Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nutella My Way

Worked really hard outside today and so when I did finally get into the house and cleaned up I realized Grace deserved a treat.  So baked a loaf of bread and while that was filling the house with mouth watering smells I made my version of Nutella.  This time I took organic roasted Cashews and swirled them into a butter.  Next melted Bitter Sweet Chocolate with the butter.  Once that was smooth I stirred in pure Vanilla, a pinch of Sea Salt and a pinch of Chia Powder.   Stir all together and Yippy it is not Skippy but a million times better tasting and better for you then that stuff in the stores.
Then a nice slice of my Coconut Milk Bread toasted and a smooth layer of the nutty goodness.  Yep, this gal has earned this and then some.  It takes such simple things to put a smile on my face.  All this while watching a good Sherlock Homes Murder Mystery.  I am such a party animal !!!

Nose Picking - Oh But What Cute Noses

Wynonna was hoping I would wash out the crusties that she developed after running her sweet soft nose through some wild flowers that she nibbled on the day before - ALLERGIES are not for just us two legged. Like a typical mother even when I am out working I have a Kleenex or two stuck in a back pocket.  She stood still as I got those nostrils cleared a bit.
Her daughter Willamina just has to have the same done to her even thou there was no need.  She takes any and all moments to have me mess with her and give her attention even if it is for imaginary buggers.  I too take any moments I can to mess with her and all the others but bugger picking - well we mothers do what is required.  Best part is kissing their soft noses after all is said and done.

Best Dancing Bums Around

After all the news, Internet chatter and horrid pictures of yet another Disney child entertainer acting out I thought I might share some lovely butts that will not make your stomach turn and wonder if humans are ready for a change in what is entertainment. 
Since she was dressed as if she was some sort of sweet animal (at least that is what I am thinking that is what she was doing) I admit it, I did not watch the show but could not escape all the after shocks... I think I decided to watch paint dry or maybe it was digging a deep hole and then filling it back up..  I would do anything other then watch that crap.  Oh Yeah, maybe I was shoveling poop and listening to the Beatles - You Know REAL MUSIC!  Not only was the abuse of a foam finger involved but it is really beyond me to figure out what passes as music....

Anyway - Back to the farm
Since RUTTING Season has started here at the farm I had to laugh because I get to see males acting out all their mating dances and the girls rubbing themselves on the fences and shaking their butts all over the place in hopes to attract the boys.  My boys stick out their tongues out and flap it up and down show excitement but at least I can say the songs they sing are a million times better then that crap that passes for award winning vocals from a anything but talented 20 something has been.  I have no idea why folks think they want to see that on the TV but when they come here they think the animals are shocking and I have even had parents put their kids back in their cars and want to tell me that it is upsetting to see that sort of behavior.  As I always say - I swear humans are the dumb beasts.
So all I can say is my boys sure have a better and much larger package then any of those so called boy band members,   The girls can shake or twerrk their cute little bums better then any reject Disney no talent has been.  As for me, I will take my style of bump and grind that is on display here at the farm and we do it to the Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creative Juices Flowing - What you Think?

Above are Mohair ringlets that I hand clipped, dyed, spun and soon will offer today in my Etsy shop - this yarn just sings of joy.  As the lockets slipped thru my fingers and onto the bobbin I have this out of body dance with them - they tickle my heart and give peace to my soul - I wished I could explain the connection I have when I am creating with those who I love and care for each and every day.
The above Yarn is complex and soul rattling -  With Mohair and Alpaca from my animals and a whole host of other goodies I am still struggling for a name but I kept thinking of Woodland Faeries dressing for a wedding.  Not sure where my brain goes at times but that is where it was during the creating of this yarn.
The above yarn I think I might call "Dragonfly Pond" because my little pond at the farm grew a tiny bit with the last rain and I had dozens of magical dragonflies skimming the top of the water as the sun was setting.  The goat boys and I just watched them playing on the momentary moisture. The yarn has Mohair, Alpaca and other world magic in it - what do you see when looking at this?
This last yarn above I am going to call "Unicorn Mane".It contains my Cashmere, Mohair, Alpaca and many other mystical materials.  Again while spinning I had visions of a giant Unicorn charging through my forest in search of it lost rider.  I came upon it and there it stood looking into my eyes and sharing the adventures it had before reaching me.  I climbed upon it's back and I gently took hold of it's mane and off we went to experience a new land.  As I found myself in a blink of an eye back in my fiber studio I quickly began spinning the mane that I had just touched - PURE MAGIC - What you think?
So as you can see I have been creating and wished I had more time to do this - life always is best when I have my hands on those souls I live with - love to hear what your take on the yarns are?

Have I got a SALE for you

On my Etsy Shop I am currently running a hidden sale for my Blog and Facebook Followers.  Use code ( LaborDay13 ) when checking out and you will receive 40% OFF ALL ITEMS.  You must purchase at least $30.00 worth of product for the coupon to be active but I have faith that this will not be a problem.  Hope you stop in because I have some amazing Cashmere Batts up for new homes and you have met already the sweet souls who contributed to the process. There are also some great hand spun yarns available that also contain the fibers from my cuties along with years of skill and love added in.  All of my products are One Of A Kind and represent my Heart and Soul.

