and from getting into any trouble.
Sheep are 1 1/4 inch wide by 1 1/8 high
Just email me with your zip code and PayPal email address and I will send an invoice directly to you.  Since I only have two left it will be on a first pay first own bases. 
Thanks for looking and they promise Not To Be a Lick of Trouble....

Tiny Bit COLD

Working Outside - You either LOVE it or you work in a cubical

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Newest Spun Yarn

This is the newest yarn I spun on Christmas - I will call it "Grace" 
Not because I love the name but because it truly represent who I am.

It contains all the personality that I wish folks to know about me but for some reason never seem to get across.  This yarn contains Cashmere, Mohair, Silk, Some of the softest Commercial Art Yarns and plied with Silk and Metallic Threads.  I filled a bobbin with 140 yards of this magical yarn and just LOVED every minute of it.  When I try to explain to folks who I am this yarn says it all...

Would love to know what you think of it ...

Who is Tapping on My Door?

The Raven....  What does this trickster which to share?  I wonder and ponder - still no clear answers.....

Promised Recipe

Cranberry Fluff Salad

Keep in mind this recipe is a jumping off point and you can easily change it to fit your tastes

Start with on bag of cranberries - do not use frozen one's because they turn to mush and will water your finished product.  Wash and sort through - do not include any mushy berries.  Grind  in a mill or place in processor.  Place in a bowl and then 1/4 cup sugar.  That seems to be the best to keep the taste of the berries.  Mix well and place in the fridge for at least 24 hours I recommend 48 hours - so plan ahead.

Next set of ingred's

1 small container of Cool Whip - I hate the stuff but found that regular whip cream turns runny after a day and your salad will not hold up.  fI you wish to use real whipped cream then the  salad must be served that day and eaten that day with no left overs. Fold in the Cool Whip till completely blended.

Two cups of seedless Red Grapes, Two cups diced Tart Green Apples - remember again this is ball park because it is all about what you like..  Two cups of mini Marshmallows.  Gently fold in the ingred's to your berry and Whip Cream mixture.  I add the marshmallows after folding other ingreds but that is just me. 

Optional - Chopped Walnuts or Pecans.  This year I put diced Peaches in and I LOVE IT!!! If you are adding other fruits make sure they are drained really well - I added Pineapple and just make sure you are not adding liquids or you will have a runny salad

Again, I like to let this now sit for at least 12 hours but you can serve sooner. 
What I love about this recipe is it will keep easily for a week so you do not have to be busy with it while you are cooking your brains out for the holiday's.  Also if you have it for Xmas you can still have some to ring in the New Year.  Again, don't get too fussy about this recipe it is easily and always requested by family and guests.   ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Published Work of Mine - SOLD

 I am so excited to announce that the purse is going to a new and loving home - THANK YOU Stacy S for finding room in your world for this creation.  Blessings
Full View of the Purse - Handles are straight and true but the picture makes it a bit wonky.



This is a felted purse that I created back some time ago.  The instructions have been published a couple of times in a variety of magazines and I was so very honored to have my work out there.  As I am cleaning up some of the bits and bobs around the shop I thought I might consider offering this adorable purse up for sale.  The Roses are wool and Mohair, the yellow flowers are also Mohair lockets from Sugar, the purples are hand spun tail spun with cashgora lockets from Einstein and the green leaves are llama and wool.  The main part of the purse is black llama.  The size is 9 inch high by 10 inch wide 24 inch long by 2 inch wide.
I am asking $30.00 plus shipping.    That is half Yes, HALF OFF what I normally sell them for but I want it to find a great home. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Have A Super Sparkly Day

I am doing the "HAPPY DANCE" over something that most would not give it a second thought to.  I might have mentioned that electrical items and I do not always work well with each other.  I was having a very over stressed morning and I just needed to center myself.  No, not with spinning or giving an animal hugs and snugs - I needed my other addicition - VACUUMING...  I know to most that is a chore, a task that puts dread into the hearts of most men but for me it is a soothing dance I do when I really need to have some control in my out of control life. 

