Monday, January 21, 2008

My Might Tree That Watches Over Me

I always feel safe with the Mighty Pine standing in the front of my home. As I checked hourly on the girls thinking that this might be the time for my little ones to come - the fog rolled in and you could not even see a foot in front of yourself. As I walked in the errie night there was not a sound except the crunching ice under foot. Each time I came back outside the air grew harder to breath in - then as the sun began to rise - the fog became even heavier like a wet wool blanket hanging over the farm. It felt like a cheap horror movie when the alien beast jumps out to grab the dizzy damzel. As I giggled on how vivid my mind is so early in the morning there appeared my my guardian thru the fog - The Mighty Pine ! He stood in silence and Mother Nature covered him in ice. Proud and strong he remained to watch over the sleepy eyed farmgal. I could spend hours watching him but the cold is bitting at my wrinkles - time to go in and warm up.

Pull up a chair and sit a spell

I know what your thinking - I would rather sit on an iceberg !
This antique chair is resting in my front rock garden with a cast iron bowl that holds birdseed. The wrapped twigs where to give shelter for the birds too but today it is a perfect resting place for the ice. I love the way this looked and shows just how artistic Mother Nature really is.........

Who said Farm Work was DULL ?

Folks have asked me why I painted all my wheel barrels this hot pink ? As you can see even in the fog I can find them. Besides, since I am the only hard working farm hand here I think I should have things the way I want them.

Don't you wished you had one too ?

Ice Covered Fence

It is 5:00 am and the farm is covered in ice - what a sight !

There is no doubt which way the wind was blowing.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


After doing my morning 5:00 am check on the girls ( NO BABIES ) I walked out of the barn to see this site. I am blessed that this is my life. Not everyone would wish to do the work I do - there is no benefits package, retirement funds, vacation days or promotions but tell me where can you get this view in your front yard everyday? As I sat on a frozen bucket to snuggle my Great Prynesse, the sun danced on the snow covered Pikes Peak and there was not a single sound in the air. You can not have a better job then what I do for a living. LIFE IS GRAND !

Who's my dirty Goat?

I had to sneek up in the barn at about 10:30 pm to see if I could get a picture of the birthday boys. Yes, they are a year old this week ! For their birthday I made oatmeal cookies and cut up apples for all the farm four legged family members. After I sang "Happy Birthday to You" to the young men ( none of the other goats would join in - I think they forgot the words ) they got their cookies and apples. Then that was followed by tons of hugs, snugs and kisses. I admit it, I gave them about two hours of snuggle time but I am so grateful that these two are healthy and happy compared to their health a year ago.

This is not the best picture of Sherlock but those two are so camera shy. Watson ran so fast when he saw the camera that he almost made a new doorway in the side of the barn. I will not give up - they are just too cute. Don't you just love the bangs on Sherlock? He looks like Elvis.

Still NO BABIES - Do not give up - you know the saying "When you least expect it" well that is how my life works ! I promise the moment any kids come you will know about it.

Stay Warm it is 4 degrees right now and going lower - cold is not the word

On the way to my mail box

Every day I am so lucky to have sweet friends walk with me to my mail box. They do not talk much but they sure listen to every word I have to say even when I do not make much sense.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For all those watching their waistlines

I have made the perfect sweet that will not add an inch to those hips. This is a 100% Organic Larkspur Funny Farm Alpaca Handspun Yarn. "Cookies and Cream" is what it is called and it is yummy! This is one of my favorite techniques to spin. I take pure black alpaca that is spun the weight of lace and then I long draw a combination of soft white and silver alpaca fiber while plying the black over it. That makes this yarn so soft, warm and one of a kind. Trust me you will eat it up. You can find the 8 skeins on my etsy site

I will be posting some more tempting treats in the next couple of day so stop those stomach crunches and get out the needles.

Monday, January 7, 2008

We had a BUMPY ride

Since the 4th I felt like I was in a wind tunnel. We had 72 mile an hour winds during the night and thru most of 5th untill the snow started. I am not sure if it is global warming or that we pissed off the weather gods but I am ready for it all to slow down. I spent 5 hours Saturday just picking up all the parts of the barns, roofs, equipment and such around the farm that the wind could not leave alone. The animals and I have not had a good night sleep since Thursday and I think I will have to nap some today before I lose my mind. You know that will not take MUCH to happen!

Still no goat babies but I am SO SO Thankful for that - I was worried that they would blow away if they came this weekend. Sherlock and Watson really hated the wind and demanded that I stay in the barn with them and where else did they sit but in my lap. They still are such Mommy Boys - but that is O.K. with me. I keep trying to get a picture of them but as soon as they see me they run at me so fast that I can not even get the camera focused before they are right on me. I even tried to sneek up on them but I triped on a ice chuck and banged into the barn - Now you know why my name is Grace.

Well, off I go to turn over the buffalo fiber I have on the drying racks. I dyed it with some natural Henna because it was just too walnut brown for me. It still has tiny VM in it and I will be repicking for the third time and then will see where we are with it. Stay warm and tie yourself to something heavy - We are still in for a Bumpy Ride at the Funny Farm.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


What exciting thing do you all do to ring in the New Year ?

It was another party at the Funny Farm - fell asleep on the couch at 9 pm and woke up at 12:30 am just in time to brave the cold to see if we had any New Year Kids - NONE. I think with the cold weather we have been having around here the girls are crossing their legs and waiting till spring. Fine by Me but I know the moment I stop going out to the barn to check is the moment someone will have their little one.

So, since I have no life tell me what you did to celebrate !