Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

The party animals are gathering for the wild times planned here at Larkspur Funny Farm. We start early here celebrating the ending of one year and the start of another!!

Chief is saving up his energy to man the gates from party crasher later in the evening - this is a "By Invitation Only" event. Only "A" Lister's are coming and what a wild time it will be....

Mother Nature has already started getting out of control - gusts already going to be in the 60 miles an hour range and some predict even stronger winds out here - she really is a blow heart when she gets a couple of drinks in her so we hope to keep her away from the punch bowl but she always sneaks in a bottle or two. The noise makers have started as well - sections of the small barn tin roof has been lifted up and are flapping around with each song that Mother Nature sings. Her songs are already grating on my nerves - I guess I will turn up the tunes in the house.

The food preparations started early and will go through the day - there will not be an empty tummy around the farm with special treats for all. What would a party be without games ? We have planned Head Butting, Horn Poking, Butt Sniffing (I will not be playing this one) and Yes, back by popular demand - Running around for no good reason - my personal favorite!!! For those who do not wish to work up a sweat there will by movies playing downstairs, tunes on the main floor and for those who wish some quite reflections the upstairs will have meditation candles and chanting after sun down. Something for everyone!!

I hope your plans are just as exciting as ours and above all


I have made our party also a sleep over so none of my WILD guests will have to hold back on their celebrations and I hope you do the same.

Have a Happy and Safe New Years Eve from all of us at

Larkspur Funny Farm and Guests.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Esmeralda in Yarn Form

I thought I would show you what I just placed for sale on my Etsy Site - Esmeralda in yarn form... Yep, the "Devil Goat" blows out the most amazing, buttery soft Cashmere Down and I have to admit it is pure joy to spin and is next to the skin OH SO SOFT!!! I guess this tough as nails, not so friendly, pushy gal is not only the worlds best mother, a watch dog of the herd but also the universe gave her a gift of MEGA UBER great fiber - that is a technical term.

When I finished spinning her fiber I did go out and show it to her and thank her very much for allowing me to create this yarn. Trust me the spinning was way more fun then collecting the fiber. We wont even go there...

So I would love to hear what you think of her yarn and I sure hope someone decides to purchase this amazing yarn - it would help in paying for their food and boy oh boy do they eat.

Funny Farm Fright

I woke this morning still struggling with this chest cold but figured I would stay in the present moments of this day and stop being wrapped up in this condition I can do nothing about - no over the counter med's here. I started my coffee pot and homemade biscuits.. I noticed out the kitchen window that I did not see Chief doing his normal fence checks. The poor guy was not feeling 100% either during rounds Thursday and did not even wish to eat his breakfast - that is something for one of these big hard working dogs. Being the worry wart that I am I even made a special dinner for him so he would eat something and so I would feel a bit better...

I went out the kitchen door and called his name - Nothing! Then I whistled a couple times - Nothing! I was trying not to be worried. Maybe he had a hard night and was sleeping in - Lucky Guy!!

As I made my breakfast I could not help but slip into my worst behavior. With every minute that clicked off the kitchen clock I began to think of all the horrible things that could have happened to Chief. You see I am great at imaging the worst... Hate that about myself but over the years I thought if I could think of the worst and have a plan then I could handle anything - boy does that back fire at times.

Finally, I could not stand it - I put on my boots and with my Jammie's on - walked through the snow to the barn while calling his name. With each step my heart was getting heavier. I reached the gates and the cold metal clanked loudly which normally would have Chief running towards me. Nothing!!

As I walked the length of the outside barn and rounded the corner to the open door I called again - Nothing! The goat girls where all talking at once as I stepped into the dark shadows of the cold barn. I had to wait a couple of seconds for my eyes to focus and NO CHIEF!!

By now my heart was beating so fast I felt light headed. In a panic I came out of the barn and now was screaming his name. My eyes darted all over the white covered pasture hoping not to see a lump laying motionless in the freezing snow. To the farthest part of the pasture was the deer herd who are nibbling on some grass that had poked out over the now hard packed snow. Just then I noticed right next to the deer, some still resting in between the wind break row of trees there out stretched and motionless was Chief. My heart jumped in my throat and I screamed out his name and waved my arms as I ran towards him - I am amazed how this tired aching body can really move when one of my sweet one's are in trouble. As I crashed through the snow as I made my way towards him all the while calling his name with a high pitched panic tone the hard working friend of mine finally stood up and started trotting towards me. We looked like those slow motion portions in a romance movie where the long lost lovers are meeting after searching the world for each other.

