Friday, September 28, 2012

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tapes for Sale

Back at clear out the Farm Shop.  I have three great silk ribbon embroidery tapes up for sale.  Each tape is full of the best information to master the art of silk ribbon embroidery and you will be able to create some of the most incredible items once watch and working with these tapes.

Offering each tape for $5.00 plus shipping.  Just contact me here or by email and I will put a PayPal invoice together for you..  Enjoy and hope they find new homes. Thanks for reading and considering

Monday, September 24, 2012

There is a Goat in my dish

As of late Goldie has taken great pleasure in pulling Dot's Chain.  At every turn she has found new ways to see how far she can go to piss off this mild mannered llama.  Recently it is jumping into Dot's feed bunker and stepping on the hay.  Once she does this Dot will not touch the food.  Mind you Goldie has her own in the barn but it is always better to see what a pain in the rear one can be...

Each day I stand with Dot to show him that he is to bethe  master of his own bunker but if I take a couple of steps away Goldie runs in and jumps right in the middle.  So like all mothers I told him to stand up for himself, believe in his inner power and be brave. I told Goldie that it would not be long before Dot would be so much bigger then her and that he would be the one to guard and watch over her so play nice...

It all starts with a look

Many a shy guy has been lead down the garden path by a older girl.  Poor Max had a terrible "Boy Moment" in the barn.  As I was doing the chores and getting ready to go on to the next task I noticed that a few of the girls on the other side of the barn was doing that "Flirting Flick" with their tails.  Before I could blink there was Max with this head through the gate and his horns caught.  It happens that quickly - Hormonal Imbalance.  You know - where a sweet little boy turns into a raging Ass...

So I went and got a couple of sheep panels, and before Max knew what was going on I put a 6 foot pen in front of the gate.  This will keep him away from the girls and the girls away from him.  Chief watched as I built the pen and I could just see the wheels turning in his head.  He said "Crap, this means this ball of fur is going to want to challenge me every two seconds"  Poor Chief, he has been in this dance for 11 years and I could tell he was not looking foreword to it.  We are all getting older here and some issues are getting on our last nerves.  Before it got out of hand I warned Chief "No Biting" and "This too will pass" speeches.  He rolled his eyes, gave a deep exhale and sat in the corner of the barn. 

I think that sweet face of Chief says it all.....

You Know What I Like

No matter what time of year it is Sherlock loves our quality time together.  Notice he is not covered with pee on his face - no need - he is smart enough to know that there will be no breeding for him this year.  He is not the least bit upset because he knows I LOVE him and give him as much quality time as I can spare...  I have to be careful during this time of year that I do not get into a MALE WAR over my affections - sounds strange but have you ever stood in the center of 20 billies with horns and they are all wanting to be Mother Favorite???  It can be dangerous but with years of knowing the way they think I can work with them and still be safe.  Sherlock demands and gets full attention first at all times.  Beside how could you resist that amazing and sweet face - I know I sure can't..

BUT MOM - All the guys are doing it

Oh what a difference a week makes around this farm.  My sweet white boys in a matter of an evening have turned into what I like to call - Big Boy Bless.....

This is why not everyone can appreciate what it is to be a MALE in the animal world.  I on the other hand have great love, compassion and understanding that this is all part of the circle and I enjoy watching how this process takes place every year.  I have the older and breeding billies in one pasture and they know that no one is breeding this year and so no peeing on themselves, no fighting and they are just enjoying the cooling weather. 

