Friday, March 13, 2015

Everything in GOOD Time

I never loose sight that when I push and pull the world does not work.  When I allow things to flow and move it seems to with such ease.  Case in point Wednesday was another morning of things not coming together because I was listening and waiting on others.  Finally I just struck out and said to the universe I need it to work...  Here is what happened next.

I still could not believe I was feeling turned around in the city I grew up in so I took three large breathes and turn the radio on and started out in faith that all would work.  Two blocks from the apartment a large work truck ran a red light and almost hit me but because I was so present I just knew not to go on my green light - thank you universe.

I then went to take myself to a well earned breakfast and as I sat down I heard that small voice say Breathe!!!!!!

Once back on the road it was as if the road where lite with extra light - I drove as if I had a special GPS (No I don't have one of those) and I drove without any question.  I went about my errands with perfection.  I was so thrilled.  I still was needing the biggest errand done - HAIR CUT... As I was driving to a place I had been to for years the truck all of a sudden had the temp gauge go wild.  I pulled into a gas station that I knew and the man was so very helpful.  He filled the truck with antifreeze and instructed me to go around the corner to purchase some to have on hand...  As I tried to gather myself and not freak out I took three deep breathes and went around the corner.  As I pulled into the parking lot and turned the truck off I took three more deep breathes - I could hardly do that but I did.  After purchasing the liquid which was on sale.  I went to the truck and placed it in the back seat.  Taking three more breathes I turned around and there was a tiny sign.  "Hair Port".  I giggled and said Thank You.  As I walked to the door and opened it I smiled because there stood a sweet lady with a big smile on her face... I said "You would not by chance have time for a cut and maybe a color?"  She giggled and said "I just had a cancellation so I would LOVE to do this for you"

I had the best time - she talked with me, showed tons of pictures, Debra REALLY listened.  It was Fantastic.... Five inches cut off, a wonderful glaze went on and yes even a few highlights.  I have not done this kind of pampering for may 15 years.  The results were beyond my dreams and I am thrilled.  Thank you Debra.

I got into the truck and thanked the truck for sending me on this path.  I decided now it is time to go back to the apartment.  Again, the streets were light with a guiding light and I made it back without one wrong turn or question...  On the way back loads of memories came flooding back - each turn was a happy blast from the past...

The Universe Does Support Me - even in the silly, small and even at time scary times....  Oh and I LOVE my new hair....... Small Things - it is all GREAT


Aprons and More said...

Welcome home! Glad you are back!

K :) said...

We always lack patience to allow the good time to come! what a pity it is, of course, let's be more patient!