Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The First Customers of the Day!!

After crawling out of bed and getting myself ready to get to work on reorganizing the shop - I came downstairs with my cup of coffee ( Yes, I have a long commute to get to work) only to find two customers banging on the doors wanting to get in. Maybe they are hoping for a couple of skeins of my newest dyed cashmere or maybe a packet of my well known Mohair Ringlets - or maybe just some hugs and kisses. Sherlock ( a mohair billy) is on the left and Dr Watson ( a cashmere billy) is on the right. After many kugs and kisses my young customers went back outside and sat in front of the shop doors to take a morning nap.
Each morning they greet me at my door for hugs and kisses and then off they go to nibble on the grass around the house. They are cleaver about getting out and putting themselves back when it works for them. However, soon they will be too big to squeeze out and then they will be not getting such much freedom. When I have bottle kids they seem to be able to manage themselves without me standing watch. They do not eat the trees, or go wondering down the driveway but they still want to eat my roses. I think it is like chocolate to them. I still have to laugh at them -- when I call their names they look up at me, give a cry out of recognition and then run full speed towards me. I have been teaching them not to jump up when they get to me because soon they will not be such little guys. They are funny about who gets to sit in my lap first. They are like two little children pushing to get on the one swing seat on the playground. The only thing is, those little hoofs can get a little painfull when they get carried away.
I hope you enjoy seeing these guys - I love sharing them with you all. Have a great day and put a little goat in your day!!


Anonymous said...

Oh look they have little horns how adorable are they!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Aren't they something!? shelby and wheezer has the habit of getting out of their pen. Isn't goats adorable?

Peggy said...

They are beautiful! I just love baby goats... well really babies of any kind! love your blog too