Friday, December 28, 2012

Two Sweet Sheep Pins for Sale - Sold

I am asking $25.00 each plus shipping for these smoochie sheep pins
They will arrive in a nice box to keep them safe and from getting into any trouble.
Sheep are 1 1/4 inch wide by 1 1/8 high
Just email me with your zip code and PayPal email address and I will send an invoice directly to you.  Since I only have two left it will be on a first pay first own bases. 
Thanks for looking and they promise Not To Be a Lick of Trouble....

Tiny Bit COLD

Working Outside - You either LOVE it or you work in a cubical

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Newest Spun Yarn

This is the newest yarn I spun on Christmas - I will call it "Grace" 
Not because I love the name but because it truly represent who I am.

It contains all the personality that I wish folks to know about me but for some reason never seem to get across.  This yarn contains Cashmere, Mohair, Silk, Some of the softest Commercial Art Yarns and plied with Silk and Metallic Threads.  I filled a bobbin with 140 yards of this magical yarn and just LOVED every minute of it.  When I try to explain to folks who I am this yarn says it all...

Would love to know what you think of it ...

Who is Tapping on My Door?

The Raven....  What does this trickster which to share?  I wonder and ponder - still no clear answers.....

Promised Recipe

Cranberry Fluff Salad

Keep in mind this recipe is a jumping off point and you can easily change it to fit your tastes

Start with on bag of cranberries - do not use frozen one's because they turn to mush and will water your finished product.  Wash and sort through - do not include any mushy berries.  Grind  in a mill or place in processor.  Place in a bowl and then 1/4 cup sugar.  That seems to be the best to keep the taste of the berries.  Mix well and place in the fridge for at least 24 hours I recommend 48 hours - so plan ahead.

Next set of ingred's

1 small container of Cool Whip - I hate the stuff but found that regular whip cream turns runny after a day and your salad will not hold up.  fI you wish to use real whipped cream then the  salad must be served that day and eaten that day with no left overs. Fold in the Cool Whip till completely blended.

Two cups of seedless Red Grapes, Two cups diced Tart Green Apples - remember again this is ball park because it is all about what you like..  Two cups of mini Marshmallows.  Gently fold in the ingred's to your berry and Whip Cream mixture.  I add the marshmallows after folding other ingreds but that is just me. 

Optional - Chopped Walnuts or Pecans.  This year I put diced Peaches in and I LOVE IT!!! If you are adding other fruits make sure they are drained really well - I added Pineapple and just make sure you are not adding liquids or you will have a runny salad

Again, I like to let this now sit for at least 12 hours but you can serve sooner. 
What I love about this recipe is it will keep easily for a week so you do not have to be busy with it while you are cooking your brains out for the holiday's.  Also if you have it for Xmas you can still have some to ring in the New Year.  Again, don't get too fussy about this recipe it is easily and always requested by family and guests.   ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Published Work of Mine - SOLD

 I am so excited to announce that the purse is going to a new and loving home - THANK YOU Stacy S for finding room in your world for this creation.  Blessings
Full View of the Purse - Handles are straight and true but the picture makes it a bit wonky.



This is a felted purse that I created back some time ago.  The instructions have been published a couple of times in a variety of magazines and I was so very honored to have my work out there.  As I am cleaning up some of the bits and bobs around the shop I thought I might consider offering this adorable purse up for sale.  The Roses are wool and Mohair, the yellow flowers are also Mohair lockets from Sugar, the purples are hand spun tail spun with cashgora lockets from Einstein and the green leaves are llama and wool.  The main part of the purse is black llama.  The size is 9 inch high by 10 inch wide 24 inch long by 2 inch wide.
I am asking $30.00 plus shipping.    That is half Yes, HALF OFF what I normally sell them for but I want it to find a great home. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Have A Super Sparkly Day

I am doing the "HAPPY DANCE" over something that most would not give it a second thought to.  I might have mentioned that electrical items and I do not always work well with each other.  I was having a very over stressed morning and I just needed to center myself.  No, not with spinning or giving an animal hugs and snugs - I needed my other addicition - VACUUMING...  I know to most that is a chore, a task that puts dread into the hearts of most men but for me it is a soothing dance I do when I really need to have some control in my out of control life. 

I walked downstairs and grabbed my shop vac because my other machine died two moths ago.. I plugged it into the outlet and pushed the button.. Soon I would have my life calmed down.  Then this horrible sound screamed from the machine sounding like an injured animal... I pulled the plug out of the outlet and FREAKED.....  I stood there in shock and then tried again.  I said a tiny prayer to the universe that this just can not happen - I really needed my vacuuming - I admit how NUTS that sounds but I am being honest here.
Now comes the hard part to say - I had a melt down... Yep, a full on melt down. I have had so many electrical things die lately it is not the least bit funny.  TV's. Coffee Makers, CD Players, DVD Players, Printing Machine, Clocks, just to mention a few.