As we met in the middle of the pasture Chief's tail stood straight, his ears up and with a twinkle in his eyes. He jumped up on me and I hugged him with all my might... I checked him all over and there was ice on one side of his furry coat. He must have been laying out there for some time. All that can wait for a bit as I walked back to the barn with Chief glued to my leg wanting my hands to stroke his head with each step. I was still worried but I want just to get him back to the barn and check him over. The goat girls encircled us while I checked him over. I could find nothing. I put my head to his chest to hear if there was fluid or a rattle - hard to do with all the girls talking. Nothing!!

So I went and grabbed him some food and he ate his breakfast while I stayed with him to make sure he ate. Just then I remembered - Crap My Breakfast!!!

When I returned to the house the coffee was cold, the eggs burnt, the bacon nothing short of cinders and the biscuits are similar to hockey pucks. Even with all of that I am thrilled but worried about Chief. Today will be a day of my over protective motherly eye watching, body checking and heavy heart beating at the farm. Here I thought I would release myself from the over worried state this time of year brings (baby birthing season) but instead the universe just places it in other forms...

If you would please keep Chief in your thoughts and prayers - I know he will be fine - we are all battle the winter bugs but I must say this old gal sure could use some peace at this farm. Hug those around you today both two and four legged - we forget things can change quickly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MOM - she at it again!!

Now that the deep snow is melting somewhat that gives Esmeralda a chance to stock Chief again and make passes at him. Now before we all get mushy about this just know that at any time if Chief really felt he had enough he would put her back into her place. I look at it this way - we have all known some folks who are just too kind for their own good. You know the type - gives a million chances, always willing to talk it through even when the other person is not listening. Then there are the broken folks like the film stars of today who go to jail, then rehab, land back in jail, sent back to rehab and so on till they end up either dead or no longer the public eye.... This is how I view this relationship here in my pasture. They must like it or it would not continue... I call it "Going Around The Mountain" - you do it over and over again thinking the view will change but it is just going round and round. I am famous for this so I can not point fingers and these two..

One thing Chief gets from this relationship is another hard working guard animal. Esmeralda is out there working the pasture against predators and stands in front of any danger that might come her way. I can't help but remember that when like this morning those ribs are still giving me pain - she is one tough cookie and for that I see why Chief puts up with her.

I thought today I might work on one of those "Around the Mountain" issues that has me stuck in the pasture... How about you?? Some might call it a New Years Resolution but I think we can make those choice any day of the year. Want to be Brave and share one with me??

Purple Mountains Majesty

As the sun rose this morning at the farm the view was amazing!!

While I am working on healing my body from what it thinks should be an issue - I give thanks for this incredible view I am greeted with this morning. I will spend the day in my fiber prep room creating at the carding machine what I hope will please those who visit my Etsy shop and if I am so lucky maybe someone will wish to bring some home. It is with the purchases from my customers that I am able to provide this home for those four legged furry family and myself. We thank you so very much and wish to share our view with you.

May this day be all the best it can be....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Be Bright This Day

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and for all those who do not I send wishes of a bright day to you and yours.........

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Wish

No matter what life's storms have thrown at you, stop and be still. If you look carefully you will find a promise of better things to come.

During this season of stress, demands on our time and resources, it is ease to lose sight of the miracles around us.

My holiday wish for us all is to be present in our true nature of life. Not what present you give or receive. Not to dwell on what is wrong in our lives but rather how we might lift up another.

Love, Light and Best Wishes from Me to You

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Mind In Over Drive

Just as I was finishing afternoon chores I noticed the temp was dropping fast and the air was becoming heavy with moisture. Yep, "THERE IS A FOG BANK OUT THERE" - could not help it I really do love that movie.

It seemed with each step it moved closer and closer to me and the house. I was trying to finish up with the hens before the eerie fog could reach me.. The animals became restless and the dogs started barking. If I believed that there is something lurking in the fog I would have moved my rear a lot faster but with the snow drifts in front of the coop all I was trying to do was not fall on my face.

As I got into the safety of the house I noticed faint outlines in the distant fog - my mind started to race but with a couple of blinks of my very tired eyes I could see it was the deer running towards the forest to get into the night time resting spots before the sun went down.

From the safety of my living room window I watched as the giant pines became engulfed in the fog. With the dogs still barking I knew it was going to be a very interesting night watch - I sure do hope there are no Leper Ghosts out there waiting to sink a hook into my chest when I step outside the shop door tonight to check on the animals. Oh Well, if by chance that does happen - Be Warned.. There is Something Strange in the Mist - wait, that is a different movie. Either way, RUN!!!

