Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping an Eye on the Wind

With blue skies and sun shining I had such great hopes for this day - leave it to the Wind to mess that up. After several attempts to work outside I thought why not just let the goat girls go and eat the tall green grass in the backyard while I worked at the carding machine. Keeping an eye out on them through the big french doors the girls where fighting the wind and the flying bits and pieces. Just then one of the logs that was holding down the hay tarp flew off and hit one of the little goat boys. I went running outside to make sure he was O.K. Poor poor Hershel was frighten to pieces but not injury that I could find. Just then another large lumber piece came flying off the top of the hay stack and smacked me right in the face... I let go of Hershel real quick and I ran back into the house to check what damage was done to me - a big red mark and my left lower eye lid is starting to swell.

I made an ice pack and took a deep breath. With ice pack on my eye I managed to get back outside and get the girls to go back into their pasture and locked up for safety.... As I type this my left eye is almost completely closed by I could not see any damage to the eyeball so it just is not going to be very pretty. I guess it is that time again to say just how much I HATE WIND !!

So I guess there will be no beading work for me tonight and I guess I wont be on call to do brain surgery either. Just Kidding about the beading... Oh My, I guess I will have to cancel the photo shot for Vogue too... Still I can type with one eye closed and most of my other farm duties will not require both eyes but I will keep that ice pack close at hand tonight.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Help with a Blog Problem

Where in the world do I get my "Larkspur Funny Farm" back when I leave a comment on some one's Blog??? I have no clue what happened - trust me I did not change anything so why is it showing up as "Anonymous" which makes me feel like one of those computer predators or something worse.

HELP!!! I looked in the help section and there was nothing that I could understand to fix the problem... I so hate this - why does the internet universe give me these things - Really, I did not kick the dog, kill a Rooster, or yell at anyone - I was minding my own and it does this....

Another 2 am Carding Event

My body is just not getting it - there is no need to feed at 2 am now but my body was screaming out in pain and not letting me sleep so I figured I might as well get some work done.

Down the stairs I went, glass of cold Ice Tea in my hands and a couple of DVD's to watch (Shawn of the Dead and Jaws) while sitting in front of the carding machine. I turned on the lights and plugged in the sweet little DVD player (thanks kids) and turned on the humming Patrick Green. I wanted to make some batts that would calm the body and quite the mind. This batt has buttery soft Merino Lamb's Wool that I had dyed a soft aspen wood color. Then I had some silk that I dyed a Winter Wheat and soft Camel Beige. Then I gathered up some Wensyledale Lamb's Wool that was a multi colored fall garden colors. It was a roving that I had purchased some time ago with other plans for it but I never got to it so I thought this would add some gentle wisps of colors but nothing that would stand out and scream I am blue or I am purple - I love the way this turned out...

Now I wished I could say after spending several hours in front of the carding machine I found the ability to go back to bed but instead I worked through the wee hours and before I knew it the clock reminded me it was time to make early morning bottles, feed the lazy hens who would sleep the morning away if it was not for this early rising hen. I finished my morning chores by 5 am and ate my breakfast while continuing my work day. I think there is going to have to be a nap for me today when the winds start back up again. Yes, the weather guessers are saying today we will have faster winds then what has been for the last three days - REALLY just what I was hoping for.....

I would love to hear what you think of the batt (I will be posting all of them sometime today on Etsy) and what you might call it... This mush brain is finding it hard to come up with clever titles.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rewarded Myself

After the Saturday I had I felt I needed a reward. Moosewood Resturant Cinnamon Rolls - they do not require all the work of regular Cinnamon Rolls but provide all the tender mouth watering rewards. Add to that two over easy Funny Farm Fresh Eggs and two slices of Chemical Free Hickory Smoked Bacon and this farm gal is one happy camper.

Although yesterday was not my best despite my horoscope saying it was to be a 5 star day - getting a early morning phone call that the grandchild had been throwing up and not feeling well. My heart was aching that I could not take it all away for him and bring him a happy morning. The neighbors horse again decided to run my property and upset my already frightened two year old billies which made the mother bear in me run him around my forest trying to get him to head home. I receiving an email from a dear friend who told me that the medical result where back and it was not what we had been praying for and she was frightened out of my mind. Then on top of that there still was the mountains of work to do with a body that felt like it had been beaten with a baseball bat. I kept reminding myself that out of these events there was good to be had and lessons to be learned I just need to stay focused.

