Thursday, May 31, 2012

Critic in the mind and on the ground

It is not only hard when the chatter in your head does not stop or say the kind and supportive things you heart needs but when your hens join in it is enough to make you want to go back to bed.

I tried to get a better natural picture of some fiber I placed on Etsy (Red Poppies) but still it is not right. The fiber is much richer, deeper and bolder red. Yep, my hen is right "Not Right Mom".... Don't you just hate when your hens are right???

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What did you do this weekend?

Can you hear the sea calling you?? This weekend I had the dye pots going and the creative juices flowing... This is 50% silk and 50% rayon hand painted hand pulled roving - I have named it "Conch Shell" and is up for sale on my Etsy Shop

I have placed many new silk rods, silk cocoons and fiber up in the shop and many more to come tonight as long as my attention holds out. Oh to just be able to create things and have someone else sell it for me... Any one know of someone, some where, some how??? Where have I heard that song before??

I gave myself permission to sit in the forest Monday afternoon and read a book. I had a sweet little fox watching my from under a large scrub oak bush. The birds where singing (almost too much to keep a thought on the book) and for once there was no wind.. Three hours of reading, breathing and understanding that I work myself into the ground without time to just "Be Here Now". Yes, I also watched "Fierce Grace" from Ram Dass which spoke of his recover from a stroke. I will be viewing this for the third time and still I an hearing very necessary words of wisdom.

So What Did You Do?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Driven To ...

Today is another over the top windy day at the farm and I must say I have had it.

This wind not only effects me but also the animals. Chief this morning bit Little Wynonna on the nose, drew blood and scared the poor thing - he is in time out and got a big time scolding. Sherlock got pissed off that I asked him to stop pooping on the kitchen deck so he decided to bash the banister and knocked out three more of the spindles. Devil Goat decided she did not want Llama's in THEIR pasture and bit Mari (little Llama Girl) and so Mother and Devil Goat got into a huge fight and I could not believe I broke it up - was more concerned that a llama would get hurt then what would happen to Devil Goat. In kind, Devil Goat plowed into me and Yep, face plant for Grace.

The wind is still howling and I had to get the mail because I had a movie waiting for me - need to remember I am much thinner and should place rocks in my pockets. Thought I would do the "Flying Nun" thing (how many remember that show?) and was a bit weird..

The howling is so loud I have the TV turned up as high as it will go to just hear the words barely. So I think I will find the headphones to watch my movie. Dinner is a Mexican Rice dish from the freezer and a bottle of beer. Not much of a beer drinker but tonight I think I will start with that and see where it goes from here... Have I ever mentioned "I HATE WIND" - I know you are sick of me saying it but just think how sick I am of being surrounded by it.....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a WILD night

The lightening, thunder and YES RAIN made for a bit of a rocky night - so bad that I forgot to close the hens door to their coop - that's a first...

So this morning they greeted me at the shop door to tell me what a horrible caretaker I was - not to thank me for all the care and loving I have given them each and every day but rather to point out my one time mishap.. I told them if they wish me to be less tired and more focused they could help out and pull some weeds in the driveway. That sure shut them up..

So back to their coop they went to eat their breakfast and take a short morning nap - If only I could have that nap... Might just have a clear working brain. Yeah, when will that happen??

WHAT THE **** ?

Tuesday was one of those days you can not believe, understand or wish to ever repeat. We wont go into all the strange but screwed up things that happened to me, my electrical systems, animals fighting who never fight and just a whole bunch of horrible feelings but this one I am still wondering WHAT THE ???? Seriously

My middle finger began swelling up and turn black and red without me doing anything silly, stupid or "Grace" like. I was simply walking outside and noticed it. No, I do not give the finger so it was not that someone got mad by my hand expressions. I have no idea what happened. This is a picture of it today and trust me it is a million times better then on Tuesday.. There is no pain, I even could spin and I also shorn three goat girls without it hurting.

SO WHAT THE (you fill in the blank) ??? Any ideas??

