Monday, January 31, 2011

The Iceman Cometh

At 4 am this morning it was very clear to me and all the animals here that this is going to be a cold bumpy ride for the next couple of days. I got this body dressed in my many layers and headed out the door long before the chickens had even thought of getting up. I knew just by the smell in the air that ice was on it's way and we better get food into every one's tummies.

Most where not that happy to see me at this early hour but once they started drinking the warm sugar water I brought them they perked right up and started in on the hay. It is vital that they drink with this bitter cold coming today - weather guessers are say we might go so low as to break records and that record was 10 years ago which was a -15 degrees. So as I made my way around the farm hauling the jugs of warm sugar water and loading extra hay to the feeders I prayed that Mother Nature would not be such a COLD *ITCH today!!!

This also means there is no way I am getting out on the road to take my computer in - as I listened to the traffic reports at 5 am the count was three dozen accidents and that was before most of the less talented drivers where up and out. So I am again typing fast to get work done, pulling orders and trying to check in with those who have questions of me. If I do not get to you do not take it personally it is just that my computer is still wishing to put me thru the hoops.

I did realize one great thing is I am forced to get those things done that I have been putting off saying that "I can't get to that I have to answer emails, or I wished I had the time but I have to research my new pet project on the net so I just can not get to that today". So the universe is making me!!! It is great however because last night I finished painting the living room windows and put up the new plastic on them. Today I will hang the insulated drapes - just in time to feel like we are living at the North Pole. I am one who loves a cool house but I do understand when my DIL comes with little sweet pea - they really do not wish to be Popsicles...

So, today will be spent making sure everyone gets through the bitter cold and get to work on those projects I have been making excuses about... Darn that Computer!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Computer War Again

I can handle most bumps in the road but I am still amazed how my computer can hit all my panic buttons. Yes, that silly box is doing it to me again. Saturday as I promised myself to be a good girl and sit down and get some work done - as I sat with determination to get products posted, return emails and even post something thought provoking on this blog the computer started flashing all kinds of trouble warnings. You know those things that I do not even understand as English words. What in the hell is a "RAM memory usage5???" Beats the crud out of me and the stupid computer is not helping by explaining any of this. Then it is doing this great thing of having me type like a mad women to get my order spulled and print postage before it just shuts it self down. I would love to be able to do that - just decide I am shut myself down.

Well, I decided to go outside and tear apart the tool shed and clean it top to bottom, move tools, pots and roofing shingles. I then tackled getting extra lights in the birthing barn so I do not have to feel like I am going into someones privates blind. See, those are things I can do and control. Yes, CONTROL!!! I understand that I work very hard on trying to let go of control issues and so I have to face that this silly box sitting next to me has more control over me then anything in this world and I REALLY HATE THAT! Yes, HATE, HATE, HATE IT. Maybe it is because I feel that I have no real understand of something that my business depends on so much. Maybe it is because unlike a living and breathing thing I can not work with it as a two way partnership. So I guess I am back into the part of my life lessons that goes something like this "There is only the NOW and I am not in control of anything but myself" Sounds great doesn't it??? Or how about this one " The path to enlightenment is within and not without".. Oh now I am on a roll.
What does all this mean??

I HATE, HATE, HATE, my silly computer when it does not let me just go through my life without all this crap!!!! So, as I am typing like a mad women to let you know that I will be again at the mercy of my computer geeks and there is a storm coming my way and the goat girls have puffy butts which means round the clock butt watching - I will be trying to figure out how to get the universe to just FIX THIS....

So, I will be back here when I can and during my time off line I will go inwards and work on those control issues that still are a part of this not so perfect, enlightened soul - I am always a work in progress and by no means have mastered those demons that live within. I do give thanks for the small things in life like very fast fingers to be able to get this out to all of you. So wish me luck and hopefully the Computer Gods will have pity on this simple farm girl...

P.S. NO BABIES YET~~ but there is a storm coming and temps expecting to be well below zero so you know that has to be when those sweet one's show up. What is amazing to me is that just rolls off my back but this blinking message at the bottom of my computer is sending me into panic mode again. Better go eat some lunch and check on butts. Bye for now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bullies get Bullied

You may have heard it put this way "Pushers get Pushed" or "You get what you Sow". I had to share what happened to the "BIG Cocks of the Walk". Last night as I stated earlier as I went out every two hours to check on my expecting goat girls I would check on how the Roo's where doing.

