Friday, March 29, 2013

Exploring the World

Today was a first for the wee one....  She went outside and saw the big world that is her place on this farm.  It did not last long because like all little ones they love what they know but with the warming temp's there will be more outings like this and her brave soul will venture farther and longer in the sun.
All watched over her including the sweet little bird who has made a nest in her barn.  He flew out and hopped along the muddy ground close by her just to make sure all was O.K. - the moment she ran back into the barn the bird flew back in and into his nest and sung a little song of Spring time fun.  Wee One ran back to her pen and before we could blink she snuggled into the corner for a quick little nap.  Being little sure is hard work..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Sure How To Label This Day

Not even sure where to begin..

Woke up to my gut telling me I really need to make my trip into town today because much was riding on it.  Ran around like a chicken getting everyone done so I could make it off the farm before the ground turned to mush.  I was just doing that when my single Antelope ran out in front of the truck and I ended up in a snow drift.  After shoveling myself out and thinking maybe I should stay home I thought NOPE I really need to get this all done before the rain comes and I will never get out.

Got to town and went into the store.. Managed to make this lady cry who was handing out coupons for Easter Candy.  All I said was I do not eat the chemically constructed over packaged fake products.  Now before you get all mad at me - it is the truth. Yes, I could have just said NO THANK YOU and left it but my mouth opened and out came those words.  The reason she cried was in her words "I so agree and I hate my job".  As I tried to explain she cried more and more.  Finally I got at the root of the issue and this kind soul only wanted to rescue horses and live in nature but she had no idea how or even if she was worthy.  I gave her my card and told her I would gladly share the names of folks I knew who would help her on her way.  We hugged and I thought my day was going great.  See there was a reason to be off the farm.

I left after getting my dog lead and a few milk products, squash and frozen puff pastry.  When I got to the feed store I had to deal with this lady that for the past 5 years  still does not know what they sell or how to run the cash register.  I kept my mouth shout and just wanted to get home.  As they where loading the hay and dog food into the truck bed we heard my tire hissing a bit.  So we used that air in a can and off I went. I said to myself - I will get home, unload, check on Jasper and head west bound to the tire store.  As I was driving the worst bumpy roads in the county I heard this horrible sound.  I thought at first it was the radio but then my truck was swerving and almost went into the ditch.  I slowed the truck down and away from the soft ditch.  Got out and my right front tire exploded... I wont write what I said or should I say screamed but I think I scared the livestock.

As I tried to gather myself - Yes I was freaking.  Truck after truck went by with men not even stopping.  The two houses out there all had many dogs who did not want me.  Finally a telephone company truck stopped and I called a tow truck. This is also not the time to say - "See if you had a cell phone"  This guy only got a signal because he had a satellite phone.  .As I was waiting a kind gentlemen and his daughter pulled up.  He helped me move all the hay to get to the tire and then we found out the spare was flat.  How could that be???  Just my world for today.  Just then he said would I mind if he drove all the way back to town and fill it up and come back..  What an angel.  The daughter was out for driving lessons so she was thrilled that this meant more driving.  Of they went.  Fast forward - tow truck came and no tire to change - he stood and kept me company until the tire returned.  During that time he told me how much he wished he was living his dream - he wants to raise organic food and hens but his family thinks he is nuts.  So You Guessed It - Gave him a card because I have a friend looking for someone to partner with - he has been doing organic farming for years but can't do it by himself any more.  Then the angels showed up with the tire - they changed it and thanking everyone I got the address of the sweet little gal to send her a gift for giving up her time for me. 

As I drove home trying to keep myself together I got home to find the farm was mush.  So I had to drop the hay in the drive and with trolley drag each bale to the barns.  Let me tell you that is dragging 100 pounds of concrete thru three inches of mud that is a block long and do that 16 times while including four 50 pound bags of feed on my shoulders that same distance because the ground was now such a mess I could not even get the wheel barrel to go through the slog...  By that time Jasper had managed to wedge himself between two large drums while I was gone and set his recovery back big time...  Sometimes I just wonder if the universe wants to see if I drop to my knees..

So what have we learned today ???  That I am thrilled this day is over.  That it is a crime that so many people are not dong what they are meant to do and they don't know they could.  That I am lucky in so many ways and on the other hand I truly could use some easy days with some extra support.  Oh and so many other things but this gal just HAS to try for a bit of sleep before I need to go out to check on Jasper.  I sure hope your day was better then mine. 