The kicker was when I finally got into the house, cleaned up after working in the barn for most of the afternoon and crawled into bed at 8 pm - early I know. I was flipping through the few channels I get and there on PBS was a show about 2 girls who in the late 60's had been killed by Grizzles in a National Park that during that same time we visited many times. For those who do not know I do have a fear of bears - stemming from many encounters as a young girl. I quickly changed the channel but kept being drawn back to the story. I watched the whole show with my quilt pulled tight around my shoulders. The detailed accounting from each person there that day and night was spellbinding. They told of the wonderful hike to their camping spot, spoke of the women's love for Nature and experienced training they had to be in the wilderness. Every minute that lead to those horrible events were on the surface like any common hike except for the two ill and in pain beasts who had been silently prowling the forest. I could remember many times when we could hear the loud, low crawl and heavy breathing of a bear close to our campground but luckily never to have had the attack which came to these two women. I could not believe I was watching this - I knew I would have nightmares all night but something inside of me just would not let me push the button and watch some mind numbing repeat show... When the show was over I gazed outside at the star filled night and listened to the sounds of my farm. Breathing in the crisp air I said a prayer for those girls who lost their life in the jaws of a huge beast but also celebrated their love for the outdoors and all that lived in it. I reminded myself that we are to enjoy each day, give thanks for those good and bad that come into our lives and celebrate.

So after all that you now know why the amazing Cinnamon Rolls - I deserved it and will give thanks for all that comes into my day today... I just might have to have another roll and cup of coffee because those Bears still are sending shivers down my spin.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Outdoor Guest for Movie Time

Do I really need so many folks looking over my shoulder while I work??

Today while sitting at the kitchen table writing fiber batt labels and sideways listening to a movie I heard this sweet song. Totally not in the movie (Horror movies normally do not have sweet singing birds) and so I stopped for a moment and listened. Such sweet songs but then I realized how close it sounded. I admit I thought it might just be my mush brain and continued on with my work. As the movie was reaching a high pitch screaming fit as the teenage girl who again was running like her feet was in mud being chased by a unstoppable monster created by again a crazed mother - I heard that song again. I placed the movie on pause and walked to the kitchen door and opened it thinking that the bird was sitting on the deck. No Bird!

As I turned around thinking Grace was really losing it - there on the celling fan I spied my mother bird just sitting there singing.. This bird has a wonderful bird house on one of my electric poles about 200 yards from the house. I have each year have a pair move in, hatch babies and then spend the summer with me. However - there still is the rule - NO Birds In The House!!! I tried to get her to leave but instead she just moved to the living room curtains. Instead of chasing her around and both of us getting stressed I just opened the doors, and windows and went back to work and my movie.

She stayed in the kitchen while I worked. I think maybe she was just needing a break from being a Mommy - don't we all feel that at times?? I wonder if she would have rather been watching "The Birds" instead of the movie I had selected but I did not need nightmares tonight.

Before lunchtime which was about three hours in the house she decided it was time to go back to her bird house and soon to be hatched little one's. I still wonder - what is it about me that attracts animals to the inside of my home? My DIL calls me Snow White - what is next seven little men? I could use the extra hands but not all the mess that seven men can create.

I guess I should be thankful that it was not a bear or mountain lion in the house! They never sit still through a whole movie...

Mediterranean Olives

I am thrilled with this batt - Tasty!!! This fiber offering is so smooth, soft and just yummy - I may not be much of an olive eater but this would change my mind - luscious, rich deep olive colors - I am on a roll..

What is your favorite olive??

Pretty in Pink the LFF Way!

I am a Tom Girl who LOVES Pink!! I know I can not be the only one.. So when I got a chance at the Carding Machine the other day I just had to make something to cheer me up and this is what I created. What do you think???

It has all kinds of incredible fiber in it - White Icelandic lambs wool from our sweet LFF Cinderella. White Mohair from LFF Sugar. Hand dyed Alpaca Fiber from LFF Imotep. Ice White Silk and Hand dyed Bamboo... I just love the way it all turned out - sometime PINK for us Wild Child Tom Girls...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aren't I CUTE??

This is the sweet Maximilian. He is the little boy of Mishka who was born on April 8th at 5 am in the morning. He is such a dear sweet boy and is doing great even as a bottle boy... I just adore him and I can see that his future will be bright and bold - a real herd leader.
I am so lucky to see that wonderful face no matter how early in the morning or late at night he always gives me such love and kindness. He truly is a great gift in my life.

