Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soy Silk in Spring Colors

Here are a few new fiber items I added to my Etsy Shop - Soy Silk !!

I dyed some incredible colors while standing in the kitchen at 2 am - with thoughts of Spring time blooms that just seem so far away I had to create them for myself since Mother Nature just does not seem to want to play nicely around here...

First offering is for Frosted Lilacs, the second is for Tibetan Coral and the last one is Lavender and Lilacs..

What do you think of them?

Soy Silk is one of my favorite fibers to spin with but you can do so much more with it then that - Nuno Felting is very sheek but you can also make some textile jewelry, add it to your textured sewing, include it in your altered art journals and the list goes on and on....

To think it is a by product of manufactured Tofu production... It is just mind blowing and I have been offering this product at the farm and when I travel to shows for six years now and still am in love with it.

Would love to know what you think of them and what you might use them for???


Terrible Two's at the Funny Farm

Monday was like the worst Terrible Two's Four Legged Day!!! Wynonna was under foot and full of vinegar..... No nap time for her today and it was too cold to have her outside. That meant testing me at every turn and stumble. I had a shadow with sharp teeth...

Her favorite items to bite today besides me was ANYTHING!!!! She really loved my apron, then there was the fleece bags (Yes, I was trying to get fiber work done while this was all going on) which I had not realized I had left one on the floor. So smart Grace thought why don't we work on eating things that a goat is suppose too... Silly me... I placed on the towel a few pieces of oatmeal on a plate - she took about a half hour to push it all around the plate, towel, floor and my slippers but if she ate one I could not tell. I guess I should have counted how many pieces I put down but too late now.

Unlike her human counter parts - I can not put her in a high chair to keep her in one place, she has learned to hop over my barricades that keep her out of the living room and she has mastered the stairs so upstairs and downstairs are fair game for those fast little hooved feet....

Last night we had snow (I am doing the happy dance for any moisture) so no outside time for her today - she is still struggling to stay warm and when she gets too cold then she gets the terrible potty issues that I have been trying to stop for the last couple of weeks... Not a pretty sight but also not good for her tummy. I admit this morning just to eat my breakfast in peace she sat in my lap - that was a full 8 minutes without her getting into trouble or me chasing her. That may not sound like a lot of time but for me that seems like hours.

I finally rocked her to sleep - Yes, your read that right I rocked her and placed her in the bathroom with the space heater. I am typing like a mad women returning emails, posting on the blog, pulling all the orders for the day, printed shipping labels to place on those packages and soon will sprint down the long driveway to get the packages out - all before sleeping beauty awakes and the Terrible Two's start all over again. I must say that just like human babies Wynonna is an angel to watch while she sleeps but who has the time for that???

Monday, March 28, 2011


I know you all have been waiting on pins and needles to find out who won the naming contest of that sweet little goat girl......... Drum Roll Please.............. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The winner is MICHELE 2622 and the name see gave was "BELLA" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is so great because the little sweet one was wondering why I did not call her by name - so now I will get to work on getting her to know her name.... Thanks so much Michele 2622 for entering the contest - I read you like sewing so that is great because so do I. If you would send me either through here or MaryJane how I can get your prizes to you that would be most helpful.. I thank everyone who participated . I so appreciate you giving of your time and talents to help name this sweet one - you all gave such great names... In fact, since there was so many great names and still so many nameless kids in the barn I thought we would just keep the contests rolling. So hold on to your hats - more winners coming and more great prizes to send out!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Movies & The 5 Roo's

It was 4 am and Wynonna had slept enough. She screamed and screamed till I just couldn't take it anymore. Her voice was going and she was throwing herself against the door - talk about a drama queen. I drug myself out of bed and collected her on the way downstairs. I started the hot water, placed her formula in the pan and began my day.

As I sat there with her as she chugged her bottle I realized I had not made the popcorn last night!!!! A rather silly routine that I do but one none the less that has many folks around here waiting bright and early on Saturday morning. POPCORN!

I don't know if most are old enough to remember but on Saturday mornings when I was a kid during the lunch hour they had Saturday Movies such as Charlie Chan, or Godzilla vs all sorts of hard to believe monsters like Mothra, then there was Tarzan and the very B rated Horror Movies... I would get all my chores done racing at full speed, then make myself a sandwich with homemade bread and some great home preserved jelly. One those special of days I might include a chip or two which was not carried in my house very often. Then top it all off with a tall glass of whole milk and sat in front of the TV enjoying each minute of this television treat. Still all these years later and we wont talk about how many has gone by - I find comfort in that memory and recreate it when I can. I found on the TV awhile back a station that only plays oldies - that sounds so strange coming from my mouth but they have Charlie Chan, horrible B rate Horror movies which made me think I died and went to heaven... A bit of my childhood when worries did not seem so big and I was only responsible for a small handful of chores and animals.

You might wonder why the popcorn??? Well, when Grace wants to give herself a boost I have popcorn. Not a stiff drink, not chocolate not even a shopping trip - just good old popcorn. So I have shared that love with my animals (those who can or should eat it) and so on Friday nights it is popcorn night. To sit down, watch a show and eat great popcorn. Last night I was too pooped to pop - so I forgot!!

However, I have the bags done for the Roo's, Hen's and Dogs - yes my dogs love it too!!!
The update on the Roo's is they are still alive, still not my fav's but they have learned that if they only go about 20 feet east out of the barn they are outside in the pen with the yearling goat boys. See I told you they where not smart... So they have been doing so for the past couple of days and getting on the goat boys last nerves.. Early this morning my gentle kind soul Sugar had one pinned against the barn with his horns and giving him a big morning squeeze. I do not think it was out of love - who could blame Sugar. I have had that thought many times.. I will be handing out the popcorn very soon and all will be right as rain (I wished we had a few drop of rain) here at the farm.

