Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grace - Be the MUSK OX

It has been anything but workable in my world of late and NONE of it was of my doing.  Have you every had "SHIT HIT THE FAN" and it all belonged to others?  I know you have and it seems as if my lot in life presently is just that... Reconfirm so life lessons I thought I was done with but guess the universe really wanted to make sure.  Without going into all the drama which only goes to feed the monster of negativity  let's just say I had to sit with Elvira the stray cat in the cold today to eagerly pet the heck out of her.  Lucky for me she loves it at least she purrrrrr's through it and licks my face so I will take that as Elivra is not upset with my need to stoke something soft and loving so I won't go postal.

I remind myself that there are hundreds, thousands if not millions in the world who are dealing with something similar or worse so who am I to piss and moan.  So as I soaked my feet tonight, cleared out junk files on the computer and GAVE THANKS that I can breath and pet a kitty I searched for new adventures which will fill me up instead of sucking the life right out of me..

I treated myself to something to put a smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly.    Lucky for me it does not take much.  A GREAT Poster of a Musk Ox in the Arctic Tundra.  My love for these amazing creatures goes beyond common sense - they show me that one can thrive in the worst conditions and be strong and magical.  They show me in their eyes that their wisdom is gained not by the easy sunny days but rather the blizzards they face and the bitter sting of life.  I just LOVE and Honor them.  I think if I ever got a tattoo it would be a full on face of one of these creatures.  I keep trying to post a picture of this poster so you can see what is giving me strength and giggles this week but it just is not happening.  So goes my week.

I would love to hear what you might look at that pulls you through the tough times...  Or do you have even a tattoo that was your turning point to dig deep and find that strength you never knew you had?  So tonight I will summon up my Musk Ox spirit and press on thru the bleek mental and emtional tundra for I know I have gotten through worse and am stronger for it.

Love, Light and Strength

Sunday, November 16, 2014

HELP PLEASE - lost blogs I follow

I had a computer brain fart and it wiped out all the blogs that I followed.  I am just SICK about this so if you could PLEASE do me a big favor and post your blog site that I have been following in the comment section below I sure would appreciate it and then I will head over to your blog and do the neccessary typing and button pushing to get back into following you...

Many Many Thanks - Love and Light and I put my computer in the corner and gave it a BIG TIME OUT.