Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day to Pray and Remember

My wish for everyone today is to take a moment and remember those who are not here and those in harms way. This day has developed into a day of consumerism and sale prices instead of a day of reflection - is that what our fallen humans where worth?? To get 35% off a kitchen appliance or "Hurry on in to purchase that car" that you really do not need or can afford. I hope you take a moment and just breathe and give thanks.

Blessings and Loving Light..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Mood

This is a yarn I have been spinning during the horrible winds that have been pounding Colorado for more days then I can count. The grays and blues have been like my moods - I HATE WIND!!!!

The yarn however turned out just they way I wanted. It is two different rovings the blue is 50% Alpaca, 15% Cormo Wool, 10% Tunis Wool and 20% Coopworth Wool. Then the Gray is 45% CVM Black Wool, 40% Shetland White Lambs Wool and 15% While Angora Bunny.
So you could say it has a bit of everyone in it. I love the natural drafting that the different fibers gave to the process. Letting the fiber just pull naturally as the wheel was taking it up - not much for my fingers to do but enjoy the ride. I admire the texture that the variety of fibers have given this yarn - I think you will too.

I took these same rovings and combined them into different styles and blends of yarns which I will post soon. Yes, they will be up for sale on Etsy very soon - what a great way to get out a bad mood..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nellie - A British Wensleydale Lamb's Fleece

From over the pond came this incredible fleece. A friend of mine who I met as I was a vendor at the Taos Wool Market brought over from her farm 12 lambs fleeces to show in a class about sheep breeds from around the world. She also is all organic and loves her four legged family as much as I do. We spent for hours that weekend, sharing tricks and tips and all things fiber. After her class I managed to snag six fleeces and she went home with four of my Alpaca fleeces and three of my Mohair fleeces and she cleaned me out of all my handmade felt. We had a marvelous time and I have loved her fleeces ever since. I have kept the fleeces for my private projects but have decided to share what is left of Nellie's fiber to my Etsy customers and blog friends because I want others to see what the world has to offer from loving farms.

The Brit's use this fiber in their special effect yarns and fabrics. They raise their Wensleydale a bit different in they are denser in fiber and with more sponge to their feel. They are where this bred started from and I think they still do an incredible job in keeping the genetic pool pure and clean. I also love the way it takes dye - fast and clean but you can get shading that looks like you have spent hours painting but you have not. Magical is the word.

So here is Nellie - a sweet gal with the best fleece in the barn.

Monday, May 17, 2010


How would your like to have free shipping????

If you are anything like me the answer is YES

So here is how it goes from today May 17 thru May 24 anyone who is a registered follower of my blog will receive free shipping on any purchases in my Etsy Shop... If there is something in the shop you have had your eyes on - now is the time. Just drop me a convo with the item or items you wish along with your followers name (you know the cute thing under you avartar picture so I can match things up) and I will send you a correct invoice showing no shipping charges...

Sounds like a good deal to me..

Remember, it is free to register yourself as a follower - I will not bug you with any emails, sell your name or come to your house wanting dinner. It is just a quick couple of key strokes and your among great folks.

Rich Dark Chocolate Fudge

Without all the calories!! Just placed this incredible pencil roving up on my Etsy site - only after taking 75 photo's and only getting three that would work. This rich natural dark chocolate fudge brown is a real dream. Most browns in the sheep world will fade out or get red brown tips but not my Fudge Girl.. A big Icelandic Ewe with tons of fleece - soft, dreamy fleece. I had it made into pencil roving so you can work quickly before it melts. I had 8 pounds but now down to only 25 ounces so this a treat and goes as quickly as the Christmas Fudge.

A Sweet Life

It has been an interesting last couple of days. My sweet hen was having a rally in her health and on Saturday she even went out on the back deck and ate popcorn and spinach - her two fav's. While I was busy dyeing some silk hankies I lost track of time. When it hit me that I had not checked on her in awhile I went out on the deck but she was not there. I paniced for a moment - you know the thing I do best and then went out to search for her. After combing all of her spots around the farm I went to the coop. There she was sitting in her nesting box napping. After giving her a long talking too about scaring me and leaving the deck I gave her a couple of gentle strokes down her back and told her I would set the timer and check on her in an hour. O.K. we all know I did this for the rest of the day - every hour on the hour. She was happy as a clam sitting with her sisters and in her box.

At dusk I decided she could stay with the girls but I would continue checking in. It is no wonder the dark circles under my eyes never go away. At the 3 am check I noticed she was no longer holding her head up - I went in and sure enough she was gone.