Then you move over to the three, two and one year old male pasture and it is a hot hormonal mess.  I have to fill their water tubs four times a day because you need enough fluids going in to handle what is going out. Before you say to yourself "Why doesn't she stop filling the tubs - end of problem" just know that this would only cause serious health issues and would not stop the drive within them.   I know it is not a pretty picture and you are lucky there is no smell o vision but this is how they all work it out.  I have to also giggle because I have Sherlock (a proud Daddy of many) and his friend Watson (who has not bred) in that mix because they are teaching the younger guys the ropes.  Here is how it works - The three year old boys show the two year  boys are the plumbing works.  The two year olds then show the yearlings who try it out but they forget their place in the chain and so Watson puts them in their place.  After a whole day and night of this Sherlock walks over to the biggest three year old head butts him, down the three year old goes and then everyone sits down quickly.  Sherlock walks over to the shade and sits down.  Then Watson comes over and rubs Sherlock head and sits next to him.  All the others stand around like they are lost and no matter where they are they sit down.  Simple - balance restored.  Before you think we are done with this dance someone  losses their mind again to hormones and the dance starts up again.  This will be the routine here at the farm and it can at times get a bit out of hand.  That is when I go out and turn the hose on them and shake my finger at them and tell them to knock it off.  Yep, that lasts a couple of hours but what do you expect from a bunch of males?

So if you come by the farm at this time of the year you will get an ear and nose full but you will also see the proud behavior of some of the most incredible boys around.  I truly love this time of year.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where did I put my Cape??

Last night as I was wishing that I could get two hours of sleep.  I ran through my head the long list of heavy work I had sitting on my list.  I know this does not help in getting the mind off to dreamland but my Monkey Mind never seems to take a break.  I watched the pilot of LOST wishing to be transported to a make believe land instead I only reviewed what skills I might bring to the table if lost of an island.  Trust me I would be one cranky gal because of the weather but not because of a smoke monster and "Other's" trying to kill me at every turn.

I tried to find a comfortable place but every inch of my body was not settling down.  So I got up and puttered around.  Fast forward to 5 am and I was back in bed laying on my right side praying for a tiny bit of rest.  Just then a horrible pop was heard.  Yep, that shoulder again popped.  After letting out a yelp I put my arm over my head and it popped back into place.  Yuck and Ouch!!!

That was it - Up and Onward with my day.  You might think it would be a light day of small projects after this gut churning should event but no such luck.  I have a truck bed full of 100 pound compressed hay that needs to be unloaded and stacked in the barns, 200 pounds of dog food to be wrangled to their rightful places and then there is the barn cleaning, trash moving and hauling of pine needles.  I am dragging my feet just a bit to have the air outside clear from the fires up North (Please keep them all in your prayers it is way too dangerous out there) and I have been looking in ever corner to find my CAPE...  How is this gal to leap tall stacks and to do all the clean jerks with something that almost weights as much as this super hero???  I hate when I misplace my cape.... I thought I had placed it on the coat hook last time I came in but who knows where I put it after the long day I had last Sunday.

So after I finish typing this posting it is outside with or without my cape.  That truck is not going to unload itself not matter how much I wish it to be so.  I will be back later with the heating pad and a few things checked off the list..

What is on your list today???  Did you need your super powers and if so what are they?? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cobwebs in the Barn

I admit spiders FREAK me out.... Here at the farm there are many, many - too many kinds of spiders and my rule is if you don't come near me I won't kill you...  I know how many wonderful services they provide in the world, how we would be over run by bugs if they were not around - I get it but and here is the Big BUT - they creep and freak me out and they are sneaky... making no noise as they creep up on you -  then I give out that girly scream that can shatter glass.

I grew up watching the Atomic Spider that killed it's way through a dusty desert town.  I watched the Sci Fi Movie's where Mother Nature turned on us and the frogs, mice and spiders went on a killing spree.  I even had sisters who threw spiders in my hair as a child and told me they would bite me to death... So I think you now understand my slight freaking out with spiders..

This last weekend there was a huge and I mean huge spider web in the corner of the goat girls barn.  About 3 feet wide - when did this spider have the time?? I am in that barn twice a day and never saw it.  I had visions of the creature that made it and my first response was to scream, run out of the barn waving my arms and completely having a melt down. I did not have the energy so instead I stood for just a moment and looked at the hard work that went into this home.  After a few moments I decided to let it alone after telling the creature that as long as it does nothing to me or my sweet one's well I would leave it alone.  I am not saying I am over my freak out - I keep my eyes open and I swear it comes out and scares me then all bets are off.