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breadkfast with Sherlock

As the eggs where frying in the cast iron skillet and the toast was filling the air with nutty goodness and the coffee pot was making it's normal sounds I looked out on the kitchen deck and there was my breakfast company. Sherlock basking in the sun awaiting for my presence.

As I plated up my breakfast I took a quick snap. As I sat on the step eating my eggs and listening to the birds sing their songs - Sherlock nipple on a piece of my toast and smiled up at me with that face that would melt an iceberg..

This lovely boy and I have gone through much over the years and we have been there for each other. There is such joy and peace within me when he wraps his horns around me and just closes his eyes and breaths so slowly - a quite knowing that we share something that words do not need to get in the way of, a heart song that for this gal brings me more peace then anything on the planet.

As I finished my breakfast and lingered over goat snuggles I wonder what today will bring after such a PERFECT breakfast meeting...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Simple Yet Amazing

Now for the last baking entry and this is well worth the tiny effort it takes to make these.


3 large egg whites, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves. Preheat the oven to 250 degree F. Beat the egg whites with mixer at low speed until foamy, then continue to beat at high speed until they form stiff peaks. You should be able to turn the bowl sideways without the whites moving. Add the sugar to the egg whites a little at a time while continuing to beat at high speed. Turn off the mixer. Add the spices all at once and beat in gently by hand. You can place these in a piping bag to make fancy but we want easy so drop the mixture into small mounds on a baking sheet that have been covered with foil or parchment paper and bake for 90 minutes. Turn off the oven. Leave the meringues inside to sit overnight. Remove from the pan gently and store in an airtight container. Makes 3 dozen.

These are so very easy but OH SO GOOD!!

So at 1 am I was done and just in time for the storm to roll in. Now I am up because of the storm so I have a nice cup of tea, a Spicy Hermit Cookie and watching "Dead Like Me" Just the way to end the Friday I had and start my Saturday....

Rant, Tantrum & Comfort

What a Friday - the fickle finger of crap was wagging away at me and I was getting short of patience and level measurement... We won't go into it all but let's just say the last straw was when I went to the mail box in the late afternoon because the mailman again ripped off the door and it was planning to rain so I had to go make that long walk again. I found a sheet of paper in there from my Post Office with the hand written statement GRACE GERBER FYI - then followed by dribble that sent this gal into a full blown temper tantrum all the way back to the house. Once reaching the house I got on the phone to only speak to one of those Kind, Caring and Informed workers. The letter stated they where no longer excepting any International packages from our home mail boxes. O.K. screw my business over again... The lady informed me that I need to open an account with Endicia and print out my shipping labels, postage and customs forms through them if I want my packages to be picked up. Oh and it will cost me $35.00 a month even if I do not ever print a single label. Now I average about 14 to 20 overseas customers a month but this means I will be having to charge more and that also keeps folks from spending when it already costs a fortune to do International transactions. Also the $60.00 worth of $1.00 stamps I just purchased is worthless and no they will not take them back... She was rude, short and not the least bit helpful. Also, this all goes in effect Monday - thanks for giving a person some notice. Oh and they knew this two months ago but just now felt the need to tell us.

O.K. I tried to breath and find my calm place. Right! Just when I have a smooth operation going - not really but I have figured out how to work my computer postage from Paypal, mastered the new customs forms that I just received 200 in the mail last week and thank God I sent out 4 overseas packages Friday morning with the old way - I just really needed some comfort...

Mid Day I had cleaned out the chicken coop -that always gives this gal peace and comfort. Then I decided to bake something sweet. It was going to take hours for my old wonderful dial up computer to now load the new postage companies dozens of files.

Spicy Hermits was first on the list - named after me!! Just kidding
If you wish the recipe I will post it but they are also available on

Next up is Impossible Pumpkin Pie - it is not your normal pumpkin pie because there is no crust. I am not a fan of crust so about 34 years ago I found this recipe and it has been my favorite go to desserts. I can also post this if anyone wishes to try it - it really is great!

It is now 11:30 pm and the computer is still down loading so I will keep baking - back in a moment.

