Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dye Pot Rinsed and ready to dry

I just finished ringing out the water and now this batch will go down on the drying rack to dry. I know it is hard to see while it is still wet but there is three different purples and two blues in this batch. When all the batches are done there will be around 7 different purples, 5 different blues and three different greens. Then after they are dry I will place them on the picker to open the fleece and then I will look at the baskets and decide what other additions I will add to this before I start with the carding machine. That will be around four days from now so I promise to take pictures. Back in a while.

What is Cooking in the Kitchen Today?

I had this desire today to climb in the rafters and get a wonderful fleece from my stash and start work. In the pot is about 1/8 of a British Shetland Lamb fleece. It only required one washing and then off to be dyed. I broke the fleece into 8 sections so I could do some special dyeing process. What I love about this breed is you do not find it much in the states and a dear friend of mine sold me six fleeces from her spring lambs. They have such bounce and softness when washed. They also take dye up in various degrees so you do not get a flat wool. I love spinning this fleece and over time many of my customers have made great socks out of them. As soon as I can rinse the first pot I will post that color. Not too long now.

I have a new friend at the farm

Sorry it has been so long but life has been on roller skates around the farm. I have a new member of the Funny Farm Family - his name is Clem. He came to me about two weeks ago because his two legged Mommy is going to be moving and he can not come. He is the sweetest, well mannered boy and has made himself right at home. Clem has already celebrated my oldest sons 24th birthday and Christmas. He thinks it is one party after another - he is in for a surprise. I will be posting more about him but I do not want to appear to be head over heels in love - O.K. I am but I will spare you all my stories for now. Just wanted to share the new man in my life.