Now before everyone gets too sad please know - she lived a long, productive and very much loved life. She gathered her strength to have a wonderful last day in the sun and with her sisters. She got to spend her last hours in her comfortable nesting box which she spent many years giving the best eggs in this world. If I could have a passing like she did - Life would be Well Worth It! So I hope today you will honor her by doing those things that bring you joy and peace. Celebrate Each Day!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jenny a sweet Farm Gal

I am always so blessed with the best folks who find me. Jenny is one of my long distant farm girl sisters who has such talent and a kind heart. Today she blessed me with high praises for the yarn I make. Jenny has been purchasing my yarns for sometime now and she turns them into fantastic one of a kind items.

You can read her blog at Soon her farm will be having a new adddition - a sweet baby cow. You can read all about at her blog.

Better yet you can also purchase her wonderful handy crafts and yummy Dandelion Jelly at her Etsy Shop

I am truely lucky to have such great long distant farmgirl sisters. Thanks for the kind words and keep those needles busy.. Can't wait to see what you create next.

Chukar Partridge

Thanks to my very smart friend Monica we now know what our lost visitor is - A Chukar Partridge. You can read all about them at htt://

Very interesting!! (IT) is still here in fact last night the girls decided it was O.K. for (IT) to stay with them overnight in the coop... They allowed (IT) to sit under the heat lamp while they took their normal spots on the roosting shelves... Even the black rooster was O.K. with (IT). By the way the reason I still call it and (IT) is because I can not seem to sex (IT) - the information even states it is very hard to sex and they sure are right on that one. So (IT) it is...

UPDATE also on my old hen - She is hanging in there, no improvements but no declines. I did give her some popcorn this morning - her favorite goodie. She ate on but that was all. Still enjoying her space heater and blankets. No so much throwing up just once all day. She is a fighter but I think she gets that from me..

Thanks again to very smart Monica and to all those who helped in (IT's) identification.
Never a dull moment here at the Funny Farm. Can't wait to see what today brings.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marigold Madness

With all the snow, rain, hail and bitter cold that the farm has seen the past two days I figured this is the nearest for now I will get to flowers for a very long time. Wednesday, while the fog was so thick you could not see you hand in front of your face I decided to at least dye me somthing Spring like...

I took some wonderful Rayon Chenille Yarn that I had in the fiber room and went to work. I mixed three different shades of orange and started painting the yarn. Then I steamed them and finished them off with a good rinse. I hung them to dry in the basement. With this kind of weather I thought it would take forever but I guess the universe thought I deserved a break - heck, so do I..

This morning they are ready to show the world and place in my Etsy shop - What do you think of them?

All Are Welcome

As I went outside to collect the morning eggs and feed the hens imagine my eyes when I saw who was following my hens. Now I still am not sure what kind of a bird it is but the girls have decided to allow it into their fold. My black hens can never be bothered with manners or to stop their own eating routines but my sweet old gals watch out for everyone at the farm including our little lost visitor.

I could not stop giggling while watching these three. The girls shared everything with this little one - even the strawberry tops that I had placed outside the coop this morning as a special treat for getting thru the nights storm. They even brought it into the coop to drink from their water dish. What kind ladies they are - I am so blessed.

Now I am not sure if they took to this little one because they where missing their other white hen or if they just thought it was the motherly thing to do - either way it shows just how kind animals can be. The girls even took it over to Kasha and introduced the little one to their protector. Kasha kept looking at me, then looking at the bird and then back to me. I explained that now this little one was in her charge and Kasha just looked at it and went back to her morning nap.. That is high praise because if she decided it was not to be she might have made it breakfast.

So, I guess we have a new member of the Funny Farm for how ever long it decides to stay. All Are Welcome, just wished I knew what kind of a bird it is - any thoughts???

Who Needs a Rooster?

This morning as the sun was reaching the top of the horizon and I was considering on dragging myself out of bed I heard something strange.. I am normally a jump out of bed and get going kind of gal but with all the ups and downs last night checking on the hen and my little lost visitor I was dead on my feet.