Go enjoy a great old classic and a big bowl of popcorn today - or do whatever made you the happiest as a child. It is good to remember the "Good Old Days".

Friday, March 25, 2011

What 2 am looks like at the Farm

Folks wonder what we do at 2 am when no one can sleep - We raid the kitchen cupboards... Wynonna just could not wait for me to get the formula warmed up so she thought she would find something to tide her over while it took 30 seconds to warm in the microwave.
I guess of Wynonna can get into the cupboards my grandson Reese will be able to figure it out as well - at least I hope so!!!
While I made myself a cup of tea, gave the 8 ounces of warm formula to the hungry, hungry, hippo known as Wynonna I wondered if I was ever going to have a full night sleep again. I was tempted to back something rich and yummy I finally got my feet back into bed by 4 am only to be wide awake. So, I watched some horrible movie while I ran through the work list that soon would be greeting me in an hour or so - life at the Funny Farm goes round the clock!
PS - please enjoy this picture because my computer only took 35 minutes to load it - what is up with that??? Oh how I hate dial up........

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Colorado Fire - Closer to Home

While I tried today to not loss my mind in the horrible winds today Mother Nature was burning more dry land, trees and brush in Colorado. I spent the day with head phones on and my carding machine running full tilt just to mask the sound of the howling 38 mile per hour winds that had been going for the last four days. It was so bad that I could not even feed the animals till late in the afternoon. All of them had their heads down and hunkered behind each other just trying to make it through. When I finally got the chores done I came into the house and turned on the TV. There plastered on every station was news about a fire only 28 miles away and burning fast because of the winds. I have so many friends along with their animals in that part of our county that my heart just went wild. Quickly my mind went to my evacuation plans and how in the heck would I get it all done by myself. Last time we had to leave because of a fire I had my oldest still on the farm.... CRAP!!!

So, while my mind was racing my daughter in law had left a message and then while trying to call her my oldest son called. He knew I was alright but just checking in. After a brief exchange we hung up and I again went back to my plans....

The question is how would I get a mother goat with a broken leg safely into transport with her little one, then get all the mothers and their kids to get into a trailer. There would be no room in the trailer for all the boys and BOY that would be a mess with them all together. Then you have the llamas who refuse to be with the boys except for the four they live with. Then you have Kasha the Great Pry who will not let the other Great Pry girl Sophia anywhere near her and then Chief the Great Pry boy who loves everyone and would be easy to put in the trailer or truck except the fact that he gets car sick. You can not imagine how much a big dog like him can throw up. The last time we evacuated I was cleaning throw up out of the truck for weeks... I have done this before and I just will not let Mother Nature do this again!!!!

I thought tonight I would give the panic button a rest and sit in prayer for answers. I am great under pressure but I admit with all the lack of sleep in the last four weeks my panic button was pushed in and stuck.... Once I took a moment and sat myself down I slowly went through the procedures that are in place and reviewed what needs to be done now that I do not have all those extra hands. So here are some of the things I will be putting into effect:

I need to take updated pictures of all the animals and then send those pictures on line to a safe place so just in case we have to locate or identify animals I can do so.

I will need to also copy all the most current records to a on line safe place - I have them in their paper form in my evacutation box but I also want a on line back up - remember you might get separated from your things.

Next clear out the trailer which has been collecting things that really should not be there.. Then check their tires and lights.

Pull out the hoses that have been in winter storage and get them out to the pumps where they can be used. I have been watering the trees and grounds close to the house for a week now but will start a regular schedule of watering to do the best I can to keep at least around the house a little less dry.

I will cut any dead limbs off the pines around the house. Clear out any dried bedding from around the barns and now I am leaving on side of the barn open during the night just in case.

Move panels closer to make a tunnel run to move the animals quickly out of the pastures into trailers.

I guess you all know what I will be doing for the next couple days - sounds like good times!!

NOW I ASK YOU - "If you are only given 10 minutes to leave your apartment, home or farm - what do you have left to get done"??? We all think it will not happen to us but trust me it does...

Be Safe - Plan to the best you can... Mother Nature is looking like she is not going to be cutting anyone anywhere a break. Would love to hear what you might add to my list of things to do..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wynonna's Physical Therapy

Before you ask "Where are the PICTURES?" I have to tell you I was trying to hold my lunch plate, eat quickly before the wind took my grilled cheese sandwich to Kansas and I dumped my pear slices for the critters to get... That being said - Wynonna was being in my mind LAZY about working that right hind leg. I checked it over I can not tell you how many times trying to find the reason for her not putting weight on it or swinging it around like it had no muscle tone - so Hard Hearted Grace went to work and thought up some new ways to make her work that leg.

Since Wynonna is attached at my ankles and wants to do everything I do I figured I would get her outside and in the tall grass. I wished it was grass right now but it is just dry sticks that do not bend and are not soft and gentle like regular grass - I even have to pick up my feet while walking through it if I do not wish to land on my face. I made my lunch quickly and grabbed her up and down the back deck stairs we went. I placed her on the ground and started walking. I got about 15 feet ahead of her and she stood frozen and cried. I did not turn around but just called her name and kept walking. She screamed even louder which got all the mothers in the pasture to run to the fence and starting calling... Just what I needed - NOT!

Wynonna stood frozen and still crying the whole time. I turned, faced her and in a very strong Mother voice said "Wynonna Walk"..... Well, she blinked a couple of times and then came running. She was using that right back leg just as I knew she could if she would get out of her pity party... I then started walking and she kept right up. I looked like a nutter but what is new - I was walking while eating my lunch and giving her praise the whole way. She even ran ahead of me as if to say "Mom, look what I can do".... I knew you could Wynonna...