Yes, they kept crowing thru the moment I placed them in their new digs and through the night. Each time I would open the door I kept telling them to "Shut it up". Like me saying that would change their behavior. At one point when I went in the barn around 1:00 am I noticed one of the big Roo's had been sitting on the half wall dividing the barn. He was crowing at the top of his lungs and all the little billies where looking at him with such a look. Just then he flew over the wall. He landed on the hay covered floor and started strutting his stuff while crowing still at a high pitch. After he made several circles around the floor my sweet little Ozie (who is such a kind soul looking after his half siblings 24/7) stood up and pawed the floor. That is a billies way of saying "Watch Out". Still the Roo was crowing and strutting and within a blink of an eye Ozie ran toward the Roo and plowed him into the wall. This huge thud and the Roo was on the ground. Ozie backed up and waited. As the Roo stood up and started to do the same behavior - yep, Ozie plowed him to the ground again!!! Stop holding your breath - Ozie did not hurt him but as the saying goes - "Pushers get Pushed".

Did I step in NO!!! I knew that Ozie would not kill the stupid Roo - it is just some of that MOTHER NATURE JUSTICE.... I believe in that and so there had to be some relearning going on here.

The Roo looked at me as if to say "MOM, aren't you going to make him stop".. HELL NO! I gave them their chance so now it is someone else turn at schooling these bullies.

I kept checking in during the night and into the morning and guess what - after that lesson with Ozie the Roo's never left their side of the barn and the crowing was down to only when the sun came up. See sometimes Peer Pressure is a GREAT THING!!!

Let's see if they need any further lessons...


Tuesday I just had enough of those mean Roo's. As I was trying to feed everyone in the coop they kept chasing the girls around and pulling on this combs and feathers. The girls would scream and run for their lives to the corners of the coop hoping the Roo's would not follow. I had had enough....

After chores I went to work on getting them out of there... The only place I thought I might put the boys is in the smaller barn that houses the yearling goat boys. It would take a lot of work but I was not going to have those boys terrorising my girls anymore - so I made it my mission to get it done in time for roosting - this is around 4:30 pm here. After moving all the equipment out, dragging out the huge heavy metal shelving units, using what was left of my arm muscles to move the large metal drums full of grains and minerals out of the way - I then went to work on cleaning the barn. Then I put all the small equipment and supplies in plastic tubs so they could not hurt themselves, hung heat lamps, covered the floor with straw and check every inch for so they could not get out or hurt themselves. I started this process at 9:30 am and ended at 4:00 pm. After all that I needed to bring in the boys!!

Now by this time I had not eaten since 6:00 am and was dead tired so I was not in the mood for chasing six boys all over hell and gone. I used the same method I use in getting my goat boys - I first caught the biggest boy and he sure was not happy but with my hand tightly wrapped around his neck and his body tucked under my arm we took the long walk to the other barn. I spoke to him about how this was all their own fault and how this was their last chance here not to end up as Sunday dinner. I put him in the barn and went back to repeat this five more times. I admit when I got Bob, the huge white one - the one who crows all through the night and is the meanest to all the girls I found my fingers growing tighter and tighter around his neck as he struggled and yelled at me. Now before you get too concerned - NO I did not hurt him but I admit it was really tempting.. When all the boys where in their new digs I shut the door with another verbal warning from me to BEHAVE!!

After doing afternoon chores and checking on my expecting goat girls I was getting ready to close the doors on the ALL GIRL chicken coop when what did I see but eye popping soft blue and light green eggs on the floor in the shavings. I could not believe my eyes. I slowly walked in and all the girls came running and talking softly showing me the eggs. I could imagine that they where giving me words of THANKS for getting the boys out. All this time they have been holding out because the boys would not give them a moments rest. Such joy I felt and how happy the girls are without those silly Roo's...

