Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Batty Night

Are you ready???  This gal who never sleeps enough had put herself into bed early Tuesday after spending the day cleaning and reorganizing the freezer/pantry room and was determined to get caught up a bit.  Off into sleep land I went and was just about to create a dream when I hear "Grace, there is a bat in the living room"  I really was hoping this was just the start of a strange dream but then I heard those words again.  I opened my eyes and there was Sheri telling me there was a bat in the living room.

Yep, the universe really does not like this gal to sleep.  So I get up and walked out to the living room and YES, there was a bat flying around.  The big dog who is frightened of so many things was freaking out and I was not even really awake as Sheri is explaining how the dog was freaking out and she was worried it would get upstairs.  Trying to think of what to do to get it out I grabbed a long towel and after several swirls around my head I got the silly bat to come over to me and then as it flew by several times I managed to gently stun it and when it landed on the floor I took the tongs and gently walked it outside.  Placed it in the ferns and shut the door.  Problem done.

Got back into bed hoping to catch that dream wave but NOPE... This gal was up till the wee hours of the mourning wide awake.  Sheri informs me that she has only had one bat in a long long time and now with Grace around we have had 4 in under a month.  Told you folks I am one with the wild creatures.  At my farm my Kitchen Bat came in and out the kitchen door and would watch and visit me but I never had to remove him - he would remove himself without a problem.  However, I also did not have a big wimp of a dog in the house creating all sorts of panic. 

So I wonder if tonight I might have the chance to sleep????  I might just go back to being a creature of the night - with the heat going on here I would rather be working through the night when the air is cool and the energies are calm but that really is not possible.   So tonight we will see if any of my batty friends pay us a visit.....


Kristina said...

When I was a young child, we had a bat in the house once. I won't forget it either. Ha ha!

larkspur funny farm said...

Kristina I happen to love bats but that is not shared by all in the house. They do so much good and are so misunderstood - guess I was a bat in another life... Fly Free