Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo issues arise

Getting pictures taken around here is a bit of a challenge because it is just me and as you can see Dot loves me and protects me the whole time I am within his presence but I can not even out run him to try to get a picture so it is up to you to figure out which one I am...

Another case in point - I was trying to get some pictures of a few of the goat girls who are shy and before I knew it Mishka saw me and ran like she was on fire and beat the crap out of the girls who where close to me - You see I am all hers and no one is to be next to me.  That is what happens when you are a bottle raised soul - no matter how you try to do it they know you as MOMMY....  On a high note do you see those locks - Yep, she knows she is a beauty and don't let her know this but I have a soft spot for that pushy gal. 

Not to complain but then we have the "SNEAK A LICK" issues.  Yep, sounds weird but true - this is Lilly who is so quite that she could be a Ninja.  You never hear or see her until she is right on you and trying to lick or nibble.  This sweet soul has been the reason for many falls for me - one second she is clear up in the pasture and next she is under foot and I am trying to catch myself before doing a face plant.  She is such a kind soul that I LOVE HER to pieces but some of my biggest bruises are because of her stealth mode.  On the good side she also is the first to know when I need a snug or hug and always sits with those who are lowest on the totem pole even thou she is much higher up in the ranks.  Lilly gives some UBER soft fiber to go with her UBER soft heart. 

Last but not least is the issue of what hormones and Mother Nature can do to my lovely sweet ones.  No this is not mud alone - it is much more then dirt and rain - do I need to explain????  This power house is a all WHITE Cashmere boy named "Jack" and he is trying with all his might to catch the eyes and noses of the girls that are locked away behind four gates and two huge pastures.  In the eyes of the girls this is pure TOP MALE MODEL but for humans who might not understand the behavior they pinch their noses, shake their heads and walk quickly away.  For me I see pure beauty because this guy is really out to win the hearts and breeding rites - hate to burst Jack's bubble but not this year.  What is so funny about this guy is he loves the camera and each time I tried to take a picture of one of the other guys he would step into the shot..

Lick, Lick, Lick

Do you ever wonder why I don't stop too long???   That is right, I am a tasty treat and fights break out over me.... Bet you wished you had my life???

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mountain Lions and Bears Lay in Wait out of the Pouring Rain

It has been a very very bumpy ride the past four days with all the rain, flooding and wild beasts.  Sophia the other night broke lead and went nuts. That same time I had 8 big billies break a gate down and run like their asses where on fire.  As I was trying to get Sophia on a new lead and up to the house, then try to gather the billies and put them into another pasture I had Llama Boy screaming and alarm calling which then freaked this gal out.  I ran to the house in the pouring rain and grab the spot light and hatchet.  I came back to the gate, quickly wired it shut and then started after Llama Boy.  As I reached him in the corner of the pasture facing the forest I started searching with the spot light to see what had gotten everyone panicked and running.  There as the bright light hit the tree closest to me there was two mountain lions about a third of the way up in the heavy branches.  Now I was panicked and freaked but I kept searching as if that was not enough - I just knew there was more to see.  Sure enough in the camp ground area were two more sets of very large eyes - Bears - OH MY...  What could be next???  TIGERS?? Thank God NO but I think I had enough in my forest.
Llama Boy stood with me for the whole night as we made sure the line was held and that no one breached the fence line.  I kept thinking to myself  - I guess we all have to go out some how and this is going to be one way that will be in the books.

 As the rain gave us a slight breather and the sun slowly crept up along the eastern horizon this is what I found.  Something very large and very angry/hungry (the Bears) had crushed a trash can that only held small kindling in it - I still have not managed to locate the lid.  Then I took a picture of the tree that housed two sets of Bear eyes.  As you can see that tree is right next to the rocking chairs in which you might at times find this gal sitting in and enjoying a sandwich and tall glass of ice tea after a hard working day.  I am not sure if you can tell but I have bark that was been scraped off by some sharp claws.  We call this place "The Camp Ground" but trust me I never leave food, trash or personal items there because I do not wish to have unwanted guest but I understand that this is a great place for all to enjoy

