Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Was Lost But Now I Am Back On Line

I can not believe it took over a month and instead of all the computer geeks figuring out the problem it was I who stubbled on how to connect back to the internet. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positive thoughts.

Well, let me catch you up:

We have had 95 to 98 degree weather for the past three weeks. Huge thunder and lightening storms every afternoon (that is why the computer went - not a cloud in the sky and then lightening struck)

All of my hens are now laying - so that means 10 eggs a day. I would love to be baking if only the heat outside was not so high.

I have been getting the goats ready for breeding season. "Red" my Angora Billy is more then excited for breeding to start - he is already giving off his wonderful musk smell.

During the time of sweating outside pulling tons of weeds I have been working on my much needed inner work. We all get so busy that sometimes we get a small voice crying for attention. I have been working on "WHAT'S NEXT"? Now that my sons have move out and I am so thrilled for their new lives, I have to stand back and decide what should this gal do with the rest of her life? If there are those out there who have experienced this need I would love to hear what you came up for yourself. After working so hard to make my family thrive after the loss of my husband, I have not planned for this time of life and would love to hear what you all are doing. I love my farm but it sure is alot of work along with the fiber business. Suggestions anyone?

Well, that is about it for now but look for new yarns and some new goodies on the etsy site. I have just been waiting for a working computer. Glad to be back and love to hear from you all.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed coming across your site. I feel for you as your children go off and start their own lives.. I have a 22 yo daughter and a 17 yo son. Once he goes off to college !next year.. My wife and I are wondering whats next for us. We recently purchased a small lake cottage and that is taking our time and taking my "fiber" time away from me but I know it will be worth it in the future. Your "Fiber Farm sounds just wonderful, alot of work I"m sure but very rewarding as well. Keep us posted.


larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Von
I have not been taking care of someone for more then 28 years so it is nice to take a breath a see what is in store for me now. Sounds exciting about the cottage and would love to see pictures when and if you have them. I have been redoing my shop here at the farm and getting things ready for winter on the farm. Tons of new art I have in my mind just need the time. Love your site and have marked it.
Thanks for visiting the FUNNY FARM - more to come. Grace

sapphirebluecreation said...

Hello! I am so glad to come across your site and am just learning about fiber arts. Sounds very interesting. Your animals are adorable.

larkspur funny farm said...

welcome sapphirbluecreation
I have not post much lately because it is always a race to get the farm ready for winter time and get the animals settled into their right pastures for breeding and then birthing. I am hopefully to get more posts done this week but my oldest son might come down to help me paint the house so that will come first. Check back there is more to come. Grace

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