Again, I heard that strange sound. After being on this farm for 14 years you know the sounds of daily life - not too many things change on that you can be sure. I opened the shade and Kasha was looking at the chicken coop. She was giving it that look like there was something there that did not belong and she was determining if she should kill it or not. I tried to get my eyes to focus - what was she seeing. I moved to the next room to get a closer look. As I looked all around the grounds expecting to see some kind of four legged, teeth bearing, furry chicken eater - I say nothing. As I raised my eye up to the sky - there on the roof, what is it?? I blinked and blinked trying to get these eyes to focus - suddenly I could see it - MY LOST VISITOR. What in the heck is that sound it is making??
I have never heard something like it... I quickly went to get the camera and snap a picture. HE IS ALIVE... I went downstairs and slipped on my boots. I slowly opened the shop door and just then, the big bell that is tied on the knob rang out. The little visitor ran down the back side of the roof and off thru the pasture.

At least it is alive... My guilty thoughts could stop and my karma is right... He is Alive!!!

Look what the storm blew in

Remember the storm that happened Tuesday night - well, I had to run out to get the chicken coop doors closed while all hell was breaking lose outside. I got the rain gear on, boots on and just as I opened the door something ran into the shop. I must admit with all the lightening and thunder going on I just wanted to run out there, get the doors shut and not get hit by lightening. I ran like a scared rabbit, locked the doors and ran back to the shop. Upon arriving into the shop, I started peeling off the wet gear - just then I saw something dart past a couple of the yarn racks and under one of the tables. The shop only had a dim light on so I could not make out what it was. I guess I was not nuts - something did run into the shop as I was running out. What is it?? How do I get it out?? Or Great I am going to miss Lost - could this night get any better??

I walked across the shop to get to the overhead light switch. I flicked the switch and bent down to get a view from the floor. Something ran quickly behind the desk, then over to the trash can, then back to the desk. I stood up and focused my eyes. Not sure what it is - A Bird of Some Kind but no something that was going to be living in my shop. So now came the dance - back and forth we circled around the shop until I could get to the doors and open them up. As the rain and snow began hitting the large rug in front of the doors I again wondered why do I always have to have the unwanted guests??

I must say I sure get my exercise in the strangest ways. Around and around we went until finally I got the silly thing out of the doors. Quickly I shut the doors and started to mop up the mess that now was all over the floor. Looking at the clock I notice I had mintues until the show was starting. I went upstairs and got into spinning position and with a bounding heart I began my Tuesday night routine of watching a badly written TV show.

As the show played on and my spinning was hitting a calming pace this horrible nagging thoughts came over me - "I wonder if the little fellow is O.K.?" "How could I be so mean as to not let the little guy stay - just until the storm passed?" "What kind of monster are you that you put a TV show over the well being of another living creature?" I routine was broken, my thoughts blocking out all of the story line that some over price writer spent minutes to conceive. GRACE - go outside and findthat poor little thing

You got me right - I went and put on the wet rain gear, took the flash light and went outside. Now the thunder and lightening was still going strong and here was silly Grace looking under trees, behind building and under the chicken house to find this stranger. With ever clap of thunder I kept say "You got to be nuts Grace" and Yes, I know I am. Finally I gave up, wet to the bone and scared out of my wits.

I came back inside peeling those same clothes off me again and climbing up those stairs just hating myself for making this lost soul go into the storm. Now the show was almost over and I had not even managed to save a life... As I sat spinning away I kept saying to myself, ?The little fellow will be O.K". "It is not my job to house every lost soul". "You are nuts Grace - it is a wild animal, they know how to take care of themselves".

I admit it - as I checked on my little hen in the bathroom thru the night I then walked downstairs, opened the shop door and went outside to check if I saw the little visitor. No luck.

What do you do when the storms come?

Tuesday night was a horrible night. We had down pouring rain, huge lightening and window rattling thunder, then came hail and last but not least snow. Yeap, Mother Nature was pissed. I sat in the livingroom wondering if this was the time I should go to the basement and wait it out. But, wait - "LOST" would be on tonight. I know - a TV show?? Really?? So I grabbed a flashlight, made hot water in the Thermos and found the solar powered radio for new reports. I then went and brought my Ashford Joy into the livingroom and started spinning. This always calms my nerves and centers my thoughts.

With each turn of the wheel the thunder grew louder and the hail hit harder against the window glass. As the fibers slipped thru my fingers and gathered on the bobbin I could feel the cold increasing outside. None of that matters when I am spinning...

Before I knew it the bobbin was full and hours have slipped by - Mother Nature was doing her thing and I was doing mine. She created a mess outside and I think I created something lovely inside. What do you do when the storms come??

Sick Ward for my Little Old Hen

For the past week one of my old white gals has been struggling. She kept eating and drinking but day by day she was slowing down. With the snow falling Wednesday she wanted to go out with the other girls but she was wabbling and falling so I brought her into the shop to warm up. She began throwing up - I had never seen that before in all the years I have had chickens. So I ran for a basket, blankets and moved her to the upstairs bathroom with a space heater. She snuggled down and went to sleep.

