Monday, May 7, 2007

It is SPRING in Colorado!!!!


I woke up to 10 " of very wet snow this morning. The huge pine trees are bending to the ground with wet white blankets of snow. I never get upset when we get moisture but the ground is over flowing with water and now coming thru the concrete in the basement. It is too bad that this will not last and soon we will be back to fire warnings and forest fires. It is hard to believe that we are so behind in water levels and they say this will be another fire danger summer - yet the McMansions are still planting Kentucky Blue Grasses and building in the timber lines. When will people start to see what terrible things they are doing with our planet. I will enjoy it while it is here and get out the muck boots again for the mud is back. The other nice thing about all this water hanging about - I have five wild ducks living in our pond. I wish I could get close enough to them for a picture but they are too wise for that.

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