Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keeping Hands, Heart and Feet Busy

I was raised that you kept your hands, heart and feet busy and in doing so your soul speaks.  I believe that with all that I am and live that each and every day, even when I do really feel like it..  I miss my hard work of caring for my sweet animals but I have been trying to keep myself busy with different tasks and my business to settle my soul and listen to where and what I am to do next.  This is not an easy task but I give it 110% each day and believe that all will be revealed in it's correct time.

Have been trying to figure out the flow and dance that I had when creating at my farm - it is amazing to me what a well oiled machine I had created and a routine that was almost effortless...  Colors, textures and creations would just spill out of my hands where now I have to almost plead with them to show up.  Not a comfortable feeling for this gal but they do come as you can see in the pictures.

I am still excited for the fact that I have been able to produce products I am proud of and that my clients seem to appreciate.  So I will continue to keep my Hands, Heart and Feet Busy each day and listen closely to what my soul is saying....

What quite whispers have you been receiving lately???


FiberPunkin' said...

Oh! I am so very glad to read that you are doing well! Life has its bumps and bruises and I think you are doing splendidly despite all that has happened. I have said this before, I truly believe that something much better is around the corner for you. In the meantime, PLEASE keep posting about your wonderful adventures! I love reading about them.

Aprons and More said...


Katy :)