I walked downstairs and grabbed my shop vac because my other machine died two moths ago.. I plugged it into the outlet and pushed the button.. Soon I would have my life calmed down.  Then this horrible sound screamed from the machine sounding like an injured animal... I pulled the plug out of the outlet and FREAKED.....  I stood there in shock and then tried again.  I said a tiny prayer to the universe that this just can not happen - I really needed my vacuuming - I admit how NUTS that sounds but I am being honest here.
Now comes the hard part to say - I had a melt down... Yep, a full on melt down. I have had so many electrical things die lately it is not the least bit funny.  TV's. Coffee Makers, CD Players, DVD Players, Printing Machine, Clocks, just to mention a few.

Now I am several hours into trying to calm down and I decided to look at the instruction booklet for the other vacuum. Luckily last week when I went on an organizational tear I gathered all the booklets and filed them in my over hyper filling system.  So with screwdriver in hand, reading glasses on face and booklet in hand I was going to take this bad boy apart so I could dispose of it. I really neededd to inflict pain on that which was causing me such pain.  Silly I know...  Then I got an idea as it was in pieces on the kitchen counter.  Sure enough there was this strange bend on the inside of the machine and after struggling for about 10 minutes this is what I dug out with the aid of my trusty size 8 knitting needle.  169 grams of crud. 

After putting every piece back and screwed all those tiny screws back into place (my gosh there was a ton of those) I put it on the ground and plugged it in and stepped on the petal.  I heard the best sound ever ---- I know that sounds nuts so you don't have to point it out.  I pushed that handle back and forth with pure delight.  All was right with the world !!  O.K. No It Is Not but at least I could vacuum and have a little release.  I was feeling such power, such peace so I thought why not try the shop vac.  No such luck but I still had my vacuum and that was a Holiday Miracle.....

So now that you know what a cleaning freak I am I was wondering do you have a vice to calm yourself ?:?  I admit I have given away my label maker but I still am a sucker for a vacuum cleaner...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teleporting Goats

As I was finally getting around to doing the morning dishes just about 10 minutes ago I was staring out the window in front of the sink and thinking of how I was going to have a lazy day of spinning and doing nothing too physical today.  As the steam rose up off the boiling water I stared closely at what was going on outside.  CRAP!!!  I had all the billies (two, three and four year olds) out in the back yard.  Now that is not where they are to be and how in the heck did they get there????

Off goes the rubber gloves, kick off the slippers, find the shepard hook and outside shoes.  Forget the pants - long johns will have to do.  Out the kitchen door I went and still wondering how they got out but  not the issue right this second.   I had far too many boys running willy nilly stirring up the girls... Luckly, the boys listen and the moment they saw MOMMY (that is me) coming they took off running to their gate.  Problem was the gate was closed and locked.  Again, so how did all these pee covered boys get out????

Never mind - I got to the gate, unlocked it and they all ran in and stood in their barn as if they had no clue how or why this happened..  As I left their barn, I again closed and locked their gate.  As I walked back to the house I giggled and said - NO Wonder we are the funny farm - no one would truly get it unless they lived here.  So Scotty Beam Me Up but for today leave the goats alone.....

Dancing Goats

Saturday was a "Long List" day and I was not looking foreword to it but No Excuses....  I was engaged in my usual pattern - work clothes layering, hunting for sunglasses, placing my work bandanna on and now a new pattern, shaking out my gloves for any nasty monsters.  I went to put a new CD in the outdated player - NO GIGGLING - and what did I find but a CD that I have never seen before.  I guess I was to listen to this... So in the player it went and out the door I slowly creeped.  Yep two cups of coffee and three Advil's to get this body moving.

I had barn mucking to do in the billy barn, large feed bunkers brought up from the far east pastures, scrubbing out the large water containers, raking up more pine needles for the hen house and if all goes well trimming off pee soaked fiber from some of the very fast young billies.  All was going according to plan after the feeding and watering chores where completed.  I turned on the tunes and Oh My JUST WHAT I NEEDED.....