So soon I will be looking for a new home for this future herd sire - know of any takers?? You will be blessed to have him in your life.

Fun in my Fiber Room

Gingerbread Torte is delicious not only to the eyes but your fingers will eat it up... Love this blend - I did good!!!

Now they need a home - any takers?

Eyes are always on me !!!

Do you ever have a feeling like you are being watched???

With all the thunder storms, hail storms and weather watches issued Tuesday I was unable to go about my normal routines so I went to the fiber room and put my headphones on and started to get to work. While the huge carding machine was humming away at a loud pitch. My brain was wrapped around a horror movie that I knew by heart while feeding exotic fiber into the wheels of sharp teeth. As I was completely involved in my own little world I could not get this strange feeling out of my brain. It was like when you where a kid and some nasty little kid who got off on being a bully. The little nose picker would stare at your head as if to burn a hole into your flesh. I could not shake this feeling and so I moved back the curtain on the big french doors in the prep room and there was Helena giving me this look... It was horrible weather outside but I had spent at least an hour that morning trying to get her and the other girl to go into a pasture that had shelter but after we ran around and around and around I gave up and told them "You will wished you listened to me and gone into that pasture". Now, she is giving me crusties and there is no way I going out in the lighting storm to run around again...

So I tried to get back to work with someone with huge eyes giving me nasty looks - not an easy task but just the way we roll here at the farm.... Still this life is better then driving to work with folks who can not drive in bad weather only to sit in a cube while your coworker is staring a hole in the back on your head for eight long mind humming hours only to have that long drive back home with those same crazies.

What about your job sends your teeth on edge.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Special Silk Combination Packets Up For Sale

Putting up some tempting goodies on Etsy to get those creative juices flowing. I will be posting some NEW Hand Dyed Silk Cocoons and Hand Dyed Silk Rods in combo packets so you will have more to play with and create with. Enjoy !

Just wondering for all your fiber arts folks out there - do you have any color combinations you wish to see? I am always here to tempt you with your heart desires. Keep checking here and my Etsy Shop for more color selections.

Elf on Strike

Why didn't the elf get this desk cleaned up? Was the silly little one busy with other tasks more important?? Was the basement being cleaned or maybe the time was spent getting products listed on my Etsy or Artfire shops??? I know what the large project was that elf was mastering - sitting on it's rear end hoping I would be picked up and taken to the promise land and then this elf would have a life of watching movies and eating popcorn.... WRONG !!! It is time to get this place back into shape and all hands are on deck.

So this morning I have finished sucking up all the farm gravel, dirt and weeds that have been carried into the house from the storms. This was a job for the shop vac and about 25 minutes of ear splitting noise. I finished the last of the laundry that had piled up again from having to work out in the pouring rain, mud and snow. I finally got all the dishes done, bottles boiled, pots and pans scrubbed and put away. I even cleaned from top to bottom the bathrooms which had more hay on the floor and surrounding surfaces then the barns. I even managed to rake up all the dog hair that Sophie had dropped in the run - looked like some furry sweet one had gotten murdered out there - even managed to pluck some of her hair off her body which is shedding big time. She has always been touchy about this unlike the others who just love you to brush and pluck them. O.K., that sounded weird and nasty but around here I spend a large part of my day's plucking someone.... Only four legged some one's that is!!

I still am having difficulties bending - not sure what I did but this is the longest I have every had to deal with this kind of back pain. Going on two weeks now - I think that is enough of that don't you?? Maybe that is why I did not get picked - too tired, old and broken down. Wait a moment shouldn't I be first in the line - Oh Well - now I know that I have to get off my bony butt and get to work because no one is helping not even an ELF!!! I had not idea that there way an Elf Union - there is always something...

Anyone else having this trouble with their elf?

Pointing Fingers

Well Mom we are still here!!! I guess it is back to work for us?
So much for us being the good one's!!! I blame it all on you !!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Double Rainbows - Sign???

After the rain storm with cats and dogs falling from the sky I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw from the windows. I grabbed the camera and started taking snaps - not sure if it would come out. The colors where so bright they almost hurt to look at them.. I had one end of the rainbow in my east pasture and the other end in my south pasture. The second fainter rainbow was about an acre or more away but still visible .