New Guests Check In

Late last night as the storm began to gather it's strength I heard Kasha start her barking - the kind of barking that was telling me there was someone here who should not be. It was not the "There is someone to EAT someone" bark so I figured the late night travelers could sign the guest book in the morning and we would sort out their luggage and get their credit card number when it was a bit drier.

The storm was a big one and tons of lightening and thunder. Not much sleep for anyone here at the farm and the worries kept me awake longer then I hoped for - at some point this gal would love a full nights sleep.

This morning the new guests had found their pasture and was grazing on their complimentary breakfast... Kasha HATES birds of any kinds but even she was too tired to keep barking. Guess we will entertaining today new visitors. Let's just hope their good tippers.

POOP Happens

Early this morning a big thunder storm rolled in and made the farm a bit scary!! I shot downstairs and unplugged the computer from the house and checked out the windows to see (it was pitch dark out) if all was still standing. The llamas who I tired to get into the barn before I hit the hay are now standing out in this lightening storm - SEE I told you to follow Mommy but does anyone listen???

Then there was the two billies (Sherlock and Watson) who also did not want to go into their barn but rather was having fun head butting and running around. Since my leg was not doing so great earlier in the day I did not wish to run around. I asked them five times and well, typical boys, so now they will have to BILLY UP!!

When the sun started to show itself this is what I found on my kitchen deck - guess Sherlock got the POOP scared out of him. Now it is me who has to clean up... Lucky, Lucky ME!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Morning Family

This mornings view from the kitchen window

The bottle kids are finding comfort in sharing the family pod of Happy and Dottie

They have also found peace and security in napping with their protector Chief

However, it is really comforting to them and me that the moment they see me they come running as fast as their little legs will carry them while calling out to me.

Such unconditional love

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling Special

Monday I found a box in my mail box with the words Pollen Arts!! OH MY GOSH - I am doing the Happy Dance all the way back to the house. I could not wait to open it. You see I had the best thing happen to me - I won these lovely 100% Beeswax Candles from two amazing folks. I have been following them on their blog site for sometime now and LOVED each posting. I kept promising myself that one day I would purchase one of the incredible antique bottle candles. Then last week they announced on Facebook a give a way... I was feeling not very lucky but thought could I dare dream???

To enter you needed to write a Pet Peeve. O.K. Grace is not the sharpest pencil in the box some days and I really thought they meant "Like things your animals do that piss you off" - so I wrote about the humming bird dive bombing me in the morning as I slept and a few other stories which are normal things around here... I checked back in the day to read other posting and to my surprise I guess they were not talking about PETS, but like stupid things people do - wouldn't that be called Human Peeve?? What do I know, not much.. I felt really stupid but I also had no idea how to take my postings back so I figured that once again Grace stepped into it.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find out I was the grand prize winner - OH HAPPY DANCE... Not only did I win three of their incredible candles but P & J added a forth to my package. I must admit I was feeling really low and this just made my weekend. What a marvelous gift to get and to feel the love of such kind souls.

I would like to ask a favor please - could you please check out their shop they are such amazing creators and such kind souls. They deserve our support if you can.

Again, THANK YOU Pollen Arts for make this gal feel so special

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yarn Imitating Life

After having my new house guest spend time with me in the house I thought I would capture his amazing colors in a yarn. He may have removed himself from the inside of the house but he greets me every morning outside my kitchen window. So I had plenty of time to get the colors just right.

I am placing the yarns up on my Etsy shop
There are a variety of yardages available for your project needs. 100% Organic Merino Lambs Wool - so very soft that even the most sensitive skin can wear this - don't let them fly away before gathering up enough to feather you stash nest...

Monday - Try to Smile

Welcome Monday Morning - "Get Up and Get Going" I said to myself. Some mornings are harder then others but finding the small things that bring a smile to your face helps...

What was yours this morning?