I admit this old gal had a great time listening and dancing as I scrapped away the poop and dirty.  I was uplifted and moving quickly as I drug those heavy metal feeders the length of the farm.  As I scrubbed down the water containers the billies joined in the dancing...  Now, there is nothing more uplifting then playing the with the animals.  They knew I REALLY needed some HAPPY Time Dancing....   Only a few would not join in - Jerry was one of them because he kept thinking if he just sat in the feeder that more hay would magically appear.  No such luck but he keeps believing and I do not wish to break his dreams.

I admit I am so very glad that other humans do not live close because I am sure I look like I have lost my mind and maybe so but for five hours I was in complete joy...  After the outside chores where done I moved inside and really cranked up the tunes.  I stood in front of the carding machine just letting the lovely fiber flow.  This is why I breathe.  For those who feel this way it is as if you are not of this world..  I am so lucky to spend hours with loving animals and then spend hours creating with their gifts. 

As the sun set on the farm it was home made pizza for me along with three more Advil's.  The heating pad warming up and a "Midsommer Murder" DVD gearing up.  All in all not a special day for most but pure delight for me.  Hope your Saturday was grand.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Freaking Friday

I don't even know where to begin - I was out the door early this morning (no sleep again) to get feed, take large parcels to post office and got back before 9 am.  Was hoping to just get the compressed bales into the barns and then into the house to get some carding and spinning done..   Yeah Right !!

I came into the house and changed to work clothes, grabbed my tunes and gloves from the kitchen counter and out the door I went.  As I approached the truck I picked up the hay hook and pulled my work gloves on.  I climbed into the truck bed and hooked the first bale.  Just then a sharp pain hit my left hand.  I pulled off the glove and there was a spider stuck to my middle finger..  That (words that I will not type but trust me they could hear them to the other county) Spider!!!!!  Tiny as the little shit was within seconds my finger was turning red/purple and throbbing.  Just what I needed with all this work ahead of me.  I shoved the glove back on and two hours later the feed was moved, barn floor scrapped down and all animals fed and watered. 

Now I sit with a throbbing hand but it looks like it is not spreading.  Freaking Fantastic Friday.... Oh Well, I guess I will write labels for yarn that is sitting on the table (only requires my right hand) and hopefully by this evening it will be willing to work the wheel with me.  Have I ever mentioned HOW MUCH I HATE SPIDERS - Now I have to check my gloves that where sitting on my kitchen counter for these monsters???  By the way no comments on my very over worked and under pampered nails.  I am lucky they are not orange or have six band aids on them - that is very normal for me but this is a new one for this gal.... 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look Mom What I Did - 24 hours

My HUGE Crown of Thorns is soon to celebrate his birth 12/19/1983     He was given to me on the evening of the birth of my first son Nicholas by a business associate of my husbands.  I thought it strange that he gave me this weird very pointy cactus but he stated it was a family tradition.  I thanked him and tried to keep it and my son from freezing to death when we headed home on the coldest day ever recorded for Colorado.  After all these years this Big Boy takes up the whole window and then some in my living room.  It loves the south and west window rays, drinks every Friday two cups of warm water and loves to watch me as I spin... As you can see in the picture there is another one next to him but this is his summer buddy.  I was a bit remiss and forgot to move the Summer Buddy which happens in October.  I noticed last weekend that my Big Buy was having leaves turn yellow.  Silly guy I said "What is your problem"

Brain dead Grace finally remembered and moved his Winter Buddy over to Big Boy.
This little one was almost dead when I brought it home.  Neglected and over watered it almost died several times but with love and knowledge he now is 6 years old.  I moved him over to his Big Buddy and talked to them as I picked the yellow leaves off the sad monster  That was Tuesday morning and
see what an old little friend can do for my Big Guy.  That's right in 24 hours he made a flower that is right next to his little buddy.  Who says plants don't respond to love and companionship.  It will be a joy to sit next to him and spin today - my heart knows he is righting himself. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Do You Make Of These?