Go to and let the fun begin - Sale end 8/31/13 and already two orders have jumped off the shelves so don't delay

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday at the Farm

This afternoon was another scrub oak cutting day and four hours in the hot sun and 8 huge sleds full of the yummiest; goodies for the goats can be back breaking, hand cramping and leg straining work but with that comes this - I found six humming bird nests and watched the residents of those homes gathering up the last of their tasty goodies before they leave the farm for this season.  I sat in the evening beds of the deer that live here.  They have selected the softest tall grass and leaves to rest in.  If you look closely you can see the impression swirl of the bodies in their nest and I enjoy just sitting there soaking in their energy.  What I find interesting is they never seem to mind that I sit in the beds.  In fact I have seen them sniff it after I have been in it and then they make a turn and lay down with a care.  Either that says something about my energy or my natural smell - I will take it either way..

After giving myself a good talking too I got up and went back to work.  As I clipped cluster after cluster of the tasty greens the goat boys were crying out "Hurry UP MOM"  I could hear them over the ear bud that was in my ear.  So much for a quite time in the forest.  I had to keep one ear bud out just in case I might have a Bear sneaking around.  I saw a few signs that we have someone visiting at times so I am not taking too many chances.  The issue of these tasty treats are bears love to snack on these to bulk up for their winter nap.I do not wish to get into a turf war over them so I work quickly and with the eyes in the back of my head wide open.  Not only do animals love them but  I have one friend who harvest these for her own cooking - she dries and roasts them and then grinds them.  She used them in breads, rolls, pancakes and she liked to add them to thicken stews.  I tried them once and I must say I did not find them tasty - maybe with time but the hens sure did. 

The work is hard, hot and rewarding.  When I look back at the time I have lived on this farm I could have never imagined myself any where else.  It is hard work but I have learned to look at the tiny gifts that come to me through Nature and those souls I care for - I am such a different women then the one who came here 17 years ago.  I knew this life was within me but I never really understood that I have lived the life the Universe had planned for me.  So I am pooped, whipped and loving that every one's tummies are happy and they are settling in for a cool evening.  I will be going outside again later to just sit in the dark within the forest and drink in the bliss that my soul always finds there - I hope everyone gets to experience what ever it is that makes their soul complete.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hope you appreciate the effort

I am lucky to have gotten these shots - first the sweet burd had to be there and me see it, then it had to wait in the same spot for me to walk all the way into the house,  up stairs, find the camera, walk back downstairs and out the door, down the stiars across the farm and then he allowed me to take a couple of shots.  The one of him flying away I hate to say had my finger in the shot - what you expect I did all this so you would stop say "Why didn't I get a picture of that"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fast Food Grace's Way

I can hardly move from being outside cutting Scrub Oak for the goats - 5 hours worth.  When I came in I was feeling like a wet noodle and crispy.   I was so dirty and smelly that I just crawled onto the carpet and took a 20 minute nap. 

Woke up, cleaned this dirty smelly body and started a new recipe for a better tortilla and they are tasty.  NO GMO's, all Organic and a tasty round of goodness.  The recipe is a basic one but with better choices.

Start with 1 cup organic Rice Flour, 1 cup Organic Local Milled Whole Wheat Flour, 1 cup Navajo Organic Native Corn Flour, 1 1/4 teaspoon Pink Tibetan fine ground salt, 1/4 cup Organic Olive Oil and 1 cup water.  Mix all together and when holding together take out on board and knead till a bit of a shine appears.  Divide up into 12 balls and roll out to the thickness you wish.  I then fry in a very hot pan with no oil and turn when you see bubbles appear.  Flip and cut that frying time almost in half - remove.   Enjoy..

I have played around with many combinations so be daring.  I have added veggie pulp when I juiced something.  I have even used fruit pulp to make desert tortillas.  You will just need to adjust your water and may need to add a bit more of the rice flour.  You can also add spices go hot go sweet - I have given you the basic recipe and it is yours to put a spin on them.  By the way great way to sneak veggies into something that your kids will love.

What is wonderful about these are you can place them in a air tight container and have them waiting for you all week long if they last that long.  Tonight I have homemade three bean refried beans that have been in the crock pot while  I was working outside and tomorrow morning it will be Spicy Scrambled eggs with Salsa.  See they go quickly.  I also love taking fruit and a dab of Cashew Butter for a sweet treat.

Hope you might try making your own - they really are quick and much better then those you purchase in the store and surely much better then any drive through fast food.  Remember you get to put inside all the goodies that you wish to eat and that does not hurt your health or the planets. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Herschel the Handsome Hunk

This buff boy is just a joy to look at but when you touch his fiber you know why the ladies will go wild for him.  He is a twin and his sister is Hazel another beauty...  I can not tell you how much his horns just make my heart go pitter patter... I can just see themgrowing and shaping almost into a heart and believe you me he is a heart stopper.  His fiber has a cinnamon color to it and he takes after his father Rasputin.  He does not speak much within the male group but many follow him around as if they are hanging on to his every word.