This tree is the closest to the pastures where the big billies live and where Sophia works and lives.  When I put the spot light on this tree is the first to be seen.  This is where I could not only see the two sets of big eyes but also could see the Big Cats clearly.  I must say my heart leaped into my throat and stayed there for most of the night.  I would not say I am brave but I think I was frozen with fear for a short while but then was so worried that my sweet goats would never have a chance on their own.  Most wild animals want to stay away from lights, barking dogs and screaming llama's and hopefully a hatchet waving gal with a love for her animals that is beyond irrational
Since that night I am out there every night working the fence line with Sophia, Llama Boy and the Billies.  Each night we also have rain, rain and more rain.  It has been more then a challenge and not what this weary gal would have wished for but I promised my animals to do what it takes to keep us all safe and I am doing my best to keep that promise.  So again we watch, walk and carry sharp protection in hope that all will be safe.  I hope soon this will not be needed but for this moment it is our new norm.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I still can turn a guys head

Looks like Llama Boy and his son Dot are just enjoying the day
As I was scrubbing the big water containers where Llama boy and the juvenile billies live all was fine and relaxed.  I went thru the smaller gate, put on the lock and was walking to get the hose to fill the containers back up.  As I was listening to the hens chatter and thinking their house was next on the cleaning list I  dropped my guard and went miles away in this mush brain.
I was walking back with the hose in hand and began filling the container - just then Dot ran up behind me and started doing his head rubbing on my shoulder and face blowing - this is all signs of how much he loves me and is completely normal.  Within a blink of an eye I have my tall Llama Boy reach over the fence and on the other arm he started  rubbing his head on my other arm and blowing in my ear.  Now one would think this would be wonderful - WELL, WRONG!!  This is a set up where I have two males saying "SHE IS MINE"  I guess for human drama queens this might be what they want but with two male llama this is not what you want going on.
Before you could blink Dot pulled on my overall back pocket and Llama Boy grabbed the front buckle and each would not let go.  Lucky for me this is not the first time I have been at this dance so I raised the hose and Llama Boy got squirted in the face and Dot got flicked on the nose.  They both looked at me with shock and sadness but boundaries must be maintained because it could get dangerous quickly for me.  This long time ago happened and I was crushed between two half brother llama boys who I raised from being babies but when the hormones get going all beats are off if the lines get blurred.
After I filled up the containers I gave each of them time with me far away from each other and all is back to normal.  I guess it is great to be the object of someones attention - as the saying goes "Love Hurts"


This is that time of year when most folks do not appreciate the musk smell that covers the fantastic male goats here at the farm.  Over the past 17 years I can say I am use to it and respect it.   I have a good nose but it is hard to explain that when this pungent aroma appears on the morning breeze my heart gets a bit excited and beats a bit quicker.   I guess this is the same way the goat girls respond but I also come with the knowledge that seasons are changing and life wants to continue....

Last night we had the bear again moving on the farm which kept the boys on point and ready to fight.  This does not make the tasks I have to do always easy and this is when you might get hurt.  Without any sleep I REALLY need to keep sharp.  My guys have been pushing, shoving and head butting for more then just the girls attention.  It is their way of also staying sharp when they know danger is near.  So this gal used what is left of her brain to work within this energy.

First off it meant moving the boys out of the pasture that runs next to the girls.  They were so interested in what I might be up to that they never had a clue what was being done until two gates where closed, locked and barriers placed before them.  I had to giggle because then they stood there looking at me as if to say "Crap, she tricked us again - how does she do that?"  Hate to say it but if the day comes I can not trick them I really need to hang up my tutu...

Next, it was me sitting down on a big metal mineral drum and just siting and breathing.  This activity always gives the boys a chance to calm down, get a chance to sit with me and reconnect without me racing around just getting work done.  To sit with 9 smelly, hormonal charged big guys to some might be scary but for me it is heaven.  I get to sit in silence and be present with such power, purpose and love.  They get to let their guard down because they trust me and it is beyond words.  As we gaze into each others eyes I can also have a chance to see how everyone is, if there has been any changes to the pecking (Head Butting Order) order and also to give them a chance to tell me their tales.  After about 45 minutes we are all done with that and ready to continue with the day.