Friday, May 11, 2012


As it started to snow for the third time today I went out on the kitchen deck to see if the Llama Girls and Babies are ready to go into the barn and this is what I found. The two baby girls (Dottie in the front and Mari in the back) had their lips into a planter barrel that sits empty. For some reason everyone is interested in nibbling on the dirt. You see, I have great minerals, compost and love in that dirt which seems to be delish!!! Even the mink and hens help themselves. Better then a mineral block I guess. That's how we roll on a snowy Friday..

How about you?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Than 3 Bags Full

Tuesday's plans went out the window because with the snow, rain and now hot weather goats are blowing out their lush fiber. No time to waste or plan, it is out into the barn and to work.

Started with this sweet and lovely girl - Gwen born last year and having the most amazing silver gray - She is a Cashgora and blows her fleece which means it let's go of the skin and if you are not quick enough it will be all over the pastures.. She is quick and not much for humans but like all my animals once I have them they turn to butter. With goats you need to be smarter then quicker - some days that can be a challenge. Once I had her calmed down and on my lap she soon turned limp and then off to sleep. As I plucked the fiber out (which does not hurt) and filled the bag with her luscious locks the other goats had to come around and see what I as doing. Once the plucking was done I spent some time rubbing her body and snuggling her. It always amazes me how they go from this wild child, bucking and screaming to this warm bowl of jello.. She placed her head in the curve of my neck and breathed slowly and softly. Then she rubs her soft muzzle on my check and give me a couple of licks. Once we finished our loving time together I placed her off my lap and she ran to her mother. Gretal checked her over from nose to tail and one by one the other girls did the same. What happens next is head butting and chasing. It is like they do not recognize each other without their fleece.

Next up before I got too busy and tired it was you know who - I spent a great deal of time chasing down and wrangling the Devil Goat. Esmerelda was blowing all her fine Cashmere down big time so I had not choice but to deal with her. I placed her in the squeeze shut I erected so both of us would be safe. She had no choice but to deal with it and I worked quickly. She got the same body rub and scratchs between her horns (they love that) but no way would I give her a chance near my head. When I let her go she stood there giving me that evil eye and for a moment I wondered what she was going to do - in the end she did her normal walk past me as if to say "Screw You"

For the next 7 hours the routine was about the same. Some of the Mothers do not mind getting shorn because once they feel the air hit thir skin they remember how good it feels to be without the heavy coat on their backs. Some of them get pushy with me to hurry up and get to them while I work on someone else. Mishka is the worst. She not only wants her long Angora locks off but she hates me showing any attention to others. Finally after hours of her being a pain I had to send her out of the barn - that was because she was pulling my hair, licking my arms raw but the worst was she would bit the ears of the little babies on my lap. How dare they sit on my lap and sleep... She really is a Momma's girl ( Yes, I know it is my fault)

At 6 pm I stopped work for the day - still have three girls to go and all the boys to do but not today..

I am going to be one tired and sore gal - really the only sore part on me is my bum. I sure wished I had padding back there - sitting all that time on a hard plastic garden seat sure reminds me of the lack of junk in my trunk...

As I fixed my dinner I looked out at the pasture and there was all those naked girls running, jumping and head butting - great sight to see and a more then three bags full in the fiber room.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Open for Business - Hotel Funny Farm

It is that time again - the opening of Hotel Funny Farm. Yep, this morning I had my first two lodgers. I woke up to a hummingbird flying around my bed room.. Seems that I was too hot in the middle of the night and got up and opened the window a crack to let the cold evening air come in and assist me in my slumbers. As I was still in my dreams I felt this tiny flutter on my check. Thinking it was one of those nasty Miller Moths that are now flying all around I swatted at it but my fingers connected with something much bigger. I opened my eyes to see what is was and there was this hummingbird flitting around over my bed. I said I was sorry and asked if he would not get so personal and rolled over to continue sleeping. He is still moving through the house enjoying the accommodations.

As I came down stairs this morning to start my morning routine there sitting on my leather couch arm was the second guest. He was singing away and enjoying himself as I started the coffee pot and opened all the doors to aid him in his removal - that was five hours ago and he still wishes to be a guest.. I told him as long as he is not pooping in the house I will let him take his own sweet time... Reservations are Highly Recommended!!