What words would you use to describe him?

Basket full of Jerry

I have a basket full of the best Cashmere from my guy Jerry.  I hate to tell you who his mother is but it is Esmeralda, The Devil Goat.   One thing this bloodline gives is UBER soft Cashmere Down.  Unlike his mother this is a gentle and quite boy who works well within the herd and someday will become a stellar herd sire to some lucky group of girls.  Jerry was a twin and when his brother Ben passed I thought I might loose him as well because he became so sad and lost that he would not eat.  I had to hold on to Esmeralda every two hours to place Jerry under her and wait until he finally decided life was worth living again.  The way I finally convinced him of that was to bring Esmeralda's son from the year before Ozzie into the pen and Ozzie would stand next to little lost Jerry until he finished nursing.  Then the two boys would curl up in the corner and nap together.  Not many billies would do that but then I have a special place with the most loving souls.  Now that they live in the herd of grown billies Ozzie and Jerry are the go too guys.  They stand the line when predators attempt to cross the fence line.  They work together to stop a fight that might be getting out of hand and above all those amazing talents they make the finest Cashmere around.  I am so very blessed to have them here even if their Mother is Heck on 4 legs.

Jeeves Kid Fleece

Are you drooling yet???  Jeeves is just as fantastic as his twin brother Jasper and take after their mother Jill.  The boys are camera shy much like this gal but there is nothing shy about the sheen and softness - I Love, Love, Love this blood line...

Aren't they just the cutest little kids - they are now 2 and half years old now
This was his fleece before I shorn it - What You Think??

Sweet Jasper's Baby Fllece

Today this gal really needed to find purpose in the love she has for her animals and their fiber.  Some people when faced with stress and worry might turn to a pint of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, scarf down a bag of salty snack treats or drown their soars in several brews or fancy coctails, or veg out to watch the whole year's worth of a mindless reality show on Netflix while wondering what is next in this sad moment but this gal goes straight to bags of unwashed fleece from her dear sweat souls...

This amazing baby locks shown above are from Jasper.  A male born to Jill and who has a twin brother named Jeeves.  This fleece just melts away all the stress that was whirling around and around in my mind and soul.  I was asked today "What would I do if I can't do this anymore?" I answered "I have no clue because this is all I love to do but can not keep going with the economy as it is"

There are very few folks that I have met who found their love and calling in life - I have been so lucky to have been living my passion, dream and calling for the past 17 years.  It has not been easy by no means and there has been events that might end me and my farm.  I can not say what tomorrow will be but for today I drink up the joy of putting my hands in the water and wash this fantastic crop of tiny locks from a sweet, shy and loving boy.  He may not be one who wants my affection with hugs and snugs but we spend time just sitting in silence appreciating the time we have together in simple daily activities.  I love how he and his brother still walk side by side as if joined at the hip.  When it is time to rest they place their head on each others back curled in a tight circle just as I imagine they did in their mother's womb. 

As I try to wait for the two drying racks of lush fiber to dry I can not help myself  -  I have picked up some locks and placed my face into them and just breathed in deeply - it is better then any vice I could think of but then again I realize I am one strange gal.

Grace's Green Thumb

Today as I was cleaning and organizing the fiber prep room for work today I saw something from behind the french door curtains.  When pulling the denim blue cotton back I just started laughing and had to get the camera.  I clean every week sometimes twice or even three times a week - yes, I am compulsive but back to the story - there was this amazing plant growing out of the carpet and concert floor.  It took a bit to pull it out and I just had to wonder "HOW IN THE HECK DID I DO THAT"

As I walked out my harvest to the hens I wondered whyis it that some of us folks can grow greens in concrete and others kill a plant two days after you give it to them?  Any Thought?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Moon Rising

Oh My was that RED MOON eerie and cool at the same time.  I went to do my usual night mailbox walk, the big billies are eating in the tiny flowers that sprung up after the rain last night and I was absorbing the clear air.  Just then I saw my little skunk walking buddy.  Very relieved that he was safe and that he did not become a coyote snack.  As I softly said "Welcome Back Peppy" one of the Billies saw him and in a flash I had 8 big guys bolting past me as if their butts where on fire.  Now the issue was they where running not towards the house but to the road.  I took out after them and Yes, Peppy came to help - SOME HELP!!!  The closer I got to turning the boys they would see the skunk and bolt again.  Now I did not dare yell because I sure did not want the skunk to freak and release any of his perfume but I needed to stop those boys in the track.  Just then Graceful Grace forgot that there was some barb wire down thanks to my neighbors running their cattle again without consideration to the fact that every year they take a piece of fence out.  Well, lucky for me the trash cans caught my fall but that freaked the skunk and he took off while leaving a trail of smell behind him.  The crash of me falling into the cans and my four letter words flying out of my mouth stopped the boys. They came running to me to see if I was O.K.