Snow Day Fun

By now everyone has heard the news reports, seen the pictures of the huge snow storm that hammered Colorado for about the last 24 hours. Larkspur Funny Farm has received around 25 inches not counting drifts. However, it may mean TONS more work for this gal but for others here at the farm it is nothing short of True Bliss...

If you are wondering what that lump in the snow bank is - IT IS SILLY SOPHIA ...

Yep, Great Pry's LOVE SNOW - I think I have mentioned that a few times... Well, what they love to do is run with their face down in the snow, like a snow plow and run full out, roll and wiggle their butts - hour after hour.. While taking this picture she did not even notice I was there so until I called her name and then she looked up at me like "What? - I wasn't doing anything - Honest, I was watching for bad guys".. As soon as my back was turned she went right back to her snow day fun. We should all find such joy in such simple things.

I must admit as I walked through thigh high snow I did not plant my face into it (at least never on purpose) and run with all my might in circles wiggling my butt. I was thrilled that not a single animal suffered with this latest storm and that I had the strength to do what is required without the aid of eight tiny reindeer.

Tonight the temps are dipping to sub zero's and that means nightly checks but at least it has stopped snowing and I will count that as a great thing - still I am not going to wiggle my butt at least not on purpose..

Smells Like The Holidays

Last night I needed to feel as if I had done something for the holiday spirit.

Earlier in November I had collected the last of the Wild Rose Hips that the deer had some how missed. They where washed and then placed on a drying rack in the basement. Then

before the snow had blanketed the ground I spent some time collecting the tiny pine cones that the wind had knocked off the trees around the forest on the farm. I put them on an industrial cookie sheet to let them dry and check for bugs.

As I sat waiting on my midnight animal check I decided to create my little mixture that puts a great smell in the air without the horrible chemicals and Earth chocking packaging of those Plug In's. Along with the Pine Cones and Rose Hips I added Star of Anise, Cinnamon Bark,

Tangerine and Orange peels.

Toss them all together and the house is full of holiday cheer.

What is great is after the holidays you can place this in your compost bin

No Harm No Chemicals.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Before Another Storm

With only a few hours sleep under my belt - mind would not shut off and the dogs would not shut up I left the farm long before the sun was up - did the chores at my friends house at 4 am and got into the small town east of us by 5:24 am to get supplies for the up coming snow storm. I was thrilled to hear in the middle of the night that they revised their schedule on when we where to get dumped on so I had a small window to get everything done.

I picked up all the normal staples that are common for blizzards around here. Bread flour, sugar, butter, milk, cream, fruit, veggies and a few extras like coffee, baking chocolate and nuts. Yes and some batteries - you know, so I can listen to my CD's while pulling hay through the snow... Once the truck was full I headed to the feed store - 5 fifty pound bags of dog food, 4 - forty bags of chicken feed, and a sack of goat formula. Yes, you read that right - I know that none of the girls had been breed this season but we all remember Agatha, our virgin birth. So I thought just in case - remember it is never dull around here and I would rather be prepared - you know me, nervous Nelly.

I had the propane tank filled - it had been since April and I just did not want to be stuck with no heat in a blizzard during the holidays - Been There, Done That... So once returning home - now it was about 10 am and as I pulled into my driveway the deer had been working fast on gathering something to eat as well before the snow flies again. Now we all will just wait and see if we are getting the 14 inches they predict - Keep those fingers crossed that they got it wrong again but if not we have plenty to eat and I am sure much to keep me busy as the new dawn breaks.

It has been snowing since 3:00 this afternoon so soon I will go out and check on everyone and will do so through the night if it keeps coming as hard and fast as it has been. I guess it will be another night with little sleep under my belt - I had to punch two more holes in the belt the other day - it is getting too cold outside to have those pants drop around my knees - heehee!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What do you see?

Perfection is what I see!
As I stepped out onto the back deck this morning I gave thanks for such a perfect day. When someone asked me "Why would you wish to live out here by yourself with all this work"? I would love for them to be able to see this morning - there would be no question left for them to consider.

Before I placed a single footprint into the sparkling white snow I could see we had a visitor in the night - a rather large coyote who thought maybe this was the place to find a meal. Instead he found no welcome here and went on through to the forest and down the hill..

