Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keeping Hands, Heart and Feet Busy

I was raised that you kept your hands, heart and feet busy and in doing so your soul speaks.  I believe that with all that I am and live that each and every day, even when I do really feel like it..  I miss my hard work of caring for my sweet animals but I have been trying to keep myself busy with different tasks and my business to settle my soul and listen to where and what I am to do next.  This is not an easy task but I give it 110% each day and believe that all will be revealed in it's correct time.

Have been trying to figure out the flow and dance that I had when creating at my farm - it is amazing to me what a well oiled machine I had created and a routine that was almost effortless...  Colors, textures and creations would just spill out of my hands where now I have to almost plead with them to show up.  Not a comfortable feeling for this gal but they do come as you can see in the pictures.

I am still excited for the fact that I have been able to produce products I am proud of and that my clients seem to appreciate.  So I will continue to keep my Hands, Heart and Feet Busy each day and listen closely to what my soul is saying....

What quite whispers have you been receiving lately???

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overwhelmed or Inspired That is the BIG Q

Those who know me know that I am not the most comfortable with technology and I freely admit it... I also do not like the trend of every one's head bent down and thumbs moving at the speed of light but there seems to be no connection with life as I know it.  I have to share and chuckle as to how the universe and I seem to agree on so many levels and cellphones are one.

I take you back to early February of this year when I left the farm and was bunking at my youngest son's apartment while waiting for my train trip out to Elk Washington.  I thank the universe every day that I had that time with my son because I learned so much and also had  to somewhat decompress from the trauma I had experienced for the past two months as I was dismantling my farm and find homes for my sweet animals...Life as I knew it was over - yep a bit of a drama queen on this one but that is how I felt.   I admit that only my son Conrad could have weathered this storm - he is unflappable. 

It was decided by all that Grace needed a cell phone just in case the train was high jacket or fell into a black hole (Kidding but not really - more to come)  So we decided on a burner phone (I watch TV - Yes, I know what that means) and a pre paid account.  O.K.  Got it back to the apartment and the next morning  Conrad did what was needed to get it up and going and then said just read the instructions - you can do it Mom...  Yep, No problem I said and waved him off to school...  Well the instructions came in every language except for MOM language.  There was two pages of how to put in the battery, how to load the phone with money (time) and then -  I flipped and flipped and flipped the pages and Yes that was it...  CRAP!!!  So clever gal that I am I went to the web site..  Yet nothing was there for the beginner - you know the one who did not even know how to call out.  I was ready to throw it across the room but I instead closed it up and waited for my son and watch several episodes of "The Walking Dead".  Well, he worked nights, had school in the day and spent time at his girlfriends apartment and I pushed buttons and screamed and closed the lid more times then I could count.  Finally Conrad show me how to call out and answer when he called in..  He does not have a land line so when he call several times and I did not answer he almost got worried but he knew I could take care of myself and just thought I had my head stuck somewhere cleaning - instead I did not even know that I had turned the phone off completely.   Yippee...

So now I am ready for my train trip.  I had my lap top with me, my cell phone, my spinning wheel safely packed in my suitcase and ready for my adventure.  Oh did I mention Conrad also gave me a Ipod to listen to music on the way out and I was so excited that I made several trips to the ladies room (boy they are smaller then an airplane bathroom) before we even left the city limits.  I settled down and began to set my sights on the adventure before me...  JUST YOU WAIT IT IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE.

As I opened up my laptop and thought what a perfect moment to write down my thoughts and start that book everyone has been bugging me about I realized I was not getting any WIFI service. WHAT!!!   I found one of the folks who walked up and down the isle and asked sheepishly - "Excuse me but I am not able to get my laptop to connect"  She stated that only Smart phones seem to work on this train...  So since I had a Dumb Phone and a Dumb owner operating it there went that idea for keeping Grace entertained for 3 days out the window (that does not open)....

As the hours drug on I got out paper and pen (Old School) and began writing - Life may not work but pen and paper is mighty.  As I started writing I noticed how many folks kept watching me do this - as if I was a stone age throw back.  They were all glued to their tiny little phones but I was more interesting then the latest movie they downloaded, or the new Itunes they paid for.  Before I knew it I was talking and sharing with about a dozen passengers around me about why I was on the train, what I did for a living, what their life's desires are and why they NEVER thought they could do that because it just was not done.  We spoke into the night and into the early morning as I pointed out coyotes in the distance to those who did not even know there was still those types of animals around.  Several folks in the night pulled up my blog and read all about me so when we met up in the dinning car in the morning breakfast they had tons of questions and thoughts about my adventures.  Most were very sad to know that Larkspur Funny Farm was no longer there and that the animals I love and lived with where no longer in my charge.  I had one sweet young man who broke down in tears when he recounted the posting of Kasha's passing.  He stated he never knew someone could be so connected to an animal and that he wished he felt a connections like that to something living.  It was amazing to me how my stories lived outside of me.

The train trip was anything but smooth, the adventures I had in my head was not anything like what had happened it was a MILLION TIMES BETTER.  We got caught in a  rock and snow slide that kept us trapped for 8 hours. They had to bring in equipment to dig us out.  We then broke several of the huge wheels that carried us on the tracks and had to leave behind after 4 hours of no air fans and windows that would not open several of the cars and all move into smaller quarters.  We had police come on at one stop because they had a bomb scare called in and through this all I kept giggling and saying to myself "My Adventures are always arriving and it is WHO I AM"

Needless to say I only made brief calls to my son's to letting them know of the delays, called my friend to let her know that even thou I was going to be very late I was still on my way.  Oh and I found out that I forgot to charge the battery on my Ipod before leaving and so I had music for exactly one hour and then just the clanking of the rails.  I am so glad technology and I have this strange dance because otherwise look what I might have missed.

Fast forword and I am still not understanding my cell phone but I have found it to be the best sleeping aid EVER!!!  Each time I try to read the online instructions I am out like a light so in some respects that is a good thing.  Then I started taking some classes online and the last two days it has been all about social media and online sales.  I must say I am trying to keep up but there was a time last night when I could hear my tiny brain cells screaming and exploding.  I keep saying this will inspire you Grace.  I also said to myself if my 4 year old grandson can turn on the phone and watch a movie surely this gal should be able to understanding why in the heck I can not seem to retrieve messages... I am determined to step forword into this - if I can set a goat's leg with paint stir sticks and duck tape I surely can figure out how to lower the ring tone on my burner phone.

I received the other day a cute email from the young man on the train - he informed me that he has adopted a cute older dog from the pound and he is going to call her Kasha.. He briefly stated this is the first time he feels like he is loved in his 26 years on the planet and thanks me for sharing my loves and losses with him.  He stated he can not wait till I am writing stories again - for that I am inspired....

So who knows I might master "Google Hangout's" and "Web Caming"  You never know what this gal is going to do next....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hold on to your hats

I think this gal might just be ready to start writing again.  As most know it has been so long since I felt I had the presence of mind to share and if there was anything left inside of me that I care to even share about....

I am still not sure if the changes in my life have any stories to share but maybe for now I might just catch you up on some of the journey that has expired these past months and then we will see where it takes us.  I hope my loyal readers and friends will read and let me know if they still are of any interest.  I will have to reach back some to start the adventure and maybe through those stories I will see where my story telling takes me

Blast from the Past

As the temp in the fiber room climbs I offer this picture of the ice covered trees and scrub oak that I cooled my body and mind in for so many years.  This brisk crisp air and slight tingle  to my cheeks will keep this in my mind to remind my over warm hands to cool down and let the fiber draft through my fingers as if it were ice.  Can you feel the chill???  I Can...