Needed to step outside and clear my brain - look what was over the farm - amazing clouds that looked so angry but was not producing anything but something to think about
What do You Make of These?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Black Friday's for this Gal

Cashmere (my sweet Marvin) Musk Ox (from a breeder in Alaska) and Silk from the coop I belong to.  The soul sang sweet words while I spun - my way of being in the world.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today's Poultry Talk

Mom - what is all this nonsense the turkey's are saying about hiding until February???  Why do we have to pull our weight and theirs during the coldest months of the year??  The girls and I have talked and we just don't think it is right....

You see my sweet Hen -
23 Wild Turkeys live here and enjoy the protection we offer them especially during this trying time of the year.  On Wednesday when Kasha and I ate our lunch in the forest the group of them came walking by us finding morsels in the dry grass.  Kasha did not bark or chase because she understands that they are allowed to live here without worry.  I marvel at these amazing creatures.  I am not against eating meat but here is my thought on that -  I wished each person who does eat meat would have to at least once kill the animal of which they have chosen to eat.  I think not only would that stop folks from seeing meat as just something that sits under plastic and you can purchase with a coupon but rather as a real living and breathing creature.  I also think the general public might also understand what those of us who raise animals go through when and if we sell them for meat.  Lastly, I would hope that you might give thanks everyday for what you eat and for those who gave their life for you meal.

So my sweet Hen - just know that we all pull our weight here at the farm and no breathing creature is living in fear that they will be on our dinning room table.  So go enjoy the warm sunny day and soon I will be bringing out the blueberries for your holiday treat.

From all at Larkspur Funny Farm we send to you and yours Love, Light, Peace and Blessings this day and everyday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

No, Grace did not get a cell phone.  I have to say getting older can be an issue and of late I was wondering if my hearing was failing...  Since I live in a quite world where I know every sound that this farm and animals make I always seem to be humming along with the small sounds.  I have noticed that when I listen to my tunes I am not hearing everything like I use to - muffled and not as sharp.  At first I did not pay attention because there is always a wind going on here and most of the time I only listen to tunes when I am working outside anyway.

The other issue is no matter how hard I hide those wires for the ear buds a goat can walk by, find it and with a single bite they take out my tunes. I have even taped them to my body to hide them but still within a blink these cleaver goats manage to chomp that tiny wire.  I can not even count how many I have purchased just in the last three years.  I just don't want to know.

Well, when I was in town Friday I decided since I was down to only one pair I better purchase a few more.  I went to the electronic department and first found a CD of my favorite Beatles album.  Yeah for me because I only had it on cassette and could not listen to it while outside. Then I asked the sales person if she had anymore of my ear buds in the back.  She came back and asked if I was going to also purchase the Beatles album on Itunes?  I giggled and said I don't have an Ipod so No.  She asked then why was I purchasing ear buds for an Ipod???  WHAT?  After reviewing how a clerk picked this brand over a year ago and I have been purchasing them ever since I could have just kicked myself.  We giggled (I did that giggle I do when I am truly mad but know the anger is not going to help) and I got me two pair of the correct ear buds.

As I started to get ready to unload the hay at the farm I put in the new ear buds and wow - SO LOUD !!!  I am not losing my hear - well I might if I don't turn the volume down. 

I was singing along with Michael Jackson and enjoying the clear sounds when Llama Boy came up to my rubbing his nose on my cheek and giving me love and attention.  He has been mad at me so this attention was a happy turn of events.  Just as I was truly enjoying his soft nose this tender lips grab one of the ear buds and Chomp...  There went my new ear phones....

Luckily, I have another pair and after yelling and having a temper tantrum I went to the house and got the last pair.  I know most would not risk it but when I work hour after hour in the outside wind it is my only way to stay sane...  So, Yes I am blasting the tunes and enjoying every note...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday was not easy

This weekend I started the process of digging the final resting place for my sweet Kasha.  She is my heart and soul, best friend and protector.  Her health has been declining and I need to get this done before the ground freezes.  Saturday, I brought her out to the place that is the resting place for another one of our Great Pry's "Jaws" and began using the pick axe to break the ground.  Kasha rested while I swung away.  The older billies demanded to be with us and so I let them share in the day.  Kasha kept an eye on them as I plugged away at the rock bound ground.  It was very slow going and with my shoulder not what it should be I lasted longer then I thought I could but was reduced to sitting and using a regular hand scoop that I use in my floor pots.  I know, slow but it was the best I could do... With each scoop I was listening to some of the best tunes - Beatles... Wave after Wave of memories. Tears streaming down my cheeks and dropping on the ground that I was trying to scoop away.  Then a smile would come over my face as Kasha would lick my face and give me that award winning smile of hers.  I worked until I could no longer move my arm and called it quites for the day.