When I came into the house and as usual I could not sleep I went to the carding room and decided to create some batts that would honor the hard working creature in my barn. Working through the Cobwebs in my head I slowly placed the soft fibers through the machine I realized how I am similar to that spider.  I go about working hard creating a life that has meaning to me, I wove a life that I thought was my purpose but not even noticed by most, not valued by others and worst of all I am far too many times misunderstood and squished into dust by the texting masses.  Living a life that is on the edge of what society thinks is valued is not easy but like the spider we at times can create a magical world if only for our own viewing and using.

The two batts are now up for sale in my Etsy Shop and hope they find a new and understanding home.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Horns are Bigger then Yours

Not the best picture of Rasputin - that is the father of Herschel and all the kids born last year.  Want to talk horns.....  He also has an amazing fleece but you would not know it by this picture.  He is one that takes two people to shear so I only got about half done before he had enough of me and this guy does not give me much wiggle room.  When he has had enough he will TAP you on the arm or leg with his horn and you best stop because if he decides to give you a second tap he could easily break your arm or leg.  So it is best to listen the first time. He is never aggressive to me but he does have his limits when it comes to me working him into a small pen.  He will stand calmly if you hold his horns but for some reason I only have two hands.  His personality is calm, sure and steady.  He gets along with all and the ladies sure do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him... 
What you think of him???  Impressive is what I call him

Friday, September 14, 2012

Look at those Horns

 This sweet boy is Herschel - What you think???  Amazing horns and look at those family jewels.  Herschel has a twin sister Hazel - born 2/17/11 to proud momma Eva and daddy Rasputin.  Herschel has his fathers fleece - which is one of my favorites to work with. 
This is his second fleece of this year - and buttery soft with a great soft sheen.  Everything one could want in a future shire.  He has a shy side but when no one is looking he loves to run and pounce as sunset hits the farm.  I was so thrilled to finally get a good picture of his amazing horns and other end.

Mom's Got The Camera - RUN

Back up!!    Honestly Cash would you back up!!       CASH STOP IT!!!        I GIVE UP.........

Folks ask me all the time why I don't post more pictures of the animals.  Well, it is like this, the moment I come out any door on the place I have 90 pair of eyes watching my every move.  The second they can get running towards me it is a free for all.  Now don't get me wrong I love the attention but it makes it almost impossible to get a picture that does not have the animals nose in the lens. 

This handsome guy is Johnny Cash or Cash for short.  He is a Cashmere who blows out a soft silver taupe down and is a big guy.  He loves to go for walks, camping and keeps the yearling boys in check.  He is getting a tiny bit of gray around his nose but what a soft nose it is.  He loves to give my kisses on the cheek and almost climbs out of his skin when I scratch his back. 

So now you can understand why picture taking at this farm can take hours upon hours - I just have very loving animals...

What Mud ?

 While the billies and I had been in the Forest enjoying the rain we had Wednesday guess what Sophia was doing???   Yep, Great Pry's love to dig, love to play in the rain and LOVE combining
 the two.
As I came out from behind some tall Scrub Oak I called her name and this was her face she gave me. You would not guess that before this snap she was is hog heaven...  Rolling, Digging and Jumping 
Don't worry that beauty will be white again very soon - one thing about Pry's their coats are almost like Teflon - dry, shake and presto change O - white dog again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Different Kind of Dinner Party

For this fiber gal this is the best use of my kitchen.  Recently food has not been on my mind but rather creating some food for my soul.  During the last few nights when sleep and I are not on the same page I needed to stay out of my head and find my heart to listen too instead..  So into the fiber prep room I went and sat in front of the carding machine.  Before I knew it I had over a dozen batts done and more waiting in my swirling mind.  I just started placing them on the kitchen counter and before I knew it I ran out of room.  Now as you might see the kitchen table is full of roving, yarns and bits and bops that I am in the middle of spinning.  So no room there.  I would put some on the china cabinet but that has finished yarn that needs to be labeled, pictures taken and then priced.  So I started walking to the living room - Oh wait - can't do that because I have drying racks everywhere with silk cocoons, silk rods and fiber that I dyed laying in there.  So I guess I have been busy at night after getting in from all the outside work. This is truly food for this gal's soul...