So here the two of us walked around the house several times - me finding each time a harder path for her to take so she would not get lazy or bored. I walked closer to the chicken coop just to check on them - a young Eagle has been circling the farm for the last couple of days and I wanted the girls to know I was keeping an eye on them. Just then Wynonna came running through the tall grass as if her butt was on fire. She ran right into my leg and almost up my leg. I grab her up to she what was chasing her and I began giggling... It was the little white mink.. Now, this little one was not trying to hurt her - rather the mink loves meeting and greeting. The mink stopped about a foot away from me as if to say "Can I met her Mom?" Wynonna was shaking and just about nibbling off my ear. I had to tell the little mink that Wynonna just is not ready for a best friend but give her a day or two and I am sure she will have a new best friend in the little mink. Mean while the hens where chattering up a storm with all the excitement. I realized that our time outside was over but WHAT A DAY!!!

So Physical Therapy will continue this afternoon - Wynonna is fast asleep in the bathroom with her space heater and ticking clock. I am heading back downstairs and get busy on the carding machine - Before we left for Physical Therapy I had been dyeing some silk cocoons and soy silk roving for later on in the week - I have had a couple of new projects rolling around in this mush I call a brain for some time now and hoped that this outside adventure would keep Wynonna sleeping long enough for me to get some work done. I just finished some large batts with alpaca, wool and mohair - they are dreamy and such a great colorway - so picture taking tonight. I am thinking of calling it "Peacocks in the Pines". Did I every tell you the story of my peacock in the pines??? I will save that for another time.

Have fun all and I will keep you in the loop on the rehab work of Wynonna.

Oh, heads up on Olivia - she had a hard couple of days - not happy and not wanting to eat much but I added some more wheat germ oil and some sliced pears to her bowl and she is right as rain today. The stress of all this has broken that incredible fiber so she is blowing out early - not sure if I can save any of it but it is a small price to pay if I can get her and Opal thru this in one piece.
Back to work and thanks for stopping in for a read...

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Naming Contest - First Born Baby Girl

You have all been so kind to wait on me and LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

For those who might have forgotten this sweet girl was born Feb 7, 2011 at 3:00 pm to Maggie. She was one of a set of twins. The kids did great but then something went wrong with Maggie the Mom and she stopped nursing them. So in the house the girls went. On the 15th of Feb I sent the girls to live with Mother Goose who lost her baby that day. All was great until one of the girls smacked into the side of the barn while jumping off Mother Gooses back and broke her neck. This left this little girl without her sister. Mother Goose has been a great adoptive mother to her and they have a very close bond. This little girl still loves me to pick her up and give her tons of hugs and kisses. She is very active, loving girl who is part of the group in every way.

So this girl deserves a GREAT NAME!!! She has been through a lot and still remains a shining light.

**Here are the small rules**
1. The contest will begin today March 21, 2011 and will run till March 28, 2011 at midnight MST..

2. You can enter as many times as you wish but please make each Goat Baby Name a separate entry... You will also be allowed to enter any and all of the Boat Baby Naming Contests that will be held this year (2011) so go wild...

3. If you leave a Goat Baby Name entry please make sure that you give me someway to contact you in case you become the winner - no Anonymous postings PLEASE. I do not give your name out or do anything with your name other then for purposes of this contest...

4. When you place your Goat Baby Name entry please also place with that entry which area of craft you would like a prize from if you become the winner - IE. for Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing or Other Crafts. If you do not tell me what your interest is you never know what you will get...

5. ABOVE All HAVE FUN!!! So put on those thinking caps, get out those dusty books, look up your favorite movie - be creative....


Falling Short - We All Do It

I was not the only one who fell short of the mark this weekend...
This marble size egg was the first attempt from one of my hens this weekend. I so can relate!!!
I had such high hopes for all the things I was to get done but fell way short of everything. The winds made it impossible to even stand up let alone get all those outside lists done. Then the sound of the wind in the barns were brain rattling - which does not take much these days. Even with ear buds in my ears and the sound turned up all the way I could not even hear what was being said - It was on "Being Here Now" - you got to be kidding - the only "NOW" I am experiencing is - complete meltdown!! I fell really short of being in the NOW....
So inside I went and thought I would get paperwork done - YUCK!!! Besides the wind howled so loud that it rattled the windows and dumped things off the decks so forget that!!!
Then I thought I would get more products listed - I spent hours trying to get the new camera to take correct pictures of these incredible glass buttons that I decided I might share with my customers. Then I could not get the latest hand painted silk roving that I had just finished to even look anything like it does in person. Then I could not get the program to read the camera information - Crap!!!
Last, I thought now I guess I will finish painting the upstairs hallway but Wynonna just would have none of that - she was a pill (that was not the word I was using at the time) and screaming her lungs out. I could not have her with me because she was still having potty issues and she kept touching the wet paint. Between that and the wind I was ready to just pull my hair our - what is left of it...
So last but not least I was going to start the naming contest here on the blog but I admit instead I sat my tired bum on the coach and proceeded to fall asleep sitting up again... I regret falling short this weekend and I hope you will play along in the next posting for the first NAMING CONTEST!!!
I hope I was not the only one who fell short - please share your shortness with me so I can believe that I am not the only one alone with my hen who just did not have the best weekend. Here is to a better week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olivia & Wynonna Update

For those who have sent me emails to find out how she is doing - She is Hanging In!! Wednesday she was very sad and was not her normal self - who would blame her but she has to keep up her spirits and eating. So I went and cut her slices of pear and placed it in her bowl along with wheat germ oil drizzled over it. This was eaten quickly and a small smile came over her or was that gas??? Either way she is still nursing Opal, still getting up to walk around and seems to be tolerating the splint. I know she so wants to be out of the pen but I know my girls and it just would not be safe. Opal also is antsy to be playing with the others but when I took her out of the pen for play time Olivia went nuts.. So in order to keep Mom calm Opal will just have to play with the kids through the pen...