Kasha and I walked back to her trailer.  With each step we felt the heaviness of the day but  I promised her I would be back soon after grabbing a tiny bite of something, put on warmer clothes and swallow three more Advil...  Through the night we snuggled and just remained present.  It was hard not to think of our younger days and better health. It is impossible to sleep with her because despite her not feeling well she still works.  Reminds me of me... No matter what I get up and work even when I don't feel like I can put one foot down I just do it... I have never regretted a single day since I started this farm and no matter what life has given me I understand this is where I was meant to be.

There are much more work to be done on this sad project.  Tomorrow I will be digging more, picking out rocks to cover the grave and dig deeper in the memories that have created my life here.  I sure hope the Advil hold out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inquiring Minds

I am not sure if you can enlarge this article (again I state I am not the best with computer things)  to read it better but I was cleaning out the upstairs office files and found a recent article written about your truly in the "Metro Magazine" this spring.  The magazine came out to the farm after a big snow storm to see what this college grad has been up to - trust me, nothing to do with the degree I earned... For those who wondered also what this very tired farm gal looks like guess which one I am???

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yeah - Poop Day

Not much in life makes sense to me of late but today I was having to put my mind and soul into something that is me.  Yep, that means mucking out the goat girls barn.  To most in this country that task would make them feel like they are being punished or not valued  but for me I love order and cleaning.  I have been struggling with many issues of late including a very messed up right shoulder but as I could not sleep again last night every inch of me was aching to get outside and do some WORK...  Most would rest their broken body, maybe even take some med's and pull the covers over their heads but for me the best way of healing I know is getting outside, connecting with the needs of my animals and moving shit... Tiny round pellets that my sweet animals leave every where - not those smelly, nasty "Road Apples" or the wet, round "Cow Patties" but what I call Larkspur Funny Farm Raisinetts,,

I got this sleep deprived body outside early and went to work with good tunes in my ears and a willingness to just be in the present moment.  To let go of all the things that are not going right, and just be with the task at hand.  I gathered all the tools required including the pick axe.  I know what your thinking great way to really make the shoulder worse but it is what it is and no one else does the work for me...

As I arrived at the barn the girls cleared a path because they understood MOM was in the cleaning mode so it is best to just move out of her way.  As my sons can testify to when I get going I don't stop until it is all done.  I found if I stop for any reason it is like letting the air out of a balloon.  So hour by hour the scrapping, shoveling and removing continued.  Then came the Pick Axe Work which requires all to move away and me to keep focused as to not put it into a foot or leg.  I have to admit I really can get out some great frustration and angry during this part of the cleaning and I tell you this was long overdue.

Eight hours have passed and the barn is done.  Gates rewired and water containers scrubbed and filled.  As I gathered my tools and checked over to make sure I had not left something Dot (the llama baby boy) came up and was ever so snugly.  As I looked closer at his face I noticed the silly boy had a rock stuck in one of his nostrils.  I gently removed it and had to giggle because he in turn gave me soft Llama kisses and wrapped his neck around my waist.  As I walked this tired, smelly and poop dust covered body back to the house I took a moment to reflect on the peace this day gave me. 