 I tell you they got a big talking to on the way back to the house. Again, I am so thankful that there is not someone filming how nuts I must appear when I am doing this kind of a thing.   They are all in time out - which is their pen instead of getting to nibble through the night and my finger wagging went on for a few many minutes as they stood in front of me as I closed their gate.  I know  that none of us wish to be around skunks but they are big boys and as I kept saying to them  'MY GOSH, You all acted as if a bear was walking next to me"  I have protected you from danger all the time and you stampede over a skunk?

When I got into the house out came the first aid kit, washed my cut up legs, used my favorite spray wound cleaner (it is for animals but I have been called worse) and I wondered if anyone else had an exciting adventure under the Red Moon Rising tonight ?

Johnny Cash has an ARK

Last night the storm was over the top - rain in sheets, lightening that hit the farm four times and a restless night for me with NO SLEEP.  I was thrilled to have all the rain but worried that at anytime the lightening would give the farm another fire.  You bet this gall was saying prayers big time.

The phone line got hit twice as I spoke with my son and this gal had the worst freak outs - when the bolts hit....  Really - is the universe seeing how far it can push?

This morning I kept looking for my sweet Johnny Cash (a Cashmere Billy) who normally is such a talker when I step out the door but when I called him over and over he did not answer.  I was getting worried because he and his half brother Sylvester had been nibbling in the forest when the storm hit so they had to tend to themselves.  Yep, another round of worry for this gal but what did I find when I got close to the rain filled pond - it was the winter hay sled.  What is that doing there I thought? Just as that thought went racing past my brain Cash lifted his head to me from a sound sleep.  SILLY SILLY BOY...

The sweet boy went in and out of his new ark through out the day.  When a few of the other boys tried to step in to the boat a small argument happened but was short lived and Cash was back in his boat.   Tonight as the sun was setting he pushed his boat up to the shop door which is about 400 feet or more, stepped into it and is sleeping soundly as I type this post.  So at least we know one sweet one here at the farm has a plan if the heavens open up again.  I sure hope I get going on building my own ark.  Oh and hate to burst Cash's bubble but there are two holes in the bottom of that boat so good luck and hope you can goat paddle.

Friday, August 16, 2013

View from my Office

Oh Boy, the sun is going down and this gal can not go outside and work, enjoy and be with my animals.  I just stand with amazement and again see a fiber batt or yarn - my silly brain.

Living is EASY - Yeah Right

As long as you are not in charge.  Dot was pissed because he did not get to go to the forest and enjoy the night I had with the billies but since he is still shy around the really big guys I was concerned that he might bolt in the forest were there are no fences.  I asked him twice to wear a halter and lead and he refused so then this MEAN MOM had to call it.  NO GO!!
He ran the fence line as the boys and I walked off.  He let out his little boy calls and squeals as if to say "MOM, I CHANGE MY MIND" but it was a NO GO!!  He spent the night right at the gate to watch me enjoying every minute out there.
When I and the guys came back at 4 am he was there and I knew what he was going to do so I was ready for it.  Yes, He banged into me as if to say "DARN YOU MOM"...  If I did not understand the mind set I could have been knocked down but instead he hit this brick wall - and bounced off me.  When that happened it hurt his feelings and he hung his head and waited for me to talk to him.
Later on that morning he sprawled out in front of the kitchen window where he knew I could see him.  He called and hummed at me as if to say "MOMMY, come nap with me".  After finishing the dishes, the dye pots and making him wait to teach him I don't jump when he is like a demanding two year old human child.   I went outside and laid my head on his chest and we enjoyed the cool air, we matched our breathing and exchanged mind thoughts.  Not a word was said but the meaning was clear.  After he felt he had received his loving he asked to get up and I answered with a Thank You.
The hard part about always being in charged is all the bad falls on your shoulders but on the other side of the coin all the great and special moments are yours to savor and be witness too.  I wonder if Dot will next time wish the halter - Time Will Tell !