As I took the pictures I could not believe how sharp and clear the colors where - you could see a larger selection of colors then with a normal rainbows. I could feel my heart quicken in my chest with excitement... I giggled to myself - is this the rapture??? Why me, I giggled again.... Oh how funny!!!!

I just stood in amazement - after the horrible weather we have had of late I am thankful for wonderful sign.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild Friends Back at the Funny Farm

My prayers are answered - today my wild turkeys came into the pastures this morning... I worried that they might have been snacks for the coyotes and that was why they had been coming into the farm.. I have a count around two dozen or so and this brave one came out first and I managed to click a picture. The others slowly came out of the forest but I just could not get a picture of them because of the distance...

Next answered prayer was today my sweet little Mink showed up at the shop door. I have not seen it for almost a month and thought he might have lost his life to the owls or eagles. This weather also took over some of his hiding spots which left him exposed to the bitter cold and since he is such a tiny little sweet one I figured he might have gotten picked up in the wind and blown to New York... I ran to get the camera but he darted away before I could come back. It did look a bit thin but at least he is here....

My heart is a bit lighter now that I know some of the sweet wild creatures have made it through this hard time at the farm. I know for most they do not even notice those tiny, wild beings around them but I call them part of the Funny Farm Family and worry about them all the time.

Is End of Days Really Coming??

Thursday's weather was horrible. We first had ice hail, then rain in sheets which turned to a blizzard while having window rattling thunder. Then came the Tornado warnings and winds again that made me think more structures might be moving around the farm. By the time the sun went down I was waiting for more to come and was just worn out.... By 9 pm I had three inch's of snow and fog that was so thick I walked into the side of the truck - it is white and I had forgotten I had moved it that day. The animals are having the hardest time with this because no one is where they are suppose to be and they just do not feel safe...

I know some folks say the end of the world is Saturday - got to wonder when we are being hit with everything but fireballs falling from the sky or raining frogs and insects - I just am worn out but then I remember all those who lost their homes, their livelihood, their family.

The weather guessers are saying more to come and even a couple of the ski resorts have reopened because of the heavy new snows... I think I might be getting out of my Long John's in July.

What's the weather like where your at?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tough Tuesday

Tuesday morning was anything but calm. The cold weather is still making early morning bottles a bone chilling event. Everyone at the farm is getting worn down with this weather and not excited to start our mornings. Added to the slower then cold molasses body of this gal today I needed to get things done early because the insurance claim guy was to come and see if my roof on the house was to be replaced.

As I was trying to get everyone ready for the day I heard silence on my farm - NEVER a good sign. I looked out the window in my office upstairs and saw a coyote chasing one of the chickens. I ran down stairs. Just as I pulled the shop door open and ran outside and ran right into the coyote with a bird in it's jaws. I without thinking kicked the coyote in the side. That moved him about 8 inches to the side while he dropped the chicken for just a matter of seconds and before I could grab the chicken to saftey the coyote snatched it back into his mouth and again took off running. I had not remembered that I was in what I call my "city shoes" which are not made to walk on uneven ground let alone take out at a full run. None the less this frighten Mom was going after my baby. I was right behind that nasty beast and I could hear the screams of my feathered family member. I lost them in the low brush of scrub oak and it went down the steep, rocky hillside before I could go the long way down there. I searched and searched for them stopping only to be still to hear if I could locate it moving in the forest. Nothing! It was as if they vanished into thin air.

I scrambled up the side of the hill in those stupid shoes and realized that several times I had twisted my right ankle. Yep, the one that I have broken three times... As I limped back to the house I was just sick with grief.. I got back in front of the house and the hens where running around in their house screaming and clucking... As I walk towards them to calm them down there was bunches of feathers laying all over the ground. I took a clear look at them and figured out the lost feathery family member was a ROO!!! The loss of any animal is not O.K. with me but I did breath a little easier - IT WAS NOT ONE OF THE GIRLS!!!

I went and got a basket and started picking up the feathers while talking to the girls. Luckily that morning I closed the door on the coup because the roo's kept trying to get in and eat the feed. They have a horrible habit of chasing the girls all around while gobbling up their expensive laying feed so I have started a program of feeding and watering the girls and tied up the side that does not have a screen on it. Thus, the girls get their breakfast and the boys have to go back to their barn and eat their feed - much less expensive yet great feed. So I have to thank the Roo's for their greed in feed - it is what saved my girls from slaughter...