After cleaning myself up and finally eating something (I told you I don't stop for any reason) I could slowly feel my body starting to feel the aches of the work day.  However, this gal would rather have a day like today then just about anything else.  For those who say they had a "Shitty Day" I can truly say "I had a Shitty Day and LOVED every minute of it"

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amazing Batts Posted in my Etsy Shop

I will be posting all day some of the best fiber blends I completed while struggling to find sleep.  Stop into and get your holiday shopping done without leaving your home.  Thanks for peeking - more goodies to come.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Men At Work

 The boys are enjoying this warm weather eating in the front - nibbling on the last of the goodies that are still going.. 
 Sylvester (in the back) and Beau (in the front) are trimming up along the driveway and I hope they get to work on the middle soon.  Notice the differences in horns - Beau is intact and Sylvester came to me without his family jewels.  We don't talk about that around him.
 Jack is nibbling away while Seamus is resting under the large pine tree - Peace is achieved so easily for them.
Marvin (to the Left) and Johnny Cash ( to the Right) are working on the other side of the driveway.  My boys sure do work hard.  What I love is they are doing this all without fencing.. Yep, such good boys.  Also, when it is time to be put up I walk out the shop door and ask nicely for all to walk.  In a nice and orderly group we walk back to their pen.  This process is not done with anger, panic or demanding but rather we agree to work together.  Not the normal picture most paint about Billies.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday was full of Amazing Treats

Wow, another parcel in the mailbox - this from another sweet friend Monique (MO) who seems to know when this gal is down and in need of some kindness...  In the box are a dozen Lavender Cookies dipped in rich Chocolate....  Now I had to restrain myself because it was only 3:00 in the afternoon and I wanted to wait to taste one of these after dinner.  Boy did I have to stay away from them so I took my tired body outside and kept working. 

Finally I was inside and cleaned up.  I made dinner and cleared the table and did the dishes.  I put on the hot water for a nice cup of tea and placed a single cookie on a special little plate and waited for the water to boil.  I fluffed the pillows on my bed and got the DVD player all ready.  I poured the  water and carried the cup and plate upstairs.  Tucked under the covers and the movie playing I took a nibble and it is pure heaven...  I truly am one lucky lady...

Thank You MO for thinking of me and sending me such a great gift in the mail.  You kindness means the world to me.  Hugs

Can't Believe I Am Such A Lucky Lady

Is you mouth watering???  It should be because this lovely jam is the best I have every tasted and it comes from a talented and dear friend Sheri Chin...  The huge Blackberries grow on her property and her jam making skills are amazing.  I was lucky to receive some of her Strawberry Jam last year and have enjoyed every spoonful.  Imagine my delight when I went to the mail box and found a very heavy parcel in my mailbox...  When I carried it into the kitchen I could not wait to open the flaps and see what was inside.  OH MY GOSH - I have three jars of Blackberry and three jars of Strawberry - I am doing the Happy Dance as I grab the lid opener...  I snatched a teaspoon and dipped into the lush, glossy jam.  I slowly tasted the full flavor and could not believe my taste buds.  I called Sheri right up and gushed about how this package had put a very bad day right and how I was thinking of all the baked goods I can make to honor this wonderful gift. 

This morning I made fresh hot whole wheat biscuits with a swipe of organic butter followed by a generous layer of the dark rich Blackberry Jam.... Oh My I am one pampered lady and so very blessed to have such a dear friend who shares her hard work and talents with me. 

Thank you again Sheri for your lovely jam, great friendship and kindness..... Hugs

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goldie Update

Another long night - set up most of the night with the sweet one and she is doing better but not out of my watchful eye.  She did eat a few slices of pear which made her elimate a few things that should not have been in her system too long.  She did give me a few licks on the neck and snuggles in the lap which helped me feel like she was turning a corner.  My body is so stif from sitting on the ground but my heart is warm for knowing I gave her my best.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and good wishes please if you would keep her there for a bit long... Hugs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Watch, Worry and Walk

Stress filled Monday....  Feeling like I have been drug through the knot hole and back.  When starting my morning as usual - no holiday's here I noticed that Goldie did not come out of the barn with the other bottle kids.  I walked out onto the back deck and called her name.  Normally she would run out of the barn to see what Momma was wanting.  Nothing!  So I put on shoes and out I walked to the barn.  I found her sitting in the corner of the barn and she did not stand up when I  came in.  Not Normal.  So I went to check her out and like with all kids no matter two legged or four she did not respond the way she does to strokes on her head or kisses to her face - that means she is not feeling 100 %.  Now unlike a two legged kid she can not tell me what is going on so it requires more skills to figure it out.