Jasper Update

What a long night and Jasper is not out of the woods yet.  He finally pooped which is GREAT News....  I had to run into town to get more feed and also soda for his tummy - used up almost all of my stash and with life throwing me curves I never wish to be without....

While life threw me many horrible events today and I finally arrived 5 hours later at the farm I found Jasper wedged between several large drums in the barn and had his horns caught.  Now what in the world possessed him to do that I have no clue but this action set his recovery back some but I am here now and able to keep my eyes on him...  His twin brother Jeeves is worried to be separated from his brother but I was more concerned that Jeeves might make the recovery harder even if he did not mean too.  So for now Jeeves looks on over the divider and talks to him more then my fried nerves can handle but I know that his brother is also working hard to keep his spirits up and his recovery moving forword...  I will be working on his continual recovery through the night...

If you don't mind please keep Jasper in your prayers - much can be overcome... 

JASPER and I THANK YOU FOR GIVING OF YOU TIME TO KEEP US IN THE LIGHT.....  We do the same each day for you as well.   Blessings and Hugs from one tired and over stressed gal...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Almost Out Of The Barn

Just as I was reaching my goal of not having to go the to barn during the night it all went south.

Last night as I was just getting this body into bed something pulled at me to the window.  I opened it up just a tad because is was bone chilling cold out there.  As I pitched my ears I heard several of the younger billies making panic sounds.  So off I went, down the stairs and into my layers.  Out the door, down the stairs and sprinting toward the little boys barn.  As I was melting the ice off the clip I could hear a very faint cry which means someone is almost on their last breath.....

CRAP - Why can't folks stay out of trouble???

I found Jasper (one of the white cashmere 2 year old's) on his back and hardly alive.  He was bloating and in BIG trouble.  I picked him and and ran out the door, through the gate and around to the other side of the barn.  As I got in the barn and turned on the big overhead light so I could get a clear picture of what I was in for.  I had every billy standing on their hind legs looking over the half wall.  I opened the Vet Kit and went to work.  I put all my energy into this and it was going to be a full night and I was not sure if I could pull this out.

So another night on the cold ground and full of worry and prayers.  Several times we almost lost the battle and I was sitting in tears but he rallied and we went for a few more hours before another crash.  Four times we came so close and by morning I was spent and still felt like we have not come out of the woods.

During the day I checked on Jasper while he ate slowly, drank some and even walked around.  We are by no means out of the woods - I will be back to two hour checks through out the night if I do not see big improvements.  I keep praying that there was not too much damag
e done and that he will keep on making progress.  He finally pooped at about 7 pm which made my night...

If I might ask you to find it in your heart to say a prayer for Jasper - I thank you in advance..

My Plan is Working...

Yep this new way of getting Wynonna to except her wee one is working and I can not tell you how thrilled I am.  As I sat on the cold barn floor again in the middle of the night I feel asleep as the wee one used me as a piece of play equipment.  Then I giggled for a long time as I had her in my coat and Wynonna pawed at me and tried to pull open my jacket... Then it happened.  In a flash Wynonna called her baby and she came.  Then she nursed and Wynonna licked her butt.  Huston we have lift off.

As I tried to get this tired, cold gal off the ground I had a warm feeling come over me.  Not only was it the fact that Mother and Daughter are starting on the road to bonding but that the wee one - peed on my leg.  I giggled so hard I almost did the same but made it back to the house just in time.  Oh My Life - full of small wonders, silly giggles and life lesson to place in that book....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Storm Ramping Up

Another Blizzard is banging on at the farm.  The drifts are mounting and I again find myself slogging through thigh high white stuff every two hours.  We do have a bright spot - Wilhelmina is doing great - Wynonna still is flighty but the new plan is taking hold.  Wynonna is licking the wee one's butt while she nurses - THAT IS REALLY BIG... This means she is understanding to connect.  Wilhelmina is also jumping on the chair and hopping around which means she is getting energy from nursing and that she has some to spare.  She is also finding ways to get into trouble which is really important in the goat world.  It means they are thinking, plotting and having fun - Which is REALLY Important....

In between the in and out I did manage to make 16 new fiber batts but with all the snow and the light bouncing around the pictures did not meet the cut so today I might try again.  I did spin four new yarns and the picture session will wait a bit. 