Thru the night I checked on her every hour and no change. It was good and bad news. I tried to give her drink and food but she would have none of it. Still throwing up about every five hours... All night I watched for some change.

It is almost noon the next day - no change but she is comfortable in her basket in the bathroom. Since she does not seem to be in pain or distress I will let Mother Nature take it coarse. She will have love, warmth and peacefull surrounds during this time - I am hoping that she will pass gently on her own but I have had to assist others when their pain was too much. Not always the happy side of farm life but I have had many great years with this sweet gal and I will do all I can to make her final days as best as possible.

Don't be sad she has had a wonderful long life and has been loved every minute she has been here. What a GREAT Life!

Another Two Holes for Kasha

One thing Great Pyr's love to do is Dig Holes!!! As the snow started to fall Kasha went to work - and what a busy gal she is... Two holes that I will spend hours filling but it makes her happy. Did you also notice the house behind her - Yes, the only thing it is for is for her to toss around and break - sleep in it - NEVER!! That is why holes where invented...

I figure it this way - if digging holes makes this sweet dog happy she can dig to China. I will gladly keep filling them in and Life goes on.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't You Hate Uninvited Guests

First off - sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy but there was a haze in the air.

So get this - I was sitting at the computer working away when Johnny Cash (one of the weithered billies) was screaming up a storm. I look out my window and I saw the four boys hiding behind my truck in one big mass. I opened the window and yelled out "What is all this noise about?" Cash answered back with more loud, scared screams. This time the others also joined in and they never make a peep.. That got me worried. I looked in the direction of the stares and what did I find but this huge horse in their pens... I snapped two pictures and ran downstairs.

I grab my outside pants which where laying on the floor, slapped on my hat and coat, pulled on my boots and grabbed my Shepard's hook. As I ran to the front gates the boys stood frozen in their tracks. I went thru the gates and told them to STAY! As I walked around the fence line to get to the gates that are facing the forest the boys walked six paces behind me in a line as if to be my support. Each time I would stop and say "STAY" but they really wanted to help. I was concerned that they could get kicked or hurt. The neighbors horses are always breaking out and they are not the best behaved by any stretch. Now, do not get me wrong I love horses but not when they are wild, bad mannered and on my property scaring the crap out of my sweet ones.
As I rounded the big panels that would be the way out for the horse he charged. I put my hook up and gave my biggest, meanest voice to "STOP"!!! He did, I backed him up away from the gates to the goats pen and my boys ran in quickly and I shut the gate. Now my boys where safe and I could deal with the horse. Just then my Llama girls saw from the farest pasture what I was up against and they came a running - not the best help because they gave their fighting screams and that really spooked this already out of control horse. I moved the gates open wide and waved the hook above my head and yelled "GO" and he shot out of the run like a bullet. I ran after him still waving the hook running him down the fence line of my property and onto theirs. He charged down to the barn where he should have been all along.

I have lost count of how many times they have had their horses get off their property but this is the first and I hope the last time that this wild thing comes anywhere near my sweet boys. For hours the boys told everyone on the farm of their terrible experience - Cash would not shut up till the sun went down - he even had to go and tell the chickens.
While he was talking I was working having to fix the gate that horse knocked down, cleaned out the food bunker he ate out of because the boys where acting like it was filled with cooties... They are silly that way.. Who blames them - horse slobber - YUCK!!

Never a dull moment at the Funny Farm.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Conrad - The Brave

Since Mother's Day is still fresh in my mind I thought I would share a picture of my youngest son Conrad.. He finally sent me one - O.K. I admit my whole family is not one to remember to take pictures so I can not blame him...

This was taken on one of those night's that Colorado is known for - Conrad is a Pedicaber (which means he rides folks around from one hot spot to another in a fancy cab using his own wonderful leg power) in Downtown Denver. He loves the outdoors as both of my sons do - guess where they got that from?? He shows the sights and gets his fair safely to their location all the while enjoying his great personality. Nick my oldest son also was for a time a Pedicaber but now has new career adventures.

Conrad also guides folks thru the Denver Botanical Gardens explain their gardens and history and will soon be also working at our Denver Art Museum. I am so proud of him, he works hard - plays hard, he is such a fine young man.

Thanks Conrad for sharing the picture and for the Wonderful Mother's Day!!