For the whole day I either had her with me or I was walking back and forth into the barn.  I could not even convince her to walk the back yard and nipple on dandelions - that is like offering your kid ice cream and they turn away.  I could not find a temp, injury or other signs of the multitude of illnesses that come upon these little ones.  This weather is not helping - 83 degrees one day and then snow and 23 with 10 hours later.  Also, they could have played to rough and she got hit and was nursing soar ribs - Oh how I can relate to that....

As the sun set here she still was not feeling good so it was the ever hour checking routine.  Yep, the put on the coat, shoes, hat, gloves and pants - grab the flashlight and walk to the barn to make sure Goldie was not taking a turn for the worse. Then to come back in the house and take it all off and sit on the couch till the timer went off an hour later. This tired gal knows this dance so well and I never mind doing it when the life of an animal is in the balance but I sure wished I had a dollar for every time I have done this.... 

I am happy to report she made it through the night and this morning followed me out of the barn.  This does not mean I will stop my watch today at all but it does mean that for another day I get to see that incredible sweet face, give her hugs and snugs and know that if for no one else I matter to Goldie.  She knows that I will do anything to make sure she is not left alone when feeling poorly.  The other goats in the barn may have lost some sleep as well but I would like to think that they too understand that it is out of love, compassion and duty that I disturb their slumber.  Also that if were them feeling poorly I would do the same.

So if you would please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today - we hope for a calmer day and night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What did you do today?

Oh I bet I had more fun then you....

I fixed fence all day - YEAH!!!  See I told you I had more fun then you...

I forgot to take pictures - Sorry but I was just so excited to get out there and get to work that I completely forgot to impress you with pictures.  It is also really hard to rewire and stretch wire while snapping pictures.  Also was not sure if I wanted to risk the camera in the pens with the billie boys who are very mouthy right now and I had to keep one eye tracking them all the time while using my other eye to make sure I did not hit my hand with the hammer. 

I admit I was a bit slow on getting out there this morning but like always with me the moment I step outside and get going I am in pure joy and loving every minute of the work.  It also helps that I have so many watchful eyes on me.  No room for slacking and always great company while the hours pass.  Today was also wonderful because Dot (the little llama boy) was out with me and his desire to learn everything I do kept me inspired to do more.  I had to put Big Llama Boy up into a pasture on the opposite side of the farm because apparently the neighbor have two llama's over at their place - not sure why, for how long or if they are going to train them but it threw this farm into a mess.  That meant Dot could be in the unfenced area with me - Yeah!!! 

It is also tons of fun to work with the bottle kids.  Each one trying to take the fence staples from the can while I am hammering, or how each one nibbles on a different section of  my pants each time I take a step and best of all the tons of kisses I get when I bend over - I told you my work is great....

After 5 hours of fence work, 2 hours of barn work it was time to head in.  I have a great home cooked dinner awaiting, the heating pad warming up and PBS tonight - I may not live a life others would think worth while but for today I had a great day doing those things that place joy into my life.

So what did you do today??

I am a Eagle - a Lone Eagle

Saturday morning this big proud bird was on my bedroom window ledge as the morning crept onto the farm. Eagle - really???  Another freaking way to start my day but I am starting to get use to this....  The snow was blowing and the temp was so very cold.. I wanted to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head but I have too many mouths waiting and they need to get warmed up.  I  got everyone feed as the majestic bird spent the day at the farm watching us closely as I kept an eye on him as well - "The Birds" movie still freaks me out as the number of birds here at the farm increases each day...  I guess that is one way to face a fear...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tapes for Sale

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Monday, September 24, 2012

There is a Goat in my dish

As of late Goldie has taken great pleasure in pulling Dot's Chain.  At every turn she has found new ways to see how far she can go to piss off this mild mannered llama.  Recently it is jumping into Dot's feed bunker and stepping on the hay.  Once she does this Dot will not touch the food.  Mind you Goldie has her own in the barn but it is always better to see what a pain in the rear one can be...