So there you have it Olivia is still Hanging In!!

As for Wynonna, that silly girl can scream her lungs out when I get out of her sight. I tried to take a shower today - greatly needed and you would have thought someone was pulling her tail off. Just like a spoiled kid she thinks the world revolves around her and to some extent she is right but really - unless I want to start to smell like a billy goat, which I don't, a shower must happen and I am sure thankful that it has. Then I remember those poor folks in Japan that are without everything and I had to give myself a big talking too... We must be thankful for all the little things we have for there are so many who have nothing.

Be Well Today - I count you in my blessings!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She has a NAME!

It finally hit me the other day after telling this sweet one about a million times to STOP WHINING!!! I understand the need for communication but she would make this whining sound every time she lost track of me, if she walked on something that was a different texture, if she did not get a sip of her bottle the second she wanted it or even when she was peeing. At first I kept thinking "Are you in Pain?" "Is there something really wrong?" but then after watching her I realized she knew that if she made this noise I would drop everything and pay full attention to her.

So out of my very tired mouth came "STOP WHINING WYNONNA" - That's it!!! You named yourself girl.

I would like to introduce you all to the formally known "Girl in the bathroom" to the new "Wynonna" She already has learned her name and although she is not whining as much, still she uses that cry of hers to get me to drop everything and come a running. Now she is still not putting weight on the back right leg which does not make her or me the least bit happy - she has perfected the three legged hustle and it is almost as fast as any of her peers... She also has designed a new little dance when she is in the kitchen with me that is like a combo of skipping and turning. As a good mommy I have to let her try new things even if it means she splats on the floor and scares the crap out of both of us. This is the only way she will gain Independence and that is all I ever want for my bottle kids.

I wanted to take her out today because the weather was so nice but we again had those horrible winds got going so strong that most of the kids stayed in the barn because it was more then most could deal with - so we had exercise day in the shop, hide and go seek in the fiber processing room, movies and lunch in the kitchen (that was while I was dyeing new yarns) and nap time still in front of the space heater in the bathroom... That is Wynonna got the nap I got to do her poopy towels, loads of dishes, dyeing fiber and silk cocoons and start something for dinner but I guess I will sleep some other day.

So now you know her name - what do you think of Wynonna???

Monday, March 14, 2011

Olivia Update

Well, half the day is gone and Olivia is still on the up side of everything. My oldest son surprised me by using his day off after being on the road for a week to go and pick up some people food for me and come out to the farm. We had a nice lunch, caught up on his work adventures and then he held Olivia while I placed on a new splint and checked the leg... Boy it was a lot easier with another set of hands. She still is having good circulation in the leg, she is able to get around with it and has a great desire to eat, drink and allow Opal to nurse. So, we are still watching every two hours or so and checking to make sure there is no new problems arising. Opal was very protective of her mother but understood that while I worked on her it was a great time to get a bite of lunch in. She nursed fast and long but that is exactly what I wanted her to do just in case....

The day has not been as productive as I had hoped but it was wonderful to see my son and spend some time with him. It is also great to have another set of hands to help with the first aid and to have his experience with the Vet side of the farm work to confirm that I had done everything right.. He agreed that I had done things right and that my logic was sound. Sometimes even I question myself or my abilities...

So we will keep a very close eye on Olivia and if you would still keep those prayers coming because we are by no means out of the woods here... Much love and light to you all.

Made it thru the Night

Olivia made it through the night and Opal is still nursing and bonded with her Mother. Checking every hour on her made the other girls in the barn uneasy but I felt that I needed to stay on top of the problem because things can go wrong quickly in this type of injury. Olivia is not showing any sign of shock but sure is not a happy camper. She gives me dirty looks are if somehow this is my fault. She does get up and down on her own, walks or should I say hobbles around her pen but at least she is still doing that - animals adapt quickly. Each of the other girls are checking on her through the pen but they come up to me each time talking to me as if they are giving their observations as to what has happened since I was last in the barn. Chief also has been on full alert and has been concerned as to constant in and out of the barn. Sophia also kept the alarm barking going through out the night as if to warn the creatures of the night that we were on full alert.

Over all things are better then I had expected. I am making a big cup of coffee and trying to get this body to stop hurting. I know it is a lot less pain then Olivia is experiencing but my day starts again and much work is a head of me. I then also remind myself that across the world Japan is in such pain and horror that what gives me any right to complain, worry or whine - we must count our blessings no matter how small. To count those aches and pains, lack of sleep and worry as a blessing to remind us we are given one more day, hour or minute.

So my blessings is Olivia made it through the night and today we take one hour at a time. For that we are blessed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emergency - Goat Injuried

So Much For A Quite Evening!!!! When I went outside this evening to get everyone inside I was talking away to Chief about what a sweet guy he was with the little one earlier. As the girls where milling around, talking amongst themselves and hoping for another bunch of the hay that had been moved earlier this day - Olivia did something thing incredibly STUPID - she again tried to jump her out of her pen and this time caught her leg in the metal mesh and within a blink she broke her right back leg.... I ran to get her out of the mesh before more damage could happen!!!

I can't believe this goat did this to herself... WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??? The point is she wasn't.......

NOW WHAT?? So I got her back into the pen and ran to the house to get material for a splint. I came back with four paint stir sticks, vet wrap, bandages, and tape. After I got her to calm down for a minute and I caught my breath I went to work. She cut her leg too so I cleaned that up then found where the brake was and gentle pushed it back into place and wrapped with a thin towel. I then placed two sticks on either side and left about an inch past the hoof so she could not step directly onto the foot. After wrapping it with tape to make sure there still was good blood circulation I stepped back and let us all again catch our breath. I quickly went and got grain, water and hay for her. Within that short time (less then a minute or two) she stood herself up and took six steps and then let her little girl Opal nurse... I stood frozen as to not disturb them. Opal nursed for a long while and I listened closely to hear for teeth grinding. That would tell me if Olivia was in extreme pain or not. No teeth grinding but my own..