Now I am several hours into trying to calm down and I decided to look at the instruction booklet for the other vacuum. Luckily last week when I went on an organizational tear I gathered all the booklets and filed them in my over hyper filling system.  So with screwdriver in hand, reading glasses on face and booklet in hand I was going to take this bad boy apart so I could dispose of it. I really neededd to inflict pain on that which was causing me such pain.  Silly I know...  Then I got an idea as it was in pieces on the kitchen counter.  Sure enough there was this strange bend on the inside of the machine and after struggling for about 10 minutes this is what I dug out with the aid of my trusty size 8 knitting needle.  169 grams of crud. 

After putting every piece back and screwed all those tiny screws back into place (my gosh there was a ton of those) I put it on the ground and plugged it in and stepped on the petal.  I heard the best sound ever ---- I know that sounds nuts so you don't have to point it out.  I pushed that handle back and forth with pure delight.  All was right with the world !!  O.K. No It Is Not but at least I could vacuum and have a little release.  I was feeling such power, such peace so I thought why not try the shop vac.  No such luck but I still had my vacuum and that was a Holiday Miracle.....

So now that you know what a cleaning freak I am I was wondering do you have a vice to calm yourself ?:?  I admit I have given away my label maker but I still am a sucker for a vacuum cleaner...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teleporting Goats

As I was finally getting around to doing the morning dishes just about 10 minutes ago I was staring out the window in front of the sink and thinking of how I was going to have a lazy day of spinning and doing nothing too physical today.  As the steam rose up off the boiling water I stared closely at what was going on outside.  CRAP!!!  I had all the billies (two, three and four year olds) out in the back yard.  Now that is not where they are to be and how in the heck did they get there????

Off goes the rubber gloves, kick off the slippers, find the shepard hook and outside shoes.  Forget the pants - long johns will have to do.  Out the kitchen door I went and still wondering how they got out but  not the issue right this second.   I had far too many boys running willy nilly stirring up the girls... Luckly, the boys listen and the moment they saw MOMMY (that is me) coming they took off running to their gate.  Problem was the gate was closed and locked.  Again, so how did all these pee covered boys get out????

Never mind - I got to the gate, unlocked it and they all ran in and stood in their barn as if they had no clue how or why this happened..  As I left their barn, I again closed and locked their gate.  As I walked back to the house I giggled and said - NO Wonder we are the funny farm - no one would truly get it unless they lived here.  So Scotty Beam Me Up but for today leave the goats alone.....

Dancing Goats

Saturday was a "Long List" day and I was not looking foreword to it but No Excuses....  I was engaged in my usual pattern - work clothes layering, hunting for sunglasses, placing my work bandanna on and now a new pattern, shaking out my gloves for any nasty monsters.  I went to put a new CD in the outdated player - NO GIGGLING - and what did I find but a CD that I have never seen before.  I guess I was to listen to this... So in the player it went and out the door I slowly creeped.  Yep two cups of coffee and three Advil's to get this body moving.

I had barn mucking to do in the billy barn, large feed bunkers brought up from the far east pastures, scrubbing out the large water containers, raking up more pine needles for the hen house and if all goes well trimming off pee soaked fiber from some of the very fast young billies.  All was going according to plan after the feeding and watering chores where completed.  I turned on the tunes and Oh My JUST WHAT I NEEDED.....

I admit this old gal had a great time listening and dancing as I scrapped away the poop and dirty.  I was uplifted and moving quickly as I drug those heavy metal feeders the length of the farm.  As I scrubbed down the water containers the billies joined in the dancing...  Now, there is nothing more uplifting then playing the with the animals.  They knew I REALLY needed some HAPPY Time Dancing....   Only a few would not join in - Jerry was one of them because he kept thinking if he just sat in the feeder that more hay would magically appear.  No such luck but he keeps believing and I do not wish to break his dreams.

I admit I am so very glad that other humans do not live close because I am sure I look like I have lost my mind and maybe so but for five hours I was in complete joy...  After the outside chores where done I moved inside and really cranked up the tunes.  I stood in front of the carding machine just letting the lovely fiber flow.  This is why I breathe.  For those who feel this way it is as if you are not of this world..  I am so lucky to spend hours with loving animals and then spend hours creating with their gifts. 

As the sun set on the farm it was home made pizza for me along with three more Advil's.  The heating pad warming up and a "Midsommer Murder" DVD gearing up.  All in all not a special day for most but pure delight for me.  Hope your Saturday was grand.