Each day I stand with Dot to show him that he is to bethe  master of his own bunker but if I take a couple of steps away Goldie runs in and jumps right in the middle.  So like all mothers I told him to stand up for himself, believe in his inner power and be brave. I told Goldie that it would not be long before Dot would be so much bigger then her and that he would be the one to guard and watch over her so play nice...

It all starts with a look

Many a shy guy has been lead down the garden path by a older girl.  Poor Max had a terrible "Boy Moment" in the barn.  As I was doing the chores and getting ready to go on to the next task I noticed that a few of the girls on the other side of the barn was doing that "Flirting Flick" with their tails.  Before I could blink there was Max with this head through the gate and his horns caught.  It happens that quickly - Hormonal Imbalance.  You know - where a sweet little boy turns into a raging Ass...

So I went and got a couple of sheep panels, and before Max knew what was going on I put a 6 foot pen in front of the gate.  This will keep him away from the girls and the girls away from him.  Chief watched as I built the pen and I could just see the wheels turning in his head.  He said "Crap, this means this ball of fur is going to want to challenge me every two seconds"  Poor Chief, he has been in this dance for 11 years and I could tell he was not looking foreword to it.  We are all getting older here and some issues are getting on our last nerves.  Before it got out of hand I warned Chief "No Biting" and "This too will pass" speeches.  He rolled his eyes, gave a deep exhale and sat in the corner of the barn. 

I think that sweet face of Chief says it all.....

You Know What I Like

No matter what time of year it is Sherlock loves our quality time together.  Notice he is not covered with pee on his face - no need - he is smart enough to know that there will be no breeding for him this year.  He is not the least bit upset because he knows I LOVE him and give him as much quality time as I can spare...  I have to be careful during this time of year that I do not get into a MALE WAR over my affections - sounds strange but have you ever stood in the center of 20 billies with horns and they are all wanting to be Mother Favorite???  It can be dangerous but with years of knowing the way they think I can work with them and still be safe.  Sherlock demands and gets full attention first at all times.  Beside how could you resist that amazing and sweet face - I know I sure can't..

BUT MOM - All the guys are doing it

Oh what a difference a week makes around this farm.  My sweet white boys in a matter of an evening have turned into what I like to call - Big Boy Bless.....

This is why not everyone can appreciate what it is to be a MALE in the animal world.  I on the other hand have great love, compassion and understanding that this is all part of the circle and I enjoy watching how this process takes place every year.  I have the older and breeding billies in one pasture and they know that no one is breeding this year and so no peeing on themselves, no fighting and they are just enjoying the cooling weather. 

Then you move over to the three, two and one year old male pasture and it is a hot hormonal mess.  I have to fill their water tubs four times a day because you need enough fluids going in to handle what is going out. Before you say to yourself "Why doesn't she stop filling the tubs - end of problem" just know that this would only cause serious health issues and would not stop the drive within them.   I know it is not a pretty picture and you are lucky there is no smell o vision but this is how they all work it out.  I have to also giggle because I have Sherlock (a proud Daddy of many) and his friend Watson (who has not bred) in that mix because they are teaching the younger guys the ropes.  Here is how it works - The three year old boys show the two year  boys are the plumbing works.  The two year olds then show the yearlings who try it out but they forget their place in the chain and so Watson puts them in their place.  After a whole day and night of this Sherlock walks over to the biggest three year old head butts him, down the three year old goes and then everyone sits down quickly.  Sherlock walks over to the shade and sits down.  Then Watson comes over and rubs Sherlock head and sits next to him.  All the others stand around like they are lost and no matter where they are they sit down.  Simple - balance restored.  Before you think we are done with this dance someone  losses their mind again to hormones and the dance starts up again.  This will be the routine here at the farm and it can at times get a bit out of hand.  That is when I go out and turn the hose on them and shake my finger at them and tell them to knock it off.  Yep, that lasts a couple of hours but what do you expect from a bunch of males?

So if you come by the farm at this time of the year you will get an ear and nose full but you will also see the proud behavior of some of the most incredible boys around.  I truly love this time of year.