I slowing got into the pen and placed down the food and water. Olivia started right in on the grain while Opal began nursing again. I kept very still and just watched. After she had about a cup of grain and a long drink she hobbled over to her corner that had her heat lamp and sat down. Opal sniffed at the strange things on Mother leg and then climbed on her back and sat down. I watched closely to make sure Olivia was not getting a glazed look in her eyes (shock) or that she started panting quickly which would have meant much larger issues, as if this was not horrible and life threathing enough.

So back to the house I went, checked my Vet Books to make sure I placed the splint correctly and then called my oldest son to see if I had addressed the splint correctly and inquired if I had missed anything. Now it means up all night to make sure she can get through this - most times the animal is put down but I am hoping that she can pull through. She may lose her use of the leg put I am hoping this will not mean the end of her. I also want to make sure that Opal has as long as she can to nurse with her mother and time with her.

Now comes the hard part - a Vet would do the same but most would not even bother because as one Vet said to me a long time ago - "It's only a goat, there are thousand out there". I wonder how much he thinks his life is worth? In my book not a plug nickle.

I hope you will keep Olivia in your prayers tonight if you can - I will be keeping a watchful eye on her and doing what I can to see her through her trauma. Well better run back out and check on her I will keep you posted...

Big Work - Big Adventure

Finally the wind has stopped and outside I went. Not for a picnic, a walk in the forest or just to sit and soak up the sun but rather to tackle the two ton of hay that had been delivered Wednesday.

I cleaned up the food room in the goat girls barn and tricked them to go outside and play. I opened the big doors and with the hand trolley I started pulling each 89 lb bale one by one into the feed room and stacking them. After three hours of moving and stacking I had moved one ton and closed up the doors and let the girls come back in. They love it when I move hay because they get all the loose stuff that I rake up so that means extra breakfast for those hungry, hungry Mothers...

I decided while the wind was still calm and the sun was out I would bring the little girl outside to visit everyone. She kept her head tucked into my jacket and snuggled the whole way out. As I came through the gate everyone crowded around to see what it was that I was having in my hands. I am sure they where all looking for apples not a tiny little goat. She was excited to greet everyone - as they sniffed her over and did not give her a second look her face turned sad. She came to me crying and hoping to go inside. I told her that making friends takes a bit of work and time so let's just enjoy the sun. I sat down and Chief (the Pry) came over licked her bottom and then her head (that is what he is to do to show he will protect her) and sat down next to her. The moment he did that all the other little goat kids came running over to see what Chief had...

Soon the little girl was being greeted by everyone of the kids and a couple even head butted her - that was scary for her but it is a sign that they included her and want her to be one of them.. She was working hard at walking and even managed a couple of skipping and a little running on three legs. Chief followed her closely to make sure that none of the Mothers went after her and each time she fell Chief was there to make sure she was O.K.

After about an hour the little one was wanting to go back inside the house. I picked her up and she placed her head back into my jacket and started to snuggle. As I walked back to the house she fell sound asleep. I placed her back in front of her space heater and she did not even complain - not a peep.. She was one tired little girl but I was so excited that her walking and skipping came out and that she connected with her peers. All my love in the world can not make up for finding her inner goat - she even worked at nippling on the hay after watching some of the other kids go after the pieces on the ground. Having her with them I could see how she is so tiny compared to them. She is about half their size - that is what happens when you are not being fed by your goat Mommy..I did try to see if Ebony (Her Real Mom) would take her but she would have nothing to do with her. She sniffed her and then pushed her to the ground. My heart broke a bit but I could not fault her - in her mind and heart he baby was died and I could not force something that was not there. Still I grieved for my little girl who would not have the love of a Goat Mom...

All in all we are two tuckered little girls but only one of us is sleeping right now... It sure isn't me but I am THRILLED for the wonderful time that my little one had and that I have half of the hay in the barn - now I only have a ton more to move around to the different pastures but that will be for another day..

Update on Girl in the Bathroom

I am getting much quicker with the towel on pee alert. As trying to get a picture of her in the kitchen while eating my breakfast I quickly had to push a towel under her because she was going to get peeing into my heating vent... Silly Girl!
Well, another long night - I decided to add some yogurt and a drop of molasses to her milk formula. This will give her some needed goodies to keep her stomach working and bump up her energy levels. We walked around the upstairs every two hours which she at times complained but she was thrilled to be with me so she kept up. I had three loads of laundry to do in the night from her new formula - so now there are towels and sheets everywhere (I do not use a dryer and it was snowing outside last night) so it looks like a refugee camp here.
She has good times and bad (don't we all) but if you would please still keep her in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it... I also know she still does not have a name - I had been holding off thinking that maybe she was not going to make it - then she would do better and I started thinking of names and then she would slid again so for this moment I have just been calling her "Sweet Heart" but we will see what life holds today... I must let you know that she gives the sweetest nuzzles and snuggles - such a loving and kind little one. I gave her a ticking alarm clock during the times when I have to be away from her so she hears something close to a heart beat. Since she does not have a roommate I do not want her to disengage.
Thanks for reading and keeping her in your thoughts.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers are all we can do for now!

By now everyone has heard about the earthquake and resulting walls of water. For those of us who do not sleep it was an event that we did not know exactly what happened but the animals here went wild with fear. It is amazing how their bodies feel things that we miss but all I knew was there was something horrible going on until I went to the computer to see if anything was posted...

It is a reminder that with all that we think we are in control of - we really are so small. I feel such sadness and pain for those who are going through this and all I can do is send out prayers for them for now..