Before you think I am such a mean lady - I checked on the Roo's every two hours when I went to check on the expecting goat girls just to make sure they where safe and happy. They where and so this morning I was rewarded again with more sweet little Easter Eggs. Life on the Funny Farm is back into production and all is peaceful in the coop.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I want to thank everyone who participated in my give-a-way this week and I can not tell you how much it means to me to read your stories. It seems like Grand Mothers where the person in charge of crocheting. I can not believe how many of you also have your first projects - that is just amazing to me - congrat's to all for keeping those hands in the game.

O.K. now for the good news, the proud new owner of the book, cashmere/silk thread (from my sweet little goats) and a great package of beads is ---- Wait for it------NICOLE!!!! Band playing, streamers falling from the sky, and dancers kicking high into the air....... Everyone from miles around are clapping very loudly for our grand prized winner....

Congrat's Nicole - now for the fine print - if you would just send me an email with your mailing address I will pop your winnings into the mail and whisk it on it way into your hands....

You can also convo me through Etsy to protect your information

Again, I thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories and for taking the time to play. Now get ready because in just two days I will have another give-a-way up on the blog. Also get ready because baby season has started so there will be naming contests coming soon too...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

CONTEST TIME - Something great for Hookers!

For all you crochet fans, bead fans or for those of you who knows someone who loves these skills - I hope I have something exciting to offer for you - GIVE-A-WAY!!!
I have been organizing the shelves here at Larkspur Funny Farm Shop now that the New Year is here and thought to myself that I wanted to get folks excited about getting our hands busy with some new projects.

Here is how it goes: Just leave a comment on this posting about the first crocheting project you ever made and you will be entered into the give-a-way. Easy Peasy... If you are trying to win this for a friend, family member or such then please ask them about their first project and post that information. I will contact only the winner of the contest so do not worry your name and such is being collect to pass out elsewhere - I do not ever do that....

What will the lucky winner get: The great book titled "Crocheting with Beads" by Kate Coburn. I am also including a nice amount of my Cashmere/Silk Lace Weight Yarn along with a packet of beads to get you started on any of the projects listed in the book...

O.K. there are the rules, now let's get moving because this contest will end one week from today - that is Thursday, January 20th at midnight!!

Good Luck and let's hear from all us hookers...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Repurposing Never Looked So Good!

As I am still cleaning out the Funny Farm Shop shelves of all those books waiting and hoping for a new home. I was amazed to find the following two brand new, never opened books. I had two of each so I am keeping one set for my peresonal book case and you lucky folks get the other two...
There is FREE SHIPPING for anyone in the United States...
You can find these and many more at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great Books Looking for New Homes

Found some great books tucked away on the shelves at the Farm Shop and thought they really need to find new homes with creative folks who could pour over each page and find inspiration for creating one of a kind dolls. Do you know anyone looking for a new creative outlet.

I am even offering FREE - our read that right FREE SHIPPING to US MAILING ADDRESSES!!!
If you live outside the US contact me and I promise to find the least expensive way to get these into your hands.
Just go to and check out all the great new books available and eager to go to new homes....

Snow is Crunching under my - OH NO, it's my

KNEES! I love the sound of snow crunching under my big warm snow boots - it makes you know you are alive. This morning after putting on all the layers and filling up all the jugs with hot water for those shivering sweet one's I started out the shop door and heard that wonderful sound... Crunch, Crunch, Creak, Crunch Crunch - Wait what was that?? I stood still for a moment and pitched my ears thinking we might have wild life movement. Nothing. I started out again one foot in front of the other - Crunch, Creak, Crunch, Creak - there it is again. Just then I started to bust out laughing - that strange creaking sound was my left knee.... As I made my way out to my very old Great Pry - Kasha who was feeling the effects of this bitter cold weather I said "Hey Girl, listen to this" She titled her head and was listening hard -
"Yep Kasha, that sound you hear is your Old Mother". Just then she spun around, rolled in the snow, jumped into the air and almost knocked me over. With all her playful puppy side she ran in the deep snow kicking up as much powder as one could hope to do. I started running and kicking snow at her at her face (she loves that) and finding my inner snow child having just as much fun.... As I poured her hot water into her bowl to break up the ice and scooped her kibble out into her bowl with the German Sausage placed on topto get the old blood a flowing - I thanked her for reminding me


Thanks Kasha for that great reminder. We all at times get caught up in those aches and pains, or the "I remember when thoughts" or worse yet - "I am too old to do that" repeating thoughts running through our brains and into our joints. Sure there are things we can not do like we did when we had a younger body but I believe that if you keep telling yourself of all the things you can't do you will BE RIGHT. Instead, how about if you remind yourself of all those things you can do and then push yourself a bit farther....