I am so glad that no one is waiting on dinner or something because it looks like a long wait.  I hope to get these amazing new batts up on my Etsy Shop in the next day or two.  I am struggling with the picture thing again.   Does anyone have a shop that would wish to carry my batts and yarns and save me from this pictures madness???? 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lucky 13

What a morning - I guess I would say a typical morning for this place.  Honest folks I could not make this stuff up.

As I drug this tired body out to start the morning I saw a hen outside the coop making all sorts of noise and running back and forth in front of the locked doors.  As I approached she got louder and louder and ran to me as if her butt was on fire.  First, her butt could not be on fire because she has no tail feathers.  Second. the closer I came I could not believe my eyes.  It was one of the hens that has been Lost presumed dead for months now.  I thought NO this can't be!

As I reached the door and opened it up I immediately did my counting thing - 12 in the coop and one outside.  Now even this math challenged gal can figure this total..  As I went inside and put down the feed they all ran to the dishes and I counted once more.  Yep 12 inside 1 outside. - That makes 13

Now the girls inside did not want the one outside in their coop so they chased her out each time she came in to eat.  So I brought out a dish and stood while she ate.  I admit it I recounted again just to make sure.  The billies looked at me as if to say "MOM, stop counting there is 13"

I followed her around to see if she had been sitting on a nest of eggs or something.  I even crawled on the ground under the coop with a flash light to see if she had a group of chicks - nothing..

As I went about the day I did check on her and Yes, I Did Count.  When I went to lock the girls in for the night and did my counting...  You won't believe this - as they sat on their roost I count 12 !!!  I did it four more times and just then I saw out of the corner of my eye that lucky 13 running across the grass.  Running like her butt was on fire again she was heading up to the goat girls barn.  No Idea What that is all about but we will see if she returns to the coop in the morning.  Now you understand why I am a counter - the numbers just never seem to add up....

Nightie Night... Let's count 1, 2, 3, 4, no more counting for this gal tonight... Wonder how many I will have in the morning?

Give Up ? Here's the End of the Story

So I left you wondering what happened...  Love your input and ideas of what would be my way of dealing with another adventure in coyote land.

Here it goes, I quickly pulled off my tennis shoes and as I was sprinting up the first set of stairs  I was also wiggling out of my jeans and dropped them on the wood floor before hitting the carpet.  Then up the second flight of stairs and into the powder room.  Next, back down the stairs and passed up my jeans and down the second set of stairs. Grabbed the head lamp and placed it on my head as I ran thorough the shop (yes, in my underwear) and on went my big muck boots - no time to undo the tennis shoes.  Grabbed the hatchet and out the shop door I flew.  Sprinting with the head lamp flopping on my head (I think my head is shrinking)  but giving me enough light to make sure I did not trip over the coyote.  Opened the big driveway gate and still sprinting to the hen house. and pass the sheep panels which keep the llama's out of the hen house.  Now in I freaked the hens but counted them twice - All There.  Then locked them up and went through each pasture doing a head count - O.K. I admit it I counted them three times over just to make sure.  Then once I had the farm safe, sound and all counted for I walked back to the shop and stood there catching my breath.  As I stood there I caught a peek of what this crazy lady looked like in the reflection of the shop doors - Yep, a gal who truly belongs on the Funny Farm....

