Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Don't Understand Some So Called Humans

The past two weeks have been anything but peaceful or even rational.   I can not nor would I get into it all but I have lost faith in a large number of Humans... I have always said that I understand animals because their motives are straight and true.  They may not be able to speak my language but their messages need very little interpretation.  Humans hide behind words and use them as weapons while feeling superior to others because they can wrap their hate in politically correct phrases.  Give me an animal any day - you know where you stand by the way they move their ears, hold their head or the way they stand in relationship to your body.  They may not be happy with you when you have to preform a task that they are not eager to participate in but they do not sit and spend days, weeks, months or even years holding a grudge or planning to hurt you in some twisted way.  Yes, I have even had an animal kick me, bite me or knock me to the ground but then we are even and we go back to center. 

Now I know you would say - Not All Humans are that way - Your Right but I am having a hard time seeing that right now.  It is not only in my personal life but in the actions of humans in the world.   I am always seeking out stories about those who are walking in the world doing great things to help their fellow humans in order to balance those folks I see and deal with who are tearing through life hurting others with their careless actions.,

I know NONE of us are perfect and that is why some folks really REALLY need to check themselves first before they EVER point a finger at another.  As the saying goes "Why do you see the speck in my eye when you can not even see the log in yours?" 

I will say it again - I just don't understand some so called humans.... and I am trying really hard not to kick them, bite them or knock them down.  Maybe I will get busy and teach Llama Boy to do those things on command... I know - go stand in the corner for 5 minutes Grace.  It would still be worth it....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jasper Udate

With all the drama this boy can seem to create I did not wish to send you on the roller coaster I have been on since I found him moments from death.  To say the least he has given me more grief, worry, heartache and hope then I really wanted but it is what it is.  I have lost count how many times I thought he was going to the other side but we pulled it out and tried again.

Fast forward to Friday - Yep I decided it was time to try him back with all his buddies and his twin brother Jeeves.  I gave everyone a harsh talking to about pushing, poking and just being overly excited to see him.  So I kept a close eye on him for about an hour and then went about my business with checks every hour.  About the thrid hour out I saw at the distance a white sweet goat laying out in the field still and not registering the movement of the others around him.  I tore off running and calling his name and nothing.  As I went through the gate and ran toward him the others started running towards me and just then - The Silly Jasper jumped to his feet and came running.....

HE WAS SOUND ASLEEP!!!  Heck, you could not just pick up your head - wiggle around or SOMETHING ?????

I was so mad but so happy at the same time.  He got a finger wagging talk about not scaring MOMMY so - I mean really what is up with that crap??? 

We are on day two with the group and he is doing well so far.  No I have not stopped checking but it is not every hour.  I also gave the finger wagging talk to the group not too long ago because they where fighting just a bit too hard - Spring Play can have issues...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I found the little one a name

During the middle of the night while I braved the blizzard to check on everyone it hit me - GABRIEL....   As I walked towards him to see if he was warm enough I opened my mouth to say "How is my sweet one" and instead out came "How is my Gabriel" So I guess we have him named.   I have used it each time I came into the barn and several times while I do my wellness checks on everyone.  Gabriel may not be happy about the weather but at least I have a name to comfort him with. 

Welcome Gabriel - which means "God is my Strength" and each time I hold him I feel that strength

Monday, April 8, 2013

10 Years Old Today

Hard to believe that Chief and Sophia are celebrating their 10th birthday...  They are brother and sister and have brought me such joy and love.  Each day with them is a blessing. 

This is Chief still licking his lips after the pancakes
They both work so hard each and every day - they protect this farm and those who call it home.  The two are different in the ways they see the world but at the core they are just love covered in fur.  They would love it if I could spend every minute glued to them but at the same time they are independent and really do not need me to make their lives complete.   They are both such a part of me that I can not imagine my life without them.  We celebrated so far with German Pancakes and eggs for the Birthday Breakfast and followed by body rub downs and tons of hugs and kisses.  A storm is to roll in tonight so they will get to play maybe in snow - there favorite weather.  Tonight they will receive a German Brat sliced in bite sized pieces..  Followed by more wrestling and rubs unless the storm hits too early...

                                                                        Sophia playing in the mud - a real Tom Girl

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chief and Sophia ...  Thank You for Ten Great Years !

Sunday, April 7, 2013


It has been said by many folks that come to the farm - the VIBES here are so different and so full of LOVE.  We have animals who get along who never should be able to.  I have males who are such caring parents that they do babysitting duty to give the mothers rest and time away from the jumping and running of their little ones.  Most of all their care and concern of my well being always amazes me. 

Saturday was a full day at the farm.  I spent half the day brushing my Great Pry's, clipping their matts and doing toenails.  Big Dogs, Big bags of fur and hard as rock toenails.  That was a great time -  tons of work but with those loving souls the task is one of my favorites.  With those big dogs comes you guessed it tons of poop - big poop.  That task is not a favorite of mine but worth the work to be with them.
Chief has been working hard watching over the new little one's and he takes his work to heart.  With the new babies in the barn he gets always a upset tummy which leaves me with more to clean.  He is so much like me in that department - WORRY WARTS pay the price and not always in good ways.
The biggest cornerstone of this farm and my heart is Kasha and she is slowing down and at time worries me to pieces.  Her energy is my life's blood and with each breath we take together I have purpose.  After brushing and giving her a complete body rub we snuggled and slept in the trailer together.  Her slow and steady heartbeat  is what I draw from and I give her back hopefully the same.  It was a long night with her but I would NEVER tried a second of any time with her. 

Yep, the  VIBE around here is different and so worth the 17 years I have put into it... 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Have a New Addidtion to the Farm

At 10"08 am a sweet little boy was born to Goldie - I know you all thought I was wrong about this one too.  See, I may have to wait a long time but it is well worth it.  Goldie is being a GREAT Mother and doing everything right.  I admit Yes, I am still checking every two hours because the temp went from 67 degrees to snow, rain, ice and bitter cold and fog here.  Also, this is such a tiny little baby that I worry that this little one will walk right out of the panels.  It was too cold for this little one to be on it's own thru the night. 

This morning he walked right up to me and talked loudly wanting attention... I have not touched or messed with the baby other then the requirements to check him out or to place him in the first nursing position and it sure is hard but again Goldie is doing all the things right and so that is what I want.  I have some video's already up on my facebook page Grace Gerber if you wish to see what is going on.  I don't want to cross post and have folks getting these things doubled up.  I also have one up of Wilhelmina really having fun using me as a jungle gym.  She is so worried that her place in being the cute one might have been knocked down a peg.  They are all equal in my hearts - at least that is what we all say.