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Relief and Connection

The sky turned greenish black and the mind raced with what to protect if things should get bad again.  Rounding up the animals and placing them in their safe barns, getting the hens to go to the coop and settle while I closed the doors and gave them calming words. This routine is becoming all too common but at least they trust in the knowledge that we are doing what we can.
As I returned to the house I needed to calm myself so off to the fiber prep room I went.  I tried and tried to get my creative brain working but all it was doing was sitting in the worry.  This too has become an all too daily event.  So instead of turning on the machine and forcing the issue I just sat with some of my favorite fleeces from some of my favorite sweet ones and just closed my eyes.  The feel, the smell and all the memories washed over me with such loving peace.  Before I knew it the storm had passed with not even a drop, the winds died down and the air was still.  I decided to go to the mail box and pull some weeds - all this being done at 10 pm but for this gal it could have been 10 am in my world.  I hoped to see my skunk buddy but he did not appear.  I enjoyed the stars which shone so bright and clear.  Again, before I knew it an hour had passed and many many tall weeds were uprooted and I was walking back to the house.
Upon returning a few of the big billies were asking to go out and nibble.  They too would rather be active in the cool night then during the heat of the day.  I told them "Give me a moment and I will go with you".  I placed the mail in the house, put on long pants, a jacket and grab a few provisions.  A wool blanket, the head lamp, the hatchet and a container of water.  Out the door I went and let the big guys out to the forest.  I also went and got Sherlock (the sweet face in the first picture) who is in charge of the younger boys but deserved some time away from the silliness.  Sherlock ran and gave me kisses and followed next to me as we walked the long way to the forest.  Upon reaching the forest the guy started finding their favorite nibbles.  I placed my blanket in my favorite spot and gazed up to the heavens.  Time stands still when I am there and my soul soars into a peaceful space that I never seem to find in the general world.
Hour after hour went by and in the stillness of that comforting place  I could hear the nibbling of the guys, the sounds of the owls talking high in the trees and my mind goes quite.  After they had filled their bellies they came to sit around me and rest.  Their soul energy is like a drug to me.  The pace of their breathing is hypnotic.  Soon we are all in one space, one time, one mind.  It goes beyond words.  As I rest among these big guys I know protection and trust. I was giggiling inside because Sherlock still want to lay on my chest like he did as a bottle kid but he is just too heavy for my body to allow.  Sly always wants his head on my feet and Monk lays about 8 inches from my head which I can feel his warm breath on the crown of my head.  The other lay not so close but I have a circle protecting me at all times.  In the short distance I hear Sophie working her guarding post.  I never feel loved and cared for more then I do during these adventures. They live in the moment and know nothing of the worries that surround me and them - Oh to be able to hold that in my heart and brain.
We awoke around 4 am when they asked to go in their pens - now is the time the coyotes are up and hunting so we gathered ourselves and walked back to the safety of the fence lines.  When I got back to the house I sat in front of the carding machines and within 2 hours finished 13 batts.  By that time I headed off to bed upstair, took the phone off the hook, pulled the shades closed and placed the ear buds in and asked for peaceful sleep.  I had the true rest I needed within the forest but I hoped for just a bit more.  I keep hearing that 2 or 3 hours of sleep is not enough but I will take what I get in the ways it comes to me.  As I lay there in my bed I marveled how I felt more comfortable on the cool tall grass then on a mattress.  I gave THANKS for that time with my guys and the peace they bring

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures Begin

This came in the mail Tuesday from my son Conrad who is traveling right now through Norway and more countries to go.  He saw this post card and just had to send it to me... What a guy and What a picture..   See how the universe works - I have more then enough big billies to make a sledding team  -  They love the bitter cold and could deal with the primitive landscape for food.   Giggles and Snorts.  Mush, Giddy Up or in the way I train - it is a Hand Clap and a Whistle....

MUSH - Exciting Times

It is amazing how sometimes  my world works.  After all the rain, lightening and panic I made it to the mailbox.  In there was two Netflex movies.  As I opened the red envelopes up I let out a squeal....  "IDITAROD" was in my hands.  OH MY GOSH....

Before we get into the movie I have to let you know I have always wanted to do dog sledding - You know Love of Cold, Love of Snow, Love of the Outdoors and even bigger Love of Dogs.  Now I have always wished I could do that with the Great Pry's I love so much but they are not made for long distant running.  They could pull the heck out of any other dog, would protect me from any wild animal and make the best blanket in the bitter cold.  It has always been in my heart and thoughts but put it aside while working hard for so many years here.  I don't have much in life that I have left undone but this is one.

Back to the weirdness - I had found the documentary a couple of days ago and put it on my movie request list - it was way down the list.  I was suppose to have "Invasion" coming which was several disks that would have been spreed out over a couple of weeks but for some weird reason they could not find the disk so they sent me "Iditarod" which I had about 6 different movies ahead of it - STRANGE....  I am not complaining because I could not wait to see it.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE. Finally give me something Good after what you have been throwing at me.

So after the body was so tired and the mind just fried I sat of my bed and started the movie.  I am not sure if I should share this but I was so "With the animals" that when they started howling this gal howled!!!  O.K. no rubber room or funny jacket is needed for this gal -at least I don't think so - rather have you ever just known that you are one with an event, person, skill or what ever?  It is like when I knew I was to be a spinner.  There was NO reason, no one pointed me in that direction, I really did not even have any real knowledge of it rather my love for animals brought me to it and I found it was  just what was lurking inside of me.  I sat glued to every second of this documentary - absorbing and experiencing the adventure.  My Gosh did I need this today...  I can not even put into words how this effected me.  I understood the game playing the racers had to do but I was more impressed with the inner knowledge they had with their animals.  Over and over they spoke that they had to gather their emotions because the dogs would react accordingly.  They also had to leave some behind do to illness and it not only broke the heart of the human but how the dogs were upset that they could not carry on.  It mirrored so much of what goes on here at this farm.  The working relationship, the loving relationship and soul connection I have with the animals here, The trust and understanding we have built over the years is magical.

I will be watching it again tonight because I really enjoyed it and need that connection with others who are a path that maybe others can not understand but is in their blood.   I also thought of a couple of yarns to spin that could capture I hope this amazing race and what I witnessed in the animals, the cold wilderness and the passion of all involved.  .

What is out there that you would like to do??