As the two hour checks in the night are long, cold and putting this gal not in the best of moods I was thrilled to pieces that all made it through the howling winds, bone chilling cold and thigh high snow with not too much trouble.  I must say that I was not the only one who is not on the sunny side of the personality scale today - Oh Well, Another Day and another snow storm predicted...  Put on the kettle is going to be a LONG Day....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Light Bulb Moment in Kid Care

I admit that not all is firing in this gal's brain with the two hour marches out to the barn, the sitting while waiting for the wee one to nurse and then march back and disrobe...  I was so excited when it hit me how to help Wynonna through this nursing issue.

For years I have perfected my skills of getting babies on there way when their mothers just can not seem to do their jobs.  I have pat behavior to keep the little one's alive and thriving while keeping them as who they are and not making them into play toys or baby dolls.  But all of a sudden it hit me - since Wynonna (the mother) really does not think herself a goat and is SO SO attached to me I would have to change the way I and her look at the Wee One.

So I started my new ideas.  First, I normally do not touch the babies more then necessary because I want them to get their love from their mother not me.  I did not wish to get the scent of me on them to confuse their Mother.  In this case since Wynonna LIVES to have me near I first took a thin jacket of mine that I wear and tied it to the barn wall where I have been leaning on while sitting with the two of them.  Wynonna went up to the jacket and smelled it and then stood still while leaning on it.  While doing that the Wee One got to nurse.  I was on the outside of the barn door peeking in and it looks like we are making progress.

Next step was to put my smell on the Wee One... Just then I remembered I had started the laundry so no clothes available there so I went to my sock drawer and put on my least favorite pair of socks.  I am wearing them during the night to make sure I can get my scent going.  NO, I don't have stinky feet but rather it is so I can cut the toe section off and put two slits in the sides and make a little jacket for the baby.  In the mean time I place my hand cream on my hands and rubbed it over the body of the baby.  Wynonna went to work on smelling her and then for the first time she licked the body and tail of the baby.  Before she was biting the tail so this is progress.

Then another step - I put the baby in my lap and gave her tons of strokes and scratches.  Normally, that attention was given to Wynonna so she was pushing my hand away from the baby as if to say "Now Me"... So it went - one pet for baby, one pet for mother.  This went on for 10 minutes or so.  Then I walked away and watched.  Yep, Wynonna smelled the baby over and talked to her.  That was again a first. 

So this retraining will go on and I will add more interactions to get the attachment process to grow.  Tonight Max helped out by licking the baby through the panel while I scratched his uber soft full fleeced body.   This got Wynonna's attention.  She walked over and touched noses with Max and then the baby...  Another first.  So progress is being made.  This does not mean that the two hour checks and nursing will no continue with me during the night but I have hope that this might become no longer necessary.  Keep those fingers crossed.  Another chapter I should have in my book - Someday...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Look What Wynonnas Fiber Made

Figured I would share the up side of Wynonna.  These batts are so UBER UBER Soft it is beyond words.  The coral just is not popping in the pictures as they do in person but I wanted to share them anyway

I have hand dyed Wynonna's Baby Cashmere Fiber a lovely rich coral. then hand painted Silk in shades of this same coral and lastly added pure white baby Alpaca fleece from Sal Barsul - I do not own him but shorn his baby fleece and received much of it in payment.  There are five batts totaling 3 ounces/ 86 grams.  I am offering them to a loving and talented home for $33.00 plus shipping.  That is such a bargain for the types of fiber and the softness that is in these baby fleeces. 

If you are wishing to purchase these just comment here or send of Face Book PM with your zip code and Pay Pal addy and I will send an invoice right away. 

Many thanks for taking the time to look.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wee One Has A Name

I waited until she finally told me her name.  I guess she exactly did not tell me but passed it on to one of my loving Goat Mom's first.  I tried so many on last night as I sat with her sleeping in my lap but nothing was right.  Then this afternoon when I went out to make sure she ate the name was given..  As I walked through the big metal doors Maggie (one of my sweet old goat mothers) called out and I swear I heard  "Wilhelmina"    Now before you call the guys with the butterfly net - I am sure many of you have had the experience of hearing a word, a song or someone seem to show up with the answer right when you need it - so don't call me nuts...

The moment I repeated the name back the Wee One jumped up from a sound sleep and ran towards me with her sweet tiny tail wagging so fast.. So I did the test.  While in the pen - I would let her settle and call a different name and nothing but every time I called "Wilhelmina" she jumped and played and ran towards me - Good Enough for Me.

