Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am doing the HAPPY DANCE

I am being included in another Treasury - Happy, Happy Joy, Joy - I am doing the happy dance....

Would you please go take a peek at:

Kritika of "TheFrogAndSheep has a great Etsy shop with the most adorable infant clothing - from her loving hands.

Thanks so much Kritika for including me in your treasury...

Why do some of us HAVE to create - ART?

I heard a phrase the other day "Restless Mind Syndrome" which struck such a cord.

No matter what I am doing or what I am suppose to be doing my mind is going a million miles an hour. If I see a flower as I walk down a sidewalk my mind goes running off to what I could do with those shades, how could I get that color in the dye pots, when I spin my next yarn how could I get just the right texture going to show those soft flowing petals - OH Crap - where was I going and what was I suppose to be doing????

While trying to concentrate on doing the boring side of paperwork I think of how could I repurpose this paper into a workable, usable yarn.... Or where did I put that new piece of art paper that I purchased because I loved the colorway used and could see it in a carded batt. Crap, I am doing it again. Or even as I sit here typing my restless brain is running on about which goats fleece will be next in the dye pot and how will I turn this already incredible gift into something that the next person will be able to see all the love and attention that I give those sweet kids of mine. I have to collect little bits and bobs of things knowing that in some future date it will find it's way into a new ART project.

My house looks like a Mini Mall of craft stores, fiber festivals and art libraries.
Every room has all the tools of many art trades, there are more projects going at one time then a small art institute would have going in an average school year. I jump out of bed in the middle of the night with an idea on how to solve a dye problem or find that special use for that special nick nack - surely Normal folks don't do this?? But then again, what is Normal for us creative nutters?

Now, I don't have six different colors to my hair, a ring in my nose or tatt's covering my body parts but my spirit lives to create. I am not knocking those who find that way of expressing themselves but if you watched this plain gal walking down the sidewalk looking lost in the sight of a flower - I am guess you would never guess I am struck with the need to create. Some might call it ART, I call it my "Restless Mind Syndrome"

I also want to slap the person who coined it "Starving Artist" - I do not wish to starve but just create. Why must the world feel my selective talent is just a flight of fancy rather then a calling. I have been working and creating with my hands since I was a tiny girl and just can not sit without having my hands creating something. I have even spun yarn in a movie theather because I had an idea running so hard and fast in my brain that I just had to get those hands involved.

So here is my question today: How do you manage the creative monster who takes hold of your mind, hands and time???

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess Who is on Facebook???

I KNOW - Hard to believe!!!

This low tech gal with the huge big help from Brooke (my daughter in law) as managed to find a spot on Facebook. I still am just learning and not sure about this but if I have learned anything in life it is we all need to expand. I was unsure about selling my fiber online - thought folks needed to feel everything before buy. Now, I have a wonderful customer base all over the world that I never would have had if I did not expand and try new things.

So, I am asking my readers here to be of some help there - would you find it in your heart and fingers to pop over to facebook look me up and maybe become a friend,a fan or now I forget the correct term...

I am under Larkspur Funny Farm and Grace Gerber - go figure. I am also trying to find my some of you their but I must admit many of the last names I don't know so my search time has not been really fruitful. Technology got to love it but I am excited to try this out.

Much thanks in advance.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Day Purity

I spent the day on Thursday in front of my Patrick Green Electric Carding Machine creating a series of batts that are a pure as the driven snow. I collected all the best white fibers that had been waiting for my eager hands. I wanted those who took these batts to their home to find enless possibilities while keeping the simplicity of pure white. Is there nothing more elegant then white???

What would you do with this offering? I would love to know..

And the Winners Are - Drum Roll Please

I know you have been waiting on pins and needles for the results of this weeks giveaways and so I will not keep you longer....

