Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Morning at the Funny Farm

This mornings sunrise shows how heavy the smoke was and is in the air.  I walked around doing the chores coughing as if I was a life long smoker.  I could not imagine what someone with poor lungs would be dealing with - I sneezed about a dozen times while trying to talk with someone on the phone last night and think I got brain damage from it...  Oh for those who said under their breath "She already has brain damage" Shame on you!!!

The morning was not the best - I had to put down one of my hens who was egg bound and could not release it - she also had other problems with her intestines so after loving her a bit we said our good byes...  So NOT the best beginning to my morning but that is part of what it means for have, care and love animals.

Hope you all have a good Friday - I am hoping for the computer guy, maybe some rain and that all will be safe for another day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Stress Filled Day

Thought I would share he reason I love where I live - the day has been more then stressful but when this gal was just way too tired to even think or move I stepped outside and this is what was waiting for me.  So for just a little while I stood and just drank in the beauty that surrounds my farm.  With all the terror that we have gonet thru and still are going thru I gave thanks for the ability to look at the beauty that was being presented to me.  Now, it still smells like I am sitting in the middle of a camp fire and me without the fixings for Smores.  I have packed clothes, paperwork and jewelry just in case.  I worked on files and shredding paper work that is no longer needed.  I sat again with a bra on waiting for the dish guy who never showed up after promising he would be here today.  I did make the best bread today and home made Sloppy Joes which where delish.  With all going on in my world I have to remind myself to live in the moment because tomorrow is never promised to any of us.

I want to thank everyone again for keeping Colorado in their prayers and a special thank you to those who offered to come here and help. You love, kindness and friendship mean the world to me and my sweet one's.  You all give me strength to keep focused and to move in purpose. You are all in my heart.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Made it to Monday

Monday Morning and trying to stay up beat.  Long night of moving hoses, checking on animals and trying to rest.  Not much of that but we are safe and standing.  The fire to the East of me was put out with the skill of a small fire department and tons of volunteers.  So that leaves the other six fires in Colorado still going and growing.  It is heavy on my heart because I know what it means to have little time to pack up what you can and drive off the farm and pray with all your might that something will survive.  As I was laying on the couch last night I thought of those who have the other problem - too much rain and water.  If only all things could be smooth and even - so this morning I got showered, dressed, fed the sweet ones and gave THANKS that we made it thru one more night.

Stay safe everyone and wish me luck on the router coming and working this time.  I find it interesting the only two sites I am having trouble with on this new computer is Etsy and PayPal - you know the reasons why I laid out the money for a new one and high speed.  Send good thoughts that I can figure it out..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fires, Heat and Techno Crap

Stress levels over the top here !!!

New fire south of me has the farm chocking in smoke and sitting in "What if's" and a headache that feels like my head will come apart in a million pieces... Late into the night I checked the reports, checked on the animals and working to get the new computer into my world of knowledge. Not an easy task seeing how limited that is...

My dog Sophia keep getting off lead and running wild around the farm and in the house so that was anything but fun - looks like a bull ran thru the house. Finally at 2 am got her to stay in the barn and calm down. The smoke and smell puts the animals in escape mode.

After another night of little sleep I made my breakfast and sat down to restart the computer to the large tasks at hand. I was on it for not more then 5 minutes and the screen went black.
Crap !!!! I sat there looking at the screen in panic. Yep, went there again. I took ten deep breaths and got a cup of coffee and the receipt - called the tech support line and started that process. I got a great helpful guy who walked me thru the steps to reboot everything and there was the problem fixed.... I told the guy this is not what I wanted in life - can't I just walk thru this smoothly with this new computer? He very kindly said "Miss, I am always here if you need me"
Nice to know but I really do not wish to have to do this again...

So the day did not start the way I had hoped but then I put it into context - my farm is not on fire and we are all safe for now. Really makes you remember what is important !!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riding High on High Speedy

It has been an interesting week. First hurtle was I got the truck fixed and I was off the farm for the first time since December 6th, Yes you read that right.

Second while out I had to purchase a new computer because my ancient tower was crapping out and shutting off at will. I held my breath everytime I was near it - Not a way to live. So with a new fangled lap top I came home to find out it could not speak Dial Up - Yes, stop rolling your eyes.

I spent two days on the phone with every possible provider in the world to see if where I live truly is the black hole. I was given one provider Hughes Net. which I again gathered myself and ordered an installation... In my usually way of dealing with things I baked thru the night, cleaned and was without the ability to sleep. Chores were done by 4:30 am and I awaited my new adventure.