I took my tools into their side of the smaller barn and scrapped down the ground and fixed several gates that had too much of their attention.  One by one they would come in and see what I am doing and giving me their thoughts of what I should do or not do.  I hate to say this but it is true - they also show me one by one their special part (yep, their penis) as if to say - "What do you think?" I always smile and bow my head to them and then they walk out head held high and do that strutting thing with tail standing straight up.  I love how they are so proud of who they are and what the universe has placed in them.  Even the lowest guy in the group shows off to me and for that moment is not concerned how the other guys view him.  If we could only teach that to humans....

I finished the boys barn, smell like them too but for this gal it is a magical perfume that  connects me with my guys and Mother Nature.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Esmeralda - Super Hero and Protector of the Small

My hard working Esmeralda showed again that even thou were are not always on the same page and NEVER snuggle buddies she is always having the farm and those who live here under her watchful eye.  Today while I was working out in the heat and trying not to pass out Esmeralda was working hard in the heat without complaining.  The Birds of Pray were also working hard and my silly hens all 13 of them decided not to stay in the shade and walked out in plain sight.  Before I even knew there was a problem I heard Esmeralda give out a cry (she has a very unusual battle cry) and charged with head down and horns ready.  That old gal is so much like me - when it counts we sure can move our butts and also if anything tries to mess with littler ones we are ready to rip you apart.  She was at a full run and before I think the Falcon knew what was going on she almost hit it... That bird was trying to sneak up on the hens from the ground - strange but it almost worked.  As the Falcon flew in the air the hens ran under Esmeralda as if she was their mother.  Well, I guess she is..

I was running towards them all and by the time I reached them all was back to normal.  The hens ran to me to tell the story and Emerald just gave me that look as if to say "Where in the heck have you been?" She then turned and made a soft sound to the hens and walked them back to the coop.  She sat in front of the door for about an hour or so and every time a hen wanted to leave she gave them a look like "Oh Hell NO, Don't Even Think About It"...

As the Sun was setting tonight I found her back in front of the hen house sitting and watching out for any one who might mess with HER HENS !!!  Great to know that deep below that ruff exterior she not only looks after the goat girls but has a love for her feather gals too.  WHO KNOWS, she may even protect me - anyone want to give it a try???

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Walking Dead - Yippy

Sad to say it but it is the SIMPLE things that this gal appreciates.  After another over the top 97 degree day, having to gather more large stones for the grave site of my Dear Kasha (she is still with me but the time is nearing) and then not being able to quite the mind and heart has made this gal too jumpy.  So as the sun was setting it was time for me to go back out and do the first patrol.  Just as I stepped out the door with all the gear and good intentions I started down the stairs and out in the dark came this horrible sound..  I did a big jump out of my skin and stood frozen for a moment with hatchet raised.  What the heck was that???  Have no clue but I think this gal will need her magic cape and tutu...

Got Sophia and off we went.  Made one tour and all was well and so I decided to go to the mailbox and hope for my "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Disk.  I left Sophia since we just made the trek and enjoyed the cool breezy, the bright stars and the peace I always find when I leave the confines of the home office and get my feet connected to Mother Earth.  As I am walking and breathing I hear the slight russell of the tall dry grass.  I stood and slowly turned my head and behind me and to my right by about two arms length is a young buck deer.  He was so still and calm in his presence that I continued on.  He matched my steps but I could hear his chewing and every six or so steps he bent his head and ripped a mouthful of some tasty treat and continued on with me down to the end of the driveway.  As we reached the gate I looked around with my little micro flash light - revealing 5 sets of glowing eyes.  There stood waiting for the two of us were some of the other deer that call this place home.

As I rounded the gate and to the mailbox I was thinking to myself - "No matter what kind of a day I have I am honored to be trusted by such regal beings"  I did say softy to them "Thank you for your protection and company".  As I walked back to the house - this time without my guardian Buck - I am giddy with the thought that now I can sit on the deck with the cool breezy passing over me and with my portable DVD player  engrossed in the gore of ZOMBIES....  Like I said - SIMPLE things and magical moments for this gal.