I am always amazed that my body does not register it's daily pains when I am doing the things I LOVE but rather all those pains come flooding in when I sit down and let my mind wonder into the BADLANDS of "Oh, my broken bones hurt", or "My ruptured disks in my back have me standing looking like the letter S", or worse is when I let others convince me that "This is a young girls work not Someone of MY AGE". I am the first to tell myself:

I understand physical limitation but I am just saying our biggest limitation can be our minds and all those helpful folks in the world who do not push themselves so they surely do not want us too - what would that say about themselves?
Now comes your part of this posting - What do you tell yourself about your limits? What would you like to do that is presently out of your comfort zone?? Let's share and support each other - creaky sounds and all....

Monday, January 10, 2011

National Western Stock Show = Bone Cold Snow

The first weekend in January is the beginning of our National Western Stock Show and how do folks know this??? Well, we get hit with bitter cold and usually a big snow storm. As a child I could remember when you could smell the Purina Dog Food Company which was about 75 miles away you know the Stock Show was in town. That smell was the warning that Mother Nature was just about to bite us in the ass!!! As a child it was the most exciting time of the year - better then Christmas because that meant I was going to get to be surrounded by animals for at least one day out of the year. Not dogs and cats but those animals that my heart always knew I belonged with - see dreams do come true.

This weekend the skies grew crystal blue and then the ice crystals started to fall at the farm. As the skies grew dark the air was full of big snow flakes. The snow was on and off but the temp kept dropping and my memories turned to all those years I braved the bitter cold and snow to stand in awe of those marvelous creatures brought to the big concrete buildings on the out skirts of Denver to be judged and sold. I remember as a child walking past the outdoor corrals that housed the buffalo and peeking thru the slots to see this massive animal snorting steam as my eyelashes where heavy with ice. The cowpokes warned me to stay away but I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. My family could not understand this strange child who could stand for hours just looking at the chickens in their cages or spending all of my Christmas money on purchasing cups full of the goat chow so I could have the thrill of my palm being nibbled by some horned little goat that had no interest in my but rather just the goodies in my hands. I was not one of those kids who walked thru the rows of pens holding her nose shut with her fingers like my sisters would do - I was the kid who asked complete strangers if I could help clean up after their animals. My dad would have to pick me up and carry me out of the building as it closed for the night with me kicking and screaming that couldn't we just stay the night - Honest Daddy, they want me too!!
Fast forward more years then I will admit to and then came my biggest joy - the year we purchased our first two baby llama boys at the Stock Show for my sons - O.K. I admit it, I think I was way more excited then they ever were. I can still see my son Nick - as he walked "Tony Llama" around the concrete floor and down the North wall of stairs like a pro. His smile was from ear to ear and I hoped in my heart this was the start of his life long love of animals and the Stock Show... Over the years I have purchased my best stock there and gathered memories that can never be repeated. As my sons are quick to point out we have also worked very hard many years there when we where vendors in those cold concrete buildings. Getting up in the cold bitter mornings long before even a rooster would think of stirring. Doing our morning chores by head lamp, packing up the truck and driving 75 miles with all of our wares to unload in the freezing air hoping soon they would have the morning coffee ready to warm our shaking bodies. Getting our booth just so and then standing all day talking to thousands of folks from all over the world was the routine of the day. Then after 10 hours of that we would drag our tired bodies back to the cold truck to drive back home, do our chores, eat something quickly and crawl into bed only to get up the next day and do it all over again. Now it may sounds terrible to most folks but there was that little girl inside of me thinking this is the greatest life on the planet. I know my sons did not share that feeling at all. This routine goes on for three weeks and on the last day when we all pack up our wares, animals, ribbons and cash we shake the hands of those strangers who now seem like family and promise to write, call or email once the dust settles. I have made some great friends over the years there and more memories then could ever fill the pages of a scrapbook.