The guy arrived right on time (WOW that was exciting) and we spoke of everything I had no idea about - he was patient and kind and we made decissions as to the best place to place the beast so in the next wind storm it would not end up some where over in the next county. Also my home is a challenge - stone and logs so drilling and running cables is a bit more of a challege. He went to work as I started painting yarns and cooking to keep myself calm. After about two hours it was all done and he went to show me how it works. Now he had a paniced look on his face - the router was not working but that is O.K. he will bring a new one on Monday and for now I am sitting at the kitchen table typing away and the speed of light... With all that I have to learn about how to find things on this new laptop sitting at the table is best.

I did find my emails, found the blog, found facebook and yes, I even saw how to see You Tube but don't think this is now going to mean I watch hour after hour of cat's wearing hats or singer want to be's butchering my favorite tunes. What is dones mean is listing a product on Etsy will not take hours, or my research for far away adventures will not take days on end and end in the computer freezing. Most of all it means that I will find more time to do those things that no one else does here but me - like pull weeds, scoop poop, scrub bathrooms or dare I say SLEEP

So wish me luck on the new technology and be kind to me I am learning.

Here is a question - How do I use a flash drive to get pictures off my old computer??? Your rolling your eye again!! I am worried that they will be lost and I worry that if I do it wrong they will be lost. I purchased a couple and found out they do not come with insturctions..... Help if you can Please

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gift From A Sweet Angel

This weekend I was given such an amazing treat from a lovely women I have never met. MO is what she goes by but I call her my long distant Angel. We have only spoke on line but I have gotten to know a bit about her amazing young family. She came to me first as a customer - learning to spin and doing fantastic job at it.. She creates lovely handy work while tending to the needs of her young one's and husband. Mo sent me some infused honey and a packet of Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies in the mail this weekend to lift my heart and spirit - so tasty and I am each night adding a bit of honey to my tea and quietly nibbling on a cookie. I take my time to appreciate the love and kindness that she has given to me along with the mouth watering and soul filling tastes.

I am so lucky to have some incredible long distant angels. THANK YOU MO.

Time Out in the Corner

We all get a bit crazy in this heat but in life sometimes you have to step in. This morning while doing my chores before the sun was up and the heat consumed the farm Max (little bottle boy of Mishkas) was having a hormone meltdown. He was all over me wanting attention and when the little bottle girls wanted in on the action he banged into them HARD!!! Not Nice...

So after several warning - like Kids listen? No matter how many legs they have I had to give Max a big time out. I walked him across the farm and into the small barn by himself to think over his actions. I went about my work and two hours later he decided to behave. At least that is what that sweet face said. I walked him back and now that the temp was climbing up there everyone went to their separate corners and sat down. Time is running out for him to stay with his bottle girls but for today lesson learned.

Strange Bed Fellows

With the heat raging on into the 100's, fires running wild in the State and spending most of my day trying to keep animals hydrated and calm as they smell smoke in the air, this gal is one tired smelly puppy...

Last night after filling the water containers in all the pastures for the 4th time I smelled like, well I guess we just wont go there but I was too tired to stand and shower so it was the leather couch. Yuck!!! Sticking to leather is not fun and I think I have left several skin layers behind each time I would get up. Anyway, as I was just about to doze off I felt this strange feeling. I kept still and tried to figure out what was crawling up my chest.. Yep, I jumped off the couch and did the Girly Scream.. Flicking what was on me across the living room.

I ran to turn on a light and grab a shoe to crush it into the carpet - OH MY look at who came to snuggle. I admit I sat there for the longest time letting it crawl all over my arms and took the picture and then walked it outside and placed it in the front Pinon tree. So after all that it was past midnight and time to check animals and fill up who needed water. So I had an exciting bed fellow or should I say couch fellow but now I am wide awake and still smelly.. Who says I do not have a romantic life?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up dates

Since I can not seem to get my computer to allow me to log into Facebook without shutting down I would like to thank everyone who sent kind words about the passing of my injuried hen and the killing of those other innocent hens. I thank you more then you know for you taking the time to send kind words and thoughts.

For those who worried that I was in the Huge Horrible Fire going on up north in Colorado - I am not but many friends of mine are and so the prayers you send me I have passed on to them. This is a early hot season and we are all trying our best to keep safe and deal with the drought.

