Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mountain Lion Watch

A few of you have heard that I have been on night watch because of Mountain Lion who has been hunting and killing livestock for the past two weeks. It started the day my son Nick, his girlfriend Brooke and I walked out to start the shearing on my little goat boys. A neighbor pulled up to let us know that about 1/2 mile away a Male Llama was killed. Well, that sure set the mood for the day. Since then every night I am up listening to my dogs, checking on the animals and hoping that this creature does not decided my sweet one should be it's next dinner. One day llama boy kept circling something on the ground - this is not normal behavior for a llama. So out I went and there in the soft dirt was a footprint of this Mountain Lion. A chill came over me - this print was in the run between the pastures that house my goats and face the forest. That night I took the truck and placed it in the run, moved my head Great Pry (Kasha) to assist me and llama boy decided he would add his protection. There I sat all night in the cold truck - did I mention that was the first night we got snow here. Teeth chattering, nose dripping but I am thankfull - no lion. So the watch continues untill we have news of it being trapped, killed or has moved on. Last week there was a horse seriously injuried that had to be put down. Sunday, two dogs at another farm are missing and we just heard that the four milk goats killed last week are also because of this cat - all of these happened within a mile of my farm... We talk about prediatory banking and lending but right now I am dealing with a flesh and blood prediatory - At least I can say I honor my Lion - I would love to set some of those suites out in the forest and let them be the next pray... Wish me luck and some sleep


dinosaur toes said...

There's a mountain lion at my house, too. I've seen it twice, and I always get nervous walking the quarter mile to the mailbox!

larkspur funny farm said...

Wow another Aires

I know what you mean - the other day the dogs where going nuts - so I took the truck down my very very long drive to put out the packages. Found out that was the morning that the horse was attacked next door. Be safe - love your picture - sweet bird

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I know in Franktown/parker my horse has been very watchful outside. No lions to speak of but she is more on guard than usual. She has an indoor stall at night in a stable so It's unlikely a lion would get inside and pick just her out of 24 horses but hey who knows if it's hungry. Sorry and good luck, keep those critters as safe as you can, and you and your family as well.
Colorado Potter