Wild Weather - Lack of Control Again

Mother Nature has been showing us all what she is made of and how little we control anything! Day after day the burn scared places in Colorado are being hit with floods, mud slides and destruction.  Here at this farm I get storm after storm rolling over head and hardly a drop.  It seems as if none of us are getting the things we really need and more of the problems that have plagued us for too long.  WTH!

Tuesday morning I could feel in my bones that it was going to be a hard day.  I went to work getting the farm ready and made my way to the house to get some tortillas made since I knew I could not count on power for the three hours it would take to make bread.  As the sky became black this gal was rolling out the dough and watching a movie on the tiny DVD Player.  As the first tortilla went into the red hot skillet there was a clap over head and sparks came shooting out of the wall socket next to me with the portable phone.  Yep - lost power but here was me on the floor in the duck and cover position that is part of my cell memory.  I waited for a few minutes as I could feel my heart pounding in my throat.  I stood up and quickly pulled everything that was plugged into the house.  As I was doing this three more loud over head blots hit.  I ran to see out the windows if any animals where out...  The sky looked so angry and the rain was pouring in sheets.  It was so hard and fast this could spell trouble.  REALLY Mother Nature...

Hours pasted, power came back, I gathered up the billies who were outside the fence line - they were so happy to see me and went back to their pen with no issue and then checked every single animal on this farm. Even the deer were glad to see me.  After the morning we had with the huge planes and the fear rearing it's ugly head now we are dealing with Mother Nature freaking the crap out of us.  I swear this farm is over the top worn and not sure how much more we can take.  Well the two cordless phones are toast - lucky for me I always have a plug in phone that was my oldest son's when he was 10 years old.  I have it just for such cases when the power is out.  Lost two more outlets in the house and three in the smaller barns.  Replace several light bulbs in the house and lost a large outdoor barn light.  The most important part is NO ANIMALS WHERE HURT
Once many years ago we lost one of my prized Icelandic Ewe by lightening traveling in the rain on the ground and it traveled right to her and she was dead in seconds.  Another one of those WTH memories that will always be with me.

So the farm finally got some rain  but so fast and so much to quickly that the ground could not put it to use.  The water ran off the pastures and down to the rocks in the forest.  The animals came out of hiding and sat with me talking of their fright and worry.  After giving them all again the hugs and love I could I made it back to the house and only 5 hours later started to finish the tortilla's and figure out my next step because the weather guessers are saying we get to do it all over again tomorrow.  Yippee Skippy - Really, that is the clean version because I would not type what I really was saying...  Mother Nature sure is not playing nicely

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FEAR Shows Up Again

We all seem to be dealing with or hearing from others that "I can not seem to get out of FEAR" or "Why am I stuck with this event, habit, person or fill in the blank when I know better" and "I have come too far to be back to the beginning".  Sound familiar?

I was struggling today to just get my butt in gear and get the tasks awaiting me started.  As usual when this gal can't function she cleans. Yep, after feeding chores I went to raking the pile of Llama Girl Pellets that they so kindly place in the barn and which is not where I would like them but heck it give Grace cleaning time.  While I went to work raking and listening to a CD of "Excuses Be Gone" from Dr Wayne Dyer - I went to that bliss state and all was well.  My mind was present and without the whirling worries.

As I was raking the pellets out the door and the sun was bright and all of a sudden I felt the ground start to rumble under my feet and in a blink of my eyes I had every animals running full force at me.  I pulled the ear plugs out and there in the distant sky was coming our way three huge planes.  Before I could even catch a breath I had frightened souls running upon me and the noise of the planes becoming a vibration within my body.  They flew so low you could see the men in the cock pit and even a dent that was in the metal along the side of the second plane.  In those minutes I had five goats trying to climb up my legs, my large guardian dog was pushing his body through the crowd to reach my arms.  Even the Llama Girls ran to me and encircled the group with worry in the eyes as they spoke of their fear.  I was shouting "WE ARE SAFE, WE ARE SAFE, MOMMY IS HERE" but who was I kidding - I too had panic within.  My peaceful mind freaked and I heard it say "MY GOD PLEASE NOT AGAIN"

As the plane passed by and the sounds still was trembling the ground and my inner cells I saw the fear and panic within those eyes looking up at me and around me.  As I grabbed each and everyone one of the dear ones quaking around me I again said to the universe "Why must you keep us in FEAR"  For all the years we have lived here we have had huge planes fly over head and the animals most times did not even look up - they knew that the planes were not to hurt them and that it was just a passing event.  Now, their fear of what the planes mean and that I was not there during some of the fire has set up a fear response within them that is now within their cell memory.