As for the Roo who lost his life it is sad but it turned out to be the one who was the meanest. The one who went after me and had several times got knocked across the barn after flying at me with those sharp as knives toe nails.... So I guess his Karma Pay Back Hit...

However, this meant we now have a predator who has gotten a meal here and that is never good. Last night I moved the dogs, moved the llamas and kept a watch overnight. Yep, no sleep worth speaking about but very much needed if all were to be safe. This morning just as the fog lifted and the dew was still wet on the grass my dogs started getting antsy and I could see my two year old billies form a circle in their pasture and stand as still as statues.. I knew something was a foot. I slipped downstairs putting on my boots and grabbing my Shepard's Hook I quitely turned the knob on the shop door. As I crept out the door and slowly inched thru the panel I watch my Sophie huntch into her attack posture.. Just then I saw three coyotes creeping out of the forest and walking in the open tall grass. The remaining Roo's have gotten smarter - they ran to the billies and stood inside the circle. Just then I gave the whistle that the farm animals know as "ALARM" and the dogs sprang into action. As the dogs started their barking and lunging the llama's came a running, screaming at the top of their lungs and there was I running full force with my Shepard's hook in hand while yelling in the most aggressive way this gal can. They took off running like their tails where on fire but this only spoke to the continued watch that this farm will be on till they either get shot or move on.

Life is never dull when you live in the "Wild, Wild, West" - Get out the six shooter, check the sights on the riffle and start the coffee maker...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sheep Anyone??

Always wishing you could have a flock of sheep of your very own??? Landlord or HOA's not seeing your need to have the woollies around you. I have the perfect sheep for you and NO POOP.....

Just listed in my Etsy Shop the Pewter Shank Buttons that have been a staple in my Farm Shop.

Just the right time of year to gather your flock and start on those projects that have been yearning for a touch of classic woolly ewes... Enjoy but don't wait too long the may just wonder off.

What Wind Can Do!

Hard to believe what Colorado weather can do... Yesterday we got 8 inches of snow and could not see a foot in front of your hand - that melted by the time the sun got up in the sky. Now we get mud but I sure will take it - we made up for the lack of moisture within 24 hours...My property sure needed every snowflake.

Thought I would show you the structure that Monday was taken up in the air and thrown into the fence and then pickup up and thrown half way into the next pasture. It snapped the huge poles that held it down into the ground. The fence that attached to the structure was also ripped to pieces and there was tons of broken wood and feed bins crushed.

So now I am trying to find a distributor for the structure, fence companies who will do what is needed and then also find someone who will haul away all the broken things including the structure.

I also found out that my house roof is damaged along with two doors and two windows. It still blows my mind that we all made it through without losing a life. Sophia is still taking some baby aspirin for her hip pain and she is limping a bit but on the mend. She is a bit grumpy and who would blame her - I am too. I still have animals who are so nervous that the moment they see me the run screaming to me and just want me to pick them up - hard to do with huge billies who have those huge horns and heavy bodies but I do stop and hug, give kisses and try with words to comfort them. It will take time to get the peace back to the farm but we are so lucky and for that I give thanks...

Just when I wanted to feel sorry for myself I remember all those in GA who lost everything, all those in Japan who lost over 15,000 people and everything they owned - so I pinched myself hard and gave thanks for all the blessings that I have and for all those who have sent prayers my way... I THANK YOU !!!

So today I am keeping my mind on all that is good and even those things that are not good because even my bad is not as bad as it can get and I give thanks for that..

Head's Up - today is FRIDAY THE 13TH (yes, I am going to be watching the whole series of Friday the 13th movies while working today - it is a tradition) What is your way of celebrating this lucky day????

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Olivia Update

Olivia and I have been working hard at getting that broken leg of hers on the mend. She has been taking her cast off several times a day so last Wednesday I decided we would work without it and see how it went. My heart broke every time I would see that leg drag or crumble as she moved around her pen. Now with four kids in the pen with her they kept her moving and I was worried that she would over do it but it was just what she needed. It was a different form of activity and something to keep her mind focused on - that was beating up the bottle kids. I thought I might have to pull them but of the pen but on Friday morning I locked all the other girls up and let Olivia and Opal out into the backyard and I took the bottle kids with us too. There we all had a picnic and spent time in the sun. This has healing powers not only for the body but for the soul.

