Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Mink Stole

If you are looking for a way to get a mink stole without some little creatures having to give up their life for it - I have created "Mink Stole".. It is to melt in your hands soft with all natural colored fibers raised organically right here on the farm. There is fawn alpaca from LFF Gambler, cinnamon llama fiber from LFF Tony Llama, chocolate brown Icelandic lambs wool from LFF King Tut. The only exception is the Ice White Bombyx Silk - that comes from the co-op. You will just want to sit and pet it for hours on end but however you use these batts you are going to be creating a treasure that you will be very proud of for many years to come.

Hope you decided to treat yourself. Would love to hear what you think of these batts if you get a chance...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Perfect Day - O.K. as perfect as the Funny Farm can get!

My DIL lent me her five seasons of Lost to watch - YAH!!!!

So What better way then to sit in front of my Patrick Green Carding Machine with headphones on and the machine humming away. I worked on a great combo of Alpaca, Mohair, Corriedale, Cashmere, and Angora Bunny. This offering will have with the batt some great ribbon yarn that compliments the fibers and always the spinner or felter to add that special something to their project. I promise to get pictures but by the time I finished last night I really needed to close my eyes.

Will working hard I was amazed how many shows in the first season I had missed or completely forgot about - so it is a real treat to revisit this show without all the commercials or recaps from the writers. THANKS so my Brooke for sharing your stash.

So what do you call a perfect day??

Friday, August 20, 2010

Take A Hike!!!

This yarn was created on a day when my health was not the best but my spirit was wishing to go and walk through my woods and enjoy what Mother Nature puts before me. At first, I was not sure if the colors would work but once they yarn was done I could not believe I had even questioned myself.

One customer has called it the PERFECT "Land's End Autumn Yarn" - well, I am not sure about that title - I think I would have to pay some royalty money so I just call it "TAKE A HIKE".

Since I questioned myself I only made 6 - now I am kicking myself for that - don't get lost in the woods and miss out on this offering.

Get up and go TAKE A HIKE...

Autumn is soon here - New Play Things for You

This colorway I call "Roasted Hubbard" and what better color for the coming fall then this one.

I get asked all the time "What do you do with these"?
I have tons of thoughts for this one... How about you take a rod, spritz it with a tiny bit of water and then steam it flat. Once dry, join the ends and hand sew or I guess you could hot glue gun them in place. Then think of them for napkin rings for your Autumn table. You can add my silk cocoon acorns, you could add leaves, beads, or whatever your hearts desire...

Or for that perfect adornment for those fall sweaters you could take several of the new silk rod colors and with a piece of felt, leather or even paper start to build your creation. Look around your bits and bobs drawers and I am sure you will find old jewelry that has lost their way, snippets of old worn wool or hand me down denim that would be perfect for the free spirit design that is floating around in your mind.

When I hold these rods in my hands my thoughts go wild with new things to use them in - even just placed in a bowl to sit on a small table invites folks to touch, ask questions and think of their own uses.

What do you want to use them for??? Please share that creative side of yourself.

Early Bird and all in the Green Valley

CONGRAT'S to a new customer - Paige H. who was first to snatch up the "Green Valley" yarn!!! Her goodies went out this morning and I can not wait to see what this talented lady does with them. Way to Go Paige and MANY THANKS!

How Green is my Valley??

When I sit in meditation I place myself in a GREEN VALLEY full of lush plants, clean sweet air and silence. I use this valley also as a way to remove myself from the noise, smells and concrete structures when I wonder into the harsh places that man makes.. So I decided to create that place in the form of yarn so no matter who or where you are that GREEN VALLEY can bring you the peace I feel in that valley of my mind.

With its ever flowing shades of green amongst those magical large loops that only Mohair can produce you will get lost in thoughts of peace and tranquility. May you find this yarn as wonderful as I do!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just love Marigold's!! Some folks don't..
It was the first flower I learned to plant and take care of and it was the first flower that I taught my sons how to tend too... There is something magical about this plant and all it forms. I thought I would create a yarn that pays tribute to this awesome flower - Way to go Marigold!!

Do you like Marigold's???

Just around the corner

As the temp's are expected to climb back up for the next 5 days I just had to find a trick to get me through those sticky days - Isn't it breath taking??? I have two trees who guard the front entrance to my house.. No matter what the weather they comfort me but during the beginning of a storm they give me strength and renewed energy. I love to stand in silence with them as the cold rolls in and all is being blanketed with the sting of ice. Yes, I am a cold weather girl and just looking at this picture brings me right back to those feelings and I can take the heat of summer sun for just one more day. I can not wait till we stand again in the bitter cold, ice crystals sticking to my face and the crisp air of Jack Frost quickening the base of my daily chores.

What is your favorite connection to Mother Earth???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where there is a WILL !

This sweet little one crashed landed on my back deck recently and much to my sad heart I found he had a crippled foot. This was causing the poor thing to be unable to land on things because he could not curl his toes to hold on. I lost count on how many times he took off and fell off branches, wires and fence line. I had to give him credit - each failure he came back to the deck, gathered his strength, summoned up his courage and tried again... His mother and father tried to assist but they just had to let him try and fail. What great parents!!! Mother bird brought him grasshoppers to keep his strength up while father soared ahead of him trying to show him how to land. The love those feathered parents showed - they where given their all to support their little one.