There is a saying that I live by "Mother Nature Always Bats Last". Be Safe Today and Hugs those around you....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Forward

I placed some new silk rod packets up on Etsy to get us all in the mood for Spring....
Today was perfection outside. You know life is sweet when I am using a hose to do the watering chores. For most they would say "Big Deal" but it is a BIG DEAL. You carry around 40 or so 5 gallon buckets around seven pastures and see if it doesn't become a big deal.....
Then I got to take "Little Girl from the Bathroom" outside and let her enjoy the sunshine and try a bit of walking. It still is not for very long but she had a great time just sitting in the grass on a blanket while I worked a bit on the front flower bed.
Next I enjoyed all the kids just running full tilt in the pasture without their Mothers... They remind me of the roadrunner - just darting here and there, jumping and even rolling around... If watching that you can not be smiling ear to ear then you are just dead inside.
After all that fun it was time to come inside and be the grown up and get to work. After screaming four letter words at my computer (the phone company changed some of my services and the call waiting screwed things up) because it was just messed up. I finally got it to work but not until I was just about to stroke out - so much for my morning meditations - a computer can put this gal over the edge so quickly. Anyway, spent hours (dial up is not for speed) posting new silk rods in my Etsy Shop. Hope you might take a look and tell me what you think..
So this evening it was hard to get the goat kids to come into the barn and I wanted to just sit on the front deck and watch the sun set but there are bottles to make, Laundry with those pee pee towels to get soaking and now more computer work. It was great having such a warm sunny day after all those bitter cold ones - just makes you really appreciate those simple things in life.
What was your favorite thing today???

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goat in my Bed

Yes your read that right - life slid off the rails and the rule book went out the window.

Little girl in the Bathroom - I know she needs a name - has been having issues with her walking and standing. This started out as not a big deal but for the past two days she has been getting worse and worse. I have tried everything I had in my bag of trick and talked to others who have more then my 15 years in raising goats and we are all without answers. The other issue is we no longer even have a vet out here who does goats - so after spending two days on the hard bathroom floor trying to keep her engaged and taking a few steps I was drained. I had to get a few minutes of sleep on my back and on something a bit softer. Now I would do the couch but she was unable to get comfortable so it was upstairs into my bed.
Before you all get weird about this - I first put a big plastic sheet down then two heavy thick towels, then the heating pad, another plastic sheet and two more towels. Then I made sure she had done her business and off to bed we went. She curled up and I laid down. WOW, flat on my back - boy did that feel GREAT!!! Now off to sleep she went but I admit I was so worried I did not get a minute of sleep - thank goodness for late night TV - Outer Limits and bad Horror Movies... Little one slept and was an angel with no accidents. When 4:30 am came around and I needed to give a bottle to her and start the morning outside chores little girl sat in the kitchen waiting for me. After finishing my outside work I came inside and she had walked herself into the living room, picked out which DVD we should watch and then sat herself down in the sunshine. I was so thrilled to see that she walked a good 100 yards on her own and enjoyed it. I guess that magical night in my bed did the trick - I however am still in great need of some shut eye but I would give up another night for more of that magical healing.

Can I say there will be a goat in my bed tonight? Heck, the rule book is gone and anything goes in the name of healing...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As I went to take down my customers packages to the mail box I could not admire the ice covered farm. I love the way Mother Nature paints each Pine needle with ice. The only issue is this graceful gal must really watch how she walks because skating is not something I do well. The fog is still hanging about here at the farm so it will be another day of fog inspired horror movies for this farm gal. I think I will also attempt tonight (if no one has an issue) at the carding machine to create a batt that looks like the amazing trees captured in ice. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby in the Bathroom - Update!

We have made it into the kitchen this morning and what an adventure. Walking on the wood is just as tricky as the tile floor in the bathroom... She found that out and we had a couple of BAMBIE on Ice Moments! After scaring herself and me - tons of hugs and kisses to get her to calm down and start again. After an hour of walking around and peeing in just about every spot available it was time for another bottle and nap time in the bathroom...
We continued this routine throughout the day so she would walk more. It is very important to her health and happiness and since she is alone without other play mates I have to force the issue sometimes. She took another slip on the wood floor and this time pulled her front left leg a bit but we must press on. As my two legged sons will tell you I don't allow whining - we just press on and do our best. During the night feedings she was not happy because I made her walk to get the bottle and after a bit of nursing I would take the bottle away, walk a bit away from her and force her to walk again. Now before you think me a monster just remember the Mothers are a walking milk factory and they require their little one's to follow the milk too - so see I am not a soulless Mother but rather one who wants the very best for her kids...
We have another storm coming in and so no outside walking for the little one. I was thinking of taking her to the Fiber Room for some walkabout's this afternoon and maybe some playtime snuggling in some fiber.


Some might say I always walk around in a fog during this time of year - You are so right on that point but this morning Mother Nature is giving it to the whole farm. As I went to check on everyone this morning you could hardly see two feet ahead of yourself. As I walked I thought of all my favorite horror movies - "The Fog", "Storm of the Century", and the "The Mist" - Oh SO Many More! In those movies something mind blowing and body chewing leaps out of the fog and kills you in some gut spilling way!!! I admit it I LOVE those types of movies. As I walked the paths of my farm the air hung heavy and still - not a sound. My animals lay low in this weather because they too know that predators hunt in this and that keeping still is your best defense.

Today is one of those days that for whatever reason I feel energized - it might be the lack of sleep (the mind does strange things when not given rest), the bite in the air which makes this old gal pick up her heels and move quicker, or could it be that my brain runs wild with all the tales of things that go "Bump in the Fog."

As I sit eating my breakfast with a baby goat in my lap (O.K. really how many folks start their morning that way?) and watching "Terminator Salvation " I can not help but wonder what waits for me in that mist???

