Friday, April 4, 2014

Thank You Tiny Worm

Since words have been lost for a bit I thought I would share a blast from the creative past.  This amazing necklace was created with some of my Wild Golden Silk Cocoons and the talented hands of a customer of mine.  This amazing necklace was featured in an International Jewelry Publication, won several awards and loved by thousands.   I have championed these silk marvels for so many many years and I still find such joy in them.  They are more then a simple supply item but a tiny being's home.  I get lost in their complex creation and how to that tiny worm it is it's whole world in the moment.  What does that say to us?? Can we see the tasks we work at so hard each day really be to the end we think?  Can we create a "Home" "Work" or "Life" that lives on beyond our time on this planet and does it even matter??  Can we give our all even when no one notices or appreciates it???  I know a lot to put on you to think about on this fine Friday but just what I have been thinking about as I gather myself..

I want to say "THANK YOU TINY WORM"   I see and appreciate your hard work.  I am thankful for your talent and skill.  Thank you for showing me that even in the small and daily tasks there can be grand things awaiting us.

Can you say "THANK YOU" to something tiny today???   If so, What would it be?