I watched with heavy heart because if he did not figure this out he was sure to be dinner for my three big night owls. I placed myself out on the deck with all outside lights on in hopes of keeping the owls at bay. With each crash my worry increased - I am such a protective person but I too understood all we could do was give him time. If he could not master this he would not be able to live as a bird. I had faith that this strong young male would figure a way if only given a chance. For the rest of the night he kept on the deck and close to the lights. His mother and father waited with him while they rested from the struggles of the day. True to form I was up every two hours checking to make sure they did not come to any harm. Even Llama Boy kept close to the deck to keep the skunks, raccoons and night hunters from venturing in on our exhausted family.

By mornings break I crept down the stairs into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. They where awaiting my return I think because as I slowly opened the kitchen door they where lined up looking at me - "Look at this" they seemed to say... Just then all three of them hopped around and took off flying. They circled the back deck and around the garden. Without any warning they all landed perfectly on the garden trellis. I almost screamed with joy but I caught myself as to not frighten them.. I sat with my cup of coffee on the deck chair and quietly said "Do it again" - just then the little one took off by himself circled a couple times and landed in the same spot. WHAT JOY!!! I wanted to stand and give him a round of applause but again I did not wish to add undue stress..

I can not explain to you how much this act gave my spirit such strength.. If this sweet thing could overcome such a problem, one not of his own creation, why in the world would I let things get in my way??? His strong will in such a tiny body should be proof that anything is possible if we have the will and desire.

So I ask you - What is holding you back?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been trying to take the last 6 days in stride with mindful mediation and courage. I still have not found the missing hen and rooster but we did find two large hawks now living within my forest. I feel they are lost to the circle of life.

I then have been dealing with a minor health issue which has stopped me from my normal work load. Around here if you miss just one day it can seem like a week of extra work is upon you. I am letting my body heal itself which takes time and patience which I am always lacking but I am working mindfully to address.

I was very excited to have my oldest son Nick at the farm Sunday along with his wife and baby. He worked very hard to assist in the fixing of my driveway. Brooke gave hand when not taking care of Reese and I did about three hours of digging as well - we got about half done. So there is plenty of more digging, hauling and pounding to go but I will wait till I am feeling a bit better.

I then spent two days trying to get my computer to stay connected on line.. It looks like it will need to be taken in for real pro's to fix but I managed to find a way to trick the computer and get me here today. So much time spent for such little reward but I am thankful to get it up and running to answer emails, pull orders and connect with you.

I know this is not a up beat posting and for those who really know me I HATE WHINNING but I thought I would catch you up so you did not think I had forgotten you.

On a happy note Cash is all healed and running around like his old self. YAH!
Thanks for letting me be a Debbie Downer for this momment - now I am slapping my wrist and going back to the dye pots and finding those things to be thankful for - top of the list is great folks like you!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Missing in action

Thursday evening was the worst!!! I went as always outside to close the chicken coop doors and say kind words to my sweet hens and rooster before they slipped in slumberland. As I went into the coop the rooster and one of the black hens where not in yet. Sometimes they are slow turning in when the weather is cool because the bug hunting is grand. With the rain came small frogs - one of their favorites.. So I called for them and watched the tall grass for movement. NOTHING! I was not going to panic but went back into the house put on a jacket and got the spot light. After combing every pasture, barn and even the forest still no sweethearts...

I had to close up the coop doors so the others would be safe for the night. I went out several times during the night hoping they would be sitting at the shop door or better yet the coop doors... No Luck..

I went to bed finally and repeated protection prayers and placed them safety in Mother Natures hands...

This morning early I went out and again walked all the property - no signs, no feathers, no nothing. The three hens this morning where very concerned and stayed next to my side. They talked up a storm with their questions of where was their coop buddies??? My heart was sad enough but to hear them clucking away at me as if to say "Mom, where are our friends, why have you not found them, Please go look again"...

I will hold out hope that maybe the pair of them are setting up a nest to start a family in - I will again walk to property later on today and look for any signs but I fear the worst... If you could keep them in your thoughts today - I know some might say they are only chickens but to me they are more...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Front Door Delivery Service !!

Now that is what I call SERVICE!!

My sweet old white hen decided to be a bit slow this morning in laying her egg. Now, I am thrilled that she is even laying but this is something different..

This morning as I do every morning I went out to open the doors on their coop and give them their morning food and water. I then turned off their night light and turned on their fan. Last, I collect the eggs and THANK them for sharing what gifts they give me.

White hen was still sitting in the nesting box so I did not mess with her - she was sound asleep. We all could do with more sleep. I went back into the house and started the rest of my day. I went in and out of the shop door at least two dozen times doing the work that is the dance of this farm. Then around 3:30 in the afternoon I was going to start the task of washing out water tanks and as I went to step out the door look what I found!!!

This is the first time she has ever done this - I guess she wanted to make sure I did not think of her as slacking off... NEVER would I think that - I am blessed that each day she is just alive - forget laying an egg. But there it was a perfect egg. As I went to pick it up she came out from her afternoon cool spot under the Pinon Pine tree. She ran over to me as if to say "OH, THANK GOD - you found it". I gave her tons of praise and went inside to fetch a handfull of blueberries. As she took them from my hand I praised her even more... "What a clever gal you are - I am so lucky to have you" She seemed to beam with pride. I know to some chickens are not much but to me I call them dear friends - such hard working, joy filled creatures.

Thanks again for such great service and friendship....