After several hours of nippling and sitting in the tall grass Olivia was ready to go back in and the bottle kids had fallen asleep in my lap so back into the barn we went. Everyone took a nap - not me but the four legged kid did while I got back to work.

Saturday morning Olivia was like a different goat. She was not bulling the kids, not running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She seemed centered.

With all the trauma on the farm Monday I worried so that we might slide backwards with Olivia's progress. All the wind, noise and screaming of the other goats did get her going but she settled down once I was in the barn and even let the bottle kids sleep with her.

This afternoon when I was in the barn doing afternoon bottles I could not believe what I was seeing - Olivia was stand on her broken leg. I tried not to act like I noticed so she would be at ease and so I could watch her. She walked on it with out much of a limp. She was not dragging it of having it crumble under her weight. I sat there for the longest time just watching and giving thanks that we might have a chance at this healing. I just sat there watching her until she began to wonder what was wrong with me. She walked over the the pen gate and touched her nose to my hand. We locked eyes and I could see that she realized that all this touching on my part (which she hated every minute of it and fought me tooth and nail) was for her own good and that I was not trying to kill her.

I am so thankful for how far she has come and hope that we continue on the healing path to a strong leg that will support her for the rest of her life. This sure made up for Monday in a big way. Congrats to Olivia/

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scary, Brutal, Destructive Day at the Farm

I know that everyone is sick of my talking about the wind - trust me so am I. This afternoon around 2 pm I was way far behind on getting the bottles out to the babies because I was struggling with trying to get my words together for a new product listing on Etsy. This fire sign gal just can not think in the wind.

I started walking down the stairs to the main floor when I looked out the living room window and just then a micro burst hit the front isolation pens and took the huge double loafing shed and threw it into and then over the next fence into the next pasture and about an acre away. I could not believe my eyes. This is not some tiny little shed it is huge and weight is several tons if not more.. It was lashed down by huge logs driven way down into the ground -which by the way where snapped like twigs and thrown also into the next pasture. Another really scary part to all this was Sophia was tethered by a cable to the side beam of the this structure so when it was air born she was flung into the air and by the grace of God the C Clip snap and she hit the ground before the structure when into the fence and then tumbling several times. Within seconds I was charging down the stairs and out the shop door. Not even thinking this was not safe to do but rather thinking "MY ANIMALS - OH MY GOSH" - they are in sheer panic and running all over the place. I ran to get to Sophia who was running towards me with fear like I had never seen. I gathered her up and ran her to another barn. Shut the door and ran to gather those who just lost their house. They are the two year old billies who where frightened out of the wits. They had been in the structure trying to get out of the wind all day - Imagine, to have everything ripped to the skies in a blink of an eye while your inside of it. Who would blame them for their fear - I was shaking inside but was so in survival mode that I did not even realize it. Quickly I checked them over and no one was hurt - the wind still blowing so hard I could hardly stand up right. The encircled me which is not their normal behavior but they wanted me to make everything alright and calm them down.

Then I ran to the pasture where the structure landed and checked the 4 and 5 year old billies who were just like little children. Then ran to me and I had to be careful that in their panic I did not get hurt. Those massive horns swirling and clanking into each other as they try to get closer and closer to me for head rubs and kisses.. I checked them all over while they licked my hands and stood next to me while every inch of their bodies was shaking like jello. To see these massive bold boys be so fearful broke my heart - I kept speaking to them over the hollowing winds trying to get them to settle down before I left them.

I quickly checked each pasture to make sure that no one was hurt from flying objects and then ran to the house to get the bottles for the little one's in the barn. I could only imagine how frightened they must be and also they have been waiting so long for their bottles now. I heated the bottles and ran to the girls barn. As I tried to get through the outside gates the wind caught the gate and ripped the metal signage off it as if they were tissue paper. I will have to find those later. I struggled to round the corner as the wind was whipping back up and made me feel as if I was walking in place. Before I entered the barn I could see in the shadows that everyone was huddled in the corners and screaming. The mother and babies were melted into large lumps of raw nerves - scared does not even begin to touch the way they looked at me. The moment I cleared the metal doors they ran to me and continued screaming. I quickly grab up the first baby and started feeding the screaming little one while trying to calm everyone down. I had a baby in my lap and everyone else glued to the remaining parts of my body. Just then "Chief" my guard Pry pushed threw them all and climbed into my lab with the baby. Later I would realize this did not set well with my poor knees but he was shaking like a leaf and I admit my insides were doing the same thing. After the bottle kids where feed and reassured that I had not forgotten them I then checked over everyone and left the barn.