I thanked Maggie for telling me her name.  Side note Maggie has sat on the other side of the metal panels since the Wee One - Oh Yeah - Wilhelmina has been born so I guess Maggie knows best and must have shared small conversations with Wilhelmina when I was not there..

So Welcome WILHELMINA to the world

All Are Watching

The Llama Mommas are watching and humming through the night as I sat with Wynonna and the wee one.  Dot (the lower picture) was more concerned that this tiny little one would be replacing him in my heart and attention.  It is so very funny to me how they all want to be the center of my world - it is like some people I know.

As I tried to help Wynonna with her nerves about being a new Mom we are still not over the hump.  Wynonna will stand and do anything the wee one wants as long as I am there but if I leave  it is like a race track in that pen.  Wee One chasing and Wynonna running.   This is still going on today so that means we are still not out of the woods.    Many of you have asked why is she doing this and the only way I can explain it like this - many times bottle kids do not think of themselves Goats...  Try as I may I am not a goat - No Eye Rolling or Giggling...  So there is a part of their learning that seems to be lost and many times that means when they give birth.  Not to say they can not be great Mom's but it does happen - heck it happens when some animals raise their own without any intervention.  So I have learned tons of tricks to work with this and I will keep on trying to get Wynonna to settle but for now I am in the barn to make sure that the Wee One eats and stays warm.  NO I will not bring it in the house unless I have no other choice and those choices are Mom trying to hurt her, Mom gets ill or baby gets ill.  Short of that I will be a goat in the barn.  It is my favorite place to be in the world so I am not upset or mad.  Oh and for those who are wondering "When is she going to sleep?" I must say I sleep just fine sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall with everyone chewing, farting and breathing loudly.  I never mind having animals sitting and sleeping on me or me leaning on them.  The best part is I get to be a Goat Jungle Gym for tiny little happy feet.....

Another great perk of a night like this is how many get Llama Lullaby's sung to them through the night and as morning breaks?  Me that's who !

Saturday, March 16, 2013

You Did Not Believe Me

This is a sweet little girl born at around noon to Wynonna .  I will write more about her interesting arrival into the world but for now I am back out into the barn and hopefully going to get something to eat today.... Back in a bit but SEE SHE DID HAVE A BUN IN THE OVEN....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Showing a New Artist

Title "Spider" - Artist "Reese Gerber" (grandson) Currently on display at Larkspur Funny Farm refrigerator.  Tickets for the showing go on sale Saturday 9 am March 16th - Limited engagement....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tuscan Sunflowers - Sold but Making More

Having a hard time not to spin these myself - "Tuscan Sunflowers" The camera just is not showing the complex colorway but after 3 dozen tries I called it done for now - might try again if these are not snapped up.  They are amazing!!!
3 Pixie Batts totaling 2.25 ounces for $9.00 + shipping
The batts contain Handpainted Merino Lambs Wool that have Gold, Rust, Bark Brown and Leaf Green
Spaced Dyed Alpaca from my "LFF Silverhawk" in tones of Olive, Pear and Dark Gold
Shaded Rich Orange Icelandic Wool from "LFF Snow White"
Kettle Dyed Silk in a colorway I call "Fading Sun"
The colors are slowly added to the carding machine to give you a complex melting into an amazing impression of a field of Sunflowers in an amazing little spot in Tuscany
I can card more of this offering if you need - just contact me

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Their Way to a New Home

This is so complex yet simple.. I have my sweet "Monk" who is an amazing Cashmere with his natural Silver fiber along with pure Black Merino/Silk combo sectioned into these batts.  Now it may look like some kind of strips but it is layered with the natural colors so depending on how you spin or felt with these you can have a real complex look without doing anything to complicated.  It will run at $6.00 per ounces with shipping...  

I just sent 4.25 ounces to their new home  BUT I CAN MAKE MORE !!!!  If you desire this amazing combo just let me know...

Ready To Find A New Home = SOLD

O.K. Finished the batts for this offering.  "MAJESTY" is their name and you will be receiving 6 pixie batts totaling 3 3/4 ounces or 108 grams.  They have Cashmere from my Watson, Llama from our Fernando and Teeswater from a friend of mine CeeJay...  If you want this offering just let me know your zip code and PayPal addy and it will be yours...