None of us know what might leap out at us and change our lives for the worst. I find watching the News or most of the TV programs much more terrifying then any horror movie. We have monsters walking amongst us doing unspeakable things yet we do nothing to stop them. No strand of garlic or holly water will stop them. We glorify the social misfits and watch on every station a man's spiral down into insanity and twitter about it by the millions. We have become robot's without a heart or zombies without a soul. "There is a storm coming" - as Connor states in the movie. A real snow storm is rolling in at the farm but also a storm of change. We have to clear the fog that surrounds our minds and hearts and find the clear path - focus on the real things that are out there...

Enough of that - I am talking in movie quotes - that can't be good!!!
Better go hang the garlic, fill up bottles with holly water and get back to work...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Pain - No Gain

First picture is the egg, second is with two normal size eggs, third picture is a normal size egg and the last picture is what was inside this marvel...
This morning around 3 am as I went to check in on the last two expecting goat hold outs I was in my head as always and walking like a zombie (way too little sleep for way to many weeks) I was snapped into the world around me by this horrible screaming sound from the chicken coop. Not the best way to wake up as you walk...
I ran to the coop and fumbled with trying to get the door open - we had snow again in the night and the lock froze a bit. The sounds coming from behind the doors sent shivers through me. MY POOR GIRLS - what in the world is going on in there??
I got the door finally open and most of the hens where still on the night perch but there was one hen pacing back and forth in front of the nesting box. I went to her, picked her up to calm her and there in the nest was an egg. Normally they are not laying to early so I picked it up and just gasped...

OH MY GOSH - My Butt HURTS FOR HER!!! I checked her vent to make sure she did not rip something... She was fine from what I can tell but being a Mother I know HOW MUCH THIS MUST HAVE HURT.. Poor Sweet One.

So I brought it in and tried to show the difference in eggs. It is not only twice the size but it is long and oval. After breaking it open there are two full size eggs inside. Normally if there is doubles they are smaller but these are full sized. WOW!! She worked very hard for this egg and I will have to find something special to make with these .
What would you make with such a special yet painful gift???

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Gone with the Wind

We had a rough night at the farm - Little Girl in the bathroom developed a rattle in her lungs and was not pooping. Talk about me going into worry mode. I had a vaporizer going just like a did with my oldest son and his croup all those many years ago. Then there was the tummy rubs, making her walk around when she did not wish too, the holding and talking to her to keep her engaged and so I could track her better. So as you can tell there was not much sleeping going on for this gal...

By mid morning she still was not pooping and so I thought how about some time outside in the sunshine and walking with something to look at other then the inside of my house. We stepped outside after a half bottle hoping that with food in the tummy and this new movement would get things started. The sun is out and the temp is warm so we stepped out the shop door in faith!

The little one kept on my heels and I really had to watch that she was not going to be kicked or tripped. The birds where out and looking for food before the next change in the weather. The hens gave the little one a nasty look and she kept behind my feet for protection. The tall grass was too much for her so back on the driveway we went. She was starting to pick up speed when suddenly Mother Nature let go of a big gust of wind and there went my little one. She was being pushed along the dirt driveway and I was chasing after her. Oh My Gosh - this is scaring the poop out of her - REALLY as she was being pushed by the invisible hands of the Wind God's she lifted her tail and out came all that was beening stored. I can not believe this - how in the world did the universe know to do this but I am so thankful. I raced after her and grabbed her up before she could get hurt and put her in a windbreak so she could finish the process that had started. With a sweet little grin on her face of relief I waited till it looked like she had finished. I scooped her up and hugged her tight and long as I walked her back into the house.

We walked back to the bathroom and I placed her in front of the space heater. There she quickly lowered her head and drifted off to sleep. Oh how I wanted that too but back outside to check on the remaining three girls who might at sometime deliver . Maybe I should set them out in the wind - if it worked for poop who is to say it might not work for other things???

This is the first time in 15 years that I am thankful for my Wind - I guess I really need to rethink those things that I grumble about because everything has it purpose.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Change - YUCK

What do you think of when I say the word CHANGE??
Does it strike fear all the way down to your toes? Do you break out in a cold sweat and start biting your nails?? Do you race to the medicine cabinet to get a pill or reach for a liquid refreshment to steady your mind? Do you turn into a big puddle of tears with red eyes and nose that makeup can hide. Or are you one of those who start to giggle, rubbing your hands and get a gleam in your eye for a new adventure?? Are you one of those folks who always finds a silver lining while being hit by lightening?? (O.K. that is just not normal - Right?)

Today was very interesting in the world of change. I needed to break down the pens in the barn in order to be able to get the ladies to really start tracking their kids and to get the kids to start listening to their Mothers. It is vital for this to happen if you want them to be safe, sound and start to learn the roles that will carry them through their lives.

I started slowly but within minutes the fear of change hit the barn like a tidal wave. The girls and kids have had three days with their pen gates open and limited time out in the pasture to start the process but the world was changing and they where not too happy. Now mind you they have not been in their pens more then a month max but to them it was like turning their world upside down. No matter how much I talked to them and moved slowly the noise became deafening. Finally I clapped my hands loudly (I have trained all the animals here that the sound of my clapping is a warning to REALLY pay attention) and got them all to quite down and stand still.

Just then I realized I too go round and round, self talk and sometimes to others when change is in the air for me. Over the years I have become rigid to change, maybe down right fearful. I have worked out my patterns of behavior to where I have left no room for change. I have worked so hard to get control over everything that I have forgotten that we really have no control over anything. Now I am great in emergencies and my plans have plans but I saw myself in those scared Mothers.