I looked around the farm and there was every animal trying to find a way to get to me or be in a group trying to calm each other down.  After I got those around me reassured I went to each group and repeated the words - "Mommy is here and we are safe"  As I kept saying this I heard a voice within saying back "Who are you KIDDING - You don't feel safe"

After taking the time to touch and confirm to each animal that they are safe I walked back to the raking task.  As I started the process again which is my own way of muffling the panic and fear within my own internal chatter I stopped and yelled, "YES UNIVERSE I SEE MY LACK OF TRUST" - SHOW ME A WAY OUT" 

Here is my question to those who read my blog - What is your Fear that you are struggling with and how are you going about breaking it?  For now I have taken a powder room break, typed this entry and drank a glass of water so it back outside to clean and hope for answers.  I hope to hear back from you readers or am I just typing to the blank universe of  computer space?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Loving Kindness

While no one is looking I quickly took a picture of the loving kindness that Max shows to Gabriel.

  As I passed my kitchen window I saw Max being the amazing soul that he is - I grabbed the camera and took a snap before they every realized I was there.  Max had been licking Gabriel's eyelashes which is a special loving thing goats do and then Gab snuggled up to Max's neck and leaned in.  Such kindness and both are boys.  Intact and hormones in place... 

I remember the first year that we banded some spring lambs - I had all the equipment but never had done that so our local 4 H leader (county Sheep Superintendent) the farm to show me how.  We also were to do the tails because the lambs would not be allowed to be at fair and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS THE WAY.  I had read up on it and understood the fair rules.  We had the ram lambs penned and equipment out.  This huge man stomped into the barn, my lamb's freaked, he grabbed one by the neck and flipped him on the ground.  My sons and I stood there also freaked.  He then barked for the bandier and I handed it to him like a frightened rabbit.  He placed the ban on the lamb which screamed out in pain.  He then handed me the banner and said another.  Meaning I was to put another band on the clamp and hand it back.  My hand shook and I went to put the band on as the little one screamed the whole time.  I asked him how long would the ram be in pain and his response was "Who Cares !"  Well, that was the wrong way to speak to me and to feel about what you where doing.  I yelled "Let Him Up"  The guy looked at me as so many have done in my life "She is NUTS!!!"

The lamb was turned loose and ran around screaming.  My sons grabbed up the little one and hugged and kissed him.  I told this man (I use the term very loosely) to leave and he said - "Your a fucking idiot - those animals are just dumb fucking hunks of meat"

As he drove off all I kept saying was "I am so sorry" to my sons and to the lamb.  Days pasted and I kept hoping beyond hope that the tail would stay on.  We could not cut off the band and each time we touched it the poor thing screamed out.  Finally one day I found it laying on the ground and I was so disappointed in myself.  I went to work on researching the reasons why this is done and it all was for the excepted way of managing animals..  I also started to document that the reasons for  hygiene was only because the animals where living in factory conditions which was not healthy anyway.  I also was to make birthing easier but in fact it increased the likely hood of prolapsing. So I made my decision that this practice would never happen here and now the issue faced me of how was I to get my tailed animals into fair.  That battle was won and in fact both of my son's lambs won ribbons which chapped the ass of that man who was the Sheep Superintendent for our county.  I might also that year my fluffy lambs came with fleece on and they were the hit of the fair.  Also, the sheep superintendent's son managed to cut off the penis of his lamb while trying to hurry up and slick shear before the show.  I was the only "NUTTER" who had a vet kit and managed to patch it up while someone called the Vet.  The father's response is let the dumb animal die it wont win now.  Trust me it was my mission for the next 5 years to get that guy out.

Now I am not tell anyone how to walk in the world but I am just asking that you might consider that those ANIMALS do have feelings of all types - at least try to consider why you are doing the things you are doing. Not all you have been told is true. Not all of what we are dong and teaching in the best interest of another being.  All the boys here have their balls, horns and dignity kept intact

Full of W'S

Spa Day with Wilhelmina is full of giggles and W'S - here it goes - Wiggly, Wondrous, Wheedling, Whispers, Whiplash, Wild, Witchcraft and WOW...

The Dear One always gives me this routine - "NO Mommy I don't want too", then she stomps her foot and is stands with feet planted.. Next she moves close but again' NO Mommy don't touch me'.  When I don't touch her she then leans on my leg but won't make eye contact. Then I say "Who is my Magical, Wonderful Wilhelmina?" In a flash she is rubbing on me and trying to climb up my leg.  Then I sit down and she is putty in my hands.  She sits on my lap and I can do anything to her.  She falls asleep dozing in and out - looking into my eyes with such love and trust.  For those who think animals don't have a soul only need to look into her eyes and see the light of the universe.

I had already stated in a previous post that my Tuesday was hard to find peace in until I stepped out of the world of worries, computer work and woes and walked into the world of the kind souls I share this farm with.  I never view that I OWN these animals but rather we have a connected family that transcends my original business plan.  With each birth and passing my understanding of who I thought I was changed to where it is this day, I only know that the things of the world no longer hold meaning to me and my interaction with the furry souls here have shown me what is truly important.  It is so very hard to apply it to the outside world where it seems, Fear, Distrust and Greed are the operating behavior of the masses. 

So what would be your favorite W word ???