SOLD - Many Thanks to a wonderful talented lady who has supported this farm and has blessed us. 

Hot off the carder

Just could not wait - it is 'LFF Watson" Cashmere in a bold Turquoise, "LFF Fernado" Llama in a Passionate Purple and then the best hand painted "Mountain Meadows" in a local Teeswater Wool.  I just completed this batts but as soon as I get a bit of lunch I will be back at the carder to make more.  Anyone interested???  Let me know how much you need of this and I will get it done for you.  I am thinking this offering will be around $5.00 per ounce....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fussy Tussy Batts - WOW Already SOLD !!!

Oh such Silky Softy - "Fussy Tussy" Batts....  You will receive 3 batts totaling 3.5 ounces or 78 Grams for $7.50 plus shipping.

I placed Hand Painted Teeswater Wool in shades of purple, reds and blue slowly on the carding machine in thin sections while alternating with Rich Teal that was kettle dyed using the softest Merino/Silk blend.  I laid the layers of colors so they would melt into each other.  Rich and Complex while giving you a smooth batt to work with.  It doesn't matter if you are spining, felting, needle felting or blending with other fibers these batts are PURE heaven to work with.  Enjoy....

That sure went fast - going to a loving, very talented home.  THANK YOU Manuela...

Desert Walkabout Batts - SOLD

There is a great place in Colorado that as a child I loved to "Walkabout"...  I have done my best to capture the memory in fiber. 

You will have "Red Rock Terracotta" dyed Alpaca from one of my sweet boys Smokey.  Smokey had an amazing Tri Colored Rose Gray Fleece that I love over dyeing on.  Then I have shaded "Coral" silk .  I also included in these batts my Tri Colored Spaced Dyed Desert Sagebrush and Pine Mohair from "Sugar" my loving Angora Boy.  Last but not least is Hand Painted "Meadows" Wensleydale Lambs Wool.  Card this all together in chuncks of colos and you have my "Desert Walkabout"///

You will get 3 batts totaling 2 1/8 ounces or 60 grams for $7.00 plus exact shipping.  Just give me your zip and Paypal Addy and an invoice goes right out.  Shipping is next day because they are excited to find a new adventure at your house.

These are going to a very loving and talented lady who will be creating magic with them.  MANY THANKS Michelle

"Prayer Flags" Batts = SOLD

When I work at my carding machines I go to another place - silence and peace surround me and the task is pure magic.  These batts are just off the carding machine and they remind me of my Prayer flags" that hang in my shop.

I have hand painted "Rising Sun" pure Silk, Hand Painted and Hand Carded Merino Lambs Wool and last a Hand Painted Wensleydale Wool.  I have created layer upon layer of these amazing fibers but kept the colors in chunks so you have a variety of ways to spin or felt with these sweet Pixie Batts

You get 4 Pixie Batts for a total of 3 1/8 ounces or 88 grams.  All this for $13.00 plus exact shipping once I know your location.  I know these are waiting for loving and talented hands.  Blessings

I am doing the Happy Dance because this group of prayer filled batts are going to an incredible and talented lady - thanksw Michelle..

Monday, March 11, 2013

Batts during the Blizzard - SOLD

Needed something to do during the blizzard so I created "Easter Parade"  There are six sweet Pixie Batts that total 4 ounces and will be yours for $20.00 plus shipping.  The fibers in these batts are Blue Bonnett Blue from the wool of my sweet Peppermint Corriedale, Rich Lilac Purple from my regalLlama Roasebud, Lemon/Lime French Angora Bunny Fluff from our Rick and Sunny Yellow Silk.  It is rough carded to aid in making an amazing art yarn...  If you wish these just leave a comment or email me.  .

Remeber Spring is just around the corner even if all I can sese is White and Mud.... Enjoy 

Oh Boy that was fast - before I could finish this entry it sold.   It will be hopping out the door....  Many Thanks

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tip Toe Through The Snow Drifts

The horrid winds slowed around 2 am and it was not till the dawn of light could I really get a clear picture of what was going to be on my plate today.  The first picture is what I had to climb through to get to the girls barn and check on them several times during the howling night.  The drift is up to my chest and on the other side is the same.

In the second picture is of Llama Boy next to the kitchen deck.  After I let him out of the smaller barn and fed all those on the north side of the farm he walked back with me to see how we were going to navigate today.  What you can't see too well is the snow bank that is as tall as myself. and runs the length times two of the house.  What is interesting about this types of snow blizzard is I have ice polished dirt and then 5 foot high snow mountains.  In some parts I just have to skirt around the bare spots to get half way to where I am going and then I have to climb over or shovel out a way to get to animals. 