Life is full of choices and today I had many - I might have only seen that the work load will be colder, harder and longer this morning because of this blanket of snow. Instead I enjoy the cold clean air and was grateful for the strong body to carry me through the chores with ease. I could have fretted about how this was going to effect the camera folks who where coming today to the farm to take some pictures of this old farm girl and the furry farm family to go with the small article being written about my path since graduating their college. Instead I put aside my dislike of having pictures taken of myself and considered it a honor to be picked to be added to their magazine. Besides I know it is not my outside that is important in my world and if I do not measure up to others at least I know I do with those that matter. I could have spent my day lost in mindless chatter that I do so well but instead today I made a choice


Monday, December 19, 2011

Yummy Llama Merino Yarn

This melt in your hands yarn is a combination of LFF Llama Boy and a Colorado Raised Merino Lamb's Wool - Organic and OH SO SOFT... This is the natural color and I will also be placing some of the dyed yarn that was created using this Yummy Yarn.

Close to the skin soft, Warmth and ease of handle - a Perfect addition to your winter projects. Only a few left - a local knitter went wild when visiting the farm shop - so what I have left will all be offered up to your talented hands through my Etsy Shop. Thanks for looking..

True Bliss

For those of us who Live, Love and Lust over Fiber this is nothing short of FANTASTIC, AMAZING and FINGER TWITCHING!!!! I have the joy of offering some of this beyond words Teeswater Lamb's Lockets now on my Etsy Store....

I must admit I have been just loving on this fleece since I spent an entire weekend washing in very small batches this little girls 7 inch long pure white fleece. I took my time, tons of well water and my special home made natural soap to keep these lockets in perfect condition. She was a coated yearling who has bloodlines that wins ribbons all over the US and I was one lucky girl to purchase her fleece. The universe was more then kind to this fiber gal....

When it was finally dry I just stood there gazing at it. I gently ran my hand over the many drying racks scattered around my living room. I was giddy with excitement. If you are not into fleece or the animals that grow it you might think me nuts but that's O.K. because that just means more for me.

For those who share my passion you must be having your fingers twitching... Believe me in 15 years of touching thousands of animals and fleeces I have to say this is just the most amazing wool lockets I have gotten my hands on and so I am hanging on to some for myself and slowly selling some to others. It was not easy but I want folks to feel what the best Teeswater Wool Lockets should feel like.

So RUN don't walk - I might put some more up for sale but for right now what I have in my Etsy shop is all I could part with - forgive me but I too Live, Love and Lust for the Best !!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Those In Need

I left the farm at 4:30 am to assist with the care of a dear mentor who is sick in bed and has a large flock of sheep who needs tending. When I arrived home two hours later my furry family members had finally gotten their butts up and to the fence line to complain that their food was not waiting for them. I told them last night while filling their bellies that I would have to change our routine a bit but like many in the world they can only see "What Their Needs Are" and not sometimes the larger picture.. Not as if they will starve, not as if I would go back to bed and pull the covers over my head which I admit there was a tiny part of me who would have loved too, but instead all they could see is how this act of kindness for another was putting a crinkle in their day. Silly Goats!!! Silly Folks!!!

During this holiday season when ideas of perfection are running us ragged with the theme of what you must unwrap under your tree or what food you must eat at your table or how many parties you can cram into one day - I hope we can see the bigger picture and step outside our own needs and think of those who are truly in need of our gifts of time and talents even if they are just putting hay in feeders, water into buckets and bring a pot of home cooked soup.

Today is another work filled day here - the weather is to be in maybe the 50's so that means getting my butt outside to get ahead of outside work before the next storm. In my heart this is the true meaning of what I do - giving my time to make sure those who can not do for themselves will be comfortable, safe and without fear of Mother Natures cruel weather.

So as I take a moment to write this post I have poured me a cup of two day old coffee that I warmed in the microwave, changed into fresh long johns ready for my farm chore clothes and dug out some Rocking Tunes to add some spark to this tired bag of bones. I will get ready to enjoy the day that was given me. While shoveling poop and moving hay I give thanks that I have one more day to care for those who depend on my small talents and who appreciate a hug to two.

Go out today and make it of service to another - it is a gift that does not need wrapping except with your love and good wishes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Strong After All These Years

My Christmas Cactus is starting up again this holiday season - I have raised and given away many of these amazing plants and I still marvel at how they just go to town during this cold and bleak season. This one is 12 years old and started out in a tiny little pot on a sale table after the holiday season was all over. It reminds me of the Charlie Brown Tree - no one saw the beauty in this one but when I saw it I just had to bring it home. Now all these years later it is a long standing member of this house and rings in the Holiday Cheer without fail - it is my Joy.