Friday, September 7, 2012

Holly Crap Batman - I Almost Peed My Pants

Hate to be so in your face but it is what it is.  I have been letting the billies walk around the front of the farm to eat the weeds - they love it better then anything I offer.  We have enjoyed our time together and they have been such gentlemen.  One thing you might not know about me is I am a counter. You know, it seems with the business I do I am always counting, it can be the yardage I place on the niddy noddy or the number of treadles to balance the yarn or even the number of animals that I am moving back and forth.  So the other night when I placed the billies back into their pasture I did a head count - Yep I even did it twice.  Not so much OCD but a compulsive counter. At least that is the way I say it to myself.

Anyway, as I was sitting in front of the computer trying to multi task and not getting anything really done right I realized I had not closed up the coop and counted the hens.  In a mindless daze I found my outside shoes, a pair of pants and started out the shop door.  I had moved the truck up to the shop door because I was going to haul some trash down in the morning and was not wishing to hope for muscles to do the job but rather was going to take the easy way out.  As I walked passed the truck and rounded the bumper I saw out of the corner of my eye ????  With blurry eyes and all this yucky stomach thing I have been dealing with I had not clue.. My body and mind was anything but engaged.

I stood for a couple of seconds to focus and said in my head "Crap Grace, you left a goat out" Then my brain said "Oh what a sweet boy he placed himself up to the house to be safe and for me to find him"  Yep my mush brain thought even - "Oh how did one of the dogs get up here?"  Again I was standing like a silly goose thinking. There was another thought in my brain - "Grace did you remember how much tea your just consumed while sitting in front of the computer?"

Just then it stood up and I could see clearly "Holy Crap Batman, I almost Peed my Pants" it was that coyote... That's Right!!  Just relaxing and curled up like he in one of the family members.  Just then he stood up, I stood frozen for what seemed like forever thinking just not pee your pants Grace.. I know I should have been thinking other things but it is what it is.  Something inside me decided for me and I let out a tiny girly yelp and turned back and sprinted into the shop. I shut the door and stood on the other side in amazement. 

Now here is where Grace is such a silly duck.  I stood there thinking should I run out with my hatchet and run to the coop to shut the door with me inside so I could count to make sure all the girls where safe.  Next thought, should I take off my outside shoes (never walk on the carpet with shoes) and pray that I could get up the two flights of stairs and make it to the bathroom upstairs to quickly relieve myself and then run out to the coop. Or maybe I just stood there inside the shop and crossed my legs and waited a bit hoping the bugger ran towards the forest and pray the hens are safe.

So what do you think I did or should have done???

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Puppies First Year

Everything you need to understand and train your pup to be an enjoyable companion and family member.  Picking out puppy, housebreaking, crating, diet, working owners, socialization, common problems, grooming and much more.

Offering to you for only $3.00 plus shipping.  This is the best video to help you with your new addition.

Click and Reward Kit

You get everything in one package.  The video, the training manual and the clicker.  It is the best way to train ANY animal within your world.  The llama's in the video give you hope that all can be well and smooth with just the right training...  They also teach you amazing trick - the clicker is the key.

This kit normally sells for $55.00 but I am offering the whole kit for just $15.00 plus shipping.   That is an amazing price for learning skills that can be used on your dog, cat, horse and even dare I say your family - giggles.... 

Has a Hold -Wonderful World of Llama Wool

Marty McGee's unique blend of experience as a professional llama trainer, llama herd manager and fiber artist give her the knowledge to discuss woll issues from many perspectives. 
You will learn terminolgy, how to shear a llama or alpaca without restraint, how to groom without retraint, to recognize what kind of fleece your llama has, fiber management techniques, fingerspinning, storing and washing, preparing fiber for spinning and much more.
This tape sells for $34.95 normally and I am offering it to you for $15.00 plus shipping.
Can't Beat That!!

Mallon Method - Difficult to Halter

Really helped me with a Llama who was not only head shy but also had space issues.  This tape is a great one to watch even in you have a horse, sheep or large cow.  It is a great one to own and it does have a case but the case is just a clear one.  Cheaper then going to a Mallon Weekend and you get to watch it over and over and over till you are trained...

I am offering it for $10.00 plus shipping and is well work every penny.