The stamp set winner is: Pencraftco


The silk collections winner is: Maggie14

Congrat's to these fine ladies and a BIG THANK YOU for ALL who Entered!
Do not dismay - I will be posting another giveaway within the next day or two...
Keep playing I just know you will be the next winner.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is it about birds in my house????

As I sat on the front deck enjoy a cup of coffee and sending my son Nick "Happy Father's Day" wishes I heard the smack on a window. Now I do not spend much time cleaning windows here (dirt roads and horrible winds) but I do seem to get a lot of birds fly into the windows and knock themselves out. I did not make much to do about it and continued to talk to Nick. Then came another smack and another and another until I counted well over a dozen. I got up to see what in the world was going on. I looked around on the ground expecting to see a flock of birds laying motionless in the grass but nothing. Then another smack. This time I walked inside and what flew at my but this huge, screaming Magpie. I told Nick and hung up the phone because these stupid thing was flying into all my windows on right after another, knocking things all about. Now you know I do not like birds close up and this guy was WAY TOO CLOSE!!!!

After trying several things in get guide him out the doors and windows I started to get worried because now he was behind my oil lamps which where full of oil... If he knocked them onto the carpet I would have a real problem. So now we had to calm down and think our way clear of this. I HATE BIRDS IN MY HOUSE!!!

I opened all the windows thru out the house, turned on all the ceiling fams thru out the house and then slowly walked towards that stupid bird. He slowly hopped a bit forward and with each hop was making his way clear of the lamps. As soon as he cleared them I grabbed them and placed them out of harms way. Then as he hopped to the floor I slowly walked behind him towards the front door. Just as we almost reached the front door the stupid bird flew up and into my face. I admit it, he got a swift swat with my hand and out the door he went. I can't hit a baseball with a bat but I sure connected with that bird. He sat for a minute on the deck and then took to the pine trees. Did I happen to mention I HATE BIRDS IN MY HOUSE.

I guess I can say I would rather have a bird in the house then a Bear, Alligator or Lion. Guess I should be thankful it was only a bird...

The Girls without their billies

I thought you might like to see the GIRL'S - they are having a great time wondering around the so called back yard, eating the pine trees (which they are always getting yelled at for doing) and keeping watch over the critters of the farm. Henreitta is the spotted girl trying to reach that spot that we all wished someone would scratch. The white girl is Hellena the daughter of Henreitta. The pair of them are usually found keeping the older male goats in line but every once and awhile they need a break from all that "BOY GARBAGE", but don't we all?? They find such pleasure in not having to smell them, hear them or put up with their pushing at the water tanks. I always find it interesting that while they are without the boys they spend much more time grooming themselves, rolling in the tail grass and taking long naps. They also humm more - You heard me right, they humm more!!

So let's hear it out there girls - HUMMMMMMMMM

Old Guys teaching New Guys

I moved Casper and Sugar (yes, he is a neutured boy even with that name) to be with the youngest boys who are trying to cut the apron strings with their mothers... SUCH BABIES BOYS ARE!

These two senior gentlemen will teach these wipper snappers the finer points of herd life and give them the male point of view about life on the Funny Farm. Each Summer these two are given the role of grandfather, mentor and enforcer. The pair of them are showing their age (like all of these days) but there is nothing better then life experience, a level hand that comes with time and a unconditional love that only appears after many years of hard knocks. They are now 17 years young and still have much to share with the world - I hope that is true for me too..

My two very senior boys are my dear friends and every morning when they greet me at the pasture gate to receive their special oatmeal and tons of kisses - I know my newest young men are in very loving hooves....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is Reese in deep Meditation - such calm thoughts!

He is giving is Daddy a great start to Father's Day - now let's just hope it stays that way.

From Larkspur Funny Farm I wish you all a Calm and Peaceful Father's Day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sensational Silk - Sunset Giveaway

I could not resist in putting this giveaway together to honor the magical silk producing moth. For years I have provided all types and stages of silk for my customers and never grow tired of their magical properties and their thousands of uses. All come from a tiny little worm who without even knowing it - it provides the world with one of the strongest and yet most elegant fiber. So here is my way of sharing their hard work with others.