Goldie and Gabriel

Yep, he has grown and SO SO Handsome but most of all so a kind soul.  With Tuesday's Spa day I gave Goldie her favorite body rub and tons of kisses.  Her gentle soul always just places me in wonder.  What makes her so loving, so sweet and such an amazing mother?  Goldie is a bottle girl and so that means at times they do not connect with their goat hood but Goldie has been the best Goat Mother to her son Gabriel.  She corrects him when he steps out of line but always allows him to return for comfort when he is upset. She allows him to grow and learn while still being aware of any dangers and warns him in time. 
As for Gabriel he is beyond words - such a little boy...  Full of fun, adventures, activity and a wish to still be loved but not when the world is watching.  I love watching them take their naps together and how he still places his nose in Goldie's back of her ear like he did the day he was born. 
Tuesday's spa day for Gabriel consisted of a brushing, body rubbing, ear cleaning and hoof trimming. He is a bit ticklish between the hooves and we work on that so there will not be a big production when he gets bigger and those horns get to be of an issue when wishing to not be tickled.   All of this is done while sitting on my lap.  It was not an easy fit because I was sitting on a stool and he is outgrowing my lap. I would have moved to the ground but he was way too happy with this weird balancing act.  I also had the pleasant task (now this is not the highlight of my life but necessary) check his privates.  With intact males it is important to make sure all is healthy and growing.  I am happy to report all is well down there and he like most of my males will grow up to be one impressive Male..  OH SPA DAY! 

On the right is Goldie and Gabriel - I told you he will have some impressive equipment - he is only 4 months old... He will be a fantastic improvement to someone's goat gals


If you do not recognize this Over The Top Male Model it is Maximilian - son of Mishka....  Yep he got his fiber cut not too long ago and this is what he has grown already.  AMAZING...

Maximilian - Max for short is asking for just a little lick... Yep, such a romantic guy.  He unlike the goat girls will lick my hand once and that is it but the girls can lick me raw.  He also adores it when I sit down and he comes up to me and just places his forehead on my shoulder and just ever so gently pushes. This is not an aggressive move but rather a statement of "Mommy I love our connection"  Now before all of you get into this - BILLIES and Mean, out to hurt you, only live by the fight and so on - this is not the case with my guys.  I know you don't believe me and I hear all the time from folks who have had horrible events with their own males but my guys Love, Protect Me and do not get confused about who they are to bred or fight with...

To show this point - Max is standing as still as can be as Gabriel puts his forehead on Max's horn and pushes ever so slightly.  There is no fighting, head banging or turf war but rather again a connection in love, learning and acceptance.  Right after this picture they both ran to me and want my hugs.  One on each side, lucky for me I have two arms I sat down and hugged them until they broke the love.  I must also say I NEVER, EVER force an animal to "LOVE ON ME", I do not want them to be my puppets or to fill a gap but rather I just share with them when they wish and honor when they don't.  TOO Bad that humans can not treat each other with that respect and honor of each others energy.  This is the reason why I think my farm works the way it does - I understand that I am the alpha for most of the time but I do not have to bend you to my will but just share the tasks that are needed to be done and we all work toward the mutual goal standing in front of us for that moment.  The animals and I also do not harbor resentment when something does not go according to plan.  Animals may get upset at each other, even fight a bit but when it is done it is done. No throwing it up in your face over and over, no going behind your back and tell everyone your version of the story, no waiting in the shadows and then finding a way to hurt you.   If only I could find that with humans - maybe I am expecting too much from the so called higher beings...

One of my favorite books that I have been working since it came out "The Four Agreements"  I think it is what animals are born with and we as humans struggle so much to master.  Their natural Grace and Present Moment Living is why I think I have made it this far and learn each day that I have so much farther to go.  What lesson have you learned from your four legged spirit guide?

Spa Day at the Funny Farm

NO WAY - did you think Grace was going to be doing herself - After all this time you still don't get me!! I had a Tuesday that was just not starting off great.  I could not bring myself into center and my emotions where all over the place.  I hate that I am experiencing too many of those days of late so this gal made a strong cup of coffee, put on my over all's (Shorts) and pushed myself out the door to get something done...

I went to feed Kasha who is really struggling with coming to the end of her amazing, long and loving life.  My heart breaks every time I see her expend so much energy to rise up off the ground to meet me.  As I stood there crying I said how would you like a spa day dear one?  She gave me those eyes and I sprinted back into the house to get combs, clippers and such.  When I got back we sat in the dirt and away I went - gently brushing out the summer blow out and then clipping a few back nails.  This gal never needs her front nails cut because of her continual digging - she keeps them in check.  She had her head on my leg drooling the whole time (which made a mud bath for my legs - so I guess I was getting a spa day for myself) as every inch was brushed and then a full body rub.  I gave no mind to the clock or list of work awaiting me but rather was in every second with her.  I kept my head and heart out of the space that each day may be our last and kept reminding myself that I have been SO VERY VERY BLESSED to have this Kind and Loving Soul in my life.  She has given me reasons to carry on when I never thought I could - KASHA is MY LIFE!!!

I finished her and by then she had ate her breakfast and was drifting back to sleep so this gal got going on the next white dog.  More of this day to come... OH and the picture of the somewhat messy dog is not Kasha - I forgot to take the camera but Kasha is like I am - not one to have a picture taken.