SOLD - Many Thanks Courtney -Working with Difficult Llamas/Alpacas

We have all been there - wanting to work with a Llama or Alpaca and just not seeing eye to eye.  This video is such a help that you will wonder what you would have done without it.  You will learn field haltering, sensitizing the day old cria, behavioral training and much much more.  Two hours of great instruction and on animals that are not already trained so you will know these techniques work. 

I am offering it to you for $15.00 plus shipping but normally the tape goes for more then double.  So what a great price to get working with those difficult four leggeds .  Just let me know and it will be out the door and into your hands quickly.

Has A Hold Placed - Treating your Llama or Alpaca Kindly

This is a most helpful video I had when I first got started in raising and loving Llama's.  I am not sure if you will ever find this one but it is well worth it to get.  You will learn basic handling tips for helping calm a nerous animal, lead and load a reluctant animal, trimming toenails without restraint along with, giving a physical exam, giving injections, venipuncture, micro chipping, ultrasound techniques and much more...  Well worth having on your shelf and to maybe correct some habits that you and your Llama or Alpaca have gotten into...

Normally sells for $35.00 but I am offering it to you for $15.00 plus shipping.  Just comment here or email me with your zip code and PayPal account and I will put an invoice together for you..

Lamb Survival Tape for Sale

This is a MUST HAVE if you raise lambs... The information in this tape has saved more lambs here at my farm then I can count and it also has given me the ability to stay focused and not to panic when I needed all my wits about me.
I am offering this tape for $15.00 plus shipping but it normally sell for $36.00.  Trust me it is worth every penny and then some.  To save the life of one lamb will pay you back 10 fold.
Dont' wait too long I only have one left.  I gave this tape out when purchasing breeding flock from me.  It is pure gold.

Sheep Ectoparasite Control

Great resource tape to help you through the issues of  Sheep Scab, Blowfly, Head fly, Ticks, Lice and other Ectoparasites that can if not understood take over a flock.  There are many ways to approach these issues and this tape will walk you through the traditional practices. 
I am offering you this tape for $10.00 plus shipping (normally it sells for $34.00) so I am giving you a GREAT deal of this offering.  I have two so it also would be a great gift to someone you know who is just starting out or for your 4H library to help in all those young folks learning about their animals.
I hope these find a new home soon or I may just donate them to my local library.

Offering Some Lovely Batts

Just Placed some lovely batts up in my Etsy shop from my sweet animals.  You will be in for a fiber art treat with this large and lush Batts.  Please give yourself permission to have the very best.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shout out to Woven Wool Wear

Fran Kew is such a dear lady and such a talented one as well that you must stop into her shop  Her weaving skills are amazing and she takes my fiber batts and spins them into mouth watering creations.  Fran loves to do custom work and is very friendly to talk with and work out your desires.  Her loving soul and love for nature and animals shows in how she interrupts the fibers I send her.  I am so blessed to have her in my world.  Please check her out...

Shout out to Yarny Thingys

I love being able to share with my blog readers all the talented folks out there that create with the products I produce here at Larkspur Funny Farm.  I am blow away by their skills and kind souls.  One such person I work with and Susan from Yarny Thingys who is an angel to this farm.  Susan has been with me for awhile and her appreciation of the yarn I create has thrilled me to no end.

Please visit and see what precious Photo Props and Wee One Goodies this lovely lady creates.  Susan just purchased a large selection of my yarns and so I am sure they will turn up in the near future in her shop as love filled items for the Wee One's in your life.

Thanks again Susan for your business, support and kindness. By the way I did not mess up the typing of her shop name it is Yarny Thingys...

Shout out to Lemon Lane Organics

As you all know I am not much of a computer gal and I wished I understood how to do certain things or had someone to fill in the gaps.  I have been trying for sometime to share the talented folks who use what I create in their incredible projects.  I have been working on how in the heck to capture your shop information and carry it over to this blog but I admit I have failed more times then I can count.  So since I can not seem to do it like everyone else I hope you will still take the time to find them and visit their amazing shops and purchase what they have lovingly created with their two hands.