Greets me each day long before the sun rises to say "Be Thankful - Look What Can Be" I have been so lucky to have so many bright spots in my life - simple to some but amazing to me.

Needy Devil Goat

Esmeralda has changed obsessions from Chief to Murtel. Chief was thrilled to finally get her to fixate on someone other then him. However poor Murtel could not shake the devil goat for the whole day and as the sun started to set tonight I saw Murtel running around in circles hoping to tire out the old gal but no such luck. So they headed to the barn and I am sure I will have to hear all about at morning chores. Esmeralda was not the only one wanting love today - Maggie spent a good part of the morning and into the afternoon screaming for the boys who are clear on the other side of the farm. She was so noisy that I yelled at her several times like that would make her stop - I admit it was to make me feel as if I have some control over things - Yeah Right!!!!

Special Stella

A New Listing - Just placed this up on my Etsy shop and would love to hear what you think of it. A special batt with some sweet four legged folks in it. There is LFF Apollo the Alpaca Boy, LFF Rasputin the Mohair Boy and some fantastic Merino that was kettle dyed from a local breeder and then I had to add some Honey Colored Tussah Silk... The result is this incredible batt...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick - It's Herschel

I am thrilled I finally could got a picture or two of Herschel. He is one fast little bugger here along with his sister Hazel. I still have not gotten a good clear one of her.

Herschel looks so much like his father Rasputin but has the speed of his mother Eva. His fleece is incredible and I love his horns. Herschel is not one to like to be touched which is the way of a boy - it is also something I do not demand of them except when I shear and all of them will quite down once I get my hands on them. I have not taken his baby fleece yet because we had such weird weather but I hope that it will not get too messy while we get through the winter months. He sure was glad to have that thick soft fleece during the -27 degrees - he was one of the yearlings who played in the snow while the rest of us shivered...

Hope you like his picture because they don't come easy...

Hurry Up and Wait!!

If there is such a thing as reincarnation I know I want to come back as a Great Pyrenees... I admire and love so much my three who share this farm with me that it is almost impossible to put into words what they do for this farm, those four legged furry family members who lives depend on their tireless guarding and defending from those animals who wish to hurt or kill them and the unconditional love they give me 24/7.

While taking pictures today during the routine of chores I wondered where in the world Chief had gone. Kasha was busy barking at the neighbors who had disturbed her morning nap after working so hard throughout the night. Sophia was already busy barking at the fox who was skirting the edges of the flat lands next to the forest. She hates that gray/red fox with every bone in her body and let's it know that at every chance she gets.. Where was Chief?? Normally he would be running his pasture fence line letting the fox know that he has Sophia's back but I did not hear his voice joining in...

I got a bit concerned because the last time he was this quite it was because his face was full of quills. I walked to the goat girls barn and there I found him waiting for his breakfast. This gentle giant was hungry as all get out and thought the process would happen faster it he just waited next to the dog food bin. He never blinked, twitched or moved a muscle - he just starred down the dog food bin waiting for me to arrive. Through the two gates I went to get to the bin, still he never blinks. I open the metal bin and scooped out his bowl full and still as a statue. Through the two gates and over to him and he leaps to his feet and just about knocks the dish out of my hands. Breakfast at last for him - mine will still be a while.

Did I tell you the other thing I love about these dogs - PATIENCE!!

High Tech Hay Transport

I thought I would share with you how this gal moves hay during the winter months. No, it is not with some over seas made mechanical monster throwing toxins in the air and in the ground. It only requires the stubbornness of one aging yet fit farm girl and assorted tunes playing loudly from my CD Player (You read that right - no I don't have a IPod) tucked into my coat pocket. Now while most folks would not be thrilled to twice a day make many trips around their property pulling through the cold white snow drifts up to their thighs the food that their animals require I find comfort in this very physical activity and in the knowing that I an not harming the land in which I live on. I has been a bit of a challenge with these new huge hay bales but I am learning each day and I was reminded that less pollutants went into making these larger bales then all the smaller ones I have relied on for so many years.
Now I'll show you the Big Transport - it's a Whopper and sure gives this gal a workout. It can hold two grown people or two small bales with room to spare. This one allows me to have all the eggnog and cookies I want because it is like pulling a car behind me - sure gives the shoulder a reason to bitch and moan but still I would not trade it for all the tractor payments in the world.

So now that I have given you more reasons to wonder if this gal truly doesn't belong in a Funny Farm just know it sure beats getting dressed, driving to a gym to use equipment that some sweaty stranger has touched and then get a bill once a month for this pleasure. I get to breath the fresh crisp air while moving Hay the High Tech Funny Farm Way...