As for the Facebook thing - if you wish to talk with me do not do it thru FB I can not answer... Please either send me a private email or even if you leave a comment on the blog I will read it and answer you. I can not risk that my computer will have a complete melt down because this is my only way to connect with my Etsy and Artfire shops. Remember, I am the one who does not even do cell phones so I can not answer thru a high tech phone. I am not ignoring you it is more like Protecting what works right now. If my fiber friends on FB would please post a note on our group sites that this is going on I would appreciate it... Otherwise just know I am here to talk and work with you we just have to do it a different way... Many Thanks

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Little Hen

It was a very sad early morning at the farm - my little hen who had struggled so hard after the horror that hit the farm has passed away at 3:47 this morning but she did so in peace and in my arms. Her and I sat up in the office chair while watching a movie, Girl with the Dragon Tatto. I was trying to catch up a bit on all that has to be done... Answering emails, updating the Etsy shop and nodding off while sitting up ... I knew this was coming but it is never easy especially when I do not have answers as to why!

In life we are many times asking the question WHY??? We feel that if we only had that answer that some how it would all make sense. If we only heard the plan for this horrible event then we would know how to plan for the next thing that might coming our way. But, I have learned that sometimes there just is not an answer and even if I had it, it would not change what I have to deal with in the Now...

Some might ask why so much energy and sadness for just a chicken? I guess it is because I have sat with human loved ones on their way off this world and remember that pain and loss. Every life has meaning, purpose and value. Any way I look at this day it is just SAD..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I feel in Felt

For those who create in fiber we have many ways and this is one of them - FELT..

I have not had time to do much of late but I am placing some up on my Etsy shop who love to create with wool felt. Read more about it in my shop at

Trials of The Storm

During the worst of the Storm there where clouds above my home that in all the years I have lived here I had never seen. As I held on to the deck I tried to capture a couple of snaps of the monster clouds I kept saying "Your Nuts Grace, GET INSIDE". Within a matter to two snaps the sky turn pure black and the camera just could not capture it so I turned to the carding machine to create what the camera could not... It was as if the end of the world was above me. Now don't ask why I was not in the basement? I did the moment I took the last picture. I sat down there thinking of which fibers I would use to make this batt and when it was clear to come out of the basement I went straight to the carding machine - well, that is after I checked on the animals by flash light.

This batt was created with a Tri Colored Rambouillet Lambs Wool, Tri Colored French Angora Fur, Hand Painted Purple Haze Silk and Kettle Dyed Chopped Silk. This batt is so soft that I admit when I completed it I spent some time just holding it - So So So - well just SO!!!

Up for sale on my Etsy Shop
Remember, I am still having my coupon sale for 15% off all items.

Edge of the Storm

During the latest Tornado event I went to work at the carding machine to capture in fiber what I was witnessing above my Log House. Mother Nature is harsh, cruel and destructive but she also is responsible for all the incredible things I see and experience in my world. So here is one in the series that I created.

The fibers in this batt are White Merino, Gray Alpaca, Aquamarine Alpaca, Hand Painted Silks and French Angora Bunny. This Fiber Batt is up for sale in my Etsy Shop

Finding Joy in the Hard Times

A dear friend who I have never placed my eyes on or arms around has sent me several gifts this week that has lifted my spirit and let me know that I am cared for and loved. Not that things show me that but rather that someone would step out of their own trails and troubles and think of me... WOW - I sure needed that in so many ways.

With one of the gifts I was also able to play some music CD's that another dear friend sent me. I know it sounds silly but I cranked up the music and danced around while working at the carding machine.. My heart was soaring and it was all because of dear lady who again I have never met but whom I have shared more with then I think anyone on this planet.. Our talks give me things to think about, we have held each other through the hard times with words, tears and our art works. Also, last night while holding my injuried hen in my lap and needing to stay awake I was able to watch a movie on my DVD player gift instead of watching info selling shows. My two angels helped me through a horrible afternoon and evening without them even knowing.

So this morning with my gravely injuried hen in my lap as I type this I want the world to know I have two incredible angels who watch over me and spread their love in so many different ways and I am so THANKFUL!!!
Hugs my Dear Ones

Murder at the Farm

The Farm is mourning the killing of 5 sweet hens late Saturday Afternoon.... I have not slept yet because I have a sixth hen who I found wounded and hiding late in the night so I spent time to clean her up and dress her wounds and sit with her in my lap. She is still struggling and if I feel there is no hope I will ease her crossing but for now she ate a couple of blueberries I thawed from the freezer and tiny torn pieces of my whole wheat bread that I baked on Friday.