Winter Wedding - Newest Handspun Art Yarn for Sale

I took a break from the heat and work and gave Grace some fun time.  I took a pure natural bright white German Angora Bunny Fur and with a sparkling metallic thread I started spinning.  The style is a modified core spinning to begin with and then I went back and plied two very thin French mertallic threads to create what I call a "New Age Rick Rack" which would be similar to maybe a boucle process in some ways. 
What I love about this yarn is that the Angora fur fluffs out when we set the twist and brings a halo to the yarn.  The UBER softness of the bunny counter acts the metallic so it can be next to the skin with comfort.  I can see it used so many ways including just draped around your holiday tree as garland - or in a crystal bowl with tiny lights creating an amazing centerpiece. 
I have 166 yards (152 meters) of this amazing yarn for sale for $49.00 + shipping.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Never Dull Around Here - I wished it would be

This morning at around 1:45 am I heard a racket on the back deck.  I had sweet Sherlock out in the back yard to nibble around and enjoy not having to babysit all those hormonal challenged teenager billies.  You see Sherlock was a bottle boy and lived in the house with his half brother Watson for a little while during their start in life.  This means he knows how to do stairs.  So I figured the silly Billie decided he wanted to sit on the back deck as he does so often but he never is this noisy.  I heard just then Kasha do her low growl which Great Pry's do not do often but when they do it is for good reason.  I just thought Kasha was being grumpy for all the noise that Sherlock was making.

Trust me I really was trying to sleep but got out of bed, grumbled down the stairs and without even thinking I pulled open the door and was getting ready to wag my finger at him and scold him for being so thoughtless.   Now I have to admit I was not even thinking of finding anyone other then my big horned lovey bug on the deck but what I saw by the moon lite night first was three sacks ripped apart that had been sitting in the corner of the deck because this gal had not walked them down to the cans yet.  Then a big heavy box that had been on the deck was no longer there and later in the daylight I found it about 40 feet east of the deck.  Just then I saw  movement of something big darting off the last two steps and running around the corner of the house where the moon light wasn't shining.  Just then Kasha and Chief started barking and running and my heart leaped to my throat.

OH MY GOSH what in the HECK (Yes, I sure said it differently but trying not to make anyone faint).  I slammed the door, grabbed the pants that sat next to the door and put on shoes.  I grabbed the spot light and hatchet - ran out the door and called out for Sherlock...  Sherlock came out from the trailer where Kasha sleeps and called out to me as if to say "I am O.K. Mom"...

I ran around the side of the house in which I had seen the dark figure run and hoped I would not meet up with what I feared it might be.  You see as I have said many times - I am not a big fan of bears and especially not at 1:45 am in the dead of darkness but I do have sweet souls to protect.  I must admit I must look like a nutter charging out with a hatchet in one hand, spot light in the other and making a racket hoping to scare away the beastly visitor. 

I could not see where it went....  I spent the rest of the dark hours searching, listening and calming animals down.  I wished at times there was someone doing that for me but such is my life and I guess it is up to me to just deal with it.  Once daylight hit the farm I checked and searched  to find out how, what and where did we have a uninvited visitor.  From what I can tell it must have been a young small bear.  NO sweet souls where hurt and now it came time to clean up the mess it made on the back deck and ground around it,

Tonight before the sun went down Sophia and I walked the forest, the fence lines and checked all pastures.  I moved a few folks to give them better protection and checked all gates for security. I wished I could say I had a nap but so such luck and tonight we will be giving a watchful eye to any movement that is not my sweet ones.  Going to be a very long night but worth the wrinkles under my eyes.

As for Sherlock I placed him in with the big guys who will be working the pasture next to the forest. Between the 8 of them they will keep that side of the farm safe.  The teenagers have Llama Boy and Kasha tonight and as always the girls have Chief and the three Llama Girls...  Dot will be working the hen house and the back yard and I will be the commander in chief of all.  Hope you have a dull night and Pray I Have The Same....