Where Max??

Max is again more of a haystack then a Angora Goat... Wait those are the same thing, right??? Max has a typical boy behavior, the moment I put hay down he has to put his whole head and shoulders into it and fling it up into the air and on to himself. I always giggle and then get upset because it is me who will be spending hours getting it out of his wonderful fiber coming spinning time.

The amazing part to this is even when the big boys are on the other side of the farm, they are doing the same behavior - it is a boy thing!!! The big boys fling their horns too and fro with hunks of hay stuck on the tips. Silly Billies...
This picture is of Ozzie who is a two year old billy and see he is doing the same in even if his hay is in a feed bunker. As I said it is a boy thing...

Maximilian All Boy - Oh Boy!!

For those who might not remember this is the sweet little boy born 4/8/11 from Goat Mother Mishka and who I had to raise by bottle since Mishka decided she was far too busy still wanting to be my baby then taking care of her baby....

It is difficult to walk that fine line when raising boys because unlike the girls you have to be concerned that when they are full grown they will get confused as to who they are and who you are.

There are more horror stories out there of the things that happen when a bottle boy grows up wrong but I can say I have perfected this dance over the past 15 years. I have had many bottle boys - more then I can count in all the types of animals we raised (Sheep, Llama, Alpaca and Goat) and none have NEVER gotten confused or turned on me or those two legged folks who care for them now. In some cases especially with male bottle llama's they have even killed their owner because their play and breeding dance can and has lead to some horrify results - it is call Berserk Male Syndrome. We have also heard stories of a ram one day being your best buddy and the next turning and plowing it's owner over and over into a gate or side of the barn until bones are broken or even worse. The line is to remember you are their Mom but you treat them like a four legged Mom would do not a two legged one.

I admit it can get hard at times after you have spent weeks getting this sweet faced baby up and surviving but in order to have the right outcome in the long run it is my responsibility not to blur those lines. Now don't get me wrong Max comes running when he sees me, he wants all my attention just as any baby does but there is no pushing of any kind, never are they allowed to jumping on me, no head butting or body leaning is allowed. He is a gentlemen all the way even when he feels it is challenging to share my attention with the other bottle girls or the 80 other goats on this farm. He loves to snuggle and sit in my lap but only when I give permission. He wants nose kisses all the time but again not if he is being pushy or if I have work to be done. He allows the two bottle girl kids to eat with him without charging or guarding the food but I still allow him to be his own man. He follows me like a dog and comes to his name but I never touch him unless we both agree, I do not force him to my will unless the need arises. One mistake humans make is just because they can pick him up they do so, a goat mommy never picks up their kid. Humans spend too much time talking to them instead of giving complete eye contact in silence. Humans also forget they are a goat, not a dog, or play toy - they are counting on us filling the role of their absent Goat mother not fill our needs for something to cuddle or even worse dress up. My other bottle males who are every inch True Blue Goat Males still maintain their kind, well behaved nature while being the studs they are to born to be - some of my bottle men are breeding men which is the real test to my methods - even when they are in the throws of breeding they never challenge me, bully me or get confused as to if I am the head of the farm or girl friend. I have seen other farms struggle with this and many a boy has been killed because of the behavior they learned at the bottle. It is a thin line we walk while trying our best to care and love for our males. Also remember, they are animals first and so no matter what we as humans need to keep our eyes open and our wits about us. In my case many of them out weigh me, are way much faster then I was in my teen years which was long ago and they carry horns longer then my arms and if they ever get confused could kill me without even much effort...

So WHAT do you think of Larkspur Funny Farms Maximilian??? A Real Heart Throb!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ginger Snap Latte

I am not a fancy coffee drinker but while keeping awake as of late I did drop my cookie into my cup of decaf coffee and thought of a new batt to create.

Ginger Snap Latte is just such a hot delish treat...

Just go to my etsy shop and you can treat yourself to this tasty batt. A perfect offering during the cold days and nights ahead of us.


During this week of bitter cold and bleak thoughts I needed to find a way to give myself a quick vacation without leaving the farm.

We can all be mind travelers - and this is what my minds eye saw while on my adventures... This fiber batt has all the choice colors that one might find while looking out the window of a train speeding across the countryside. Or what you might see and you are one the high sea's come to port in some exotic far away land.

No matter where you want to go you will find it in this batt - where are you planning to travel? The batt is up on my Etsy shop and is waiting to take you on your next adventure.