First up is Kiel Lemon of Lemon Lane Organics which is a sweet shop of hand crocheted baby items and much more.  You can get to her shop through  If you would like to see what she created with her newest yarn purchase of mine it is

Again, sorry I do not know how to do the picture capture thing but PLEASE check her out.  I am sure you will find something for those little one's in your life.  Thanks Kiel for your business and support of my farm and those four legged furry family members who live here.  Blessings

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day - Weed Pulling Day

No rest on this holiday for the Funny Farm.  On today's schedule the least favorite task - Weed Pulling.  I use not a single chemical on this farm and even through this drought the weeds seem to take hold and grow.  What is amazing about my animals is they would rather eat weeds then the expensive hay I purchased.  Especially my silly billies...

As it took me a bit of time to gather myself this morning - Yep, another sleepless night - the boys were getting a tad noisy...  I told them last night we were to get a jump on the weeds in the driveway and I promised the work day would be early and before the heat could make us all grumpy.  So sue me - if everyone would have gone to bed last night and shut the heck up I would have been early to rise.

So out the door I went with gloves on, book on the Tao in my ears and determination in my heart.  I let the boys out and they followed me around the fence line and to the front driveway.  They are such hard working guys.  As I pulled they nibbled. All ten have their favorites and it is interesting how they follow what their Mother ate so that is what they eat.  See Mom's if you want your kids to eat veggies you have to eat them...

After three hours the guys were ready for their nap time.  Several walked under the deck and sat on the cool dirt, another handful sat in the shade of my truck while the rest sat in the shade of the trailer.  I however, the over committed German Girl kept working.  As I was listening to the lessons of the Tao closely and focused on those tiny weeds that require me to put my glasses on there came a slight push on my back.  I stopped what I was doing and slowly turned my head - it was Rafael.. You remember the guy who is not too friendly and that I finally got his haircut done the other day.  Well, there he was with his head and large horns resting on my back.  He was calm, steady and without mischief.  Then he licked my arm.  That was a first for him.  He bent his head down next to my leg and went to work nibbling weeds.  I went back to work and there the two of us stayed for the longest time.  That is the first time in his life that he has stood that close to me and he has never ever placed his head on me.  For those who might not know that is the way goats show a connection to another goat.  When one of the Goat Mothers losses a baby the other's will in time come up to the Mother and place their head on the grief stricken mother and lean slightly into her.  They stay that way for only a short time but you can just feel their compassion.  So when a boy does this it means the world to me....

After four hours I called it a day of pulling weeds - mostly because the lightening was getting to be just a bit scary..  I walked the boys back to their pen and thanked them for the help.  We still have more to pull but I think we all put in a good days work. 

What did you do with your Labor Day??  Oh I forgot to mention one unsung worker - Little Miss Hen

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Morning Not As Planned

This morning I knew I was really tired after as little as two hours of sleep because the dogs barked all night and the wild creatures had been roaming around in the light of the blue moon.  I guess it keep the wild side of this gal roaming as well.
As I peeled myself off the couch and started the coffee pot I pulled out my small cast iron skillet.  I love this little gem because it was what my father used for most of his hunting years.  Each time I touch the handle I remember him.  Oh Well, back  to make a couple of fried eggs and hoping to  greet the day.  As the skillet heated up with a nice bit of butter I smacked the freshly gathered egg on the side of the pan as I have done a thousand times before.  It did not crack.  I smacked it a bit harder but still with the care of not wishing to have shell in the pan.  Nothing.  Crap I know I am feeling a tad weak but seriously...
With the lack of patience that can of late come upon me quickly I SMACK the egg on the black metal side of the pan with more force then I would like to admit and just then it bounced out of my hand and hit the floor.... OH MY GOSH GRACE - you silly goose you took the wooden egg out of the nesting box ....  I think it is time to rest and get a grip on things....