Going to where Sophia is was interesting - huge sheets of ice with three huge mountains of snow.   The hard part that I still have not finished is digging out her house.  Seems that around 3 am the wind shift took three feet of snow directly into her house...  So the clever gal dug herself a snow cave (Pry's love that) and waited till food and water was brought to her in the wee morning hours.  Great Pry's live for snow and cold but I really wished they would not do it in a blizzard.  Chief  (the Pry who guards the goat girls) was behind closed doors in the big barn at 10 pm but within na hour he dug out under the door and I found him in the snow cave he dug outside for himself.  They never want to stop working and even in the worst of conditions they work - even when we all know bad beasties are not on the prowl during a blizzard but tell them that...

So today with all the in and out I had last night I will try to get a nap in and deal with what I need to do for the care of the animals and let other things sit for the day.  Hope all who had to deal with this storm came out the otherside safe and sound. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

White Out

The snow and wind have been going since 7 am and not to let up till almost midnight...  Lost another roof panel off the small barn and snow up to my knee's.  Wind is the biggest issue - when is it not???   Take care of those tiny batts in a warmer climate sure is sounding better if I can get over the bugs and deadly snakes.  Have to find ways to keep positive and not blow off to OZ...

Sure glad I cooked yesturday because I will need all the calories I can consume to make up for those I use up while trying to get from one barn to the other and back to the house.  I keep hearing that Beach Boy song "Wipe Out" but I keep singing "White Out"...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Navajo Blessings (JUST SOLD)

You will find the blessing way within these sweet batts.  Four batts that are 3 ounces total.  Offering them for $10.00 + shipping.  There are the following fibers contained within the batt - Sky Blue Alpaca from my guy, a Rich Red Brick Local Merino Lambs Wool and Coral Terracotta from another sweet Local Merino Lambs Wool. 
Just contact me and you will have them heading your way within the day.  Blessings and Creative Spirits Surround You..


What you think???

I just LOVE this offering -4 small sweet batts that total  2 ounces       I have my organic white Cashmere from my sweet loving Murtel.  I then dyed "Turkey Red" on my little Alpaca Guy - Pete Rose.  There is Latte Cream French Angora and rounded up by Chocolate Brown Local Merino Lambs Wool.  As you can see the colors are eye popping yet so pleasing. 

I am offering this to you for $16.00 plus shipping.  Just leave me a comment and first to chime in get's these amazing batts. 

Baby Bunny

Early this morning I had my wild bunny mother and her three kids on the kitchen deck.  I am amazed they made the steps but thrilled to see their tiny little feet.   So sweet and so very tiny...  I have no idea why they came to the back door but was a great present this morning in the snow and cold.

New Batts - Alena - SOLD

Alena - this is what I can make for you - does this work???  Let me know and I will continue..  Thank you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking for a Loving Home - Sold

While FB is still not letting me add pictures I thought I would offer my great blog folks the newest batts.  5 sweet batts for a total of 3 5/8 ounces of "Heathered Mountain Meadow".  I can not wait till someone gets these in their hands you will understand when I say "In person they are complex and heartwarming"  In the last picture you will see the fibers that went into these batts.  Starting on the top left you have Pale Lilac Cashmere from my Rebbecca, Top Right is hand painted Silk Roving in blues, purples and reds that I just adore. Bottom left is hand painted Mohair in shades of meadow greens from my sweet Masquerade and on the bottom right is hand painted Teeswater Wool.  I have not over carded them together so you get layers and stripes of these amazing fibers.  I know you will LOVE them.

I am offering this to you for $16.50 plus shipping.  You can just comment here with your zip and Paypal address and I will put an invoice together for you.. Or send me a email with your info...  I know you will drool when you get these....

Tasty and Tempting - SOLD

Tried all weekend to post this offering - "Raspberry Swirl" is it's name and is made with my Alpaca, Local Merino Lambs Wool, Silk and Bamboo.  3 ounces for $13.00 plus shipping.  Try as I may my computer gave me no assistance and my patience was lost more then I can admit. Why can't the universe just help out with what I love to do??  Would love to know what you think of them..

SOLD to my incredible long distant friend - THANKS Fran