I sit here again feeling like I got hit by a Mac Truck!!! I hope my sweet girls did not suffer too much and I pray that the injured girl will find the strength to carry on but if not I will be with her today as she takes her final breaths. So I hope to move her basket into the bathroom with me because I could so use a shower but I will wait till she looks like she can be out of my sight long enough for me to jump in and jump out.

Please keep her in your thoughts and say a blessing for those who lives ended. I know the circle of life too well and they where loved while with me.. Now, on the other hand who ever came in and committed this act will be on the hit list with me.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have never really liked the saying "When life gives you Lemons, make Lemon Aid" What is wrong with making Lemon Meringue, Lemon Squares or heck even Lemon Chicken???

I decided to make Lemon Roving..... This is 50% Merino and 50% Tencel and is anything but bitter... So JUICY and no Pucker Factor.

Up on Etsy this afternoon

Fresh and Juicy

Fresh from the dye pot - 50% Merino and 50% Tencel - such softness and the colors are juicy!! Soft Lemon Yellow and a pale cantaloupe

I am placing some great new fiber offerings up on Etsy this afternoon and remember the coupon sale..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roses out of Ashes

It is no secret that I love Roses but I also love to create them in fiber. As the sky grew dark and the strength of Mother Nature engulfed the farm I knew all would be well if I could keep my focus on the good things. Roses popped in my head and so I went to work to card them up.

This fiber offering is going up on my Etsy Shop in a couple of minutes. You will find it comforting. Available at

Pajama Party

Remember the days of giggling late into the night, sharing soda and popcorn with your best girl friends and dancing around to your favorite music - this is what I thought of while carding these batts up... Bring back those days in many ways!!

Up now on my Etsy Shop

I hope you will bring it home and Dance in your PJ's...


While worry and storms are around us I created this batt - I call is "Speechless"

Up on Etsy Shop now at

What a DAY and NIGHT

Very difficult day and night. It started with my computer deciding to just shut down and not let me start it. Yep, a melt down but not as bad as last time - I really need a different computer. So I decided to spend the time carding fiber and trying to calm down. So I had a new movie from Netflix and popped it in and pushed the button and my DVD player made this weird noise and Yep, it now does not work ! Seriously??? Trying not to completely go off the rails. Something kept pulling at me to go outside and this is what I saw. The start of a funnel and the wind knocked me down. Ran into the house and went into storm mode.

Got out my hand crank radio and got the weather alerts coming in - Yep, I was in a huge warning area. This means RUN and get all the animals gathered, all the loose things put up, take all electrical things that could be harmed unplugged (So that is why my computer is not working?) and then get all the supplies ready in the basement.. I put on clothes that if I need to leave the farm or if the winds pick me up I will be o.k. and that also means putting my wallet on me.. I know that sounds horrible but that way I can be identified if the worst happens or have cash and such on me if I have to leave quickly. As I listen to all the warnings and try to stay in the truth that I have done all I can...

I took these quick pictures and while I did that the wind was gathering some horrible power behind it. Just then I saw the Llama girls got out. CRAP!!! Yep, I ran to gather them up and we did this running thing till the wind just knocked me to the ground... Dottie came running up to me in worry and as I pulled myself to standing they ran into the barn and I managed to shut the gates again. I could hardly get back to the house. Just then I had running in my brain the part from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy was trying to get into the storm cellar and the wind kept her out so she ran back to the house and that is when everything went wrong. As I finally got into the house I stood there saying "Dumb Grace" over and over.

Well, sitting in the basement till 11 at night and then crawled up to bed by midnight with worry still on my mind. As the sun rose this morning I gave thanks that we are all standing. There are things to pick up, animals to calm down and for now the computer is up but we will be shutting down soon because we are to have more storms today.

Please again remember I am having computer issues - DO NOT think I can be answering on Facebook - it seems to be the issue... Every time I go to my account with in a couple of second the computer freezes and shuts down. If you wish to talk with me leave a comment here or email me... Many thanks. Be safe today and give Thanks that you are still standing...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update on Goldie

Just so everyone knows Goldie is doing great...
I went out many times during the day to check on her, put a little bit of herbal treatment on her neck and to hug her and kiss her - Oh Yes, like a typical Mom - lecture her also about the evils of "The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side"...

As for the neighbor - there was no news report of a country gent coming down with blindness from seeing an Alien at Larkspur Funny Farm. Yep, my overly white skin has been mistaken for a glow in the dark Alien on more then one occasion.