So when I went out this morning to bring warm water to the chickens and noticed the ice crystals on my eyelash's I suddenly got this child like excitement all thru my body - STOCK SHOW is in town!!!
Grace is living that dream she had so many many years ago and now I can see Buffalo anytime I want because they live just down the road and I get to spin their fiber all year long. I get the honor and joy of picking up my chickens anytime I want and not just look at them thru the cage wires as some person screams keep your fingers out of there. I hug on, snug on and get to deliver my very own goat babies. Those sweet goats come up to me and love on me even when their is no food involved. Our sweet Tony Llama may no longer live on this planet but I can see him and Nick still in my heart walking around with the biggest grins on their faces - I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

I hope you let your kids live their dreams and for that matter I hope you are too!! I sure know for this little gal - she lives the Stock Show everyday of her life and still gets those butterflies in her stomach each morning when she walks out her door onto her farm...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Storm on the Way!

With the weather guessers saying that we are expecting another storm to be coming our way starting tomorrow I am so thankful for my sweet Christmas Cactus. Hard to believe this guy came to the house eight years ago and was only a couple of thin arms. Over the years it has grown by leaps and bounds. Each year starting the week before Thanksgiving it starts its blooms and by Christmas day it is loaded with the most incredible hot pink flowers. Here we are in the New Year and it is still going strong - just in time for 6 inches of snow come Monday ...

Here is to the small things we cling to when Mother Nature is not at her kindest.

What small things are you thankful for??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something Fun To Try - Who's with me??

You might not be aware but on Face book there is a "Homemade Sharing" going on and it goes like this:

I'll send/deliver/share something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment to this update (Face book update). They must in turn, promise to post this and send something they made to the first 5 posters on their status. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be shared to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

Isn't that GREAT!!! O.K. I am not much of a Face book person but I thought I would join in - I joined my DIL posting and then as the rules states I posted my own on "Grace Gerber" or "Larkspur Funny Farm" Face book pages. Now if you do not do Face book I did not want you to be left out so I will also take anyone who posts a comment on this Blogspot Posting... That way everyone gets to play. So if you do not have a Face Book Page and want to join in just leave a comment and your in.....

I am so excited about this because everyone in the world can make something HOMEMADE! You do not need to be Martha Stewart or some icon in the crafting world - just a desire to try!! This will give you a whole year to come up with something and it does not have to be big - think small, workable projects - let that creative spirit take over... Come on folks let's have some fun!


Yep, a speedy wonderful customer snapped up all of the Yak and Silk Roving and soon she will be getting the treat of spinning that incredible roving. Thanks Janet in Canada for appreciating that listing. It is leaving the farm today with much love and thanks.

Blessings and Be Well

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pure Luxury to start the New Year

This is the time that I wished we had touch-o-vision!!! Such a buttery, creamy, incredible rich roving and it all started with a sweet little baby Yak called "Charlie Brown". I say little but he was the size of a pony when I met him and he was only two months old. This little fellow was known for running around with no real purpose, kicking up his heels and sometimes falling flat on his back - hence the name - remember Lucy always pulling the ball out from his kick and poor Charlie falling flat on his back. Charlie's baby down was so soft it reminds of my my cashmere babies but only this little boy could knock you to the ground and brake a few bones if he got frisky... After gathering about a pound of baby down I went home and just ran my fingers through the fiber for hours. I understand for those who do not love fiber like I do you would think me mad - go ahead it just means more for me!!!
I spent many months trying to figure out how to best increase the value of this treasure and it hit me one day - hand painted Tangerine Bombyx Silk that I also had stashed in my fiber room. Slowly I carded the two together at a rate of 80% Yak / 20% Silk and then hand pulled the roving from the carder. I could not wait, the first round of roving went to me. I sat and spun on my favorite spindle a lace weight yarn that was perfection. I quickly went back to the carder and made another round and before I knew it I was sitting and spinning that as well. I came to my senses and determined I must share this with others. So I have my two skeins now it is your turn... Trust me - this is some of the best spinning I have done in a long time and I giggle every time I touch it because I think of "Charlie Brown" in the pen running around like a big goof ball - Oh but what incredible baby down.
Don't' wait too long - I am not sure I can control myself and not spin some more...