So I guess the sign is out and the guests are coming. With the prices of things I will have to up the price of staying at "Hotel Funny Farm" - make your reservations early - it fills up quickly.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Off in the Ditch Emotional Morning

Amazing bounty of pine cones grace the tree outside my kitchen deck. I tried to get a better picture of the delicate cones but it was just blurry...

With the warmth of the early morning I decided to place my wash outside on the well loved antique drying rack - hoping the wind would not join in for once. I also hoped that the peeling deck paint would not attach itself to my clean clothes. With the cold nights and warming days the deck paint is peeling more and more each day. Long story that still makes me madder then a wet hen or cat.

Anyway, back to things at hand. The sun dried the clothes with 10 minutes - how is that for solar power and I have another batch soon to be placed outside. As I dealt with another mind splitting, headache pounding, soul scaring conversation with my Mother (Honestly, I got to figure out what went wrong with my Caller Id on this new fangled phone) I just could not imagine why on such a peaceful morning did I need this?? When I left the two hour phone torture I vented on FB just so I would not go off the deep end or have my head explode like the guy on Mind Scanners. I also went outside and got tons of Llama baby kisses and goat baby kisses to wipe my mind clear and to remember what unconditional love felt like. With the love and kindness of my FB friends I am on a better path... THANK YOU ALL!

I am taking my lunch to the forest and reconnecting to those things that bring me joy and love. I am also bringing my Great Pry Sophia just in case the Mountain Lion had the same idea and hoped for a tender yet worn out tasty treat called Grace.

Hope your Friday is with less bumps and that someone says kind things to you today... If you need someone to say the words or listen to your story just know I am always here for you even it it is only through our typing..

On a side note here is a giggle, typical Funny Farm Events. As I was getting reamed out on the phone I was placing the second round of clothes on the rack and missed the fact that my bottle kids had seen me and heard me on the deck. As I went into the house for more verbal tongue lashings my little assistance's helped me in rearranging my under garments on the rack. Goldie had a pair of panties stuck to her horns as Max was standing there sucking on one of my skirt sleeves. Yep, forgot they knew how to do stairs. Well, that sure put things right with me - I giggled so hard and moved the clothes higher. Then I hugged and snugged my sweet ones and remembered life is way too short and filled with wonderful things to let this day go off into the ditch. Thanks Kids for reminding me !!

FRIDAY - What's on the Schedule?

As I started to make the coffee this morning I looked out the kitchen window and there was my two sweet little Llama girls. Just waking up...

What a great way to greet the morning - such sweet faces looking back at me. It looks like the farm is moving in slow motion this morning and I am not a speed racer myself this morning.

For many folks this is the last day of their work week but not for me - the saying TGIF does not hold the same meaning... I have a set of things I do each Friday, they are boring and do not require much thought or skill but keep this farm humming. While doing these tasks I also think about those who work the night shift and are just settling into their nights sleep now and how their work keeps them from the sunshine and song birds. My mind also wonders to those who are still on baby watch or doing round the clock bottle feedings for little four legged babies. They do not know if they are coming or going but this day does not hold the same meaning either. My mind wonders as I go about doing the Friday routine of the farm and think - what might happen if this day did not get done? Would any one notice other then me? Does our daily movements have meaning to the advancement of the world or is it just something to fill the time??

Well enough of that - time to get to work on the Friday Routine which will include tons of hugs and kisses to all at the farm but heck that is on the schedule every day.

So, I am curious what is on your schedule today ???

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day, May Day

It is May first and I can hardly believe it - I know time flies but where was I??

This morning I spied with my blurry eyes some Lilac Buds!! So excited I went out to take a picture and of coarse the wind started up - do you think Mother Nature just loves to screw with me??

Anywa, thought I would capture this moment because between the Llama Girls deciding they need to take a nibble, or the goat boys find new ways to stand on their hind legs to reach or the ever present Frost and Ice that the evenings still bring this might be the only proof I have.

Enjoy this day - for it is the one and only first day of May for 2012...