So as the sunsets here at the farm I am rethinking my summer sleepwear and considering how to keep my eye and body on those things that are important and dismiss those things that are not.

X Rated Morning

My Oh My - what did the neighbor see??? An eye full!!
I luckily have no pictures Thank Goodness

This morning I drug myself to the couch with a body that was full of pain.. I lay there wishing to just rise above my body and have some peace.. After about an hour I decided just to get up and start my day because it was not going to get any better.

I came into the kitchen and was trying to think of what to eat when I looked out the south window and grabbed the field glasses. There was my sweet Goldie (bottle Baby and shadow to my every move) hanging from the fence. I saw no movement from her - PANIC !!!!

I ran out the kitchen door, down the stairs and through the backyard, flung open the gates and ran the length of the large pasture to get to her. As I am getting about 100 yards to her I started calling her name - she answered but with a very weak voice. As I reached her she had managed not only to get herself stuck but she was hanging off the ground. I am blessed that unlike the other older goats she knows to just let me do what needs to be done if she wishes to be saved. Just as I am bent over the neighbor comes up their driveway.. I was so busy saving my sweet one I did not realize he was creepy slowly down the driveway. After I stood up with Goldie in my hands and being kissed and hugged I realized -- I am in my skimpy underwear and no top. With the heat at night I admit no long johns and turtle necks for my sleepwear. Not that it matters because my Goldie was alive and not too badly hurt but this gal is not use to thinking about body image or what people think of my looks... I wished I could say this was the first time this happened but ask my UPS man - he still blushes when he delivers a package...

So moral to the story - you can step out of yourself and your pain when someone you love is in trouble. Also, people should keep their eyes forward when driving or they may get an eye full that will burn their eyeballs for hours....

Listing All Day Long

Been busy today posting new items up on my Etsy shop site. My butt is numb and I am not one who likes to sit still all this time but with the winds howling so hard outside that nothing can be done there I decided to put on my big girl pants and type... For those who might not know I am also running a 15% off coupon sale for ALL items in my Etsy shop. Yep, you read that right!!

Type in Newlife15 when checking out and all the math is done for both you and I - Neat Huh

I will keep typing away if you will please stop into the shop and take a look around - I know there is a few things that must go home with you... Also, I seem to be unable to answer folks in FB right now so please if you have questions comment here, send me an Etsy convo or email me. For those who keep sending me questions through FB just know I am not be rude just my computer freezes every time I try to answer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Viewing Suggestions

Finding Balance and Peace as always when I spin. You may not know this but many times I spin in the dark... Other times I may sit and watch a program that provides inspiration - I spun three bobbins full late last night while watching PBS pledge drive with Dr Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled. I do not know about the rest of the world but most of what is on is waste of energy and a continual on slot of fear, dribble and consumer mind washing. All of that energy is nothing I wish to add into my yarns so I am always looking for up lifting things to watch or listen too.

I watched the other night the movie about the Surfer Girl who lost her arm by a shark attack. Makes me slap myself for every thinking my arm hurts... I also watched a great BBC special of the South Pole - makes me appreciate my need to find a higher purpose for my hours spent.

Any suggestion? Remember I do not have cable/dish but do have Netflix come in my mailbox.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Silk Rods Answers from Fiber Market Place

I am sorry to have to answer this way but I can not seem to stay connected to FB tonight to answer questions about using Silk Rods.

First, with the rods you do not need to degum them if you wish them thinner. Just spritz with a little bit of water and then like peeling skin off or that of an onion - slowly and gently start on the side and start peeling. I like to sometimes use a steam iron and a thin cloth and just steam a bit to open it up and then peel.

If you are wishing to add them into spinning yarns I just open the ends a bit when wet so it is a Tad bit fluffy that way it will grab on. You can also sew, bead, paint and stamp on them but remember not too close to the edge or the fibers can come loose.. If you are painting or stamping not too wet or again you will release the fibers.

If you are using the cocoons I can send you a degumming recipe because they have more (worm spit) in them and requires a bit more to loosen them apart.

I hope that helps but if you have further questions just leave a comment here and I will promise to answer you. I am sorry for the computer issues - dial up sucks and so does figuring out how to work around computer temper tantrums.

Stay White or Color?? You Vote

I have a nice big bag of Alpaca fiber waiting for me to go through and then wash. I love the white but also thinking some should be turned into something colorful - ANY Suggestions???