I again was fighting the winds to make it back to the house but along the way I picked up several shingles that have been ripped off the roof. I went into the house to call my insurance company. In my whole life I have never had an accident or had a claim to file so I had no idea what I was to do and I must say my agent who never talks to me but has just been cashing my checks for the past 15 years was as helpful as a dirt clump. I guess I will be reconsidering many things after all this is settled. The wonderful lady however at the claim department was kind and helpful. I will get a call sometime tomorrow about when they will send a claim adjuster to the farm. Don't be too specific so I wont be disappointed.

After getting off the phone I got on safety goggles, gloves, boots and a coat and went to work on securing the animals and the farm. I thank the universe that not a single animal was injured and that I was late on getting those bottles out the door. Had I been on my normal schedule I hate to think what damage would have been done to me. After a couple of hours of hard work the farm is ready for night fall to the best we can make it. I will be watching all night that none of the animals get bloat or colic from the stress of the scary afternoon. As I said to myself - "We are all STANDING - just put one foot in front of the other and we will make it through". I admit I cried like a silly kid when I called my son but I guess I am entitled to crumble a bit after the fact. I am great during emergencies but after the dust settles this sleep deprived gal really could just use a really stiff drink - too bad I have not eaten all day or I would..

If you would not mind I sure could use some prayers for a quick resolution to this mess. I know we were very very lucky but this sure is going to be one big mess to put behind us.

So how was your Monday???

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day My Way

My Mothers Day was surrounded by Mother Nature...

I awoke at 3 am not by choice but this silly body stated I had enough sleep - NOT!! So I watched the world's worst horror movie called "Manstor" (No my spelling is not off) it is a very bad B movie that believe it or not I have seen three times in as many months - Elvira really needs to find new movies. Anyway, after realizing even this snoozer was not going to put me to sleep I got up and started my day.

I decided since both of my son's had to work I would celebrate the day in the fashion that makes this gal the happiest. I made French Toast with a Cream Cheese Stuffing with a Maple Syrup and perfectly done Pecan Crusted Bacon. A very large Thermos of Coffee with Chi Whipped Cream. I packed it all up in my best Antique Picnic Basket and headed out to my forest. There I ate each bit surrounded by the marvels of Mother Nature. Surrounded by large Pine Trees swaying in the morning breeze there sitting next to me a lone pine cone balanced perfectly between some Scrub Oak branches. Much like our lives - our balance depends on those around us who at different times in our lives hold us up and support us during our journey. As I lingered over the last drop of coffee I reviewed the twists and turns of my life and gave thanks for my two young men who have given me such joy. Yes, there has been hard times but together we made it through and grew even stronger - at least that is how I plan to look at it - Rose Colored Glasses and all...

After walking back to the house I made the next round of formula bottles and headed to the barn. There my three little kids greeted me as if I had been lost for days. Nice to be needed and have purpose to my day. Hope everyone did those things today that gave your soul joy and peace.

Thank you Nick and Conrad for being such wonderful young men - I am ever so proud of you two. Hugs and Love from your Mom

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Talk about Fiber Porn - Weak in the Knee Good

You want CRIMP????

This is a great fleece from one of my sheep offspring - This is an Icelandic/CVM Ewe. I must brag because it is a rich dark charcole black with no bleached out tips. The handle is baby soft and as you can see that crimp is to get weak in the knees about...

I will be putting some of this wash fleece up for sale (still have not got the newer camera pictures to upload so I will have to re do the pictures so get ready I will be doing that after late afternoon feeding chores.

Melt Down!!!!

I can't even tell you how mad I am right now........

I so hate spending time trying to get things done on this computer and on the net...

I spent the last four hours trying to get the blog to post the pictures that I took of the goat babies and the newest fiber creations... I tried everything but the stupid computer would not load the pictures from the camera that just came back to me from the factory. Now it would load the pictures from my antique (14 year old) camera with no problems. I screamed, said words that work make a sailor blush and even pleaded but after four hours and my last nerve I am giving up and going to get my real work done.....

I want a life where my income is not dependant on this bloody thing - I would rather shovel poop all day long then sit here for one hour praying that it will work. So I am taking my very pissed off self outside and get some real work done.

Sorry for the rant but I am lucky if I do not pick this thing up and chuck it out the window - so I better go away....