All you have to do is send me a comment in this entry about what is your favorite silk item you have owned. Easy Right???

To the lucky winner you will get some of my handpainted silk roving, 3 different hand dyed silk waste, 3 of my hand dyed silk cocoons and also 3 of my hand dyed silk rods. All the colors remind me of a sunset but it will be up to you to decide what to do with them.

This giveaway will be running from Friday June 18th and run thru midnight Thursday June 24th MST. Don't forget to give me away to contact you. Don't let the sun go down without leaving a comment - it is worth the effort...

By the way you can enter in both giveaways I have running - double your chances to win...

A Honey of a Great Giveaway

I thought it was time to give a shout out for the hard working BEES! Even though I am very allergic to their sting, I feel they are such a blessing and have been doing all the work without any glory. So I will be offering this wonderful stamp and ink set as my humble bumble way to stand up and say "We owe you everything - Bee Mine".

Here is the instructions for getting in on this giveaway - Just leave a comment here under this entry with your favorite fruit or veggie that would not be on the planet if it were not for the hard working bees...

Next, if you would not mine checking out www.helpthehoneybees.com from Haagen-Dazs - a great site to inform and assistance with getting bees a safer life as they work so hard for us.

So there is the BUZZ about this giveaway - It starts today Friday June 18th and runs thru Thursday June 24th at midnight MST. Don't forget to give me a way to contact you. So get the BUZZ OUT and leave your entry!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace's Greens

Here is my latest batts - What do you think??? Does it remind you of a fresh spring green meadow as the sunlight hits the wet grass and lights it up like magic?? Well, that was what I was going for and I sure hope I hit the mark.

These 4 batts have 2.25 ounces in each so there is plenty to make something with them. The fibers in the batts are as follows:
Alpaca fiber from LFF Artemus - dyed Highland
Alpaca fiber from LFF Imhotep - dyed shades of Forest
Cashmere fiber from LFF Avery - dyed Lime
Mohair fiber from LFF Sherlock - dyed Graduated Greens
Silk - dyed Lemon/Lime
Angelica - dyed Chartreuse

It is so soft to the touch that it is hard not to just sit and stroke it over and over again. I just finished putting them up on my Etsy site so I hope they will find a great new home or two.

Can't you smell the sweet grass??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuscan Sunset

I have been busy at the Patrick Green carding machine this weekend and have some eye candy for those in the fiber arts... I have been dyeing fiber all Spring long from my animals and finally organized my fiber stashes so I can share some of my bounty in the form of "Designer Fiber Arts Batts".

I have been looking for sometime now at the new wave of batts out there and can honestly say I am not all that thrilled - some may call them edgy and trendy but to me it looks like the creator has not taken the time to think and just threw fiber and the carder. I have devoted time and attention to my combinations so the spinner or felter will get a pleasing finished product while knowing they are supporting a small organic farm who spends 365 days with the fiber that is being raised and used in these batts.

Beginners will find them easy to draft and with top quality fibers that do the work for you - every skein that you create will be something you can be proud of. For the experienced spinner the sky is the limit - with proper technique you can create novelty yarns that you only have dreamed of. I have also considered that if you are selling your final projects I want you to be able to receive top dollar for your time and that happens by providing the best fibers and creative dye colorways to keep you ahead of your competition. I want you to enjoy using my batts and be prosperous too.

This batt has Natural Fawn Alpaca from "Gambler". Mohair from sweet Sugar my 17 year old Angora wether which I have dyed a clear Sunflower color. The French Angora Bunny fur came from Lucy and I dyed a calm coral. The wool is a natural chocolate brown from Fudge - a sweet corriedale sheep who graced this farm for many years. I took Bamboo and dyed it a bold Tangerine and then took natural Honey colored Silk to round out the blend. As you can see great fibers and colors carded together to give you an incredible blend that will just brighten your soul while working with it.