Once I removed the panels that where no longer needed and got the girls fresh buckets of water and sweet hay the milling around calmed down and the chatter stopped. How could I get that calm about change - no I am not talking about downing large gin and tonics or eating a pint of ice cream. Is it true that if we have the basic needs met we can handle change better? It is that only through time we can come to terms with it? Is it if others are in the same boat we feel better about of survival or at least we know everyone else is miserable? I don't think there is one right answer but I know that for me right now I am standing on the edge of big changes and wondering where that adventuresome gal went??

I am tired of milling around in circles trying to not let change find me...
So here is where I turn to you all - what gets you through Change? How easy are you with Change? What process do you use to get through Change?

Finally Real Food

Now matter how I plan during birthing season not only do I not get to get the required amount of sleep but meals are missed more times then I can count. Since also making major changes to how and what I will eat (no prepacked, processed, chemical coated food) it does make it harder to get the REAL food into this tired body. You can often find in my hand a banana as my dinner or a baggie full of dry rice cereal as I sit in the barn. I know better but really sometimes life here gets way out of control. So today when I found my body vibrating like one of those Magic Fingers Beds in hotels (do they still have those ?) I realized I really had to eat REAL FOOD.

So early this morning after one of the barn checks I started the refried beans and corn. Then this morning I took the organic eggs from my girls and whipped up a Mexican Casserole and finished it off with Salsa Rice. Oh my - I was counting the minutes till everything was done. Pure Heaven and I took my plate with all the mouth watering flavors, the large glass of Pineapple Iced Tea and came upstairs to gobble it up and get more work done. While shoveling in my mouth the incredible food, typing with the other hand so as to not get too far behind in work, I also treated myself to a Netflix movie - Saw VI - I know, bad low rate horror movie. This is just what this tired soul needs - sometimes we just have to feed those demons...
Now, I can carry on without having my body vibrating from lack of real food withdrawals. Oh, got to run - baby bottle time but thanks for letting me share my meal with you, How about you sharing what you are going to be eating today so maybe I can figure something else out besides a banana tonight...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Olivia had a little Gem - Opal

This tiny little Mother is Olivia and she is one of the triplets from Esmeralda last year grouping. I had so hoped she had not gotten bred but I guess my billy can do amazing things through the fence. Anyway it was to late to change things and Monday afternoon she was starting into labor and she was not too quite about it.. She took a very long time to progress in her labor and I was worried we might have a repeat of Monica's delivery. Just as I was getting out all the gear for a problem delivery out pops the very all together baby girl. Screaming and standing the moment she touched the ground.
I quickly sat down and just reminded myself to take a breath or two.. Olivia was really dazed and did not even look at the baby. I started holding my breath again. Crap - no she is not going to do this to this girl. The baby was walking and talking and looking for food. Olivia went to work on pawing the straw - that is a great sign. After an hour of doing that all over the pen and digging up four inches of straw and still not letting this girl nurse I was really getting over the edge nervous. I went in and grabbed Olivia and tried to get the little girl to nurse but she was not going to do it. When I let go of Olivia the baby went right back to trying to nurse. I had to go outside the barn and count to about 100 before stepping back in. Three hours of sitting on my hands and still Olivia was just pawing the straw and moving every time the baby started to get under her.
I decided to go back into the house and give a bottle to the one sitting in the bathroom and make room for another addition. I called my Mother to let her know of the new arrival and then talked to myself as I walked back to the barn. I kept hoping upon hope that she would get it together. She was a daughter of the Devil Goat - what in the world went wrong. As I arrived at the barn door and talked with my pry who was guarding the door I again prayed that I was not going to have another house guest...
As I pulled back the door slowly and entered the barn with my heart beating so hard I thought everyone could hear it - there was the little girl nursing away.. OH MY was she nursing!! So I pulled up my chair and just WATCHED... Olivia was letting this baby nurse and nurse and nurse. I wanted to stand up and clap but I just watched and gave thanks...
So, Another wonderful Mother and a Gem of a new little girl. As for the name it came to me the moment she took her first breath. She is an old soul, a sparkling gem for this farm. She is only a day old and has managed to get everyone of the older kids to come and greet her. Opal is her name.

Eve's Set of Twins

With all that has been going on I forgot to post the information of Eve's set of twins. She will never forgive me for this gross oversight...
On Feb 17 at 3:12 in the morning Eve quietly and quickly delivered her sweet boy. While she went to work and cleaning him and I went in the feed room to get a couple of towels she sat down and went to work on getting the second baby out which is a baby girl. Eve is a shy girl and does not let me get too close so I sat in my chair and pretended not to be watching. Can you guess who her mother is - Yes, the Devil Goat!! Eve has only had a single before so I was a bit worried to see how she would handle two very active kids. One thing I can say about the Devil Goat (Esmeralda) blood line is they are fantastic Mothers. I mean lay down their life, over protective and high efficient Mothers. I do admire that in them.
Eve went to work and got them cleaned and nursing with speed and ease... She got them settled into the hay after filling their bellies and then cleaned up the after birth. I marvel that animals without reading dozens of books on "What to Expect When You're Expecting" or the hundred and one parenting books that we all seem to pour over instead following what our instinct tells us is the right thing. They do not second guess if they fed them enough, tucked them in correctly or if they are being a great parent - they just do it and most do it with great skill and love!!
Eve never leaves her kids wanting for anything - they are the picture of health, happiness and growing like weeds. Such beautiful weeds... GREAT JOB EVE

Monica's Little Girl

Monica was not happy with me trying to take their picture - her foot stomping, snorting and standing in front of the baby took me a good 20 minutes to get just these two pictures. I know they are not the best but I had about 30 blurry ones and only these two you could see that there where goats in the pen inside of ghostly specters dashing around.. The little girl is doing wonderful - playful and eating up a storm... Monica has giving such joy to my heart - I worried after the horrible delivery experience that she would disconnect and I would be raising this one but I could not ask for a better Mother...