I would love to hear what you think of the blend - Please give me your thoughts if you have a chance - I am here to grow, learn and provide you with top products.

Monday, June 7, 2010


As you can see we had a great turn out and all your names where placed in a bowl, tossed and with the aid of my son Conrad (with eyes closed ) a name was drawn from the bowl.... The WINNER IS - Cindy Jean Gonyr Streamers and falling, confetti is flying and the band is playing...

Congrat's Cindy - if you wish to just drop me a comment to let me know where you would like your goodies sent they will be winging their way to you with great speed...

Thank you all for leaving your sweet treats here and also giving me great ideas for new ice cream combinations - my waist line thanks you....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Highlander Wool Top Roving - Magical

I had to share one of my Wensleydale Wool Top Rovings with you all - I keep finding so many ways to use this roving that I am simply amazed with it. I love spinning a thick/thin yarn with it and then core spinning it to make it look like beads. I also have used it in many needlefelting projects but I learned you have to use a 40 to 42 size needle otherwise all the holes show. When doing wet felt it remains drapy and soft. I have also used it in my locker hooking project and received many compliments with the finished projects.

I never get tired of working with fiber and this roving I decided was ready for Etsy customers - I bet you could come up with even more cleaver ways of creating with this magical roving.

Captivating Coral

For those who do not know CORAL is my favorite color. Last weekend I had several dyepots going all with coral of different shades - I dyed these silk rods but also silk cocoons, Sea Cell (seaweed), Bamboo, Cotswold Wool, Corriedale Wool and some of my little kids Cashmere fiber. I am in seventh heaven with all this coral around me.

What is your Favorite Color???

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lightening Strikes Again

Well I am sitting at the small library about 25 miles from the farm because Wednesday Afternoon while I was busy in the barn a huge storm came up without warning. At least no warning for someone who is busy in a barn trying to shear.

Anyway by the time I saw what was coming it was too late - I did not dare run to the house because the lightening was hitting in ground right on the property. Too late to unplug the phoneline and YES, fried my modem.... Again!!!

Now I have to kick myself because it is that time a year when I know if I walk away for the computer I shut it down, unplug it and remove the phone line. I have gone thru I can not count how many surge protectors and fried modems. So, Mother Nature I guess was again telling me - "Don't you let down that guard or I will smack you upside your head". I am thankfull that no four legged was hurt and that I was not silly enough to try that sprint to the house.

Today everything is on hold until the Geek Guys who are so great get me up and running. As I walked in the door they said "Lighting Again Grace" with a glee in their eyes. Then I have to have them talk at me about not have such an antique set up and why I still do not have a cell phone, high speed internet or all those other things I fight not to have.... Please just fix my modem!!!

So talk with everyone later - the crying kids, runny noses and coughing folks are not making me feel like I can stay very long. I know I am a hermit but I really like it that way...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Day at the Farm - Sweet Melting Treat Give A Way

While the weather is getting warmer you have to eat those sundaes a lot quicker. This is my yarn replica of my melted Chocolate Sundae with Marshmellow Cream, Cherries and Crushed Nuts on top. This hand spun yarn has 40% Alpaca, 30% Borderleister Wool, 20% Tunis Wool and 10% Mohair. While spinning this blend I let the fiber run thru my fingers as my home made Chocolate Sundae did last night. I loved every cold, sweet spoonfull and now you can have that same tasty treat without the calories or the messy fingers.... Hope you will give this one a try...

The Give A Way is for one skein of this mouth watering yarn. If you leave a comment at this posting about your favorite Icecream treat you will be entered to win a 42 yard skein valued at $5.88 plus shipping for just telling me what you lick your lips about... Easy! I will place all your names in a big bowl and Sundae (get it?)Sunday June 6th I will draw the winner and send your skein off to your waiting hands. Good Luck and eat some icecream.